30 ways to make your car so much nicer for under $30

Drive up the quality of your car with these budget-friendly buys.

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No matter how nice and tidy you keep your home, it’s so easy to forget to freshen up your car regularly. First, it has plenty of spots to collect clutter. It also might sometimes feel like you’re stuck with things you don’t love because it’s what your car came with. (Think: uncomfortable seats or a cupholder that’s too small).

Instead of ignoring it until your next drive, take a look through these 30 ways to make your car so much nicer for under $30. They’ll instantly add a ton of comfiness, road trip functionality, and some even expensive-looking touches, so your car will feel better than new.


Slide these chic faux-leather organizers to make your car seat gaps functional

These handy organizers slide right between your car seats and the center console to keep your floors clean and clutter-free. These pouch-style organizers are made of a faux-leather material and come in four different colors, so they’ll blend in with your seats. They’re also waterproof, in case you spill your soda or road trip water bottle.


Use this best-selling gel to deep clean air vents & dash buttons

This easy-to-use gel is the cleaning solution to grab for those tiny crumbs and that unexplainable gross gunk that tends to gather in air vents and around dashboard buttons. The bright blue formula is fun to use, and it’s even strong enough to stick to tiny dust particles on the dash and around your car. This budget-friendly cleaner also has a compact storage case, so it’s easy to keep in your glove compartment and reuse.


Keep this UV-blocking & easy-to-store sunshade around

Putting up this best-selling sun shade before you get out of the car won’t be a huge ordeal because it has such an easy-to-use foldable design. Unfold it, and the UV-blocking polyester design will keep your seats nice and cool until you get back. It also comes with a little drawstring bag, so you can toss it in the back seat when you’re driving.


Use this cleaning spray that works all over your car (even the outside)

This multi-surface cleaner is the only thing you’ll need to reach for when you want to clean out your car because it takes care of messes on the inside and the outside. The spray-on formula takes care of spills on your leather, faux leather, or upholstered seats, fingerprints on plastic dashboards, and fabric on your floor mats. You’ll also get a microfiber towel to make cleaning your car easier than ever.


Toss travel supplies in an adjustable organizer with a 4.7-star rating

This foldable organizer is the easiest way to make your car’s trunk look clean and put-together because it gives you tidy spots for everything that usually rolls around on the floorboard. It’s lined with four mesh side pockets, a large pocket, and an extra-secure flap pocket. The waterproof main compartment comes with adjustable dividers, so you can perfectly fit groceries, emergency supplies, sports gear, car cleaners, or other travel essentials. Plus, it has straps to secure it and little handles to carry all of your things inside.


Pop your favorite water bottle in this extendable cupholder add-on

Instead of trying out a bunch of water bottles that might fit in your cup holder for road trips, add this cup holder expander to your car. It won’t block your other cupholder, but it will give you plenty of room to carry your favorite oversized water bottle from 2.6 to 3.8 inches in diameter. The base is also lined with soft padding to keep this cupholder perfectly in place during your drive.


Clip on these heavy-duty headrest hooks for clever storage behind car seats

These hooks simply loop around the metal part of your car seat headrests, so they only take a few seconds to clip on. Meanwhile, they can hold up to 55 pounds each to keep everything off of the floorboard, which is great for grocery hauls. A simple yet effective solution, these hooks have over 37,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


Fix hazy & older-looking headlights with this easy kit

Hazy headlights can make your car look older (no matter how well you take care of it or how often you wash it), so keep this easy-to-use headlight restoration kit around. It comes with an oxidation-removing wipe and a second pad to take off any deeper oxidation that’s tougher to remove and surface scratches. Once you have shiny and clear headlights, this kit gives you a clear ceramic coating to make it last.


Install this quick-to-setup dog seat belt for park trips

This dog seat belt is super durable and chew-proof, which is great for dogs who like to roam around your car. The sturdy steel design is covered in nylon fabric that ranges from 16 to 36 inches long, depending on the size of your dog and car. It also comes with two easy-to-clip hooks — one for your car’s latch bar and one for the collar — if you’re in a hurry to get to the dog park.


Slide on these cushioned seatbelt covers that honestly look *so* nice

These plush seat belt covers will make road trips comfier, and the quilted design will actually look nice in your car. Simply fold them over your seatbelt before your trip, and the sturdy velcro will keep these comfy, cushioned covers in place for the entire drive. The combination of comfort, cheapness, and handiness is why these covers are best-sellers on Amazon.


Add on these wide adhesive mini mirrors to fix your blindspot

These mini mirrors stick onto your side mirrors, so you can quickly check your blind spot during road trips thanks to their three times magnified design. The sleek design will blend right in, while the curved sides make it easy to tuck them right in the corner of your mirrors. You also won’t have to worry about them on rainy drives because these handy mirrors come with plenty of outdoor-rated adhesive on the back.


Use this smell-free & waterproof trash can on road trips

This waterproof (and leakproof) car trash can is way better than using a plastic bag because it actually traps all of the smells from your road trip snacks. It’s covered in durable, double-reinforced black fabric and comes with an adjustable strap to hang it wherever it looks tidy and is easy to reach. You also get 20 trash bags, so it’s ready to take on a drive the second you get it.


Slide on this velcro organizer to free up your other storage spots

Instead of scattering your essentials around your car, keep everything in this velcro visor organizer that’s super easy to install. It comes with five card slots, a mesh pocket, and even a sunglasses holder on the outside to free up space in your center console. It even has an oversized zipper compartment with pockets and straps for chargers, a wallet, and other essentials that usually end up tossed in the passenger seat.


