Clever things for your home that are selling out fast on Amazon

These little upgrades are getting a lotta love.

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I’ve found all of the clever things for your home that are selling out fast on Amazon. Hear me out — I’m not talking about products that seem clever, but you’ll never actually use them. No — these clever things are all about the simple details, like pillar candles that won’t drip all over your kitchen table.

This list has clever things you’ll actually use every single day and items that make your home much more organized and comfortable, like a sleek wire organizer for your ironing supplies. It’s a minimalist shelf that holds onto your ironing board and your iron. It even has a spot to fit your iron’s handle and wire for a super clean look.

This list is also about finding things like a matching baking dish set that looks modern, a machine-washable throw blanket with an extra-cozy side, or a stick-on doorbell with tons of customizable tones. There’s even a stainless steel ice bucket that keeps all of the excess water away from your fresh ice.

Trust me, you’ll actually find tons of uses for these clever things on this list, and you better act fast, because people are scooping up these genius home items on Amazon.


These collapsible bins with minimalist style

These collapsible storage cubes are made of non-woven fabric to give all of your closets a bit of minimalist style. Their simple shape also makes them easy to line an entire shelf with them, which makes them ideal for storing everything from clothes to blankets to books or children's toys. Plus, the low-profile handles and lid-free design means you can quickly grab that spare throw blanket or your cleaning supplies.


This spoon rest that holds your lid while you stir

This stainless steel spoon rest also solves a huge cooking problem: where to keep your pot lids while stirring. Well, you can simply prop your lid on the anti-rust lid holder that’s complete with a little bowl to catch stray pasta sauce or condensation. Even though this spoon rest is double-sided and sturdy, it’s still super lightweight, so you can move it around your kitchen if needed.


These handy organizers that keep your kitchen appliance cords wrapped up

Keep your counters cleaner than ever by adding these cord organizers top the back of your stand mixer, toaster, air fryer, coffee maker, blender, or other small kitchen appliances. Made of high-quality rubber with adhesive on one side, these allow you to wrap up extra-long cords and clip on the plug, keeping your counters free of ugly, unnecessary wires.


A plush memory foam bath mat that dries quickly

Made from 3/4-inch thick memory foam, this bath mat is the plush landing you need when stepping out of the show. In addition to keeping you from slipping on a wet tile floor, this non-slip bath mat adds sleek style to your bathroom because it’s available in 26 colors and eight sizes to perfectly suit your space. Despite being so soft, this bath mat dries quickly, which helps to prevent mildew and mold, and it also is machine washable.


These BPA-free ice cube trays that make bar-worthy pebble ice

If you dine out often enough, you know the pure joy of pebble ice. Get those fabulous mini ice cubes at home with this three pack of ice cube trays. These stackable trays will save room in your freezer, and they’re also easy to fill and extract ice from with a single twist of the food-safe, BPA-free plastic. Each tray makes 60 fantastic pieces of nugget ice.


These adhesive LED lights that are great for closets & under cabinets

These adhesive LED puck lights are great for illuminating otherwise shadowy spaces in your home, like under cabinets, in closets, and on the stairs. Wherever you’re adding them, these dimmable lights give you an easy-to-use remote. To really make these battery-operated lights versatile, they come with helpful timer settings and a dimmer. If you want them to be permanent in that dark closet, this pack also comes with screws.


This airtight food dispenser that you don’t have to take out of the pantry

This dry food dispenser lets you grab your cereal without taking anything out of your pantry or dealing with a hard-to-seal box. The chrome wheel on the front plus the bowl stand look so sleek and let you fill your bowl right from your pantry or counter, hotel-style. That clear container on top is also airtight for snacks and will keep food fresh for up to 45 days.


A pour-over coffee maker with a reusable filter that fits perfectly

This glass pour-over coffee maker lets you throw away all of those single-use coffee filters that never fit right. Instead, the reusable stainless steel mesh one is the perfect fit every time and it’s laser cut material ensures a clean brew every time, free of grounds. Best of all, the BPA-free and heat-resistant glass is wrapped in a sleek black holder that keeps your hands safe as you make your cafe-worthy java.


