The best Fall Prime Day deals on Amazon's most popular home products (they won't last long)
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Amazon’s Big Deal Days event has already been a whirlwind of great deals, and today is your last opportunity to upgrade your space on a budget or snatch up some genius gifts on serious discount — but scroll fast, because the deals won’t last.

50% off this 11-piece ceramic nonstick cookware set

This stainless steel cookware set contains everything you need for a well-stocked kitchen: three frying pans, two chef's pans, a stock pot, a slotted turner, and a solid spoon. The cookware is made of high-quality stainless steel and non-stick ceramic, and all of the pieces are safe to put in the dishwasher and oven.

48% off this compact power strip with a 5-foot cord

This compact power strip features eight outlets, two USB-A ports, and two USB-C ports, making it a go-to for your tech-charging needs. Plus, the flattened cord is 5 feet long, making it easy to charge your devices from a distance. Not to mention, it has 4.8 stars and over 3,000 reviews. Click the coupon for an extra 10% off.

57% off this 2-pack of silky-soft pillowcases

These smooth-as-silk satin pillowcases have racked up over 17,000 glowing reviews because they don't just feel good, they can actually benefit your skin and hair, too. Plus, they come in 23 colors and four sizes, so they should fit any room decor or pillow size.

48% off a 6-pack of roomy storage bags

These extra-large blanket storage bags are made of a breathable, non-woven fabric, so you don't have to worry about your extra bedding or winter sweaters getting dusty or moist when they're in storage. Unlike other storage bags, these hold a lot — up to one chunky comforter, three blankets, or 25 pieces of clothing — and you'll be able to see what's inside with the clear storage window.

33% off this 16-piece ceramic cookware set

With more than 50,000 reviews and a 4.5-star overall rating, this ceramic pan set is a runaway favorite on Amazon. The robust set includes color coordinated cooking utensils, frying pans, sauce pans, a stockpot, and a stainless steel strainer — and the pieces are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Even better: You can choose from 14 attractive hues.

53% off this outlet extender with USB ports

Plug this outlet extender into a standard wall outlet, and it'll provide you with 10 ports (including both USB and USB-C ports) and outlets to power various electronic devices. It features a built-in night light that puts out a soft, warm glow for better visibility. This pick is well-liked on Amazon with a 4.6-star rating after nearly 6,000 reviews.

50% off a pair of absorbent, quick-drying bath mats

These popular bathroom rugs — which are designed with soft chenille and microfiber fabrics — are highly absorbent and quick-drying. They're also backed with rubber for some extra grip, and two different sizes are included with the purchase: 24 by 27 inches and 30 by 20 inches. The duo is available in 14 colors.

37% off this per hair remover that actually works

With over 114,000 five-star reviews, plenty of pet parents depend on the Chom Chom pet hair remover to abolish pet hair from their couches, beds, and carpets. Unlike many other pet hair removers, the Chom Chom doesn't depend on complicated sticky tape to clean up the mess. Instead, it locks hair into its chamber for easy removal. It's reusable and a great solution to get a deep clean every time.

62% off this popular digital meat thermometer with a large, backlit screen

This digital meat thermometer can accurately measure the temperature of food in just three seconds. If that wasn't impressive enough, this useful kitchen gadget has a large backlit screen for easy reading, a hanging hole and magnet for storage, and a temperature chart on the handle so you can stop Googling "temperature of medium-rare steak."

41% off this quality set of shower shelves

For extra storage in your shower, you can't go wrong with this stainless steel caddy set. It includes three separate shelves to hold various showering essentials and there are even hooks for your razor, loofah, and more. Hang the shelves on the wall using the included adhesive. This pick is popular on Amazon with a 4.7-star rating overall after 4,600-plus reviews.

Make sure to check the coupon box for an extra $4 off.

34% off this 14-piece diamond-infused cookware set

Stock your kitchen with all your non-stock essentials thanks to this 14-piece cookware set that includes two frying pans, a sauté pan, two saucepans, a stock pot, a steamer, and some utensils. All of the cookware is made of non-stick ceramic and is dishwasher, oven, and broiler safe.

40% off this set of hotel-quality pillows

These plush down alternative pillows are an absolute fan-favorite on Amazon, amassing over 157,000 five-star reviews. They're firm and supportive without being overly so, yet the filling and breathable cotton cover will keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep. Now's a great time to click on the coupon to get these popular pillows at a great price.

