Incredible 'Animal Crossing' setups that will make you feel bad about your tiny-ass tent

A screenshot from the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons with eight customized characters
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All praise Tom Nook.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is finally here. With its arrival on March 20, players around the world spent the weekend starting new lives and escaping into another universe, blessedly separate from our own. Over the past few days, the game seemed to take over both the gaming sphere and large swathes of broader society.

At a time when no one is sure what's coming next and each day brings new horrors, losing yourself in Animal Crossing, a game that lets players create their own societies on their own islands, feels like a magical cure-all for everything that ails us. The only real concerns in the game are commiserating with animal villagers, fishing, catching bugs, and working on improving your in-game home.

One of the best parts of New Horizons is showing off your progress to others, and below are a few of the best homemakers in the game so far.


This player has a wide variety of custom artwork in their home for a cozy, miniature "museum" feel, mixed with a sort of Tron vibe.

This villager created a peachy pink paradise to spend time within.

A good rug really does tie the room together.

This house has come a long way from the pitiful tarp players start with to desirable countryside living.

Here we have a blue-tiled oasis, complete with a stellar sound system and a fitness corner.

With the candlelight and plenty of eye-catching pieces on the wall, this house is truly a home.

This modern house has a funky, darker aesthetic. Unfortunately, sleeping here looks to be a challenge.

This player went for a Hot Topic-esque theme. Here you can see a skull argyle wallpaper pattern, critters, a centered coffee table, and a guitar to bring everything together.

This player created a smaller living space and adorned it with their favorite critters, as well as a fun villager portrait.

The "gamer house' being spoken of here has its own Nintendo Switch, three video game portraits, and all the essentials, with plenty of room for activities.

This player opted for a smaller, low-key dorm area look with plenty of Mario and Mega Man decorations and a few outfits on display.

Use these homes as inspiration to jump into the game and start feverishly building up your own little haven. All this time indoors is good for at least one very important thing: having immaculate Animal Crossing homes.

And while we have you, have you paid off your loans to Tom Nook lately?