A wireless doorbell kit that you can install in minutes

Plugging in a receiver and sticking on the doorbell is an electrician-free installation process with this wireless and LED doorbell kit. The 3-year batteries in the button also means you rarely even have to check if it’s working. OK — you do have to choose the doorbell sound, but the 52 chime options and four different volumes are fun to pick from.


A shelf organizer that stacks up your reusable water bottles

This two pack of sturdy organizers takes care of the most annoying clutter in your kitchen: all of those reusable water bottles. Each three-across rack has designated dips for water bottles, allowing you to store them vertically, and of course, you can stack the organizers themselves to make the best use of your cabinet space. Made of easy-to-clean, BPA-free clear plastic, these organizers can also be used in your fridge, making them an easy thing to add to your kitchen.


A paper towel holder that’s easy to install under your cabinet

This stainless steel paper towel holder makes your paper towel setup look way more put together and frees up precious space on your counter. It has 3M adhesive to pop it under your cabinet or on the wall next to your sink. The part that sticks under your cabinet is also sleek enough to look like it’s built-in.


A set of durable under-the-bed storage bags with clear tops

These zip-up storage bags have a short, slim, and wide design that goes right under your bed. They’re flexible and soft enough to be gentle on your extra clothes or bedding yet durable enough to keep dust far, far away from your belongings. The small handle on the side is also reinforced, so it won’t break when you pull out these transparent-top organizers.


These stainless steel mixing bowls that also work for storage

This five-pack of stainless steel mixing bowls is perfect if you hate transferring food to your leftover containers. Instead, simply put the flexible BPA-free lids on top and put these rust- and fingerprint-resistant bowls in the fridge. Plus, the dent-resistant bowls and the lids have a handy nesting design that makes keeping them in your cabinets easy and space-efficient.


These olive oil dispensers with measurements for easy salad dressing

Both of the bottles in this glass olive oil dispenser set are airtight and leakproof, so they’ll lock in freshness. They also have easy-to-read measurements that are only on one side, so they won’t mess up the look of these chic bottles. This pack comes with labels, stainless steel spouts, and even a matching stainless steel pouring funnel to make pouring out your oils and vinegars a breeze. You also get caps if you want to make and store dressing in these bottles.


This extra thick, double-sided mesh tape that keeps rugs secure

No more slipping on unstable rugs, this double-sided rug tape will keep your floor coverings securely in place. Easy to tear with your hands and install yet durable and thick enough to stay in place, this rug tape has a unique mesh makeup that allows it to better grip onto the backs of your rugs and any floor type.


A pan organizer that’s sturdy enough for your cast iron cookware

This heavy-duty pan organizer proves that you can organize more than just your lightweight non-stick cookware. This five-tier, alloy steel shelf can actually hold your bulky cast iron pans and keep them sturdy, all while protecting their precious coating. It’s even complete with one 3.5-inch slot to store a deep skillet.


These reusable oven liners you simply wash in the dishwasher

Cleaning spills off of these non-toxic and non-stick oven liners is way easier than scrubbing the bottom of your oven. These heat-resistant liners simply wash in the dishwasher anytime baking overflow or drippy cheese happens. Their sleek black design is barely noticeable in your electric or gas oven. Plus, you even can line toaster ovens and baking pans with these reusable sheets.


This wire organizer for all of your ironing supplies

This wall-mounted laundry organizer is all you’ll need to neatly store ironing supplies. The two hooks hold onto your ironing board, while the basket on top that easily fits your iron and other small laundering supplies. Yes — there’s even a small cutout to make room for the iron handle in the sleek wire, which comes in four shades.


