35 surprising ways you're making your life harder

Your life is about to get just a little easier.

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Between working full-time, taking care of our family, making time for social activities, maintaining our homes, and so much more, life can get busy — and downright hard.

But sometimes, people don’t even realize that they’re unnecessarily living life on hard mode. Whether you’re longing for more self-care time or are in search of household hacks, there is surprisingly an array of incredible products that are here to help.

Ahead, check out the 35 best items from Amazon that will make life a little easier.


Forgetting to stretch in the morning

These non-slip-resistant bands not only make for an effective exercise but are also a great way to stretch your body or warm up before a workout. The pack comes with three different resistant levels — light, medium, and strong — with each band crafted from a durable fabric that won’t roll up during your workouts.


Not using a microfiber towel for your hair

Crafted from microfiber material, this hair towel wrap is made from a super absorbent fabric that dries your hair in half the time, while reducing frizz and preventing split ends. It’s made with an elastic loop so you can easily secure the towel in place to move freely with it secured. You can get it in a pack of four assorted colors.


Not getting the most out of your toothpaste

Get the most bang for your buck by getting every last drop out of your products with this toothpaste squeezer. The wide application can also be used for eye creams, moisturizers, foundation, and other beauty products. Simply slide the tube into the device and rotate the handle to start dispensing.


Forgetting to stay hydrated

This set of reusable water bottles is made from triple-insulated stainless steel that keeps your water cold for 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. It’s perfect for traveling, running errands, or taking to the gym and holds 17 ounces of liquid. Snag them in any of the nine stylish designs ranging from a rustic wood print to sleek white.


Putting off scheduling doctors appointments

Keep your life organized with this daily planner designed to help you stay on top of your appointments, errands, and even water intake. The notepad has 50 pages and features various sections to motivate you to align with your goals. There’s even an area to practice daily gratitude. Nearly 7,000 Amazon customers gave it five stars, with a few saying they’ve bought it multiple times.


Preparing garlic by hand

With an impressive 4.5-star rating, this garlic crusher is about to become your new favorite kitchen gadget. Whether you’re looking for an easier way to mince, grind, or peel your garlic, this Dracula-shaped device does it all. It’s crafted from durable and dishwasher-safe plastic, which is important considering how much you’ll reach for it.


Not having a designated space for shoes

This freestanding shoe organizer requires zero tools for assembling this storage solution. It features six compartments that neatly store your shoes, scarves, or hats to maximize your space and free up room in your closet. Crafted from a durable fabric, this sturdy design is complete with two side handles for easy transportation.


Bending down to pick items off the floor

Simplify tedious chores with this grabber reacher tool that easily picks up small objects from the ground without you having to bend down. Whether you dropped a nail, or screw or are cleaning pinecones off the yard, the device features stainless steel rotating claws designed for hard-to-reach spaces. “Works great as expected for grabbing, lifting, and picking up small and lightweight objects. [Two] days after I received it, a small light switch screw dropped behind a couch and the built-in magnet came to the rescue!” one reviewer raved.


Using standard lighters to light candles

This electric lighter will replace all of the miscellaneous matches in your drawers. It comes with a USB cord that fully charges the reusable lighter in less than an hour, while the length measures over eight inches to protect your fingers from the flame. Perfect for lighting candles, cakes, or a firepit, this flameless and windproof design is a game-changer.


Having an unorganized pantry space

Maximize your kitchen space with this pantry organizer that’s designed to hang over the door. It comes with 24 clear pocket spaces that neatly display your spices, condiments, and anything else that clutters up in your pantry. The stainless steel hooks make installation a breeze. And if you just so happen to have a shoe addiction, this works for that too.


Depending too much on take-out

This electric slow cooker makes cooking delicious meals easy no matter your skill level in the kitchen. Whether you’re a chef or are just starting out, the possibilities are endless. From mastering soups, meats, rice, dips, and so much more, the three different heat settings let you control the cooking process. The stainless steel design is complete with a tempered glass lid that features a knob so you won’t burn your finger.


