Brilliant finds that make spending time in your backyard 10x better

Move the party outside.

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Turn your backyard into a relaxing oasis using these brilliant finds that make spending time outside so much better. From adorable solar lights that create a cozy ambiance to a mosquito repellent that’ll help you stay bug-bite-free, this list includes a little bit of everything.

Looking for budget-friendly outdoor decor? Fun games for your next backyard BBQ? I’ve done the searching and scrolling for you, so all you need to do is hit that glorious “add to cart” button.


These globe string lights to add a soft glow & cozy ambiance

Enjoy an al fresco dinner under the soft glow of these globe string lights that instantly create a cozy ambiance. The glass bulbs are weather resistant and designed to withstand heat and rain, and each 25-foot strand comes with two extra bulbs. You can connect up to three sets of lights to make one long, continuous strand and illuminate your backyard, whether you’re hosting a party or savoring a late-night drink.


A rip-resistant hammock for the best backyard nap ever

Is there anything more idyllic than a long afternoon nap in a hammock? Catch some zzz’s and enjoy the fresh breeze in this rip-resistant hammock that comes with two 9-foot-long straps for a quick and easy setup. Made from durable nylon, it’s super lightweight and besides being a fun addition to your backyard, it’s also a great option for camping and beach trips. The hammock is available in multiple colors and a single and double size.


This mosquito repellent to keep the pesky bugs at bay

Spending time in your backyard will be 10 times better when you don’t end the day covered in bug bites. Get this mosquito repellent and create a 20-foot protection zone that lasts for up to 12 hours. Unlike some sticky sprays, it’s scent-free and DEET-free, and it runs on rechargeable batteries that last for over five hours on a full charge.


This beautiful solar bird feeder that lights up at dusk

Hang this solar bird feeder in your backyard and not only will it provide sustenance for the bird population, but at dusk, it’ll light up and cast beautiful shadows. The rust-resistant metal feeder has intricate detailing that adds a lovely decorative touch and it’s designed for easy refills and hanging using the provided S-shape hook.


A splash sprinkler pad for hours of outdoor fun

Get this splash sprinkler pad to provide your kids and furry four-legged friends with hours of backyard fun. The inflatable pad is a great alternative to a blow-up pool and allows you to adjust the spray height. Connect it to a water hose to keep the water flow going, then simply deflate and fold the pad to store it away.


A sun shade sail to keep you cool all summer long

Stay cool even on the hottest of days under this sun shade sail that has curved sides to ensure a tight stretch without drooping. It’s made from durable fabric that’s UV-blocking but allows for good airflow to keep you nice and comfy. The shade sail has built-in D-rings for easy hanging and comes in multiple colors and sizes.


This tiki toss game for a little competitive fun for the whole fam

Get the competition going with this tiki toss game that’s designed for kids and adults alike. The wooden game comes in several versions including this golf-themed one, where you try to swing a golf ball tied to a string into the hole. Hang it in your backyard using the provided mounting hardware and it’s guaranteed to be the hit of every backyard BBQ and pool party.


These magnetic LED grill lights to make late-night cooking 10x easier

Attach these LED lights to your grill so you can get the perfect char on your burgers no matter how dark it is outside. The lights are magnetic so they’ll instantly latch onto any metal surface and their gooseneck design allows you to position them in any direction you choose. They are battery-operated and would also be a great addition to your camping gear or car repair kit.


A solar turtle statue for an adorable backyard accent

Nestle this adorable solar turtle statue among plants in your backyard for a fun decorative accent. The statue has a solar panel on the back to charge it in direct sunlight during the day and it’s adorned with colorful faux succulents that light up at dusk. Its waterproof exterior means you can keep it outside throughout the seasons and because it’s powered by the sun, you don’t need any distracting extension cords.


A utensil caddy to simplify outdoor entertaining

Instead of running back and forth between the backyard and the kitchen, organize your entertaining essentials in this handy utensil caddy. It features four compartments, a paper towel holder, four hooks, and a napkin holder, so you can easily store and carry utensils, paper products, and condiments. The mesh design allows for good ventilation and the attached hooks and holders can be removed for space-saving storage.


These drink holder stakes for your next outdoor party

Keep beverages on hand and eliminate confusion over which soda can belongs to whom with this set of four color-coded drink holder stakes. The heavy-duty steel stakes have two spikes to securely hold them in the ground and the tops are large enough to accommodate cans, bottles, and tumblers of various sizes.


An outdoor smart plug with 3 separate outlets

Gain three outlets for your outdoor lighting with this smart plug that has a voice control feature and is compatible with Alexa and other smart devices. It comes with a remote for easy operation and you can download an app on your phone to control plugged-in items remotely. The smart plug also allows you to set timers and schedules, which is especially handy around the holidays.


