40 genius ways to get better sleep for under $30

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Maybe you're at your desk reading this after a restless night, or maybe you're lying in bed this very instant and taking a break from tossing and turning. (Hello! Sorry, you're still awake.) In any case, the first thing you should know is that you're not alone (someone else is bound to be reading this article right now), and the second thing you need to know is that we've rounded up some genius ways to get better sleep. From highly rated white noise machines to blackout curtains to melatonin gummies that taste like candy, we've dug deep for tools that'll help you nod off like a baby. The best part? They all cost less than $30.

This list is designed to to do two things: help create a bedroom environment that's conducive to sleeping (e.g., dark, quiet, and peaceful), and help promote a state of mind and body that are primed to sleep (e.g., relaxed and tension-free). In other words, whatever's keeping you up, there's probably a fix for it here. And to make sure that what you're buying is good and actually works, we dove deep into Amazon reviews to get some unfiltered takes.

So whether you live in a noisy environment, get hot when you sleep, or simply can't turn off your mind once you turn off the light, we've got you covered. Check out these helpful ways to get a great night's rest.


The white noise machine reviewers swear by

If you're dealing with a lot of ambient noise in your environment, or — conversely — things are too quiet, this white noise machine can help. Boasting a 4.6-star overall rating after more than 37,000 Amazon reviews, it has five nature sounds (think: rain, ocean waves, summer night), along with a traditional white noise option.


A memory foam pillow that's height-adjustable

Can't find a comfortable position for your head? This pillow stuffed with shredded memory foam is for you. You can remove as much filling as you like until you find the perfect height, and you still get all the soft and supportive comfort memory foam offers. The pillow is hypoallergenic and comes with a cooling bamboo cover.


The 3-D sleep mask that's easy on your eyelids

If you've got a streetlight shining through your window or a partner who stays up late reading, this 3-D eye mask is key. Made with low-rebound memory foam, it's contoured to block out all light and doesn't press uncomfortably on the eyelids. The strap is fully adjustable, and you'll get a bonus pair of earplugs.


These melatonin gummies that taste great & work even better

Something that'll help you sleep and it tastes like candy? Sign us up. Besides melatonin, these blackberry-flavored gummies have other natural ingredients to help you wind down, like chamomile, L-theanine, passionflower, and lemon balm. They've earned a 4.5-star overall rating after nearly 40,000 reviews, so you know they've got to be good.


The smart bulbs you can dim before bedtime

External cues can go a long way in signaling to your body it's time to sleep, and you can dim these smart light bulbs and increase their warmth before you begin your bedtime routine. Besides adjusting brightness, you can also toggle between millions of colors and set the bulbs on timers and schedules. They can be operated via an app on your phone, but they're also smart assistant-compatible for voice control.


This bolster pillow for proper body alignment

The lower half of your body deserves some support too, and this bolster pillow can be placed between the thighs or ankles when you're on your side, or under you knees when you're on your back. Made from high-density memory foam, the half-moon bolster is a foolproof way to help align your spine and hips for more comfortable sleeping.


The cooling pillowcases infused with mica

Instead of constantly flipping your pillow over to get to the cool side, invest in these dual-sided Japanese pillows made with cooling fibers. One side is made with silky mica nylon that stays cool to the touch, and the other is made with breathable cotton, which is perfect for all-season sleeping. The pillowcases are machine-washable and feature hidden zippers.

  • Available sizes: standard, queen
  • Available colors: 7


A mini air purifier for your nightstand that's *so* quiet

If you begin sniffling or coughing the minute you crawl into bed, this mini air purifier might help. Sized to fit on your nightstand, the two-stage purifier has a pre-filter to capture larger particles like dust and dander, and a True HEPA filter that traps 99.7% of airborne particle, including pollen. The best part? It's much quieter than full-size purifiers. One reviewer wrote, "This little air purifier is amazing! I no longer wake up with a stuffy nose and I’m sleeping so much better!"


A quilted comforter that's fluffy as a cloud

Reviewers have written that this quilted microfiber comforter is "perfectly fluffy and cuddly" and "like sleeping in a cloud." Boasting a sky-high 4.7-star overall rating after 26,000 reviews, the all-season comforter features baffle-box stitching to keep the filling in place and four corner loops for a duvet cover (if you want one). Plus, it's machine-washable for easy care.

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king
  • Available colors: 8


A lavender spray with aromatherapeutic benefits

An age-old sleep remedy, the scent of lavender may help promote feelings of calmness and restfulnesss, and tons of reviewers have sworn by this lavender aromatherapy spray. The eco-friendly spray is free of harsh ingredients and artificial fragrances, and won't stain surfaces. Spritz it in the air, on your linens, and even on your body before turning in for the night.


