Slacker’s Syllabus: Extreme Weather

HOUSTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 19: A school bus makes its way on the flooded Hopper Rd. on September 19, 20...
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The New Norm The New Norm The New Norm The New Norm

As the planet warms, we’re seeing more and more outlier weather events and storms — and they’re getting worse.

Record temperatures are pushing essential infrastructure to the brink. Hurricane and wildfire seasons are getting longer. Natural disasters are increasingly destructive, causing more than $210 billion in damages in 2020 alone. People are being forced to move from their homes to avoid these disasters.

This is projected to become the new norm if we continue failing to seriously address climate change.


Every year, out-of-control flames engulf parts of the West Coast, destroying millions of acres of land. Wildfire season has gotten longer by two-and-a-half months since the 1970s, as drier weather and hotter temperatures create conditions for more fires to start.

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