An inflatable holder to keep pool snacks & drinks within reach

Float around in your pool and keep snacks and drinks within easy reach thanks to this inflatable holder. The clever float has nine built-in compartments for everything including bottles, speakers, phones, and snacks, and it’s made from thick plastic to ensure it doesn’t pop. Enjoying a relaxing day by the pool has never been better.


These marshmallow roasting sticks that are a bonfire must-have

Make perfectly toasted s’mores using these marshmallow roasting sticks that are a bonfire must-have. The set includes 12 different colored skewers that are 32 inches long to keep a safe distance between you and a roaring fire. They’re constructed from durable stainless steel for easy cleaning and to prevent rust, and the wooden handles ensure you get a tight, comfortable grip.


This Wi-Fi extender to boost signal in your backyard

If you’re always pacing your backyard to find the one spot that has a good signal, get this Wi-Fi extender that improves coverage. The signal amplifier can support over 100 devices including phones, tablets, and smart TVs. It also helps secure your network and eliminates dead zones so you can receive texts whether you’re in the bedroom or chilling by the pool.


A set of sleek solar lights to illuminate your deck

Add these solar lights to your deck, outdoor stairs, or patio to illuminate the space in a sleek and stylish way. The waterproof lights automatically charge in direct sunlight and turn on at dusk and off at dawn. They’re waterproof and designed to withstand harsh elements, and they can be installed using the provided screws.


A ring toss game that doubles as a learning tool

Add this ring toss set to your collection of backyard games. It doubles as a great learning tool for kids since it helps with hand-eye coordination and teaches turn-taking skills. It’s also just fun to play, whether you’re four or 24. The wooden game is easy to set up and comes with a nifty carrying case for convenient storage.


These outdoor throw pillow covers for a pop of color & pattern

Use these throw pillow covers to inject a pop of color and pattern into your outdoor space. They come in a set of four and are a total steal at this budget-friendly price tag. The waterproof polyester fabric is suitable for outdoor use and you can toss the covers in the washer on a cold cycle for easy care. Just don’t forget to purchase pillow inserts since they are not included.


These food covers to protect your picnic food from bugs & pests

Protect your favorite picnic foods from bugs and other pests using these mesh covers that come in a set of three. The set includes two standard and one extra large cover, all of which have reinforced metal poles so they don’t collapse. Their double-layer flap design keeps insects, dirt, and dust out and to clean the covers, simply rinse them with some warm soapy water and they’ll be as good as new.


A glass drink dispenser for a mess-free beverage station

Simplify outdoor entertaining and set up a self-serve beverage station using this glass drink dispenser. It holds a gallon of liquid and has a cute mason jar-style design that’s as practical as it is charming. The non-drip spigot eliminates messes and the wide top allows for quick and easy refills to keep the party going.


These battery-operated lanterns for a stylish outdoor centerpiece

Instead of a floral centerpiece or traditional lantern, decorate your outdoor table with this stylish cordless lamp. Its metal cage shade and exposed bulb give it a vintage look and the warm glow is great for creating ambiance. The LED lamp is battery-operated so you can place it anywhere and you can opt to use the built-in timer that automatically turns it off after six hours of use.


A DIY stepping stone for a fun way to personalize your backyard

Personalize your backyard with this customizable stepping stone that makes for a fun afternoon of crafting for adults and kids alike. The DIY kit includes a ceramic stone that’s available in multiple styles, including turtle, ladybug, and sun, along with six acrylic paints, a paintbrush, and instructions for how to get started. Get one stone or build a whole collection of them for a whimsical outdoor art installation.


A reversible rug to cozy up your outdoor space

Get this reversible rug to make your outdoor space extra cozy and to add a layer of color and pattern. The durable rug has a straw-like weave construction with a UV protective coating to resist fading and withstand the elements, and the edges are heat-treated to prevent fraying. To clean it, sweep or wash it with water, then let it air dry before laying it down in place.


This patio curtain for a cheap way to add privacy

Instead of spending a ton of money on a privacy fence, get this cheap patio curtain that adds privacy while also shielding you from the sun. The stylish curtain is waterproof and comes in a number of sizes and colors, and has grommets for easy hanging. The thick polyester fabric is fully opaque and it’s machine washable for hassle-free maintenance.


A dimmable LED light that slides onto a patio umbrella

Solve the problem of how to add lighting to your patio once and for all thanks to this clever LED light that slides directly onto an umbrella pole for built-in illumination. It’s battery-operated and comes with a remote that allows you to dim the light and set a timer, all from up to 50 feet away. If you’re wondering about installation, it’s super easy — the light’s built-in clamps automatically snap it in place.


A door mat to catch dirt & boost curb appeal

Keep the dirt out and style in with this durable door mat. Its rubber backing prevents slips and keeps it neatly in place, while the ridges trap moisture and create a cool geometric pattern. The low-profile bristles don’t block the door and to clean the mat, simply shake it out, vacuum, or sweep it.


