These briefs with a secret pocket & 38 other things on Amazon that were designed by geniuses

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Every once in a while, among the countless items that make you ask yourself, "Do I really need this?" you come across something that was clearly designed by a genius. While said genius may not be a household name or the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, you appreciate them nonetheless — because they've effectively created a clever product that's basically life-changing. So what, exactly, separates the brilliant products from the ones that inevitably turn into unnecessary clutter?

Modern-day consumers tend to appreciate things that are sleek-looking and well-made, but in my opinion, that's only half the battle. In order for an item to truly make a difference in your day-to-day life, I'm of the belief that it has to be practical. A purchase might be aesthetically pleasing and it might utilize quality materials, but if it's purely decorative, it's likely not going to make much of an impact.

Luckily, Amazon is filled with hidden gems that practical people will love, and the high reviews are more than enough to prove it. Whether these gems aim to streamline your routine, improve your sleep schedule, or boost your overall sense of well-being, they were clearly designed by a genius who believes in solving everyday problems in innovative ways.


These comfortable briefs with a hidden pocket

Whether they wear them while traveling, running, or attending festivals, reviewers love H&R’s stash boxer briefs and write things like, "super comfy" and “totally discreet.” That's because, aside from the silky-smooth modal fabric, they have a hidden pocket for your cash, passport, house key, phone, or secret alcohol stash. The pocket is secure, with a quality smooth double zipper head. Get them in a classic black two-pack.


This putty that hardens into silicone to solve tons of household inconveniences

Surgu is a flexible, moldable putty that hardens into silicone within 24 hours, so you can use it to fix, mount, reinforce, insulate, and customize just about anything. The Hacks For Your Home kit comes with different colors plus 18 brilliant ideas so you can improve your electronics, garden, closets, bathroom, and more. One reviewer wrote: "I go around applying this to everything. It literally fixes everything."


A three-in-one insulated can cooler to keep your beer cold

Even those who drink quickly encounter the dreaded lukewarm beer at the bottom of the can — and it's bound to happen to those who prefer to sip one drink all night. The BrüMate Hopsulator is a three-in-one insulator that works on 12-ounce cans, 16-ounce cans, and in place of a pint glass. The double-walled stainless steel and the copper layer keep drinks up to 20 times colder.


A sleek, stackable charging station

The PowerCube is not your average outlet strip. For one, its brilliant, space-saving cube design means that you can use four AC outlets simultaneously without blocking any — but it also offers two USB ports and can be stacked onto other cubes for even more power. Get it in your choice of four colors.


This nootropic gaming supplement that aims to improve focus and clarity

Gamers have given this nootropic supplement a 4.8-star rating because its carefully chosen ingredients help to keep you locked in with mental clarity, energy, and a quick reaction time. That said, it's not just for gamers — those who work in front of a computer all day also appreciate that it helps to alleviate eye-strain and boost focus: "I really wanted to try this to see if it would help me focus better at work [...] I have noticed an increase in mental clarity and energy."


A bedside shelf when you don't have room for a table

This genius invention is great for bunk beds, small rooms, and those who don't have space for a bedside table. The BedShelfie uses a versatile clamp system to attach onto frames without tools and without damage. After that, it can hold up to 15 pounds, which means it'll support your laptop, reading materials, phone, or breakfast. It comes in three other sizes, and if you don't love the wood finish, you can also get it in different colors.


This silicone food storage bag that you can reuse over and over

Instead of disposable plastic, the Stasher is made from 100-percent reusable silicone. As a result, it's eco-friendly, washable, BPA- and latex-free, and leak-resistant. It's also safe in the freezer, microwave, dishwasher, and oven up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, plus it comes in tons of colors, patterns, and sizes. Reviewers love them because they're easy to clean and great for packed lunches.


A facial foundation that adjusts to any skin tone

Whether your skin tone changes seasonally or you can never seem to find a match in the drugstore, UCANBE’s color-changing foundation aims to save you time, money, and effort. Its creamy consistency moisturizes while evening out your complexion, and while it goes on white, it quickly changes to blend in with any skin tone. It has SPF 15 for daily wear, and one reviewer describes it as “magic.”


