45 aggravating, common problems you didn't realize have cheap, easy solutions

Your life is about to get a lot less irritating.

ByAlexandra Elizabeth
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Have you ever stubbed your toe or lost your Wi-Fi signal and all of a sudden come to grips with how tiny problems can send you over that razor-thin edge? You’re not alone. Annoying issues can be infuriating, no matter how inconsequential. But while your internet strength is between you and your service provider, many of your other problems have cheap, easy solutions. Whether you’re looking for clever kitchen gadgets to make meal prep go by more quickly, or clever cleaning tools you can score on a budget, you’ll find fixes to so many of your everyday aggravations here .


Problem: pesky chair legs keep scratching up your floors

Solution: these furniture leg covers that help prevent damage

Slip on these chair leg covers and protect your floors from scuffs and more. Not only are they available in a range of colors and sizes to match and fit a variety of chairs, but they come 16 to a pack at an amazing price point. These silicone covers simply stretch over your chair legs, and can even help make furniture glide more quietly over floors — no more screeching.

  • Available colors: 16


Problem: holes are left in your walls from hanging pictures

Solution: this kit that repairs wall damage in just a few minutes

Make home upkeep simple with this small hole repair kit. It allows you to break down wall repair projects into just a few simple steps, whether it’s from hanging picture frames or anything else. Simply apply the included screen over the small hole, spread on the spackle putty with the knife, and sand it all down with the brush. It dries quickly, too.


Problem: fresh produce keeps going bad before you can use it

Solution: these special containers that help fruits and veggies last longer

Level up your food storage solutions with these produce savers. They feature special filtered vents in the lids to improve airflow and release excess carbon dioxide that can cause produce to decay prematurely. They also have raised platforms so that liquid can drain off and sit below your items, preventing sogginess.


Problem: pet hair is taking over your home

Solution: this fur remover that you can keep reusing over and over

If your furniture, clothes, or anything else is covered in fur, this reusable pet hair remover is here to save the day — and it’s earned a legion of fans. It harnesses the power of static cling to trap hair — simply roll it across any surface, and the red velveteen pad will attract fur like a magnet. When you’re done, press the button to release the catch chamber and throw the hair in the trash.


Problem: excess trash keeps accumulating in your vehicle

Solution: this leakproof car trash can that keeps your ride tidy

Stop tossing your junk onto the floor of your car when you can use this convenient trash can instead. Thanks to its many buckles, straps, and hooks, you can set it up in several locations, including on the back of a headrest, next to your center console, or the side of the door. And since it’s leakproof, you never have to worry about sticky messes.

  • Available colors: 2


Problem: you rugs keep curling up at the corners

Solution: a set of floor grippers that keep rugs looking smooth

Rugs that slip around and curl up are both unsightly and annoying, so keep them in place with these rug corner grippers. Each set comes with four grippers: one for each corner of the rug. Just stick the adhesive side on your carpet and let the textured rubber side that makes contact with the floor create the traction you need.


Problem: meal prep takes way too long to complete

Solution: this veggie chopper that makes quick work out of slicing and dicing

If you’re looking to speed up cooking time, look no further than this vegetable chopper that performs multiple functions. It comes with two dicing plates (one large and one small) that are simple to use: Just place your veggie on the tray, bring the handle down, and watch your diced produce fall into the container below. It also comes with blade attachments for spiralizing and making ribbon slices.


Problem: your cabinet doors slam too loudly

Solution: these tiny bumpers that dampen noise

If you’ve got cabinet doors that make a big noise when they slam shut, try these little bumpers. Made from soft silicone with an adhesive backing, they’re also useful for protecting surfaces from scuffs and nicks (try using them under vases or behind picture frames). This pack is an incredible bargain since you can score 200 of them for less than the price of a latte.


Problem: larger water bottles won’t fit in your cupholder

Solution: the cupholder expander that accommodates bottles of all sizes

Anyone who enjoys a little extra hydration (or an extra-large coffee) is sure to love this car cupholder expander. The adjustable base can fit cupholders ranging in sizes from 2.8 to 3.8 inches in diameter, and the top canister can handle bottles up to 40 ounces. Voilà — plenty of space for water or coffee.

  • Available colors: 2


Problem: it’s annoying to hold your tablet in your hands

Solution: this handy tablet stand with an adjustable display

Whether you’re cooking, streaming a show, or video calling, this tablet stand will ensure your device is upright and at the perfect angle. It also rotates, so you can toggle between landscape and horizontal displays, and it can be used while charging, thanks to the slot through which power cables can be fed. The stand has protective rubber pads to ensure your device won’t get scratched up.

