Allison Bolt

Allison is a Women’s Lifestyle Commerce Writer at Bustle Digital Group, where she writes about the trendiest beauty products, aesthetic home finds, and all of the pieces you *need* in your closet. Plus, all of the viral products and dupes that we're all curious about. Her shopping tips can be found across multiple BDG publications, including Bustle, Elite Daily, Mic, and Inverse.

Previously, Allison has written long-form content for publications such as Forbes Ignite, WebMD, and Paste Magazine. She also created branded lifestyle content for the influencer, The Silver Stylist. She attended The New School in New York City, where she received an MFA in Creative Writing. While there, she also studied in the Gender and Sexuality Studies department. She earned her BFA in Writing from Savannah College of Art and Design with a focus on journalism and branded content.

When she’s not checking Amazon for budget-friendly trends, she can be found listening to podcasts, trying out new recipes in the kitchen, or chronically overthinking. Of course, she also has a habit of watching way too many makeup and skincare videos.

You can find her on LinkedIn here.


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