Newly released documents reveal chilling details about Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein


A new tranche of court documents release by a federal judge in New York on Thursday shed appalling new light on the allegations against deceased sexual predator and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, as well as his longtime associate and accused enabler Ghislaine Maxwell.

The more than 600 pages of deposition transcripts, emails, flight logs, and other material come as part of an ongoing defamation lawsuit against Maxwell by alleged Epstein victim Virginia Roberts Guiffre, whose deposition is included in the released documents. In it, Guiffre, claims "there was a large amount of people that I was sent to [have sex with]" by Epstein and Maxwell, and that at one point Maxwell had bragged "that she flew Bill Clinton in [to Epstein's private island]."

"Ghislaine likes to talk a lot of stuff that sounds fantastical," Guiffre added. "Whether it's true or not, that is what I do recall telling [journalist Sharon Churcher]." Elsewhere in her deposition, Guiffre claimed that Epstein flew in three 12-year-old girls from France and that he was "so excited," replaying "over and over again ... how you could tell they were really young," per Vice.

Maxwell was arrested in early July by FBI agents in Bedford, Connecticut, and charged with multiple counts of helping procure, groom, and transport young girls for Epstein. And while much of the broad outlines of the allegations against her and Epstein have been available for some time in the form of other court documents and other public records, Thursday's latest release offers new firsthand insight into Maxwell's alleged involvement in Epstein's apparent sex trafficking operation.

Among the more problematic elements for Maxwell in the document trove is emails from Epstein to Maxwell from 2015, in which he seemed to feed her talking points to give to the press regarding her involvement — which she sought to minimize — in his 2008 conviction for sex trafficking. However, earlier this month Maxwell told the court during a bail hearing that she hadn't been in contact with Epstein in more than a decade.

The newly released documents also offer more detail into famed defense attorney Alan Dershowitz's alleged involvement in his longtime friend Epstein's crimes. According to Guiffre's deposition transcript, she was first dispatched to have sex with Dershowitz in Epstein's New York mansion, and elsewhere in the documents Dershowitz is accused of helping negotiate Epstein's non-prosecution agreement which, per the documents, also served to shield Dershowitz himself from any allegations of misconduct.

Dershowitz has adamantly denied any wrongdoing in regards to Guiffre and Epstein. Two other sets of documents reportedly remain sealed by the court, while Maxwell's legal team fights to keep them from the public. Maxwell pleaded not guilty earlier this month and, through lawyers, has "vigorously" denied the charges against her.