This brilliant tool so you can open your door hands-free

Never again stand at the door with your hands full, hoping someone notices. The Footlogiq door opener is a hands-free solution that attaches to any unlatched door, either with the included bolts if you want to be hardcore, or with sturdy adhesive. Then, using only a single foot, you can open the door on your own. It's made from durable aluminum and can stand up to a surprising amount of pressure.


A toilet brush that stays hidden behind the tank

A toilet brush is a necessary tool, but that doesn't mean you should have to stare at it. From the makers of the Squatty Potty comes this genius cleaning brush that stays hidden behind your toilet. It sits in a compact caddy that hangs off the tank lid, and the adjustable height options mean you can customize it to your toilet. The brush itself even features a bent-neck design that effortlessly gets into hard-to-reach crevices.


These organizers that double your shoe-storage space

Double your storage space with these organizer slots, which stack one shoe on top of the other so each pair is compact and easy to spot. The two-tier design is adjustable so it works on virtually any pair (from flats to stilettos), and reviewers raved, "Great organization solution!” and “I LOVE them!”


Some patches that help heal blemishes overnight

Since they're packed with absorbent hydrocolloid, these pimple patches suck all the gross stuff out of a blemish overnight. Simply cover the spot with one of the 72 hypoallergenic dots and head to bed. In the morning, you'll likely find that the patch is cloudy with the former contents of the pimple and that the area is less red and inflamed than it was before. No wonder buyers have given these a 4.6-star rating.


A magnetic key holder so you're never locked out again

Made with a strong, high-performance magnet, these little storage containers keep your keys safe and hidden in convenient spots. They work with most car and house keys, so you can stash them underneath your bumper, inside your fuel door, underneath the metal mailbox, or inside the downspout. Since they come in a pack of three, you'll never be locked out of anything ever again.


This soap that cleans and exfoliates simultaneously

With ingredients like passionflower fruit, green tea extract, and deep sea algae, this soap on its own has reviewers raving: "Let me tell you a story about a bar of soap that will change your life." Throw in the fact that it has gentle, exfoliating textures built into the bar, and it's no surprise this pick has over 800 reviews and a 4.6-star rating. Since it skips all the unnecessary additives and harsh ingredients, even those with sensitive skin love it.


These stretchy shoelaces that never need to be tied

They may look like traditional laces, but the Xpand system is infinitely cleaner-looking and more convenient. That's because they absolutely never need to be tied. They're made from a stretchy elastic that's available in countless colors and secures behind the top eyelets in your shoes. As a result, they hold your foot securely in place while you're walking or running, but they stretch when you pop your heel up so your shoe slides right off.


A light bulb that encourages sleep-inducing melatonin

Short-wave blue light is present in most bulbs (as well as the light from device screens) and it has been shown to impede melatonin production, which is the hormone that helps you to fall asleep at night. The Sleep-Shift bulb, on the other hand, produces a soft orange glow without visible blue light, so you can slip off into a peaceful sleep. Plug it into any existing lamp or fixture and turn it on while you read or get ready for bed. "I start feeling progressively sleepy beginning about 30 minutes later," one reviewer wrote.


This starter kit so you can save money on homemade kombucha

Kombucha is a great source of gut-healthy probiotics — but it's also pretty pricey when bought by the bottle. Fortunately, you can make your own with the Get Kombucha starter kit. It comes with everything you need to brew your own at home, including the certified-organic whole leaf tea leaves, cane sugar, a scoby, pH strips, and cotton covers. Reviewers call it "easy, delicious, and downright fun."


A smart notebook that you can digitize, erase, and reuse

For all the doodlers, note-takers, and journalers out there, the Rocketbook Everlast is the futuristic, eco-friendly notebook that reviewers call "life-changing." Instead of paper, the 36 pages are made from a material that wipes clean with a damp cloth — but before you start over, you can digitize your notes with the smart QR code scanning system. It comes in two sizes, four colors, and makes a great gift for the student or artist in your life.


