50 incredibly clever things under $30 you should already own

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Some products belong in every home. Think of all the times you've visited a friend's house, only to find they've got the exact same dish scrubber that you have. These types items don't get around simply because they're popular — they're also just so damn useful. And luckily for you, I've put together this list of incredibly clever things that belong in every home. Frankly, you should probably own a few of them already.

Don't be surprised if a ton of the products I've selected are completely new to you. Not only have I made sure that everything in here can come in handy on a daily basis, but it's all priced at $30 or less. So go ahead — why not grab that roll of white marble contact paper and the foot scrubber? Or, if you're looking for ways to relax, make sure to check out the acupressure mat and pillow set. With thousands of raised points that dig deep into sore muscles, it makes relaxing after a long day so, so much easier.

So what are you waiting for? Like I said, you should probably own a few of these clever things already — and that white marble contact paper is currently available for less than $10.


The scrubber that keeps your hands safe from nicks

Sharp knives can slice through sponges, leaving your hands with nicks and cuts — so use this scrubber instead. The wrap-around plastic handle keeps your hands safe, while the tough bristles power through stubborn grime. Choose from two colors: green or gray.


A pack of sponges that are biodegradable

Not only are these sponges biodegradable, but each one is also made from eco-friendly recycled cellulose fibers. The aerated design helps them dry quickly, preventing them from absorbing unwanted odors. Plus, the abrasive side is tough on dirt, yet gentle enough for non-stick cookware.


These reusable food wraps made with beeswax

Unlike wasteful plastic wrap, you can use these food wraps over and over again for months on end. Each one is made with natural beeswax, giving them some light stickiness so that they stay wrapped when packaging meals. The best part? They're so sturdy that you can even wash them under running water.


A roll of paper towels that are reusable

Looking for easy ways to save money? Search no further than these reusable paper towels. Unlike cheaper rolls, these ones are made from natural bamboo fibers that you can reuse more than 1,500 times. They're durable enough to put through the wash — and reviewers raved about how they "last forever."


The magnetic twist ties made from durable silicone

Your options are almost endless when it comes to what you can do with these magnetic twist ties. Use them to keep your headphone cables from getting tangled, or even to tie your bread bag shut. And since they're made from tough silicone, there's very little risk of them ripping.


A countertop squeegee for liquids & solids

Whether you've got puddles or crumbs on your counters, this squeegee can help get them clean. The squeegee side works great for scraping liquids into the sink, while the bristled side is perfect for dust, crumbs, and more. Plus, the bristles are even made from tough, fray-resistant nylon.


This scrubber that cleans your feet for you

Bending down to scrub your feet in the shower can be a hassle, whereas this scrubber is almost too easy to use. Suction cups on the bottom keep it in place on your shower floor as you rub your feet back and forth. And since the bristles are made from soft silicone, it's also gentle on sensitive skin.


A rechargeable light bar you can still nearly anywhere

With a strong magnet built into the back, you can easily stick this light bar to nearly any metal surface. Or, if you'd like some sleek under-cabinet lighting, you can also use the included 3M adhesive to mount it to non-magnetic surfaces. The best part? Its rechargeable battery provides up to 10 hours of light.


The portable lock that adds security to hotel doors

Hotels, Airbnbs, dorms — this portable lock adds security to nearly any deadbolt-style door. Installation only takes a few seconds, without any tools required. And even if the person on the other side has a key, they won't be able to enter until you pop it off — a must-have for nosy landlords.


A set of hooks that won't let towels slip off

Not only do these towel hooks have an ultra-modern appearance, but the pinch-lock design also keeps wet towels from sliding off while they're drying. The plastic body is plated with sleek chrome — and each order comes with mounting hardware, as well as double-sided adhesive.


This smart gadget that pushes buttons for you

Stick this little button pusher underneath a rocker-style light switch, or even next to the "brew" button on your coffee machine. The downloadable app lets you control it from your smartphone — and you can even set schedules so that your buttons get pressed at the same time every day.


A pack of bracelets that help keep mosquitos away

If you're looking for a DEET-free alternative to harsh bug sprays, might I suggest these mosquito-repelling bracelets? Each one is infused with lemongrass and citronella oil to help keep pests at bay — and since they're waterproof, you can even wear them into pools or lakes.


The lazy Susan turntable with a second tier

With a second tier on top, this lazy Susan turntable nearly doubles the storage space in your cabinets. The raised lip helps keep your items from falling off, while the non-skid liner prevents them from shifting around as they spin. Plus, it even comes in six colors — including a fun shade of coral.


A power cube with 3 handy USB ports

Not only does this power cube take up less space than a power strip, but it also features three USB ports to charge your devices. The best part about it? Since each outlet is on a different side, there's no need to stress about bulky plugs blocking other outlets.


These string lights that cast a soft, warm glow

Hang these globe lights on your patio for some warm, cozy light, or even add them to your bedroom to your balcony to set a relaxing mood. The bulbs are waterproof, making them safe to use outdoors — and unlike some outdoor lights, these ones are powered using a small solar panel.