56% off this supportive anti-fatigue mat

This 1/2-inch thick anti-fatigue mat is made of durable, soft PVC material, which adds cushioning and support while you stand to make your lower back, feet, and joints more comfortable. Perfect whether you're working in the kitchen, doing tons of laundry, or typing away at a standing desk, this mat has beveled edges and a nonslip bottom to stay in place. It's water-resistant, easy to clean, and available in seven colors and six sizes.

47% off a super soft, super popular set of bed sheets

Get a great night's sleep with this bed sheet set from Utopia. Available in sizes from twin to California king, these sheets are crafted from brushed microfiber polyester. Not only are they soft, but microfiber sheets are also unlikely to shrink or fade in the wash. They're available in over 20 colors.

38% off this dryer vent cleaner to make your machine more efficient

This two-piece dryer vent cleaner kit has tons of fans on Amazon — it has earned over 25,000 five-star reviews raving about how well it fits various vacuums and how effective it is. The 31.5-inch flexible hose can reach years of buildup and the set comes with a brush, as well as an adapter to attach to your vacuum's hose. The kit can be used to clean the coils behind your fridge, too.

28% off this portable upholstery cleaner

This magical upholstery cleaner sucks stains out of carpets, rugs, and even car seats. Pet owners especially love how easily this lifts any messes courtesy of your fur friend, leaving your carpet looking like new. This portable design makes it easy to carry it from one stain to the next.

28% off these grippers to prevent your rug from curling

To prevent your rugs from slipping and curling at the corners, pick up this 12-pack of carpet stickers. The self-adhesive grippers attach to the corners of rugs and prevent sliding without leaving sticky residue on your floors, and they're washable and reusable.

45% off this ROOMBA 692 vacuum

Make keeping tidy simple (and futuristic) with the help of this robot vacuum from iRobot. You can create personalized cleaning schedules with the app or connect it to your Alexa or Google Assistant. Multi-surface brushes adjust to hard floors or carpets, and sensors allow the device to navigate around furniture, stairs, and along edges.

40% off these fridge liners for easier cleanups

Refrigerators can get gross quickly, simply by nature of what they are. That's why shelf liners like these are so genius. They keep fridge messes contained and are easy to wipe clean, so you can keep your refrigerator (or cabinets, these are versatile) organized. These have a glowing 4.3-star average rating on Amazon after nearly 11,000 reviews.

42% off these 18 fine-tip pens in colorful shades

Level up your journaling, calendar-planning, note-taking, and more with this big set of colorful, fine tip marker pens. Great for writing, drawing, and coloring, these pens use water-based ink for a smooth feel and minimal bleed-through. They feel comfortable in hand and boast a very impressive 4.7-star rating after over 93,000 reviews.

20% off this chic, vacuum-insulated tumbler with a straw lid

There's a lot to love about this stainless steel tumbler: the generous 50-ounce size, the straw and lid combo, the convenient handle. On top of that, its vacuum-insulated design will help keep your drink cold for up to 50 hours. It's easy to see why this tumbler has racked up more than 3,000 five-star ratings on Amazon.

43% off this Blink Mini camera

This popular smart security camera has racked up over 260,000 reviews on Amazon. It's intended for indoor use and plugs right into an outlet (no batteries required). It features 1080p HD video, night vision, two-way audio, works with Alexa, and it comes with a free 30-day trial subscription that allows you to save and share clips in the cloud.

75% off this 6-pack of iPhone chargers in all the lengths you need

Get your iPhone charged quickly with these colorful lightning cables. The set comes with six of them in three-, six-, and 10-foot lengths, so you always have one available when the time comes. The chargers are MFi certified and feature a flexible material to not easily break or fray.

25% off a cool mist humidifier with a sizable water tank

If your space (and your skin) start to feel noticeably dry when the temperature drops, this cool-mist humidifier could be a game-changer. With a 2.8-liter capacity, it has a range of up to 320 square feet, making it suitable for small and large rooms. Now's your chance to score a great deal on a humidifier that has won over nearly 2,000 fans on Amazon.

15% off this bamboo sheet set with the smoothest finish

With a 400-thread count sateen weave, these bamboo viscose sheets will feel silky, cool, and smooth for a comfortable night's sleep. The set includes four pieces — a deep pocket fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Choose from various colors and sizes in the listing.

