40 things you're accidentally neglecting & it'll cost you later

Even if you forget things, these products will help.

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There are things in life that are honestly easy to neglect. I mean, something has to get accidentally forgotten while we’re all running around, whether you forget to water your plants, floss your teeth, or keep your tires inflated. Whatever it is that you tend to forget about, or whatever chore you intentionally skip over (we all do it), it might actually cost you later on.

That’s why I made this list to take care of those chores — without a bunch of effort.


Your lint-filled dryer vent

Solution: A set of dryer vent cleaners to quickly take care of lint

Even if you’ve never even thought about cleaning your dryer vent, these vent-cleaning brushes will take care of it. They’re lined with extra-sturdy bristles that are slim enough to fit in your dryer. Plus, under all of these bristles is a stainless steel bar that’s bendy enough to reach all of the lint.


Your grimy & prone-to-clogs shower drain

Solution: These thin, sticky covers that work over any drain

These drain covers are the easiest to install because they’re actually waterproof stickers that pop right over your shower drain. The sticky design also means you can quickly wipe off these durable mesh covers when you get out of the shower, preventing grimy drains and gnarly clogs that’ll cost you a pretty penny.


Your lips in the sun

Solution: This shea butter balm to add SPF 30 to your lips

Classic Aquaphor is a go-to for moisturizing your skin and your lips, but this handy little Aquaphor lip balm also has SPF 30 sunscreen. It’s still has all of the things you love, like a fragrance-free and protective formula. Plus, there’s shea butter and a bunch of vitamins to really moisturize your lips.


A grimy grill

Solution: This miniature rust-proof grill tool to take care of buildup

Toss out that bulky grill brush that looses bristles and replace it with this miniature grill scraper that hangs right on your grill. The unique design scrapes off rust and food, just like your brush, and it comes with a handle attachment to reach the back. You can also toss this stainless steel scraper in the dishwasher after taking care of your grill.


Your slippery, curled up rugs

Solution: A set of rug grippers to avoid messed up rugs all over your house

These rug grippers are completely weatherproof, so you can even pop them on your outdoor rugs. Whatever rug you stick them to, these corner-shaped stickers will stop them from sliding around and getting that worn-down look or causing you to trip. They also have rubber bottoms, so they won’t put any adhesive on your floor or patio.


The softening produce in the fridge

Solution: These little food-saving sheets that work for a month

These food-saving sheets are thin enough to stick in your containers of arugula and kale or between bell peppers in your produce drawer. They have organic botanicals to make everything last longer, and each one lasts for about a month. Plus, when you run out of kale, you can simply stick these reusable sheets in your new container of greens.


Your knees & spine while you sleep

Solution: This easy-to-clean wedge pillow with nearly 10,000 five-star reviews

Instead of bunching up and flattening a perfectly good pillow to support your back, grab this pillow that’s specifically for your knees. It has a wedge design, and it’s made out of sturdy memory foam to keep its shape while supporting your legs and spine. It also comes with a travel case and a washable cover that fits its quirky shape.


To clean out drains

Solution: This pack of easy-to-use drain cleaner with zero measuring involved

Don’t worry — this drain cleaner isn’t something you have to reach for every time you clean the bathroom. Instead, this hair, grease, and toilet paper dissolving cleaner saves you from using a gross snake whenever you have a clogged drain, and it works on toilets, tubs, and sinks. Plus, it’s also odorless and already measured for you, so they’re incredibly easy to use.


The dirty bottom of your oven

Solution: A non-stick liner for less frustrating oven spills

That moment when your pasta bake overflows won’t be as annoying with these non-stick liners, because you can slide out the cheese-coated liner and put it right in the dishwasher. The reusable liners hang out in the bottom of your oven, so they won’t get in the way of your oven racks or sheet trays, and their nonstick coating makes them super easy to clean.


Your expensive mattress, which is unprotected under your sheets

Solution: This waterproof protector that’s easy to put on

After you stick this waterproof mattress protector on just like a fitted sheet, you won’t have to think about keeping your mattress clean again. You can simply pull this hypoallergenic cover right off with your sheets and put it all in the washing machine. Plus, every time you wash it, you’ll see your completely stain-free, clean, and dust-mite and bacteria-free mattress.


Your teeth, because flossing is such a hassle

Solution: A reusable water flosser with 3 modes

Your bathroom vanity can still be tidy, even with this reusable water flosser hanging out on it, because it’s completely cordless and run on a rechargeable battery. All of the extra floss heads fit into the included bag, and there are three different stream settings when you use this efficient yet thorough flossing set.


Your groceries, which expire in the back of the cabinet

Solution: This label maker that connects to your phone via Bluetooth

This label maker is small enough to tuck it in a kitchen drawer or your pantry, so you remember to use it after every single grocery run. Type out expiration dates or the type of cereal you bought on the app, and this sleek little device will print out a label for all of your reusable containers via its Bluetooth connection.


Your muscles when you forget to stretch

Solution: This super durable & compact stretching strap

This stretching strap is small enough to roll it up in your bag or tuck it in your desk drawer. There are a bunch of loop-shaped handles lining this fabric strap, so you can easily hold it for different stretches, regardless of your height. Plus, these loops have reinforced stitching to make this strap durable enough for all of your stretches.