An oil dispenser that won't leave drips on your counters

Oil, vinegar, soy sauce — this dispenser is so versatile that it can handle them all. The body is made from sleek glass, while the stainless steel accents give it a sleek look that complements any kitchen. Plus, the drip-free spout helps keep your counters clean from mess.


The ice cube trays that are spill-resistant

Since each one of these ice cube trays comes with a lid, it's easier than ever to help prevent spills in your freezer. They're also made from flexible silicone — not plastic — which helps you pop out the cubes once they're frozen.


A retractable lint roller you can keep with you

With sticky sheets that retract into a protective case, this lint roller won't go to waste if you let it tumble around in your bag. Reviewers raved about how it's "super cute," as there are more than 15 colors to choose from — including a gorgeous shade called "marine." Plus, each order comes with 30 sheets to start with.


These hangers that open up space in cramped closets

When your closet is stuffed and overflowing with clothes, make sure to grab these hangers. Hanging them vertically will help open up some space on cramped closet rods — though you also have the option of letting them hang horizontally if you have the room. Choose from two colors: black or white.


An armchair caddy with space for remotes, tablets, & more

Tired of losing your television remotes? Keep them within reach at all times with this caddy. It's made from wrinkle-resistant linen fabric, while the six pockets give you tons of space for remotes, tablets, notebooks, or even glasses. And with more than 20 colors to choose from, it's easy to find one that complements your upholstery.


The food jar that keeps meals toasty for hours & hours

With vacuum-insulated walls that can keep hot liquids toasty for up to seven hours, this food jar is perfect for soup, chili, pasta, and more. Or, if you prefer cold meals, it can keep chilled liquids frosty for up to nine hours. And since it's made from stainless steel, there's no need to worry about rust.


A broom holder that's surprisingly versatile

Even though this holder is advertised as being for brooms, you can still use it to store golf clubs, baseball bats, shovels — basically all that stuff you've got kicking around the garage. Plus, each ball grip is so sturdy that it can hold more than 7 pounds.


These airtight containers for all your dry ingredients

Don't let your dry ingredients turn mushy — keep them inside these airtight containers to help them stay fresh. Each one is large enough to hold up to 5 pounds' worth of cereal, and they're even made from plastic that's completely BPA-free.


A peeler that keeps your hands clear from sticky garlic juice

Your hands don't have to get soaked with garlic juice when peeling cloves — just use this peeler when removing all that flaky skin. The grooved exterior gives you more traction as you roll it underneath your hand, while the silicone walls are resistant to odors.


These scrapers for tough, baked-on cumbs

Not only do these scrapers make it easy to remove baked-on crud from your cookware, but they're also safe to use on non-stick surfaces. Or, if you use them on delicate surfaces — like glass — they're gentle enough that they won't leave behind scratches.


A pack of steamer tablets for an extra-indulgent shower

Prefer taking showers to baths? These steamer tablets are similar to bath bombs in that they release soothing essential oils while you bathe, yet they're designed to dissolve in the shower. "Best thing is the scent," wrote one reviewer. "If you’re a fan of menthol like, tea tree, or eucalyptus scents, then this will be for you!"


This outlet extender with a convenient shelf on top

Add another four plugs to any double-plug outlet with this extender. It also features two USB ports, as well as one port for any USB-C devices. Built-in surge protection keeps your electronics safe from electrical spikes — and the shelf on top is the perfect place to keep your phone while it's charging.


A fabric shaver that breathes new life into tired garments

Whether your sweaters are pilling or you've got fraying upholstery, this fabric shaver can help. The honeycomb grate is adjustable, making it suitable for nearly any type of fabric. Plus, you've got the option of powering it using a wall outlet, or with four AA batteries — perfect for traveling.


The spin mop & bucket that wring out dirty water for you

When it's finally time to wring out the dirty water from this spin mop, simply place it into the spinner bucket, then press down on the foot pedal. The inner bucket will begin to rotate, wringing out all that dirty water so that your hands stay clean. And with a built-in splash guard, there's no need to worry about your pants getting soaked.


A dish rack that helps you save counter space

Some dish racks take up tons of counter space, whereas this one lays overtop the unused area above your sink. It's made from rust-resistant stainless steel, with silicone tips at either end to help keep it from shifting around. And since it's also heat-resistant, you can even use it as a trivet in a pinch.


The tablets that clean your water bottles for you

Don't have a scrubber that'll reach all the way inside your water bottle? Not a problem when you've got these tablets. Simply toss one inside with some water, then give it a good shake. The chlorine-free formula will gently remove any stubborn stains or unwanted odors — no scrubbing required.


A pack of brush heads that plug into your power drill

There's no need to apply all that elbow grease when you're cleaning up — especially if you've got these brush heads. Pop one into any standard drill, and it'll instantly become a high-powered scrubber that blasts through dirt and grime. Plus, this set in particular comes with scouring pads for everything from leather to mineral deposits.