These charming shepherd’s hooks to display blooming plants

Display seasonal plants in bloom or hang a bird feeder on these metal shepherd’s hooks. They add a beautiful decorative element as well as some height to your backyard. Each of the hooks has a five-prong base that secures it in the ground and is coated with anti-rust paint to ensure you can enjoy using them as an outdoor display tool for years to come.


These wind chimes to fill your backyard with a soothing melody

Zone out to the relaxing E-major melody of these hand-tuned outdoor wind chimes. They create a serene atmosphere and add a lovely decorative accent you can hang from a tree branch or a patio hook. The chimes are crafted from high-quality wood and aluminum and are available in two sizes that produce a soprano or alto sound, as well as in multiple colors.


A faux ivy fence that’s greenery & privacy in one

Create the illusion of trailing vines and add privacy at the same time with this faux ivy fence. It has real wood backing on one side and artificial green leaves that look incredibly realistic on the other. The expandable fence is weather and fading-resistant and can easily be installed using zip ties.


A red hummingbird feeder that’ll instantly attract the little birds

Hang this pretty red hummingbird feeder in your backyard and watch it instantly attract the quick little birds. The feeder features a plastic base and a tight silicone seal that prevents the birdfeed from spilling out, and a wide mouth that makes cleaning and refills easier. It has multiple feeding ports for easy access for hungry hummingbirds and it can withstand high summer temperatures.


These solar garden lights for a magical landscaping accent

Give your landscaping a summer refresh with the addition of these solar garden lights. They have a magical quality as they sway in the wind and look like a cluster of fireflies the second the sun goes down. Each set includes two stems with bright bulbs that you can plant in your garden without needing any extension cords or outlets.


A pickleball net so you can play the popular game in your own yard

Since pickleball is all the rage right now, get this sturdy net, two wooden paddles, and 40 pickleballs to practice the sport right in your own backyard. The tournament-approved set includes a half-court length net that’s easily portable and can be set up within minutes.


These hanging nest decoys that act as a wasp deterrent

Hang these nest decoys to deter wasps and hornets from building their nests in your backyard. To set up the fake nests, simply pull them open and hang them in an outdoor area that’s protected from rain and excessive humidity in order to prevent any damage. Seeing the hanging nests will help keep wasps away and protect you and your family from unwanted stings.


This tabletop fire pit that doesn’t create smoke or ashes

Instead of having to build a bonfire, enjoy the mesmerizing flames from this tabletop fire pit that has a sleek, modern design. It’s easy to assemble and unlike a regular fire, it doesn’t emit any smoke or ashes, and it’s portable so you can conveniently move it from one spot to another. It burns for up to an hour at a time, with dancing flames that are up to a foot tall.


A mini projector for the ultimate outdoor movie nights

What’s better than an outdoor movie night under the stars? With this mini projector, you can create lots of memories in your own backyard. It has high-quality LED lighting for superior projection and built-in stereo sound for a hassle-free setup. Connect it to your phone, laptop, or TV box, make some popcorn, and you’re good to go.


These fly fans to keep your outdoor dining table bug-free

Set these fly fans on your outdoor dining table to keep bugs away at all times. You can enjoy al fresco dining instead of spending all evening swatting flies away thanks to this quiet battery-operated fan that’s easily portable and has a slim, simple design that doesn’t distract from a beautiful table setting.


These patio misters for the perfect way to cool down

Install these misters on your patio, umbrella, or canopy to enjoy their cooling effect on hot days. Each nozzle has a spray area of up to 40 inches and helps lower the temperature in its immediate radius. The misting system is also a great option for a flower bed or greenhouse, or to keep pets cool outside.


This inflatable roller to take pool fun to the next level

Get this inflatable roller for your next pool party for endless fun in the water. The float is made from premium vinyl and comes with a patch repair kit just in case you need to fix a puncture. With only one air chamber, it’s quick and easy to inflate and deflate, so you can spend less time prepping it and more time in the pool.


A mesh screen door so you can enjoy the breeze without letting in the bugs

Let fresh air in without inviting all the bugs inside thanks to this magnetic screen door. It’s made from heavy-duty mesh and features a central seam that has 26 strong magnets for hands-free opening and closing. Simply install the screen by attaching it to your door frame using the included adhesive tape or thumbtacks.


A Bluetooth speaker that’s wireless & waterproof

Turn up the tunes in your backyard using this wireless Bluetooth speaker that’s waterproof and delivers high-quality, crisp sound. The reviewer-favorite has 360-degree sound and a built-in microphone that allows you to take calls even if you don’t have your phone on hand. Use it for pool parties or take it on a camping trip — it’s an investment in outdoor fun you’ll use over and over again.