Without a doubt, these are the 43 most useful things on Amazon under $25

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Take it from someone who used to have a sub-zero savings account balance: It pays to be frugal. I mean, when has saving money ever been a bad thing? It's not necessarily easy for everybody, though. So instead of hiding your credit cards, you can start by making little changes — like only buying useful products that cost less than $25 on Amazon.

What do I mean by "useful?" I'm talking about the gadgets you'll find yourself using on a regular basis, or the ones that fix small everyday inconveniences. Take the rice rinser I've made sure to include as an example. While regular strainers aren't usually fine enough to keep rice from flowing through, the rinser features extra-slim holes so that you can wash your grains without wasting any down the sink. And if that's not enough, there's also a Bluetooth transmitter for your car, eco-friendly dishcloths, as well as shatter-resistant cereal bowls.

But no matter which one of life's little problems you're trying to solve, you can always find tons of awesome things on Amazon. Most even come with free two-day Prime shipping, which is convenient. Keep scrolling for some of my favorites.


The bowl that's specifically made for rinsing rice

Regular strainers aren't always fine enough to keep rice from falling through, whereas this one is designed with extra-thin slats that keep your grains from escaping. There are holes on the bottom as well as slats on the side. Plus, it's made from food-grade plastic.


A spray that helps keep your glasses from fogging up

Just give your lenses a few spritzes of this anti-fog spray, and it'll help keep your glasses clear — even if you're wearing a mask. Each bottle comes with enough for up to 400 pumps, and it's formulated to work on all types of non AR-coated lenses.


This gadget that adds Bluetooth to your car

Don't have Bluetooth in your car? Then consider this transmitter a must-have. It plugs into your cigarette lighter so that it's compatible with practically any vehicle — and the extra-large LCD display even shows incoming calls, battery voltage, and more.


A moisturizing foot cream for dry, cracked heels

Slather your feet with this nourishing cream, then pop them into the heel socks to help lock in that moisture. The socks are made from a blend of nylon and spandex that's designed to last for more than 20 uses. Plus, the lotion itself is non-greasy as well as hypoallergenic.


The smartphone mount you can wear around your neck

Tired of holding your phone up to watch a video? Not only can you wear this smartphone mount around your neck when lying down, but it can also stand by itself on any flat surface. And since it's made from a tough aluminum alloy, there's no need to worry about its durability.


A pack of resistance bands to help you get toned at home

Not enough time to hit the gym? You can still give your muscles a workout with these latex bands. Each order comes with five in varying resistance levels — and if you decide to go to the gym after all, simply take them with you using the included travel pouch.


These blue light-blocking glasses that can help reduce eye strain

The blue light emitted by electronic screens can put unnecessary strain on your eyes, so why not try out these glasses? They block out blue light waves to help reduce ocular stress. Plus, there are several fashion-forward colors to choose from: leopard, crystal-clear, gradient purple, and more. Treat the folks on Zoom while also treating your eyes.


A warm beanie that lets you jam out to music

Prefer to keep your ears warm while you listen to music? Just connect this beanie cap to your phone's Bluetooth, and it'll provide up to 10 hours of playback. One reviewer even wrote that it's "great to use when shoveling, using the snowblower, running or just outside in the cold."


The wine opener that's sleek & stylish

Pop corks in seconds with this rechargeable wine opener that’s a sleek addition to any bar. Open up to 30 bottles on a single charge. Compact and cordless, you can grab this buddy off the charging stand and take it anywhere wine must be had. With a 4.8-star rating and four color options, it may become your new favorite barback.


A smartphone mount that fits in your cup holder

If you'd rather not put any adhesives on your dashboard, you can always use this cup holder mount to hold your phone while you drive. It's designed to work with nearly any type of smartphone, and the base even expands to ensure a secure fit.


These sheets that dim your clock's face

When your bedside clock is too bright for comfort, simply put one of these adhesive sheets over it. They'll dim the light without completely obscuring it, allowing you to still see what time it is. And since they're easily removable, they also work great in hotel rooms.


A pair of string lights that are solar-powered

Looking for some cute outdoor lighting? These solar-powered string lights are not only waterproof, but each one features more than 30 feet of cute LEDs. The best part? Once fully charged, they'll last for up to 10 hours during the night.


