Watch Stacey Abrams calmly school a GOP senator on why Georgia's voting bill is trash

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Being a United States senator seems like it could be a pretty easy job. Not always, of course, but if you really wanted it to be, I think it could probably be the sort of thing you could sleepwalk your way through 90% of the time. Think about it: You're granted unimaginable power and privilege, you have a staff of professionals to write out your speeches and do all your research and answer your phones, and all you have to do is not make a complete ass out of yourself, and maybe occasionally ask some people who are even richer than you are if they'd please give you some money so you can keep doing whatever it is you've been doing thus far.

What I'm saying is, you've gotta be either very bad at your job, very stupid, or simply not care much about how you look to the general public, to be clowned on as hard as Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy (R) was clowned on by Georgia voting right activist Stacey Abrams this week.

The scene:

The players:

  • 69-year-old white southern Republican stalwart John Kennedy
  • Voting rights activist and former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams

The issue:

  • Georgia's recently passed voter suppression bill, which dramatically constrains who, how, and when people can cast their ballots in what's become a significant battleground state in national elections

Let's go to the tape!

Boy did Kennedy just set himself up to get dunked on, over and over and over again, or what? If you're going to ask a witness at a Senate hearing a question, perhaps it shouldn't be the sort of question that affords them the opportunity rattle off a clear, concise, easy-to-understand list of exactly why the thing you're defending is extremely bad.

What, exactly, was Kennedy expecting? Did he think Abrams hadn't done the homework? Did he expect her to somehow flub a question on the very issue she's made the centerpiece of her entire post-election career? What's, y'know, the goal here?

Anyway, if this brief back and forth has proven anything, it's that John Kennedy should be careful what he wishes for. He might just get it.