These salt & pepper grinders that are practical yet sleek

These glass salt and pepper grinders let you choose how coarse each spice is. With the coarseness knob at the top of the lid, you can have flakey salt or make a finely ground pepper without buying a bunch of different kinds of salt and pepper. The stainless steel grinder is at the top, which helps to prevent unwanted spillage on your tabletop, and the glass bodies are durable and sleek.


These hanging closet shelves that store folded clothing

This hanging organizer with side pockets might be made of fabric, but it’s durable enough to store your clothes in, adding much-needed space to small closets. There’s a durable liner inside the shelves, so your stack of folded clothes won’t make them bend. The design keeps your clothes secure while the fabric still lets your clothes breathe.


These pantry & fridge organizers that make it easy to find your snacks

These BPA-free pantry organizers just make sense for all of your groceries. You can see all of your snack labels with the clear plastic, plus they’re stackable for things that go together, like packs of oatmeal and your favorite toppings. They’re also complete with ridges on the bottom, so they aren’t slippery in your pantry, while the handles make them easy to slide out of your fridge or cabinet.


This organizer that fits with whatever is under your sink

This adjustable shelf can handle the disposal setup and all of the pipes under your cabinet. Whatever is under your sink, you can rotate it or adjust the height and width of this sturdy organizer to go around it, all while making use of vertical space. Once this plastic shelf is in place, you can stack up to 40 pounds of your under-the-sink essentials on it.


A sink caddy that makes it easier to grab your dishwashing supplies

This little stainless steel basket is a compact sink caddy for all of your dishwashing supplies. There’s a slot that makes it easier to grab your dish brush, a removable rack for a cloth, and a basket for your go-to sponge. The basket design doesn’t look bulky, and it helps out with drainage. With the suction cups, you can also stick it to the backsplash above your sink or right in your sink.


This set of non-stick tongs that are safe for non-stick pans

This set of non-stick tongs come with three different lengths, allowing you to have more distance from searing food but be able to have plenty of control over other dishes. Each stainless steel pair is heat-resistant up to 600 degrees and dishwasher safe. What makes these tongs especially useful, however, is the silicone on the ends, which is in a single piece and gentle enough to use on non-stick pans.


These smokeless pillar candles that don’t need a stand under them

You can burn these fragrance-free and smoke-less pillar candles right away without buying a stand. They’re completely dripless, so you won’t ruin a plate with wax, and each aesthetically-pleasing candle lasts for 55 hours. The food-grade wax also has a chic texture that you wouldn’t want to coverup with a glass holder anyway.


This organizer that props up food storage container lids

This BPA-free plastic organizer with handles easily props up whatever food container lids you have going on in your cabinet (even the tiny ones). The five dividers are adjustable to fit all of these otherwise hard-to-store items vertically. Plus, you can pull out this durable set up while you’re meal-prepping with all of your containers.


This set of woven cotton trivets that look so good under your pans

This budget-friendly potholder set comes with three 7-inch trivets that look super chic under a pan, plate, or mug. It’s thanks to the woven look with a swirl design that’s made of 100% heat-resistant cotton threads. This pack comes with three hand-stitched colors that look nice together on your countertop.


These waterproof shelves that work as chic shampoo & skincare holders

These shelves easily work in your bathroom as chic a chic shampoo caddy in your tub or skincare and haircare holders by your vanity. Instead of suction cups that pop off, this stainless steel shelf has a strip of adhesive at the back that will keep it firmly in place. These rust-proof, waterproof shelves can hold up to 15 pounds of product and even have detachable hooks for your razor, shower poof, and more.


A matching baking dish set that looks modern

All of the pieces in this baking dish set are made of matching sleek glass. This oven-safe tempered glass looks way more modern than a typical casserole dish thanks to the rounded edges and unique handles that make this entire set stackable. They’re also durable enough for freezing, microwaving, and washing in a dishwasher, making these an easy go-to for weeknight dinners.


