10 years ago, these clever products were extremely expensive — but now they're SO cheap on Amazon

You’ll be shocked how inexpensive these things are.

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I definitely used to avoid buying things that I needed if they were super pricey the last time I checked (I’m looking at you — external hard drive). There are just those things that are infamous for being so extremely expensive — but they only used to be expensive.

I wondered if things that used to cost an arm and a leg have actually gotten cheaper, and these things have. They’re all available on Amazon, too, so it may finally be time to invest in the tech, home, and skincare products you’ve been putting off buying.


A sleek security camera that has high-quality night vision capabilities

Not only does this Alexa-compatible camera make it super budget-friendly to have a security camera, but the miniature design also blends into your home. It has a sleek square design with a stand that will fit between any of your home decor without standing out. It works day and night, with reviewers saying that the night vision works remarkably well.


A best-selling juicer that won’t take up a ton of space on your counter

This cold press juicer is just over 3 inches wide, so it’s compact enough to slide it next to your coffee maker or stick it in a cabinet. Even though it’s small, you can use pretty large fruit slices, and it makes a 16-ounce glass of juice. It separates the juice from the pulp, it comes with a pulp container to avoid a mess on your counter.


A lightweight hard drive with a colorful & trendy finish

This external hard drive won’t look boring (or get lost) on your desk because it has a cheery yellow color, and it’s lightweight and durable enough to pop it in your tote. It holds up to 160 GB of data, and it quickly transfers files without a complicated setup or even needing to charge it.


This easy-to-clean, 2-tier steamer with helpful cooking times on the front

This food steamer stacks two dishwasher-safe steamer baskets right on top of each other, so you can make your entire dinner in it, whether you’re eating fish, meat, tons of veggies, or a combination of all those things. The transparent baskets and compact design makes this steamer look sleek enough to leave it out on your counter. This elevated appliance also has a chart with helpful cooking times right on the front.


A retinol cream with a lightweight green tea formula

You won’t mind reaching for this retinol cream during your skincare routine because it’s budget-friendly and it feels super lightweight on your skin. The non-drying retinol is paired with green tea, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and more to make your skin look radiant and feel soft. It’s also versatile enough if you love to use a little retinol under your eyes or on your hands.


A compact vacuum sealer that keeps leftovers fresher for longer

Instead of filling your freezer with bulky plastic bags or containers, this vacuum sealer tidies up your freezer and keeps your food fresher for longer. It comes with BPA-free bags and there’s even a detail on top to cut each bag for a customized size. It only takes around 10 to 20 seconds before you’re ready to freeze your food and put away this super compact sealer.


This genius surge protector that comes with USB charging ports

This surge protector is perfect for that awkward outlet in the kitchen because it keeps all three USB ports, four outlets, and a USB-C port off the countertop. It plugs right into that outlet, and the unique three-sided design means that you can have everything plugged in at once without chargers overlapping each other.


These unique teeth whitening strips without peroxides or dye

This set of essential oil whitening strips comes with 21 treatments, so you always have one handy in your bathroom drawer. Instead of irritating hydrogen peroxide or bleach, this set has ingredients like lemon peel oil and dead sea salt to lift stains without damaging enamel. This sensitivity-free formula is an Amazon shopper favorite with over 15,000 five-star reviews.


This pink Himalayan salt that’s worth displaying on your countertop

Having aesthetic pink salt on your countertop won’t cost a ton with this budget-friendly Himalayan salt. It’s coarse enough to add it to your trendy salt grinder, and it even comes in the perfect jar for pouring it into the grinder. Plus, this additive-free salt is just as easy to cook with as your usual go-to.


A portable Bluetooth speaker with crystal clear sound

Despite weighing just over 12 ounces and being 6.5 inches long, this Bluetooth speaker offers clear sound and deep bass without any distortion. It has a waterproof design and a 24-hour battery life, which makes this compact, budget-friendly speaker an ideal travel companion.