These eco-friendly dishcloths that are biodegradable

Made from an eco-friendly blend of cellulose and cotton, these dishcloths are perfect for everything from dusting to scraping away burnt-on food. Not only do they absorb more water than regular fabric cloths, but they're also biodegradable once thrown away.


A batter dispenser that helps you cut down on mess

Transferring batter from the bowl to the pan always always ends up with a few stray drips on your floor or counter — so grab this dispenser. Squeezing the handle opens the spout on the bottom to help you cut down on mess, while the measurements on the side let you keep track of how much you've used.


This little container that helps you peel boiled eggs

Few things are as tedious as peeling a boiled egg — unless you're using this little container. Once your egg is inside, it only takes a few light shakes to break the shell away. Plus, you've got a bunch of fun colors to choose from: pink, green, red, blue, and more.


A screen magnifier you can take with you while traveling

The next time you've got a long flight or car ride coming up, why not use this screen magnifier to watch movies on your phone? It folds flat once you're done so that it's easy to pack, and you can use it with nearly any type of smartphone.


These sleeves that help protect your cards from virtual theft

Slip your passport into one of these sleeves for a little extra peace of mind the next time you're traveling. They're designed to block incoming RFID signals so that digital pickpockets can't access your sensitive information. Plus, you can also use them with credit cards as well as state IDs.


A monitor stand that adds storage to your desktop

You don't have to strain your neck while staring down at a screen all day; just pop your monitor onto this handy stand. Not only can it help improve your posture, but it also adds two shelves of additional storage to your desk.


These cereal bowls that are shatter-resistant

There's no need to worry about accidentally dropping one of these cereal bowls, as each one is shatter-resistant. They're completely BPA-free as well as microwave-safe — and one reviewer even raved that "these bowls have been dropped, washed, microwaved, used for hot an cold things, and they still look amazing!"


A mounted dispenser for your plastic bags

With this mounted bag holder, you've got options: Use it to stash away all your plastic grocery bags, or even use it to store wrapping paper tubes (they'll slide right through the holes on either side). The best part? Installation only takes about two minutes.


The fabric shaver that breathes new life into your garments

It doesn't matter whether your sweaters or furniture are looking a little shabby, because this fabric shaver can still help. Unlike other models, this version allows you to adjust the height depending on what type of fabric you're working with. And since the blades are made from sharp stainless steel, they quickly slice through pilling, fuzz, and more.


A sleeve that helps you tidy up messy cables

Got a ton of messy wires all over your desktop? Conceal them all in these flexible neoprene sleeves. They're large enough for up to 10 cables, while the sturdy zipper on the side keeps them from popping out better than Velcro. Many reviewers also wrote about how they're "well made."


This rechargeable headlamp that lasts for up to 30 hours

Whether you're camping or out jogging in the dark, this headlamp can help illuminate your way. The LED bulb is extra-bright so that you're easily visible at night, while the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 30 hours. Plus, each order comes with a travel case.


A drain protector with over 13,000 positive reviews

Calling a plumber is never cheap, so why not save yourself some money with this drain protector? This one collects hair and debris, but does so in a way that doesn't impede the flow of water down your pipes. And since it's made from stainless steel, it's also rust-resistant.


These reusable lids made from heat-resistant silicone

There's no need to waste money on plastic wrap when you have these lids, as each order comes with five in varying sizes to fit nearly any bowl in your house. They're made from tough silicone that's heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and you have the choice of four colors: blue, green, white, or red.


A tray that helps defrost meat without any electricity

Forget to take meat out of the freezer for dinner tonight? That's not a problem when you have this rapid defrosting tray. Made from sturdy aluminum, it doesn't require any batteries or electricity — simply place your frozen item on top, and then sit back and watch as it thaws your food up to five times faster than hot water.


The strainer that clips onto your pots & pans

Regular strainers take up a ton of space when they're in storage, whereas this clip-on version is a total space-saver. The adjustable clips on either side are designed to fit onto pots and pans of nearly any size. Plus, each order also comes with a garlic peeler, as well as a silicone basting brush.


A set of dividers that help keep your shelves looking tidy

Don't let your neatly-stacked garments and blankets bleed into each other — just keep them separated with these handy shelf dividers. They're made from tough steel that's rust-resistant, while the clip on the bottom is designed to fit onto most types of wire shelving.