  • Available colors: 8


Problem: your household drains keep getting clogged

Solution: this pre-measured clog remover kit that’s totally foolproof and effective

There’s no need to spend tons on a plumber when you can use this drain clog remover kit instead. The unique, pre-measured packets are safe to use in sinks, shower drains, toilets, and more. Just empty one to two packets into the clogged drain, add hot water, let it sit, then run the water again. It even comes with five spiky clog-removing tools to pull out hair and other debris.


Problem: your laptop is constantly overheating & running slow

Solution: this laptop cooling pad that keeps your computer running smoothly

If your computer is in overdrive trying to cool itself down, snag this laptop cooling pad to keep things chill and your machine running fast. The pad has adjustable legs, so you can get an ideal angle, plus three quiet fans to cool down your laptop. It even comes with two bonus USB ports for charging up additional devices.

  • Available colors: 3


Problem: there’s not enough outlet space in your home

Solution: the socket extender that triples your outlet capacity

Ditch the bulky corded models and try this outlet extender that plugs directly into your existing outlet while lying flush against the wall. It features six AC outlets plus two USB ports, so you can power up or charge a variety of devices while still getting surge protection. There’s even a built-in night light, making it easy to plug in after dark.


Problem: your stainless steel appliances are smudged & hazy

Problem: this special cleaning kit that banishes streaks and fingerprints

Stainless steel appliances look sleek and attractive in kitchens, but you’re gonna want this stainless steel cleaner kit to keep them in peak condition. This three-piece kit comes with everything you need, including special wipes, spray, and a microfiber cloth to buff everything out to a smooth, shiny finish. The formula even creates a barrier to keep fresh smudges from forming after use.


Problem: it’s tough to tell when meat is properly cooked

Solution: a digital meat thermometer that clearly displays when you’ve reached the perfect temperature

Never second guess yourself at the grill again thanks to this digital meat thermometer. It boasts a clear, backlit LED screen and a guide to safe cooking temperatures for a variety of meats. The probe easily folds up after you’re done, and the magnetic body lets you attach to your fridge or other metal surface when not in use.

  • Available colors: 3


Problem: you’re losing heat & AC through your windows

Solution: these thermal blackout curtains with insulating properties

Whether it’s heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer, ensure it stays inside your house where it belongs, with these thermal blackout curtains. The curtains have a unique triple-weave construction that enhances their insulation capabilities, while also blocking out 99.9% of light. Thanks to their grommets, they can easily slide across most curtain rods.

  • Available colors: 6


Problem: the blinds are caked in dust

Solution: a three-tier duster brush that wipes them down in a flash

Cleaning one blind one at a time can take forever, but this unique blind duster cuts down on the work. Because it has a unique three-tier design, it can dust both the top and bottom of two blinds at once. Each layer is coated in a microfiber sleeve to trap dust quickly, and you’ll get four extra sleeves, too. When you’re done, just wash the microfiber pads and reuse.


Problem: cleaning the microwave is so time consuming

Solution: this clever steam cleaning gadget that cuts down on the scrubbing

If you dread scouring the microwave, try this clever microwave cleaner instead. Simply unscrew the top of this little gadget, fill it with a mixture of water and vinegar (no harsh chemicals needed), and run your microwave for about five minutes. The steam cleaning will break down stains, so you can wipe down your microwave with just a few swipes of a paper towel.


Problem: peeling garlic is terribly tedious

Solution: a flexible garlic peeler that’s simple to use

This garlic peeler uses a clever design to get your clove de-skinned in a flash. Just load your garlic inside the hollow silicone tube and roll it back and forth on a countertop. It will separate the clove from its peel in no time. It comes with its own carrying case and is safe to use in the dishwasher.


Problem: your mattress keeps getting damaged by spills

Solution: this waterproof mattress protecter that’s breathable and won’t make noise

Wrap your mattress up in this waterproof mattress protector that shields it from stains. Highly rated, it has a cotton terry top for comfort and breathability, and it won’t make loud, crinkly noises like other models might. Just stretch it on like a fitted sheet and you’re good to go.

  • Available sizes: twin — California king


Problem: the cat tracks litter all over the house

Solution: this clever mat that traps excess litter

Throw this litter-trapping mat in front of your cat’s box and say goodbye to extra mess. The mat has a two-part construction that features a honeycomb-shaped top that allows litter to fall through, and a waterproof underside that carefully holds debris until you’re ready to empty it. Just hose it down to clean.

  • Available colors: 3


Problem: annoying bugs are flying all around the house

Solution: this indoor trap that silently eradicates bugs

Banish bugs inside your house with this indoor insect trap. It works to eliminate bugs in three ways. First, the light attracts them, then the fan sucks them in, and finally, the sticky paper inside keeps them there until you’re ready to empty it out. It’s ideal for small bugs like gnats, fruit flies, and mosquitos.