Spritz on this best-selling wax that mimics a pricey car wash

It will look like you spent a ton of money on a professional detailing when you spritz on this ceramic wax top coat. This easy-to-apply spray cleans the paint — just like you got a car wash — but you won’t need to rinse it off. It also leaves behind a protective coating and polish that’s seriously impressive for how easy it is.


Clip these holders for all kinds of dipping sauces onto your air vent

These air vent clips are small enough to keep in your glove compartment but sturdy enough to hold onto your favorite fast food dipping sauce during road trips. They’ll fit all shapes of sauce containers, and it even comes with reusable bowls in case you’re stuck with annoying sauce packets.


Keep stray coins handy with this sorter & organizer

This compact car organizer fits in a cupholder and holds onto all of those stray coins that tend to float around and disappear in your car. It comes with four different spring-loaded slots, so you can separate and store quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. It also makes it super quick to grab exactly how much you need at a toll or drive-through, and it holds up to $15 worth.


Pop this adorable air freshener onto your vent

Car air fresheners always look obvious (and a little boring), so grab this quirky little dog-shaped option instead. It’s packed with an alcohol-free vanilla scent that lasts for up to 45 days and feels more elevated than usual car air fresheners. If vanilla isn’t your vibe, it also comes in mint, new car, and other satisfying fragrances. It also has a hidden clip on the back to keep it secure on your car’s air vent.


Elevate your visor with this customizable makeup mirror

This mirror is way better than the visor mirror your car came with because it’s trimmed in rechargeable LED lights. You also get two touch screen-style buttons on the front to control the brightness or switch between warm white and cool white lights so you can really check your lipstick before a date. It’s easy to install, too, because the straps wrap around your visor for a secure (and easy-to-install) fit.


Wrap your steering wheel in this expensive-looking cover

This faux-leather steering wheel cover will instantly make your car look more expensive — especially if your steering wheel has some scuffs or fading. The soft, two-tone leather adds an elevated touch to your car’s interior. Meanwhile, the inside is lined with anti-slip rubber to keep it secure on your steering wheel.


Have your purse handy with a mesh bag holder that doubles as a dog barrier

Stretch this mesh organizer between your two front seats, and you’ll have an oversized pocket to stick all of the things you normally toss all over the car. Of course, it will also keep your pup in the backseat, which is always a plus. To put it up — simply pop the clips on your headrests and tie the adjustable string around the center console for a secure fit.


Stretch these plush & adorable pillows around your headrests

These headrest pillows add a little bit of adorable personality to your car, and they make road trips so much comfier. They come with an elastic strap on the back, so you can stretch them over your headrest and easily move them up or down throughout the drive. Whether you choose a corgi, strawberry, cat, or another sweet design, the pillows are covered in fluffy and wrinkle-free cotton, so they’ll always look nice.


Display your map with this quick-to-adjust phone holder

Clip this compact phone holder to your car’s air vent because it will look sleek and tidy — even when you’re not using it. You can add your phone and adjust the non-slip clips with one hand, so it won’t take a ton of time to set up before you start driving.


Hang this chic leather tissue holder in your car

This leather organizer looks way nicer than keeping a bulky tissue box in your center console or on the floor of the backseat. It has two sturdy clips on the back, so you can hang it all over the car (think: the visor or on your door). It’s finished off with a hook-and-loop closure design, so you can easily open it and add more tissues.


Tidy up your car info with this durable & highly-rated holder

You’ll honestly feel so put together when you open your glove compartment and see your registration and insurance information in this tidy little holder. It comes with six pockets, including some bonus credit card slots. The faux-leather design is scratch-resistant- and tear-resistant, so it will look nice no matter how much it slides around in the car.


Keep entertainment & everything else you need in this back seat organizer

This waterproof organizer features 12 tidy pockets, four cup holders, and it’s even finished off with a tablet holder on top. The slim design and durable fabric will look nice on the back of your seat. Plus, it comes with adjustable headrest and seat straps to keep this storage solution perfectly in place.


Amp up how comfy your seat is with this breathable pillow

Adding this lumbar support pillow to your car seat is honestly the comfiest upgrade because it’s filled with a bunch of cushioned memory foam. It’s covered in breathable mesh fabric, so you can easily keep it in your car on warm days without worrying about a sweaty back. The easy-to-use elastic strap also makes it easy to move this plush pillow to different seats in your car.


Plug in this Bluetooth transmitter to play podcasts & take calls

Plug this mini Bluetooth transmitter right into the dashboard and connect your phone to make road trip phone calls or podcast listening seriously easy. It has two USB ports on the front, a built-in microphone, and three simple buttons to make calls or controlling your music even easier.


Set up this waterproof & comfy liner for your pup

Setting up this waterproof seat cover for your dog’s trip to the park is surprisingly easy. It has a universal fit and four adjustable straps, so you can line the trunk of your car or set it up in two different ways on your back seat. Of course, this quilted liner also has plenty of padding to keep your pup comfy.


Hook this tray to your steering wheel when you stop for food

This sturdy steering wheel tray makes grabbing lunch way easier on long drives, and it’s super quick to set up. It simply hooks onto the steering wheel with one easy step, and you’ll instantly have a cupholder and a spot for your snacks. On the flip side, it’s great for on-the-go work as a desk with a pen slot.


Pop these vibrant & easy to clean coasters in cupholders

These colorful coasters fit right into your car’s cupholders, so you won’t have to worry about the condensation from your cup. Their vibrant design is super absorbent to keep your cupholders dry (which means that you won’t have to clean them out as often). It’s also way easier to pull them out and wipe them off than trying to clean the bottom of your cup holders.