This extra long 4K HDMI cord with 369,000 five-star reviews

This 4K HDMI cord is so budget-friendly that you’ll want to stock up to use them all over your home and even keep in a drawer for when you might need another. This 10-foot long cord works with 4K video, and you can pair it with TVs, your laptop, your favorite gaming console, and more.


A unique personal blender with a travel cup built-in

This personal blender is both a durable blender for everyday use and a to-go cup for your smoothies. Simply pull the top off after you blend, and you have a cup with a travel lid all ready to go. Plus, you can stick the compact base in a cabinet and put the cup in the dishwasher when you get home.


This clip-on ring light with 3 lighting modes & 10 brightness levels

You can easily install this ring light right before you start work or get on a video call because it’s so easy to clip it on your computer screen. It has three different lighting modes so you can pick the illumination that best suits your needs. This light comes with a USB cord, so you can even recharge it while it’s still clipped to your laptop.


A stainless steel kitchen scale that can weigh even the tiniest amount of food

Instead of avoiding recipes with precise measurements, this budget-friendly kitchen scale will help you out. It has a screen and two simple buttons that make it easy to change units or zero out a bowl while you’re in the middle of cooking dinner. It also has a stainless steel top, so you can wipe off any spilled ingredients.


A yoga mat with your favorite moves & stretches printed right on top

This yoga mat comes with a bunch of yoga poses printed right on top, so you can simply look down if you run out of stretches to do, which is much easier and cheaper than signing up for a bougie class. Other than the helpful print, this 68-inch long yoga mat is made of a cushioned, non-slip, and easy-to-wipe PVC material.


These 10-foot, fabric-covered phone chargers that charge quickly

These USB phone chargers feel so expensive because they’re covered in braided nylon fabric that’s so durable. This fabric design is paired with sleek black details and a lightning charger on one end, and inside they work quickly to power up your devices. These chargers are also 10 feet long, so they’ll work all over your house — even for those outlets that are frustratingly far from a table or counter.


A dishwasher-safe vegetable spiralizer that’s easy to use

It’s so easy to keep this vegetable spiralizer tidy in your cabinet because it comes with a protective storage box for the seven dishwasher-safe blades. When you pull it out to cut or spiralize produce, this slicer has built-in suction cups on the bottom to make it extra sturdy on your counter.


This wireless mouse that’s super quiet & sleek

This Bluetooth mouse is wire-free, so you can quickly tuck it in your bag without rolling up an annoying cord or worrying about an easily-lost USB port. It’s also seriously quiet while you’re clicking away at work. It also comes with a charger, so you can simply plug it in to charge it when you close your laptop at the end of the work day.


A thin Bluetooth keyboard that works with multiple screens

This Bluetooth keyboard is so thin and sleek that you won’t mind carrying it in your bag and pulling it out on a small coffee shop table. You can even connect this super quiet keyboard to three different devices if you want to switch between screens or even go from your tablet to your phone.


This compact bidet attachment with an adjustable spray

You can add a bidet to your bathroom so quickly (and inexpensively) with this compact toilet attachment that sits right underneath the seat. It has a knob and a switch on the side, so you can quickly customize your spray. Even with all of the settings, this bidet won’t look bulky or out of place in your bathroom.


A sleek fitness tracker with a 15-day battery life

Not only does this adjustable fitness tracker have a huge, easy-to-see screen, but it also has Amazon Alexa so you can ask it to set timers or control your smart devices via voice. It comes with plenty of sport modes, a heart rate monitor, sleep analyzer, and more.


A sous vide cooking tool that comes with a recipe booklet

This sous vide cooker is way cheaper than other options on the market, but it still keeps water at a consistent temperature to cook your food, all while maintaining moisture, flavor, and nutrients. It has a clear, easy-to-read temperature display and timer. If you’re new to sous vide cooking, reviewers say this cooker is easy to use and it comes with a recipe booklet for culinary experiments.