Not having a first-aid kit handy

Your home should always be stocked with this essential first aid kit. This set includes over 60 different items including bandages, safety pins, alcohol pads, tweezers, gloves, and more. Whether you keep it in your kitchen, basement, or glove compartment, this affordable kit is packed with everything you need in case of an emergency. Plus, the compact design makes it to take on your next adventure.


Not sharpening your kitchen knives

Do yourself a favor and give this knife sharpening stone kit a try. Amazon shoppers gave it an impressive 4.7-star rating for its ability to quickly polish and bring dull blades back to life. The bamboo base is designed with an anti-slip rubber bottom that will secure it in place for extra safety measures.


Getting lazy with nighttime makeup removal

This cleansing balm is about to be the most important step in your nighttime skincare routine. Not only does it gently remove your makeup (including waterproof mascara) but it also deeply cleanses your face, leaving a smooth moisturized finish. The formula is packed with nourishing plant-based ingredients like Centella Asiatica extract and pantothenate.


Hitting the "snooze" button too often

Getting up in the morning can be tricky, which is why drastic measures often have to be taken — like this alarm clock on wheels. The perfect solution for people who love to snooze, the Clocky runs and jumps around your bedroom to physically force you out of bed. The Clocky is also loud, making it a great option for deep sleepers. It’s a gane-changer for the chronically late and comes in a bunch of fun colors — since if you have to disturb your slumber, it should at least be due to something that’s cute.


Staring at screens all day

Between our smartphones and computer screens, this pair of blue light-blocking glasses is an important investment for keeping your eyes healthy. The lenses are designed with seven layers of anti-reflective coating that protect your eyes from harmful rays and reduce eyestrain. It comes in over 20 different styles, so you may want to consider adding more than one style to your cart.


Forgetting to oil your cutting boards

Instead of spending money on replacing your cutting boards, try this butcher block oil to restore them to life. The citrus-scented oil is formulated with natural elements of lemons and oranges that are food-safe. From bamboo trays, boards, and utensils, this cleaning process not only prevents future cracks but also adds a gorgeous shine.


Forgetting to take vitamins & medications on time

Use this rainbow pill organizer to stay on track with your medication and vitamin intake. It features 14 different compartments to store tablets twice a day and is crafted from non-toxic plastic. The compact design is amazing for traveling and taking with you on the go. One reviewer raved, “This was the perfect pill organizer... love the fact you can pop out the box individually.”


Not utilizing all the storage spaces in your room

Maximize your space with this under-bed storage bag that comes in a pack of two. With over 12,000 five-star reviews — and counting — Amazon shoppers love them for storing seasonal items, towels, and linens or for hiding toys. Each bag measures 42 inches wide and 18 inches long and features a clear plastic top so you’ll never forget what you’re putting away.


Letting bath products collect on the floor of your shower

With a 4.8-star rating, this luxe stainless steel shower caddy is an incredible solution for organizing all of your bathroom essentials and requires no installation process. Just simply peel and stick the durable adhesive to any surface. The two-tier design features three hooks that will easily handle your loofah, razor, and toothbrush.


Having a chaotic underwear drawer

Rather than letting your drawers get filled with clutter every time you need to find a pair of socks, try inserting these wooden bamboo dividers that can adjust up from 17 to 22 inches long. They are great for creating separate sections for socks, bras, and underwear, helping you save time in the morning without a ton of effort.


Forgetting to take mindful moments

This breathing Buddha is about to become your new best friend. It has three different colors (green, blue, and purple) that indicate different breathing exercises to help reduce stress. Whether you're a beginner or a pro, this genius device is a game-changer to master meditation. “Although I’ve been doing various versions of meditation for over 40 years in the last six weeks I’ve been using this every morning for five minutes just to get my mind settled so that I can launch into some of the practices that I’m committed to on a daily basis,” stated one reviewer, who gave it five stars.


Not getting enough sleep

Available in queen and king sizes, these top-rated pillows are crafted from 100% cotton with a 250-thread count that is filled with plush memory foam and cotton down. Great for back and stomach sleepers, these come in a set of two. The material features a cooling technology that will keep you from heating up all night long.