Lights & *everything* else on around the house

Solution: These stackable smart plugs to fix up all of your outlets

These smart plugs come as a set, so you can stick them all over the house for all of the lights and electronics you forget to turn off. With the stackable design, you can plug a lamp in one and your mini humidifier in another to easily control everything on your nightstand. You can even use the app to double-check if you turned off that humidifier after you’ve left the house.


To drink water & stay hydrated

Solution: This huge water bottle, which also helps avoid a car full of plastic bottles

This water bottle lets you choose from two different lids, and carry around a gallon of water, so you can completely avoid buying single-use bottles while you’re out and stay hydrated. No matter where you’re taking it, this BPA-free bottle has measurements on the side which remind you to drink and is transparent enough to see if you need a refill before you head out.


Doors that let drafts slip right through all day & night

Solution: An adhesive draft stopper that still looks nice on your door

This stick-on adhesive door draft stopper won’t ruin the look of your door, because the thin silicone design is barely noticeable and comes in four colors and a transparent version. It’s still thick enough to keep all of the chilly or warm air out of your home, and it can even help with keeping bugs out.


To wash your face

Solution: This trendy, exfoliating cleanser that’s made with blueberries

This chic lilac bottle of facial cleanser is trendy enough to keep it out on your bathroom countertop so you won’t forget to use it every night. You’ll also look forward to using it because this exfoliating cleanser has a unique formula with blueberry extract and hyaluronic acid, which help to hydrate and soften your skin.


Your back while you work all day

Solution: This lumbar support pillow that has improves your posture

This lumbar support pillow has clip-on straps on the back, so you can quickly take it off of your desk chair and carry it over to your sofa after work. It has a breathable and washable cover, and of course its shape helps to support upper, middle, and lower back and helps to prevent slouching.


Your tires, which are under- or over-inflated

Solution: This best-selling tire kit with the easiest-to see-gauge

You won’t mind checking up on your tires if you have this inflator kit because it has a digital pressure gauge on the air compressor with a built-in flashlight. When it is time for more air, this kit comes with a bunch of different nozzle options for different kinds of tires, and it has smart inflation that turns off when the tires are full so there’s no worrying about over inflation.


Your wood charcuterie boards & marble countertops

Solution: A mineral oil that restores & protects surfaces

It’s worth adding this food-grade bottle of mineral oil to your kitchen cleaning supplies because you can use it to protect almost everything in your kitchen. Polish up your charcuterie boards, those smudgey stainless steel appliances, and even help out your marble countertops. This handy bottle will prevent cracks and extend the life of your surfaces and stuff.


To remember to take your medication

Solution: A 5-pack of medicine trackers that stick to all kinds of bottles

You won’t have to keep up with your medicine and these trackers because you pop them right on the side of your medicine bottles, and they simply slide from side to side to let you know if you’ve already had a pill that day. The adhesive on the back is completely reusable when you get a new medicine bottle.


Leather, suede, canvas shoes & more

Solution: A water-repellant spray to quickly protect your shoes

It’s so quick and easy to mist on this water-repellent shoe protector spray. It just needs 15 minutes for an initial spray and eight hours for an additional, extra-protective spray, and then your shoes of all kinds will repel water. This spray is safe for leather, nylon, workout sneaker mesh, and more, so you can keep it in your entryway to spritz it on all of your shoes on your way out.


Your water bottles, which haven’t been properly cleaned in a while

Solution: These microfiber brushes to finally scrub the bottom of your water bottle

Even if your favorite water bottle has a quirky shape and a narrow neck, it won’t be annoying to clean with this brush set. That’s because this bottle-scrubbing set comes with a five different brushes to effectively scrub everything from water bottles to vases to baby bottles and reusable straws.


Your delicate & wool clothes

Solution: A retractable clothesline with the sleekest design

This retractable clothesline is way better than reaching for one of those bulky drying racks because it goes on your wall instead of your floor. Both of the wall-mounted pieces are also super compact, and they have a minimalist matte finish, so they’re barely noticeable. Despite being so minimalist, the lines can hold up to 40 pounds at once.


Dry goods & snacks in your pantry

Solution: The airtight food containers that make it easy to organize ingredients

I promise that pouring your rice into these stackable food containers is way easier than finding a chip clip or trying to stuff that open bag of rice into a plastic bag. And the airtight seal will keep your food nice and fresh, too. There are also reusable chalkboard labels, so you won’t forget what type of rice it is or, more importantly — when you bought it.


Your plants’ watering days

Solution: These glass bulbs that automatically water your plants

Instead of skipping watering your plants again, you can pretty much mark it off of your list when you stick these glass bulbs in each one. The mushroom-shaped design holds onto water and takes care of your plants anytime their soil is dry. So, instead of walking around with a watering pitcher all the time, simply refill these colorful bulbs every once in a while.


