10 last-minute gifts for the tech-obsessed

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What do you buy the techie in your life who already has the newest, flashiest everything? They can’t go anywhere without their AirPods, they’re furiously tapping away on their iPhone 11 Pro Max, and you know they’re always on the prowl for the latest and greatest tech fresh off the assembly line. You’ve gotta hand it to your status-obsessed pal, they’ve got their finger on the pulse of the industry. But if you hand them one of these gifts to unwrap this holiday season, you may very well become a star influencer in their eyes. These are some of the coolest tech gifts for anyone who won’t be seen without cutting-edge or unique tech in-hand. And you never know – you may even find something you want to take home on your own on this list.

You've heard of smartwatches and fitness trackers. Now meet Motiv, a smart ring that doubles as a wellness tracker. It's a sleek, nondescript ring that's waterproof and available in three finishes. Most importantly, it tracks sleep habits, fitness activities, your heart rate, and more , since you're meant to wear it 24/7 on your finger. It may not have the same features as a Fitbit or Apple Watch, but it's got all of that functionality packed into a simple ring. No one would ever guess that the titanium band on your friend's finger is tracking their vitals and everything they do to get in better shape – but it still looks luxurious and intriguing when flashed.

Chances are, your friend or loved one already has a few Alexa-enabled devices and plenty of Google Assistant items strewn around the house. But the Lenovo Smart Display is different. While it also incorporates Google Assistant, it's meant to be a set piece, an attractive screen with a wood paneling finish and a fantastic speaker that makes it perfect for kitchen or living room use where you'd like for sound to ring out. It features a 10" screen with a camera that features a privacy shutter, and it's compatible with all the Google apps your friend may use. Most importantly, it's sleek – sleeker than anything they may already have in their home, with the internals to back it up. Until Apple creates a similar product, your giftee will go gaga for this one.

Gaming on the go is hot right now, especially with the revamped version of the Nintendo Switch. The Switch Lite is a smaller, more chic version of the popular handheld/console hybrid, meant solely for portable gaming. Everything about the Switch Lite is hip and colorful, and it's very much a status symbol in the tech world – you must already have a regular Switch at home, and the Lite is just for jaunts outside the house, right? There's a massive library of games for the system, it comes in four different color variations, and it's the best option for enjoying games while waiting in line, going to work, or even on the plane. Plus, yes, they'll pair with AirPods. Perfect, right?

AirPods help your tech-loving friend navigate the world by injecting it with music and voices. Casper's The Glow Light lamp aims to help lull them to sleep. The diminutive light is a soothing, calming light that offers a high-tech solution for insomnia. It emits a warm light to get bodies ready for bed, and it can be twisted to adjust its brightness. The Glow app can be used to set a custom bedtime and waking schedule, and it sits on an attractive wireless charging stand. The app can also sync several Glow lights together for a calming night time light show. IT's a minimalistic and attractive lamp that's cozy, flexible, and simple to customize.

If that special giftee you know just can't get enough of rocking out to music on the go, chances are they like singing in the shower too. Make it even easier for them with a simple tech solution. Kohler's Moxie showerhead with a built-in wireless speaker pairs with wireless devices via Bluetooth for a scrub-down sash with the tunes you love. The showerhead features 60 angled nozzles, a silicone spray face, and customizable speakers that come in four different colors to mix and match. It's an effortless way to give your loved one a way to belt out show tunes in the shower...because we all do that.

Sometimes, the tech your friend or loved one is obsessed with doesn't reach into the future – it's grounded in the past, too. And there's nothing cooler than the retro aesthetic, especially when it comes to pictures. That's where the Polaroid Lab comes in. This baby can convert digital photos on your phone to Polaroid prints in the blink of an eye. Past meets future in the blink of an eye with this awesome printer, which lets you bring all sorts of fun moments to life in seconds – no expensive Polaroid camera required.

There are wireless charging pads, and then there are glamorous leather charging pads. The Courant Catch:3 setup allows for single-device Qi-certified wireless charging, all under the veneer of premium Italian leather in a variety of colors. Keep your phone on one side to charge and then use the other side as a catch-all for your wallet, keys, and other important items. It's the most fashionable way to charge your phone on the market, and any tech fanatic would be thrilled to get one, especially since it masquerades as a high-fashion item.

Nothing's sleeker than Apple's most powerful streaming box: the Apple TV 4K. This small yet mighty device lets you stream movies and shows in 4K HDR, complete with sound by way of Dolby Atmos. It's the type of tech anyone obsessed with the best possible living room buys they can find would thrill to place on their entertainment center, especially as it supports apps like Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, and more. Its slick Siri-enabled remote ensures a smart search every time, and there are no messy cables needed beyond an HDMI cable and Lightning cord to keep it powered. The little black box can do just about anything, all while keeping a low profile.

If a ring isn't enough for your compatriot's fitness needs, forgo the Apple Watch (they probably already have one) and offer them the Fitbit Versa 2, which offers another perspective on the wearable fitness conversation. It's another gorgeous smartwatch with a focus on staying healthy, with built-in Alexa support, 24/7 heart rate tracking, Sleep Score usage, on-screen workouts, built-in female health tracking apps, and even a waterproof design that ensures it never has to leave the wrist. Plus, it's so chic, they may decide to swap the Apple Watch out for the Versa 2 here and there, or go back and forth to try out all of the awesome things both watches bring to the table in tandem.

What's cooler than a modern, minimalist turntable? A wireless turntable compatible with Bluetooth audio. This eye-popping record player will sync with AirPods so your giftee can enjoy their vinyl collection without having to miss a beat. It also works free-standing or mounted on a wall, making it great for setup just about anywhere in the home. Its eye-catching finish, low-noise belt drive, and modern sensibilities make it an attractive and useful piece of tech. It's also splurge-worthy at its premium price, but how many people will be able to say they own one? Not many, that's for sure.