This paper towel holder that mounts to your wall

Looking to save a little counter space? Upgrade to this wall-mounted paper towel dispenser from that cheap tower-style one you've got kicking around. The best part about it? There's also space for a roll of plastic wrap, as well as foil.


A soap dispenser with space for a scrubber

With space for soap and a scrubber, this dispenser is a must-have for any crowded sink. The soap reservoir is large enough for almost an entire bottle of soap, while the side compartment can fit a scrubber, brush, or even sink stopper.


The fur trappers that pull hair off your laundry

Toss these fur trappers into the washer and dryer along with your next load of laundry, and they'll latch onto pet hair so that your clothes come out clean. Each one easily rinses clean under running water, and they're reusable as many times as you need. "Works like a charm,"wrote one reviewer. "We have four cats, and our clothes have much less hair on them."


A chainmail scrubber made for cast iron cookware

Made rom premium-grade stainless steel that'll never rust, this chainmail scrubber is a must-have for anyone with cast iron cookware. Not only will it preserve the built-up seasoning, but it effortlessly chips away at any little bits of crud that've gotten stuck to your pan.


The spray that eliminates unwanted bathroom odors

Just give your toilet bowl a few spritzes of this spray before you "go," and it'll prevent any unwanted odors from contaminating your bathroom. It's made with a blend of lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass essential oils — and if you're not into citrus, there are more than 15 other scents to pick from.


An espresso maker you can use out in the wilderness

Whether you're roughing it out in the woods or forgot to pay the utility bill, this espresso maker will still work. The immersion brewing process creates a smooth, full-flavored cup of coffee or espresso — all without using any electricity. Plus, it can even brew up to three cups in one sitting.


This light bulb that simulates real fire

Swap out your outdoor bulbs with these flaming ones for some soothing ambiance as you relax on the patio. They're designed to fit into standard lightbulb housings — and there are even three different modes to choose from that adjust how the flames behave.


A pack of liners that help keep greens fresh

Not only do these liners help your greens stay fresher for longer, but they work by increasing airflow throughout your drawers — no harsh chemicals required. You can trim them to fit oddly-shaped spaces, and each one is also completely BPA-free.


The organizer that keeps your socks looking tidy

Got a big messy drawer full of socks? Sort them into this organizer, and it'll keep them looking neat and tidy until you're ready to grab a pair. There's enough space for up to 24 pairs of socks — and it also works great with scarves and underwear.


A roll of contact paper to refresh tired kitchens

If your kitchen counters are looking a little outdated, this roll of contact paper can give them a complete makeover for less than $30. The vinyl material is extremely durable and water-resistant — to the point where I've left puddles on mine overnight without issue. And with a removable adhesive backing, it's even suitable for renters.


These laundry bags that can help prevent knots & damage

Keep your delicates inside of these mesh bags as they spin through the wash cycle, and they'll help prevent damage — like when your bra clasp gets snagged and stretched out. The zipper closure keeps everything safely inside, and they also work well for separating dirty from clean clothes in your suitcase.


A first aid kit that covers all the bases

Keep this first aid kit in your car, or even in a bathroom cabinet — you never know when you might need it. Each kit comes with all sorts of supplies, from adhesive fabric and bandages, to burn cream and wound closures. "The bandaids stuck well and were of useable sizes," wrote one reviewer. 'This is one of the best kits I've seen."


The mandoline slicer with five interchangeable blades

Save yourself some time in the kitchen by using this mandoline the next time you need to slice, grate, or shred some ingredients. The five interchangeable blades are made from sharp stainless steel, while the knob on the side lets you adjust how thick your slices come out.


A white noise machine with 14 pre-loaded sounds

Having trouble falling asleep? This white noise machine can help block outside noise so that your mind is able to relax in bed. Each one comes pre-loaded with 6 soothing sounds, including a bluetooth speaker. And with its built-in digital alarm clock, you can easily set your wake up time.


This bento-style lunch box that helps meals stay warm

With insulated walls that help food stay warm for up to two hours, this bento-style lunch box is a sleek upgrade to the soft lunchbox you've likely got kicking around. It's made from tough stainless steel — not plastic — and each order also comes with a set of utensils.


A box that keeps your printed pictures safe

Your printed four-by-sixes don't have to go on the fridge for safekeeping — just put them in this box until you're ready for a trip down memory lane. The snap closures keep them safe from dust and other contaminants, and there's enough space for up to 1,600 photos in total.


The gadget that wipes your whisk clean

Slip this wiper onto your whisk, and it'll scrape all that excess batter off once you're done mixing. It also lifts your whisk off the counter, allowing you to put it down without having to worry about mess. Choose from six colors — including a vibrant shade of red.


An acupressure mat that can help alleviate pain

You only need to lie on this acupressure mat and pillow set for about 20 minutes, and the thousands of raised points will dig deep into your muscles to help alleviate soreness. It's available in more than 12 colors — and unlike some sets, this one is made from eco-friendly, plant-based foam.

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