One of the most annoying iPhone features will probably stick around for the next version

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We're fast approaching September, and that can only mean one thing: Apple's impending annual fall event, where we could very well see the introduction of the latest iPhones. Last year may have brought us the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR, but for many those phones ended up innovating too little as compared with the previous crop of smartphones. Sure, they were quality phones, but they didn't change as much as most people were looking for them to. Luckily, rumors about this year's new iPhones abound to hint at what we can expect in 2019.

It could finally be time for Apple to reveal something big — and while we're not yet quite sure of what the company has up its sleeve, one thing does seem for sure. According to 9to5Mac and its sources: the new models will retain their Lightning charging ports, at least for the foreseeable future. This could be a bit of a letdown, since the proprietary charging port is something of a thorn in some users' sides — but it may just not be time to make the switch just yet.

The latest batch of rumors swirling around ahead of September's event have us bracing ourselves for three more new models, all without the now-standard USB-C port that most smartphone manufacturers are adopting — and Apple itself, with newer models of its MacBook Pro notebook. In fact, iPads changing to USB-C charging options just last year appeared to be just the thing to spur Apple into action to revising its approach for iPhones, but that appeared not to be the case.

The new devices are being referred to as the new "iPhone 11" models, and will reportedly feature Apple's A13 chip, which is currently going by its codename Cebu internally at Apple. The models, referred to as D42 (an iPhone XS replacement), D43 (XS Max replacement), and N104 (supposed new iPhone XR model), are said to feature an OLED Retina display for the D-letter models, while the N104 will supposedly feature the 2x Liquid Retina display. All three will remain the same resolution as the generation before them.

However, 2019's models are said to be equipped with a new Taptic Engine, which is being referred to as "leap haptics." There isn't a lot to go on when it comes to figuring out what this means, but it could very well be a way to ensure the previous iteration of Haptic Touch is improved upon. Given that the trio of new devices won't include 3D Touch, this could very well be the next evolution of such. We do know that iOS 13 will allow for Haptic Touch, and will be coming to all devices when the operating system debuts.

The rumors don't stop there, though. The phone's front-facing lens could enable slow-motion video capture, and the device could even feature three cameras on the back of the phone – for those interested in getting up to some serious photography with their smartphone. If this is true, this will up your iPhone snap game tremendously, especially with support for wide-angle image captures that lets you play around with perspective and framing at a later date.

While a USB-C charging port would be a great addition to a new crop of iPhones, a more efficient battery would be an even greater start, especially since the previous iPhone models tend to last the better part of an evening, or all day with little use. There's always room for improvement there.

It's difficult to say what Apple will reveal in September at this point, but if any of this early insider information is true, this could be the year the new iPhone models get a sizable upgrade – nothing too wild, it seems, but at least enough to make you want to go ahead and finally trade that iPhone X (or earlier) in.