This keratin fiber that makes hair appear thicker

"Wish I would have found it sooner," one reviewer wrote about XFusion keratin hair fibers. "It’s so easy to apply and stays in place all day." This hair-thickening solution comes in nine different colors and works with any hair type or texture; just shake or spray onto thinning areas, and the fibers will attach to existing strands to fill in sparse areas. They even hold strong despite wind, sweat, and rain.


A portable campfire that you can bring anywhere

Bring it anywhere thanks to its portable, lightweight tin. Then, when you reach your destination, just light it up and the non-toxic recycled soy wax will burn for more than three hours with minimal soot, smoke, or embers. Get the Radiate portable campfire going with just one match and zero cleanup, ensuring there’s no trace left behind from this blaze.


This socket attachment that adjusts to any fastener

Whether it's a quick fix-it job or a month-long renovation, searching for the right attachment is always time-consuming. The Effector universal socket has 54 individually moving steep pins, which adjust to wrap around virtually any bolt, hook, or fastener. It's also lightweight, durable, and comes with a power drill adapter.


A two-in-one protective mat and sleeve for your hair tools

Protect your counters, your clothes, and your hot tools with the OXO Good Grips two-in-one pouch. When you're at home, the heat-resistant silicone functions as a textured mat that holds your tool in place and protects your counters. When it's time to hit the road (or store your straightener or curling iron in a drawer before it has time to cool), just slip the tool inside the pouch and go. Get it in your choice of pink or gray.


This easy, power-free way to prep your ingredients

Because the Kuhn Rikon Swiss Chop Chop doesn't require any batteries, plugs, or power sources, you can use it absolutely anywhere to prep your ingredients. The stainless steel blade turns with every pull of the manual cord, so you can coarsely chop ingredients or keep going until they're finely cut. The bottom has a non-slip grip, and all the parts save the lid are dishwasher-safe.


This inflatable mattress that turns your back seat into a bed

Whether it's for camping, kids, emergencies, or the comfort of their dogs, this inflatable car mattress has reviewers raving: "Best purchase ever." It includes an air pump, which fills up the mattress (and the two included pillows) using the DC port in your car. After that, it stretches across your back seat or trunk and supports itself in any position thanks to the bridge blocks.


Some charcoal toothpaste that whitens your teeth

Instead of brushing your teeth with toothpaste and whitening them with activated charcoal, this Hello whitening toothpaste combines both steps into one. The vegan, fluoride-free formula uses activated charcoal to absorb stains and odors, and reviewers say the results are astonishing: "I could not believe how well this works," and the subtle flavor is "minty and refreshing."


A giant beer pong set for the yard, park, or beach

Buyers call Giant Yard Pong "a blast" and "a hit" at every type of party. The set comes with 12 giant buckets, two weighted balls, and a carrying bag for beach days and barbecues. Fill the buckets with sand or water and follow the included directions — or play by your own house rules. Either way, it doesn't require a table and a it's a fun, unique take on traditional beer pong.


This over-the-door hamper that saves tons of room

How much space does your hamper take up in your bedroom, closet, or bathroom? KEEPJOY's hanging hamper installs over most doors using the included stainless steel rods, or you can attach it to the wall using the utility hooks. The large opening makes it easy to load with clothes, the whole bag can be transported to the laundry room with ease, and the bottom zippers open so you can drop everything into the machine at once.


A sleek, effective before-you-go toilet spray

Spritz some Sprayzee into the bowl before you go, and the essential-oil based formula will create an odor-blocking film on top of the water. Then, after you do your business, the smells will be trapped under the surface, so you can just flush them away. This formula is scented with lemon, lemongrass, and bergamot oils, and the little bottle is portable, sleek, and subtle.


This gooseneck loop mount that works virtually everywhere

Thanks to its flexible, gooseneck loop, the B-Land mount can be wrapped around poles, propped up on counters, fastened around your steering wheel, secured under your mattress, or worn comfortably around your neck. However you choose to position it, the adjustable clasp works alongside most phones and tablets, and it even rotates 360-degrees for the optimal viewing angle.