The Bluetooth headphones that are comfy enough for sleep

These sleep headphones have built-in Bluetooth speakers, and they're perfect for anyone who relaxes most while listening to music, a podcast, or an audio book. The headband is soft and stretchy, and there are inline controls on the front, so you can play, pause, and adjust volume without having to reach for your phone. You can wear it over just your ears or over your eyes to block out light as well.


This plush mattress pad that's so soft

If your bed is hard as a rock, it's worth investing in a fluffy mattress pad to add a little cloud-like comfort. This one has high ratings, and it's filled with 3-D microfiber for a plush feeling. The quilted stitching prevents any bunching up, and the deep pockets fit mattresses of any depth.

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, king, California king


These Vicks shower steamers that clear your sinuses

Ward off a stuffy nose or chest congestion before heading to bed with these Vicks shower steamers. The non-medicated tablets are activated by steam, and they release vapors to clear your sinuses. Just set one on the floor of your shower, and let the water flow.


The reusable earplugs that are actually comfortable

The idea of wearing earplugs to bed might seem uncomfortable, but reviewers have reported that's not the case with these reusable silicone earplugs. Perfect for blocking out traffic noise, a snoring partner, or roommates watching TV in the other room, each order comes with three pairs of earplugs that can be stored in convenient carrying cases.


An essential oil roller with lavender to soothe the senses

With this essential oil roller, you can dial down the stress and put your mind at ease naturally. It's made with an aromatherapeutic blend of lavender, grapefruit, bergamot, and orange peel, all of which are suspended in skin-friendly coconut oil, so you can apply the formula directly to your neck, temples, and wrists.


The steaming masks that relax your eyes

Instead of staring at your phone before bed (not great for sleep hygiene), place these steam masks over your eyes for some relaxing self care. The masks heat up automatically when you open the package, and they release a gentle steam that feels so good on tired, strained eyes. It's available in an unscented formulation, but for a little extra tranquility, opt for lavender.


The door stopper that blocks light & sound

This weighted door stopper can be placed over the crack between the door and the floor, where it blocks light, sounds, and drafts from sneaking through. Just as good, it can help cut down on energy costs by keeping heated or air-conditioned air inside your home. The stopper is machine-washable and features hooks and loops for a secure (but temporary) fit.

  • Available sizes: 9
  • Available colors: 5


The bamboo blanket that stays cool all night

If you crave the coziness of a blanket while you sleep, but tend to overheat at night, this cooling blanket is for you. It's made from temperature-regulating bamboo fibers that stay cool to the touch, and the breathable design won't trap body heat. One reviewer wrote that it's "The only blanket I could ever imagine using on a 103° summer day."

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available colors: 8


These motion-sensor lights for late night trips to the kitchen

Invest in these motion-sensor lights, and you'll never have to turn on a bright lamp when you get up for a midnight snack or to go to the bathroom. They turn on automatically when they detect activity, then shut off again after 15 seconds. The battery-powered, puck-style lights have adhesive backing, so you can stick them anywhere.


An acupressure mat & pillow that'll make you feel sleepy

Acupressure has a myriad of benefits, and tons of reviewers have reported that this acupressure mat and pillow set helps them sleep more soundly at night. The thousands of tiny spikes stimulates circulation, which does all sort of good for the body, like helping to reduce muscle tension, ease headaches, and promote feelings of calmness and relaxation.


The glasses that block blue light

All that blue light coming from your phone, TV, and computer screen can interfere with you natural circadian rhythm, making it more difficult to fall asleep. Slip on these blue light-blocking glasses the next time you watch a show or check a text before hitting the hay, and you just might find you doze off much more quickly. Each set comes with two pairs, and you can choose from a variety of frame styles.


A homeopathic tincture that relieves stress with flowers

Having a hard time turning your brain off? Bach's Rescue Remedy is a solid homeopathic fix that can help you slow down and relax. The plant-based blend is formulated with flower essences that can help you unwind, and it's non-habit forming. Just place four drops under your tongue or add to a glass of water or juice.


An essential oil diffuser for spa vibes at home

Turn your bedroom into a spa-like haven with this essential oil diffuser. It runs for 16 hours on the lowest speed and has options for setting timers — all you need to do is add your favorite essential oils. It has a small footprint and faux wood base that make it perfect for a nightstand.


The toilet night lights for a chill bathroom trip

There's nothing like turning on a bright bathroom light to harsh your mellow. Get these toilet night lights to keep things a little more chill in the middle of the night. They're waterproof (obviously) and have seven color options, so you can choose the most relaxing shade. Also? They're just fun.


The blackout curtains in 21 colors

Blackout curtains are a must if you work night shifts and sleep in the day, but they're also helpful for anyone who might have streetlights or motion-sensor security lights beaming into their window. These three-layer curtains block out 85 to 99% of light, so you can snooze no matter how bright it is. They're highly rated and come in a range of colors and sizes.