A waterproof mattress protector that you’ll actually want to put on

You actually won’t mind putting this waterproof mattress protector on your bed because it has a noiseless design. The fitted sheet design also won’t ruin the feel of your comfy mattress, because it’s seriously comfy and breathable despite blocking bacteria, allergens dust mites, and random spills or fluids. There’s a reason why this best-selling mattress protector has over 77,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


These silicone baking mats that are actually thick enough for baking projects

These dishwasher-safe silicone baking mats save you from washing baking pans, buying a bunch of cooking spray, or ruining your sheet pans because you forgot to line them with parchment paper. These non-stick liners are super thick for all of your baking projects, even sticky pizza dough, and can withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees. These rollable mats are also extra-durable with the fiberglass mesh lining and easy to just wipe clean.


These food containers that make it easy to swap out snacks

This pack of three quart-sized food containers makes it so easy to swap out your snacks when you run out. I mean, even the chalkboard labels are reusable. The entire airtight lid comes off for pouring in your new cereal and will keep it fresher for longer. They’re also complete with a flip top, so you don’t have to take the lid off to grab a bowl of Cheerios.


A reusable pet hair remover that’s better than sticky sheets

This handy pet hair remover is a bit of a game-changer. Roll it back and forth over the couch, the bedspread, your jeans — anywhere your fur friend’s hair congregates — and all the fur and debris get deposited into a chamber in the back. When you’ve de-furred to your fill, simply pop the back open over a trash can and empty it out, and the ChomChom is ready to roll again.


A fine mesh colander that sits over your sink

This stainless steel colander lets you strain and rinse whatever you want with its fine mesh design. It also makes the process easier because it sits over your sink instead of at the bottom of the sink, allowing for better filtering, rinsing, and drying. It’s complete with expandable handles with rubber grips that will stay put no matter what you’re doing.


A comfy anti-fatigue mat that protects your dishes while you cook

This waterproof kitchen mat helps out your feet, knees, and back with the anti-fatigue design and nearly half-inch padding, but it actually protects your dishes too. It’s all about the cushioning that keeps your dishes safe if you drop one. Plus, this oil-proof, easy-to-clean mat has a beveled edge that makes it easier to step up onto that thick and comfy cushioning.


This machine-washable throw blanket with an extra-cozy sherpa side

This is a sherpa throw blanket, but the extra-cozy faux-sheepskin sherpa is actually hidden away on one side. The opposite side of this machine-washable blanket is covered in a glossy microfiber fabric that feels like cashmere and looks so chic on any couch, chair, or bed. Plus, this reversible and hypoallergenic blanket won’t pill in the dryer.


This small tray that lets you slide heavy toasters or mixers

You might use that heavy coffee maker or mixer more with this alloy steel rolling tray. It’s complete with a little handle that makes it easy to pull out and use that heavy appliance, all while being able to store it further back on your counter so you have more space for cooking when you need it. It also has a non-slip pad on top that keeps your air fryer in place every time you slide it out.


A waffle-knit shower curtain that has all of the hooks you’ll need

This shower curtain with a waffle weave texture is way trendier than a classic patterned plastic curtain. You also get all of the rust-resistant hooks you’ll need with 12 of them in this curtain kit. The machine-washable curtain is also made of heavy cotton fabric that won’t curl up when you shower.


The highly rated bamboo dividers that straighten up drawers

We’ve all got that one messy drawer... or, um, drawers. These adjustable bamboo dividers are an easy way to straighten them up, and they can be used in the kitchen, your desk, or inside your bedroom dresser. They expand from 17.5 to 22 inches, and are padded on the ends to prevent damage to your furniture. Reviewers love them — they’ve earned a near-perfect 4.8-star overall rating on Amazon.


This ice bucket that keeps water away from the fresh ice

This stainless steel ice bucket will never have that annoying puddle of water at the bottom. It’s complete with a melted-ice straining tray that keeps all of that water away from your fresh ice. This double-wall insulated bucket is serious about long-lasting ice, so it even has an airtight lid.