28% off this quiet air purifier

Keep your indoor air fresh and free of most allergens with the help of this air purifier from Welov. It can purify rooms as large as 1,570 square feet in just one hour. The medical-grade HEPA filter helps eliminate up to 99.97% of ultra-fine particles (think: pet hair, dander, pollen, dust, and smoke). And the ultra-quiet sleep mode emits just 23 decibels of noise (aka the equivalent of a whisper), making this purifier ideal even for bedroom use.

22% off this 15-piece nonstick pan set from GreenPan

Get two saucepans, two stockpots, two frying pans, a steamer, and a sauté pan (all with lids) in this 15-piece cookware set from pro-favorite brand GreenPan. Made of non-stick ceramic, the pots and pans are safe to use with metal utensils and in the dishwasher, so they're super practical to cook with.

72% off these iPhone chargers with durable nylon cords

These iPhone chargers will give your device a full battery in no time — and since they're MFi certified, you can rest easy knowing they're approved by Apple. The set comes with three chargers, each of which has a long, three-foot cord made from a braided nylon material for durability. The USB-C to lightning cables work with most models of iPhones.

50% off this cult-favorite water flosser

With 127,000-plus reviews and a 4.6-star rating overall, this water flosser is a favorite on Amazon since it's easy to use and effective — it can remove up to 99.9% of plaque. It boasts 10 various settings for a more custom clean and the water tank holds 22 ounces for 90 seconds of continuous flossing. The set includes seven different tips for multiple family members to use.

43% off a 6-pack of waffle-weave dishcloths

These soft and absorbent waffle-weave dishcloths will make it less of a hassle to do the dishes every day. Each machine-washable cloth can be used for cleaning, drying, and wiping down dishes and counters. They have a hanging hook attached, in case you want to hang them to dry. Available in a variety of colors, these popular cloths have over 14,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

67% off this robot vacuum cleaner with strong suction

Believe the hype around robot vacuum cleaners. This one from Lefant works especially well at cleaning pet hair and dirt with its strong suction power and six different cleaning modes. The best part? You can use the Lefant app to schedule all of your cleanings for you.

44% off this water flosser with 36,000 ratings

The best deals to look out for when sales hit are on the most everyday of items. This water pick and dental flosser is waterproof, can be rotated 360 degrees to get in hard-to-reach areas, and comes with four different pressure settings for all gums and sensitivity levels. Act fast to snag it for less, and join the 36,000 Amazon users who have reviewed this best-selling water flosser.

40% off this 2-pack of draft stoppers

Prevent your air conditioning (or heating, depending on the time of year) from escaping your home thanks to these under-door draft stoppers — they reduce noise as well. The set comes with two of them and they're made from flexible silicone that's trimmable for a precise fit. The draft stoppers attach to your door using adhesive. This pick boasts a solid 4.3-star rating overall after 23,000 reviews, a testament to its effectiveness.

36% off this comprehensive 22-piece ceramic cookware set

Now is a perfect time to get all the cookware you need at once with this 22-piece ceramic set. It includes everything from saucepans and frying pans to a lidded grill pan. The award-winning set has won over nearly 2,000 fans on Amazon, and you can get it right now for an impressive price.

62% off a 6-pack of heavy-duty sponges that are machine washable

These heavy-duty sponges from SCRUBIT are like two tools in one — one side has a durable scrubber for tough jobs and the other is a soft microfiber that acts as a dishcloth. They're built to last, and even better, can be tossed in the washing machine and dryer when they need a refresh.

25% off this cool mist humidifier with an adjustable mist output

This cool mist humidifier can run for up to 50 hours straight, humidifying rooms up to 430 square feet in size. Turn the dial to tweak the mist output to your exact liking, and utilize the timer to have the machine turn off automatically after one, two, four, or eight hours.

Clip the coupon to save 50%.

41% off this 2-pack of motion-sensor night lights

These motion sensor night lights can simply be plugged in, and they're good to go -- no worries about installing them or setting them up with a smart speaker. They emit a warm white light that can be set to two different brightness levels, and they'll automatically turn on when they sense motion within about 15 feet.

20% off this effective stain-busting spray

This is so much more than a laundry treatment spray; you can use it on carpet, upholstery, shoes, and more to remove stains from ketchup, juice, ink, and even blood. The water-based formula is free of phosphates, peroxide, formaldehyde, perfumes, and dyes.