These LED lights with built-in motion sensors

Having trouble navigating through your house at night? Let these LED lights help guide the way. Their built-in motion sensors mean they'll only turn on when someone is in the room — and many reviewers even raved about how bright they are.


A pet hair remover that's completely reusable

There's no need to stock up on sticky paper when you've got this pet hair remover, as it relies on bristles — not wasteful sheets — to collect and trap hair. It's suitable for use on everything from furniture to leggings, and will also remove other pieces of lint and fluff (not just hair).


The charging station that comes with shortened cables

Since the cables that come included are shortened, they look significantly tidier than the long versions when plugged into this charging station. Each order comes with seven: two micro-USB, four lightning, and one type-C. Plus, there's even a smart LCD display that tells you the charging status of each port.


A gadget that helps you find your lost items

Keep misplacing your phone, keys, wallet, or whatever else? Simply attach one of these transmitters to your commonly lost items, then press the corresponding button on the remote the next time it goes missing. The transmitter will let out a loud sing from up to 100 feet away, allowing you to easily find your stuff.


This essential oil diffuser that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker

Add your favorite essential oils to this diffuser, then sit back and relax as their soothing aromas drift through the air. And since it also features a built-in Bluetooth speaker, you can even play some gentle tunes to help put your mind at ease. Most reviewers found the water reservoir large enough for about six hours of continuous mist.


A mattress pad that fits extra-deep beds

Tired of your mattress pad riding up? This one is made to fit beds up to 16 inches deep. It's great for adding softness to uncomfortable mattresses — and it's also breathable to help you stay cool while you sleep.


The safety razor with a chic bamboo handle

Tired of wasting money on disposable razors? This double-sided safety razor is not only eco-friendly, but the handle is also made from chic bamboo that sets it apart from the competition. And since it's designed with a high-quality single blade, there's very little chance of it ever clogging.


A gel that helps you get rid of stubborn calluses

It only takes about five minutes for this gel to soften up any stubborn calluses, making it significantly easier to buff them away with a file or pumice stone. The best part? Many reviewers raved about how quickly it works — with one writing that "even the next day, my heel is still smooth."


This space-saving dish rack that rolls out over your sink

Don't have enough counter space for a bulky dish rack? This roll-out version not only utilizes the empty area over your sink to help you save space, but it's also completely BPA-free. And since it's made from heat-resistant stainless steel, you can also use it as a trivet in a pinch.


A flower pot that waters itself

If you aren't exactly the best at helping plants thrive, then this self-watering flower pot is a must-have. It's able to hold enough water to keep itself sustained for about two weeks, and the gauge in the corner lets you know when it needs a refill. Plus, each order also comes with fiber soil for planting.


The bedside caddy for all your books & gadgets

Books, tablets, remotes, glasses — you name it, this bedside organizer likely has a place for it. Installation is as simple as sliding the fabric arm underneath your mattress, and it's so sturdy that it can hold up to 20 pounds. Choose from two colors: light or dark grey.


A floating shelf that doesn't require any drilling

Drilling into your walls can be intimidating, which is why this shelf comes with super-sticky adhesive that allows you to mount it — no tools required. The adhesive is strong enough to support up to 11 pounds, while the shelf features raised sides to help prevent items from sliding off.


This essential oil diffuser that plugs right into your car

You don't have to be home to enjoy your favorite essential oils, as this diffuser plugs into your car's cigarette lighter. It features two USB ports so that you can also charge your devices while it's running — and if you don't add any oils, you can still use it as a miniature cool-mist humidifier.


A pack of burner covers to help your stove stay clean

Heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, these burner covers are perfect for anyone who's tired of scrubbing their stove clean every night. You can trim them to fit your stove depending on its size and shape. Plus, each one is BPA-free.


A pair of hanging organizers for all your shampoos & soaps

With more than 10 pockets for your lotions, shampoos, soaps, and more, these shower organizers make it easy to tidy up cluttered tubs. The reinforced seams allow them to hold up to 25 pounds each, while the metal hooks at the top are completely rustproof. One reviewer even wrote about how the smaller one is the perfect size to take with you while traveling.