Turns out trying to "release the Kraken" didn't work out so well for the pro-Trump lawyer team

WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES - NOV 19: Attorney Sidney Powell speaks during a news conference with Rudy...
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There is, as the famous saying posits, no honor among thieves. Well, if you'll indulge me a moment of hubris here, I'd like to amend that idiom to include not only thieves, but bungling, inept, utterly incompetent attempted thieves, as well. Yes, I'm talking about former President Donald Trump's sorta-kinda-held-at-an-arm's-length one-time lawyer Sidney Powell, and her lunatic comrade-in-arms, attorney Lin Wood.

Perhaps you remember this dastardly duo from their 2020 promise to "release the kraken" of overwhelming and undeniable legal evidence that the presidential election had been stolen from Trump and handed on a silver platter by nefarious forces to now-President Joe Biden. Suffice it to say, the kraken, once released, was, uh, not so compelling. In fact, it was total nonsense.

Now, nine months after Biden unambiguously won the presidency, Wood and Powell are facing sanctions for their bogus election fraud court filings in Michigan. And from the sound of their court hearing Monday morning, things aren't going so great for this krak squad of kraken-keepers. In fact, it's kind of a mess.

There's ass-covering:

And more ass-covering:

And, my god, even more ass-covering:

Could it all be just a big whoopsie from these extremely capable, competent, high-profile attorneys?:

There was also a lot of ... whatever this is:

At issue is the complaint submitted by Powell and her cadre of jolly election fraudsters alleging widespread voting irregularities across Michigan. The filing asked for the electoral results to be overturned in favor of Trump. The suit was quickly dismissed by U.S. District Judge Linda Parker, who quipped this past December that "this case represents well the phrase: 'This ship has sailed.'"

Monday's hearing will decide whether Wood and Powell will be sanctioned as attorneys for their role in pushing the frivolous, false claims of election fraud in the wake of Trump's decisive loss to Biden this past November. The sanctions request was made by Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) as well as the city of Detroit, and asks not only to recoup legal expenses from the accused, but also for them to face further potential consequences in their respective home states.

Last month, Rudy Giuliani, who famously embarrassed himself during his own hearing claiming election fraud in Michigan, was suspended from the New York State bar over his role in trying to overturn the 2020 election for Trump. A panel in Washington, D.C., similarly suspended Giuliani from practicing in the nation's capital a few days later.