50% off this Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa remote

If you don't have an Amazon Fire TV Stick, now's the time to buy. With a 4.7-star rating and over 389,000 reviews, this streaming stick turns any TV into a smart TV with easy access to Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, and all of your other favorite services. The remote has handy Alexa-capable voice controls, too, which makes searching for your favorite shows as easy as it gets.

20% off this programmable slow cooker in a large, 6-quart size

Preparing big batch meals is a whole lot easier with GreenPan's slow cooker, which combines a sleek ceramic and stainless steel design with eight programmable settings. With a clear LCD display, it can slow cook, steam, sauté, and keep food warm. And it comes in eight colors, so you can coordinate it with your kitchen.

54% off this Amazon Fire TV Stick

With over 222,000 five-star ratings, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is a popular option for your home entertainment. And this Fire Stick delivers a 4K viewing experience. Setting it up is easy, you'll have access to all your favorite platforms, and it can even connect to your Alexa for voice control.

33% off these vacuum storage bags that save so much space

Slip items into these handy vacuum storage bags and increase the capacity of your storage space up to four times. Whether it's blankets, bulky sweaters, or pillows, just pop items inside and pump out the excess air using a vacuum or the included pump. The volume is reduced up to 80%, making these ideal for your closet or even your suitcase when traveling. Nearly 32,000 people rated them five stars.

35% off this best-selling portable steamer

This best-selling steamer has over 67,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. It holds 240 milliliters of water, emits an even, continuous stream for 15 minutes at a time, and is just 7 inches tall, which makes it great for steaming clothes as you travel. But it's also great for home use since it has a 9-foot cord for steaming curtains and sheets.

50% off this 8-piece pen set

Featuring a variety of point sizes, these pens deliver crisp, black lines for drawing, writing, outlining, and more. Plus, the ink is waterproof, fade-resistant, bleed-free, and quick drying for professional results.

41% off these app-compatible smart plugs

These smart plugs have a unique and extra-compact shape, so you can stack two of them in the same outlet. They have a power button on the side, or you can control them with an app while you're out. They also come with convenient timer options, and you can even set up schedules for them.

35% off this fabric shaver & lint remover

If you've never owned a good fabric shaver, they can be a complete game changer for clothes prone to lint and pilling. This best-selling lint remover has two speeds and replaceable stainless steel blades. Simply turn it on and run it over the areas of your fabric with pills on it. It'll restore your favorite sweater or pill-ridden couch to its former glory. With over 97,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.5-star overall rating, this is well worth the buy any day. Even better since its on sale.

50% off this power strip with multiple outlets & ports for various electronics

This surge protector and outlet extender can turn one single outlet into three, and is built with ports for two standard USB cords and one USB-C cord. At 5 feet in length, this works as an extension cord also. And with a power button that works as both a power switch and an overload switch, this is super easy to use. This has a glowing, 4.8-star overall rating on Amazon after nearly 3,000 reviews.

30% off this Dyson V12 Detect slim cordless vacuum

Despite weighing less than six pounds, this cordless vacuum has 60 minutes of run time per charge. It's smart, too: It adapts power based on the debris detected, so it's gentle on hardwood floors, but provides ample suction in dirtier areas or over carpeting. The conical brush bar is designed to prevent tangles from long hairs and fur as you clean.

33% off this steam mop with a cult following

This best-selling Shark mop turns water into heated steam (in just 30 seconds) to remove dirt and grime easier. It's safe for all sealed hard floors — including hardwood, marble, tile, and stone — and the set includes two microfiber mop pads that are machine washable to use again and again.

24% off these temperature-regulating bamboo sheets

This luxurious sheet set is made from 100% viscose (derived from bamboo) for softness — plus, the material is moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating so you stay cool all summer and warm all winter. The set comes with two pillowcases, a flat sheet, and an all-around elastic fitted sheet that'll fit on mattresses up to 15 inches thick. Clip the coupon to receive an extra 20% off.

41% off this Hoover vacuum cleaner that even tackles stains

This cleverly designed carpet cleaner features a pretreatment wand that detaches from the machine to tackle set-in stains, and the machine itself has a trigger-free design that mixes solution as you work your way across the room. It uses heat to dry carpeting fast and has special roller brushes designed to lift pet messes with ease.