A tiny rechargeable speaker and sound machine that packs a punch

Despite the fact that it fits in the palm of your hand, the LectroFan Micro2 packs a serious punch. This little Bluetooth speaker has built-in white noises and fan sounds for sleeping, but also connects to your devices so you can play your music, listen to podcasts, or make conference calls. Thanks to the powerful rechargeable battery it can run up to 40 hours in Sleep Mode and 20 hours with Bluetooth, while the pivoting head lets you direct the sound any which way.


This cutting board that folds up for easy transferring

The Joseph Joseph cutting board is made from a BPA-free, easy-to-clean, knife-friendly material so you can chop your ingredients without hassle — and when it's time to transfer them to the pot or storage container, the edges fold up to create a guided chute. Get it in tons of different colors to match your kitchen decor.


These 14 attachments that turn your drill into a cleaning machine

Deep-clean any surface by turning your drill into a power scrubber. This attachment set comes with brushes, sponges, polishers, and an extension rod. As a result, you can get deep into fixture crevices, scrub away discoloration on grout, and remove stains on virtually any surface. One reviewer wrote, "This makes cleaning actually enjoyable! I'm shocked at how quickly it took my blackened, dirty grout to sparkling white."


A propolis throat spray that boosts your immune system

Since it's made using 95-percent genuine bee propolis extract, this spray doesn't just coat your throat to relieve pain — it also boosts your immune system to keep you healthy despite germs. Buyers love it because it "actually tastes good" and is a "lifesaver" during flu season. I've been using it semi-regularly for about a year and a half, and I haven't gotten sick once.


This tray that defrosts meat in record time

Using a food-safe aluminum material that promotes thermal conductivity, this unique tray thaws meat fast — without the need for water, heat, or the microwave. "Completely shocked by how well this product works," one reviewer wrote, while another said it thawed a whole chicken in "less than 40 [minutes]."


These waterproof rain shoes that look like cute canvas sneakers

Rain boots might be practical, but when they don't exactly complement your outfit, DKSUKO shoes can keep you dry and stylish. Even though they look like canvas sneakers, they're actually made from a waterproof, protective PVC. Buyers say they're comfortable and easy to clean, so they're great for gardening and other messy activities. Get them in high tops or low tops, as well as several color options.

  • Available sizes: 6-11


A revolutionary towel that keeps you extra-cool

This is not your average towel. Mission’s proprietary fabric uses rapid-evaporation technology to cool your body down by up to 30 degrees — and it stays chilly for hours. As a result, it's great for outdoor athletics, long hikes, or those who work outside. It also provides UPF-50 protection and comes in over a dozen colors and patterns. When it starts to warm up again, just wet it, wring it, and snap it.


This stress-relieving weighted face mask

One reviewer who had been previously suffering from anxiety said, "I am extremely happy with this weighted eye mask and will recommend it over and over again." The nodpod combines a light-blocking mask with stress-relieving pressure to create "a weighted blanket for your eyes." It's double-sided with two different textures — one cooling, one warming — and it comes in four different colors. So far, it has a 4.3-star rating.


A brush and a blow dryer in one for effortless styling

Five-star reviews on the Revlon One-Step range from people with "a lot" of hair to people who have "no idea" how to style their strands. Despite their texture, thickness, or skill levels, this two-in-one tool has been called "life-changing" because it dries and styles at the same time. Three customizable heat levels blow out from the center of the brush, while the ion-generating bristles keep hair taut and smooth. The result, according to reviewers, is smooth, styled hair in record time.


This handbag hook and LED light that's shaped like a diamond ring

The Fred Shine + Dine looks like a giant diamond ring, but it actually functions as a gravity-defying handbag hook and a flashlight all in one. The ring opens to balance your bag on tables, bars, or bathroom stalls, while the LED light runs off of batteries and illuminates your whole purse when you can't find your keys.