  • Available sizes: 12
  • Available colors: 21


A Himalayan salt lamp that emits negative ions

The negative ions emitted by a Himalayan salt lamp may help induce feelings of tranquility and relaxation (yep — that's the reason you see them at spas and acupuncture clinics). This one is hand-carved and sits on a wooden base. It's also dimmable, so you can decide how much of that warm amber glow you want.


This magnesium spray that eases restless muscles

If you feel restless the minute you get under the covers, this magnesium oil spray just might help. The mineral is known to help ease muscle cramps, tension, and aches, so you can rest easy. Just spritz it directly on your skin before turning in for the night.


An amber reading light that's gentle on eyes

To help prep you for sleep while you read, this book light is outfitted with an amber-colored LED that's less likely to mess with your circadian rhythm. It offers 70 hours of reading time before needing to be recharged, and the three brightness levels and gooseneck help you get the perfect lighting and angle.


A portable humidifier you can use anywhere

This portable humidifier is sized for nightstands and suitcases, so you can moisturize the air whether you're at home or at a hotel. (You can even place it in your car cupholder.) Weighing less than a pound, it's USB-chargeable, runs for up to eight hours, and has two mist settings. And just because it's small doesn't mean it's ineffective — it's earned a 4.6-star overall rating after 23,000 reviews.


This scalp massager that's so relaxing

If you've ever had a scalp massage at the salon shampoo bowl, you know how relaxing it is. Replicate that experience at home with this scalp massager. It has 20 "fingers" (i.e., prongs with soft tips) that stimulate blood flow and ease tension in your head. It's lightweight, so you won't tire out your arm using it.


The suspenders that keep your fitted sheet in place

Never deal with the frustration of a fitted sheet coming off the mattress and bunching up around your feet again — these bed sheet holders are here to save the day (or, the night, to be exact). The length-adjustable holders attach to each corner of the fitted sheet and hold it taut on the underside of your mattress, so your bedding stays firmly planted in place.


These yoga prompt cards that relax your body

Before crawling into bed, pull out one of these yoga prompt cards and go into a restorative, relaxing posture. The deck comes with 70 unique poses and nine flows (you can even use individual poses to create your own flow). They're suitable for yogis of all skill levels.


The bedside caddy for all your essentials

If you just can't sleep, it's nice to have some favorite items nearby to keep you company. This bedside caddy has one big pocket and two smaller pockets that are great for your book, tablet, reading glasses, and headphones. There's even a pouch for a water bottle (or hey — a warm glass of milk).


These nasal strips that help you breathe easy

Whether you snore or are just congested from allergies or a cold, these nasal strips may help you get a better night's sleep. The flexible strips gently open and lift nasal passages, and they stay put all night long. They're safe for sensitive skin, and each pack comes with 50.


The melatonin cream you apply like lotion

An alternative to a pill or gummy, this melatonin cream with chamomile and lavender can be applied to your body to help induce relaxation. It's formulated with moisturizing ingredients like aloe and cocoa butter, and reviewers recommend rubbing it into the soles of your feet, wrists, and knees for maximum results. One reviewer wrote, "Eureka! I sleep like a baby, now. Best sleep I've had in 2 years."


These under-bed lights that are motion-activated

If you or your partner get up frequently in the night, it's worth investing in these motion-activated under-bed lights that give off a glow that's much more subtle than a lamp. They install easily and can be customized to turn off automatically anywhere between 30 seconds and 10 minutes.


The magnesium bath flakes for a relaxed body & mind

Magnesium is a pretty magical mineral that can improve sleep by quieting your nervous system, and it can help relax muscles, too. Pour some of these magnesium bath flakes in the water next time you take a bath to reap those benefits. One reviewer wrote, "The magnesium really does help with muscle cramping and overall relaxation," and another, "I sleep like a baby!!"


A wedge pillow to prevent heartburn, coughing & snoring

Sleeping on a wedge pillow can prop up the upper half of your body, which can help reduce snoring and prevent heartburn and coughing. This one is available in 7-, 10-, and 12-inch sizes, so you can get one that provides the elevation you want, and it folds up for compact storage.


This white sage candle to cleanse the energy

Maybe you need to get rid of some bad juju in your bedroom, in which case, pick up this white sage candle to cleanse the energy. Made from clean-burning soy wax, it offers up to 45 hours of burn time. You can also give the palo santo scent a shot, or — if you just want a simple candle that smells relaxing — opt for watermelon, sea salt, or white tea and lily.


The adult coloring book that'll clear your mind

Zen out before bed by taking some crayons or colored pencils to this adult coloring book. With a 4.7-star overall rating after 20,000 reviews, the book is packed with intricately illustrated pages of animals, mandalas, flowers, and paisley patterns. Get through half a page, and you might be dozing off already.

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