Your easily frayed chargers & cords

Solution: A pack of cable protectors that make cords cute & more durable

Sticking these cable protectors on all of your chargers won’t feel like a chore because they’re so adorable. Each one of these flexible protectors has a slit in the middle to slide it onto your charger. Once these mini protectors are on, that slit is barely noticeable, so it won’t mess up the shape of the strawberry (or whatever design you choose), all while preventing unnecessary bending, which leads to fraying and splitting.


The corners & fans on cleaning day

Solution: This 5-foot duster with a loop to take care of fans & corners

This extendable duster will make cleaning the corners of your room and the fan while you’re dusting a breeze. The circular design is obviously perfect for cleaning hidden fan blade dust, but the washable microfiber will also take care of the ceiling and walls.


Your spine & seat while you work all day

Solution: This ergonomic, firm seat cushion to feel better after work

Instead of standing up from your desk and instantly regretting your sitting position all day, toss this memory foam cushion with a washable cover on your chair. The ergonomic shape might look a little unique, but it’s actually super supportive and helps out with back pain. This cushion is firm and supportive thanks to memory foam, and the non-slip backing keeps it secure on your chair.


To keep track of expenses & recurring charges

Solution: A fun planner with income, expenses & goals laid out

Toss this budget planner on your desk or coffee table, and you’ll always remember to jot down your expenses. There’s also a bunch of space for you to write out your income, financial goals, savings, debts, strategies, affirmations, and more. Of course, the included stickers will also help to nudge you to do some budgeting because they make the task fun.


Your dirty cast iron pans

Solution: A scrubbing set with soap-free cast iron supplies

This cast iron scrubbing set won’t take up a ton of space next to your regular dish brush, and it will take much better care of your skillet. This dishwasher-safe set comes with two different scrapers (depending on the design of your pan), a bamboo cloth, and a scrubber to effectively get any grime and oil off of your pans.


Your dog’s go-to couch

Solution: A waterproof sherpa blanket that’s fluffy enough for your pup

Instead of tossing your favorite throw blanket on your sofa when your pup runs inside, lay down this sherpa pet blanket that will actually protect your furniture. It feels like cozy fleece for your pup to relax on, but it’s actually waterproof and machine-washable — in case their paws are muddy or they fall asleep drooling.


To wear sunscreen every single day

Solution: This SPF body mist that doesn’t leave a white cast

This SPF 50 sunscreen comes in playful, chic packaging, so putting on sunscreen will feel like a luxurious part of your routine. It’s not just the minimalist can either — this lightweight sunscreen is infused with antioxidant-heavy vitamin C, as well as green tea and acai extracts for extra nourishing. It’s sweat- and water-resistant up to 80 minutes, and the sunscreen mist is also reef-friendly. It goes on smoothly and easily without stickiness or a white cast.


Your watermark-prone tabletops

Solution: A set of sleek slate coasters that are easy to grab

These sleek coasters come with a matching stand to display them on your coffee table, so you always remember to grab one. The unique black slate design looks seriously expensive — even under your to-go iced latte cup. They’re finished off with pads on the bottom to avoid a scratched coffee table.


Easily misplaced keys, remotes & more

Solution: This mini Bluetooth tracker that rings so you find your stuff

There’s no need to double-check if you grabbed your keys because you can use this Bluetooth Tile tracker to find them with ease. It will ring when it’s within Bluetooth range (about 250 feet), and if it’s farther than that, the app will show you the last pinged location. Beyond that, it can find your phone by forcing it to ring when your press the button.


Your feet, knees & spine while you cook

Solution: An anti-fatigue mat that is easy to clean

This anti-fatigue mat will upgrade your dinner prep because your feet, back, and knees will feel so much more supported thanks to the 3/4-inch thick foam. It’s topped off with a stain-, wrinkle-, and water-resistant finish, so it won’t get all dirty and grimy looking in your kitchen. This easy-to-clean mat is also helpful in front of your washing machine or even your standing desk.


Your feet — especially your arches — during long walks

Solution: These lightweight sneakers with supportive memory foam insoles

Not only do these running sneakers give you plenty of arch support on your walks with memory foam and a roomy toe box, but the slip-on design is also quicker to pull on than your usual sneakers. The elastic straps on top make them feel secure that they blend right in with the breathable mesh fabric for a minimalist look.


Windows that let cold (& hot) air in

Solution: This insulation tape to quickly take care of your windows

This insulation tape is the thing to turn to when you want a bit more insulation on your windows but don’t want a huge home project. It’s completely clear and won’t peel up paint, so you won’t mess up the look of your windows. It also stays put on your windows, even on rainy days, because it’s weather- and waterproof.


Your wrists, arms & hands as you work

Solution: This supportive memory foam set that’s not too bulky

Pairing this memory foam wrist support set with your laptop or keyboard is easy, no matter what your desk setup is because it’s compact and won’t slide around. You get a support bar for some cushioning in front of your keyboard and a mini cushion to use with your mouse.


Your open garage door

Solution: A smart garage door opener to setup timers & double-check status

This garage door opener obviously helps when you’re leaving the house, but it’s even helpful when you’re out, and you just have to double-check that you closed it. You can pair it with Amazon Key and even set up timers, so this simple controller will close the door every night when you get home.