  • Available colors: 2


Problem: the cracks in the windows are running up your energy bill

Solution: this weather sealing tape that keeps costs down

If you’re losing precious heat or AC through cracks in the windows, seal them up with this weather sealing tape. All you have to do to install it is clean the surface, peel off the backing, and stick in place, adhesive side down. It can also act as a bumper to protect patio doors from slamming.


Problem: grabbing a quick meal in your car always makes a mess

Solution: a genius tray that clips onto your steering wheel

Anyone who’s ever tried to enjoy a meal in their car is sure to appreciate this steering wheel tray that’s perfect for easy snacking. It clips onto your steering wheel and creates a handy surface that prevents crumbs from falling, and even includes a cupholder for your drink. On the reverse side, there’s a slot for a laptop and pen, making it an ideal makeshift workspace.


Problem: your lighter is always running out of fluid

Solution: this plasma lighter you can recharge over and over again

Whether you’re braving the elements on a camping trip or just lighting your favorite candles at home, this rechargeable lighter makes things more convenient. The flameless lighter creates a spark that won’t extinguish, even in windy, rainy conditions. Thanks to its long neck and angled head, it can even maneuver into hard-to-reach places, like the grill or the bottom of a candle jar.

  • Available colors: 3


Problem: your shirt collars keep getting stretched out by your hangers

Solution: the clever hangers with notches to keep collars in shape

Each one of these genius hangers features a slot just under the hook — carefully slide your T-shirt collar into it, and you can easily hang the other side of the shirt without stretching out the neck. They have grippy rubber shoulders and 360-degree rotating hooks, and since they’re thin, they’ll also help you save space in your closet.


Problem: your cable collection is a tangled mess

Solution: these cinching straps that sort all your cables

If you’ve got a drawer full of knotted-up cables, it can be impossible to see what’s what. Thankfully, this pack of cinching cord straps is here to help. Each tie comes with a hook closure and a label, so you know exactly what it’s for. The pack comes with 16 different cinchers in four different sizes.

  • Available colors: 6


Problem: measuring spoons are constantly jamming up your kitchen drawers

Solution: these magnetic spoons that nest compactly together

Snag these magnetic measuring spoons for less mess in your kitchen drawers. Made from stainless steel, these nesting spoons click together, so you’ll never have a spoon go missing. Plus, the space-saving design means no more jammed-up drawers. The seven double-sided spoons can even reach into narrow spice jars, and you’ll get a leveler for precise measurements.

  • Available colors: 12


Problem: there aren’t enough ports for charging in your car

Solution: this car adapter that lets you power up five devices at once

Snag this car charger and never fight over the power supply again. This adapter plugs into the auxiliary power outlet and provides five USB ports that can be used simultaneously. Three of the ports are on the plug and two are on an extension cord that’s 5 feet long, ensuring you can easily use them even in the back seat.

  • Available colors: 3


Problem: your fitted sheet keeps slipping off the bed

Solution: these suspenders that keep the fitted sheet on your mattress

Making the bed can be such a chore, but these bed sheet straps are here to make it just a little easier. Using three claw clips per corner, these straps are made from stretchy, adjustable elastic to ensure you’ll get a custom fit. Just attach the clips to the corners of the sheets and they’ll stay snugly in place underneath your mattress.

  • Available colors: 3


Problem: getting accurate measurements for baking is tough

Solution: an angled measuring cup with markings you can see from above

Your days of squatting down to check the side markings as you parse out ingredients are done, thanks to this angled measuring cup. This offering from cult-favorite kitchen brand OXO has unique markings that are visible from a bird’s eye view as you pour. And thanks to the easy-to-grip, cushy handle, it’s easy to maneuver.

  • Available sizes: 1 cup, 2 cups, 4 cups


Problem: you’re constantly losing things in between your car seats

Solution: the organizers that fill those gaps and add storage

If you spend just as much time searching for your phone under your car seat as you do driving, you’re going to want this car seat organizer. It’s made from stylish faux leather and can fit a variety of seat gaps, as it expands from 0.5 inch to 2 inches. Not only does it create a buffer that prevents items from falling through the cracks, but it also keeps your essentials easily within reach.

  • Available colors: 4


Problem: your neck aches from straining at your computer

Solution: this adjustable laptop stand that elevates your machine to the perfect height

This fan-favorite laptop stand is exactly the upgrade your desk needs. Not only does it look sleek and professional, but it has tons of practical features that separate it from similar models. For instance, you can adjust the height from 5 inches to 7.7 inches to get the perfect angle, and it has grippy rubber pads on the feet to help your laptop stay steady. Not to mention, the open design allows for airflow to prevent overheating.