Forgetting to express gratitude

Giving thanks every morning can change the entire direction of your day. This 5-Minute Gratitude Journal is the easiest way to build habits and practice positivity. It’s filled with 132 pages that feature an inspiring quote with four different prompts to help you express gratitude and daily affirmations. It might be the perfect way to add a little more joy to your life.


Holding onto too many nostalgic mementos

From concert and airplane tickets to photos and invitations, this wooden keepsake box will hold all of your favorite memories in one place. It’s crafted from handcrafted wood with an engraved heart and a metal lock to keep all of your belongings safe. Whether you keep it for yourself or give it as a meaningful gift, you can’t go wrong.


Not being on time

We’re all guilty of running late, but this Timex watch that has thousands of positive reviews will keep you on time. One of the many features includes a customizable alarm, a countdown timer, and settings that have two different time zones as well as military time. You can also access a monthly calendar from your wrist, and use it while swimming. It comes in six different colors to choose from and won’t break the bank, unlike many watches on the market.


Letting dryer sheets get stuck to your laundry

These best-selling dryer balls are incredible for so many different reasons. For starters, they prevent your clothes from wrinkling, soften fabrics, and reduce static, all while speeding up the drying process by 25 percent. Next, each dryer ball is crafted from wool that can be used for over 1,000 laundry loads, saving you money that would otherwise be spent on dryer sheets.


Letting your mail pile up

Instead of letting invites, cards, and bills pile up, give this mail organizer a try to prevent all of your mail from cluttering the kitchen table. It has five slots and is made from a durable black mesh metal so you can easily see through the compartments. It also comes with all of the necessary screws to mount on your office wall.


Not being prepared for an emergency

This emergency flashlight will illuminate an entire room thanks to its powerful LED lights that also work for outdoor spaces. It’s totally waterproof and its compact design makes it a practical option for camping. This flashlight features a variety of different light settings and comes with a lanyard handle for carrying or storing on a hook.


Overstuffing your closet

This adjustable hanger neatly holds up to four pairs of skirts, jeans, trousers, or shorts all on one hanger. The slim design takes up minimal space to make more hanging room in your closet. It’s crafted from a durable stainless steel metal that can also be used to hang towels or linens. You can buy just one or shop it in a pack of three, six, or 12.


Not keeping in touch with friends

Text messages and DMs may be instant, but nothing is more thoughtful than a handwritten letter sent through the mail. This stationery set is detailed with an assortment of adorable floral prints and comes with 60 pages of letter paper and 30 envelopes. You’ll be happy to have this set on hand the next time you want to send a personalized thank you note.


Being too hard on yourself

Cards are all fun and games, but this Better Than Yesterday game by What Do You Meme? is a totally inspiring self-help game that challenges you to grow. It comes with 365 cards that are designed to push you out of your comfort zone every day of the year. It’s a creative way to self-reflect. From inspiring you to reach out to an old friend or treat yourself to flowers, there’s no doubt this game will make you smile.


Letting crumbs control your kitchen

Keep your desk clean with this mini tabletop vacuum cleaner that will instantly trap dust and crumbs all with the push of a button. It powers on with double a battery and can easily be cleaned by emptying the device. The best part? While the suction is strong, it’s also quiet, so no need to worry about disturbing your co-workers.


Not looking out for coupons to save money

This grocery coupon organizer is a genius way to keep all of your coupons in one place because it can conveniently attach to the handle of your shopping cart. Available in three colors, it has 24 compartments and comes with adhesive labels so you can organize each category from pet food to produce. Since small savings can quickly add up, this purchase can help you avoid a cumbersome grocery bill.


Constantly procrastinating

This habit tracker is a creative way to keep you on top of your daily morning routine, sleep, water intake, and so much more. It comes with 120 pages and is protected by a thick cardboard cover that will prevent your notes from getting ruined. Being able to track your routines visually can be a big help in making healthy changes. It’s also easy to take along with you. “I particularly like the size as it is easy to travel with as well. I can just put it in my laptop bag and bring it along when I travel,” said one reviewer.