A tablet with Alexa & 10 hours of battery time

This Amazon Fire tablet has Alexa, so you can listen to your book or change up the video you’re watching without even using the touch screen. It also works for up to 10 hours per charge, so there’s plenty of podcast time, game time, or streaming time.


This pitcher-style cold brew maker with mess-free accessories

Yes — you can have this sleek glass pitcher full of cold brew in your fridge all the time without spending a ton of dough. The interior ultra-fine mesh filter is paired with a stainless steel measuring cup and a funnel if you’re usually a bit messy when making coffee, and the cold brew maker will save you a ton of dough on cafe brew, all while tasting so fresh and delicious.


A portable charger with a quirky LED battery indicator

The paw print detail on top of this portable charger is actually a super helpful LED light. Each little section of this accent goes off one at a time to let you know how much battery is left, though this lightweight yet powerful charger can power up an iPhone at least three times.


A mini indoor grill that won’t get grease everywhere

This compact electric grill lets you completely avoid a greasy mess when you’re grilling inside, because it has a built-in (yet removable) tray to catch all of the extra oil. During cleanup, you simply pull it out like a drawer to take care of the grease instead of wiping a bunch of grease off of your countertop.


This small Fire TV Stick that makes any TV smart

This 4K Fire TV stick is super small and only needs one simple cord, so you won’t have to add a bunch of cords to that frustrating wire situation behind the TV. Instead, the plug is built into this compact streaming add-on, which gives your TV access to numerous streaming services and millions of programs. You even get Alexa in the remote, which makes this streaming stick an easy add-on.


An insulated travel mug with a fine mesh coffee filter that sits right on top

This travel mug has a reusable coffee filter so you can actually brew java right in the cup — that means you won’t spill any when you’re trying to transfer your coffee. The fine mesh stainless steel filter sits right on top of the insulated stainless steel cup, which will keep hot drinks hot for at least six hours and any cold drinks cold for 20-plus hours.


A protected, 256 GB flash drive with a spot to hang or clip it in a bag

This tiny flash drive holds a whopping 256 GB of files, and this compact flash drive lets you set up a password when you’re ready to use it. It’s highly portable and even has a little spot on the back to hang it in your favorite bag or use it on a key chain.


An at-home gel polish kit with super fun & useful accessories

This gel polish kit comes with all of the nail care tools you could need, seven on-trend polish colors, stickers, and even a little container of rhinestones and metallic nail accents. Of course, you also get the base coat, two top coat finishes, and the UV light to pair with them to get a premium gel manicure for cheap at home.


These chic wireless headphones with easy-to-use controls

These wireless Bluetooth headphones honestly look chic enough to leave them out on your desk after you close your laptop for the day, and you can even fold them up. They have all of your volume options, phone settings, and other controls you could want right on the side. Of course, the sound quality and noise cancelling capabilities are top-notch, too.


A durable memory card that has a *ton* of storage

This memory card is so budget-friendly and versatile with the included adapter that it’s worth keeping one around in your desk drawer, just in case. It’s also completely OK if you toss it in a bag because it’s shockproof, temperature-proof, and this little 256 GB card is even waterproof.


This on-trend watch that lets you change up the style

With this watch you can avoid buying a super pricey watch, and you can even change up how it looks if your style changes. The on-trend silver-tone watch face actually slides onto the durable nylon strap, so you can pull it off and swap out the strap whenever you want.


An LED car charger adapter that powers up devices quickly

This car charger adapter has blue LED lights on each of the USB ports that let you know if your device is charging, so you won’t have to check while you drive. It’s fast-charging, impact-resistant, and the compact design won’t take up a bunch of storage space in your car.


This classic calculator with included batteries & science functions

This calculator is somehow so budget-friendly, and you still get all of the math and science functions that you need. It even has trigonometry functions, algebra functions, and more. This classic calculator also has a large screen, and it even comes with batteries so you can stick it right in your desk drawer.