  • Available colors: 3


Problem: you don’t have the floor space for a traditional drying rack

Solution: this over-the-door model that makes laundry day easier

This over-the-door drying rack couldn’t be simpler to use. Simply loop the sturdy metal hooks over the top of your door of choice and you’re done. It features three tiers of mesh shelves so that damp clothes have enough airflow to dry properly. No more bulky racks taking up all your floor space.


Problem: metal tools keeps scratching up your nonstick pots & pans

Solution: this pack of bamboo utensils that are gentle on delicate surfaces

Score these bamboo utensils and you’ll get a full pack of kitchen tools at an incredibly reasonable price point. The set comes with seven tools, including a spatula, tongs, a slotted spaghetti spoon, and more. They won’t scratch up your cooking surfaces and they just need a bit of warm, soapy water to clean.


Problem: bulky colanders are taking up too much cabinet space

Solution: these collapsible colanders that are small kitchen-friendly

You may not always have room for clever kitchen tools, but these collapsible colanders are amazing because they barely take up any storage space at all. Simply press the side handles downward and the strainers fold down to just 0.5 inch in height. The colanders are heat resistant, and each set includes two sizes.

  • Available colors: 2


Problem: dusting underneath furniture can be so tricky

Solution: a thin, flexible duster that gets into small, deep spaces

If you’re guilty of simply avoiding cleaning under your couch or refrigerator, this extendable duster is here to make the job much more bearable. Not only does it have a lightweight aluminum handle that extends up to 55 inches, but it also has an ultra-thin dusting head sheathed in a microfiber cloth to trap dirt and debris in a flash. Just toss the cloth in the washing machine to clean.


Problem: chopping herbs with a knife is a tedious chore

Solution: these scissors that help you tackle meal prep in way less time

If slicing scallions or chopping cilantro takes far too long, these herb scissors are here to make the task easier. Featuring five stainless steel blades, these shears will help you not only chop more quickly, but also more evenly, since the blades are perfectly spaced. They come with a convenient storage cover that protects the blades between uses.


Problem: your feet don’t reach the floor underneath your desk

Solution: a height-adjustable footrest to help improve your posture

Make working at your desk more comfortable with this helpful footrest. Weighing just over a pound, this foot rest features an adjustable height, so you can find a comfortable position. Plus, the rounded shape is ergonomically designed to alleviate both back and leg discomfort. The cover is removable and and machine washable for easy cleaning.

  • Available colors: 3


Problem: your wrists are fatigued after a long day at the computer

Solution: this keyboard wrist rest that encourages proper alignment

You may have to work, but you don’t have to deal with wrist fatigue, thanks to this keyboard wrist rest. Made from supportive yet soft memory foam, this padded rest takes the pressure off your wrist while encouraging the ideal angle for typing. It even comes with a separate pad for your mouse (genius).

  • Available colors: 3


Problem: your remote is constantly getting swallowed by your couch

Solution: a sleek and simple remote control holder to keep things organized

Ensure you never lose track of your remote again with this remote control holder. It brings you two convenient levels of storage, and comes in a neutral colorway with a white exterior and a wooden shelf divider. And thanks to its compact size, it’s perfect for sitting unobtrusively on your side table.


Problem: your seat belt digs uncomfortably into your shoulder

Solution: a pair of padded seatbelt wraps to make car rides more comfortable

Snag these seat belt pads for a softer, more supportive commute. Securing with Velcro, the velvety pads feature a cushioned layer, but won’t feel bulky across your shoulder and chest. They’re finished off with a stylish, quilted design, and come in a variety of shades.

  • Available colors: 7


Problem: the last of your skin-care products always goes to waste

Solution: these tiny spatulas that help you scoop out every last drop

Never toss a beauty product that’s not completely used up again, thanks to this beauty spatula. The tiny yet flexible spatula sits at the end of a 6-inch handle, so you can reach deep into those hard-to-get-to spots inside makeup, serum, and lotion bottles. Not only does it save money on lost product, buts it’s also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

  • Available colors: 3


Problem: dusting & mopping the floors is so time consuming

Solution: the mop slippers that make cleaning quick and fun

You don’t need to spend hours cleaning your floors when you can wear these mop slippers instead. The slippers feature microfiber loops that trap dust and dirt like a magnet. They’re fitted with an elastic band that you can slip over your shoes, allowing you to walk across your floors as usual and clean while you do it. Each pack comes with 5 pairs.


Problem: your phone is covered in smudges

Solution: this portable spray bottle that wipes it down

Always ensure you’ve got cleaning supplies at the ready with this compact touch screen cleaning kit. Spray the cleaning solution with the press of a button, then use the sides of the bottle— which are covered in microfiber cloth — to wipe the screen and buff out smudges. The bottle is refillable, too.