50 cool things under $35 on Amazon that are the sh*t

Awesome, discounted products you’ll want to buy.

ByCaroline Reinstadtler
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Sure, you might think the absolute coolest products on Amazon cost hundreds of dollars — but that’s not always true. In fact, you can find some really awesome items for less than $35, starting with the things on this list.

From patio lights to packing cubes, you might just discover a cool product here that you’ll want to add to your cart. And again, since every item here is $35 or under, you don’t have to worry about splurging.


This coffee scrub you can use in the bath or shower to effectively exfoliate

Skip the spa trip and pick up this coffee scrub instead; it'll effectively exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin at a fraction of the price of a professional treatment. Some exfoliators can dry out skin, but this cruelty-free scrub actually hydrates and nourishes while it sloughs away dead skin cells. If you're prone to sunburns or uneven tans, it can help even out the effects of those UV rays. Because it comes in an enormous tub, it's super easy to scoop out just the right amount every single time.


This car phone mount that clips onto your dashboard for hands-free navigation

Use this car phone mount to keep directions at your fingertips without sacrificing safety while you drive. It's equipped with a high-quality locking mechanism that keeps it securely on your dashboard's air vent, allowing you to touch your phone with one hand so the other one is always on the wheel. Plus, its 360-degree design rotates all the way around, so you can switch your phone's orientation from portrait to landscape and back again with just one quick motion.


These biodegradable dental floss picks that are gentle enough for kids & adults alike

So your dentist has told you (again) that you need to incorporate floss into your daily routine. What now? Pick up these biodegradable dental floss picks, which are approved by dentists for both safety and effectiveness. You can use these picks no matter how sensitive your gums or tightly packed your teeth may be since they're made with a thin thread that flosses gently to remove plaque and buildup. Their minty flavor is pleasant and refreshing, and when you buy, you'll receive 200 flossers; that’s a significant amount of plastic you’ve successfully replaced.


A rechargeable book light that clips onto your pages for late nights when you can't stop reading

This rechargeable book light brings back fond memories of the nights you spent with a flashlight under the covers as a kid, except it's just a bit more efficient. With three settings, it lets you customize your reading experience; the white and daylight modes can help you focus while you're poring over a page or two, and the amber mode reduces and relieves eye strain. Pro tip: toss it in your bag for a smart solution when you're reading on a road trip or taking a redeye flight, and you won't have to deal with fussy or disruptive overhead lights.


This cold brew coffee maker that comes with a convenient filter

With a convenient filter, funnel, and measuring scoop, this cold brew coffee maker comes with everything you need to brew a delicious cup in the morning. Here's how it works: just add your grounds, pour in cold water, let it brew, and enjoy — its fine mesh filter traps unwanted sediment and keeps it from getting in your drink. It's made of durable borosilicate glass, which is BPA-free, and its leakproof lid keeps coffee in place, so you can easily carry it around your kitchen.


These wireless LED step lights that help with safety in the dark

Whether you’re walking to the bathroom or craving a midnight snack, install these wireless LED lights for maximum safety in the middle of the night. Each light operates with a motion sensor that turns it on automatically when you pass by and off after 30 motion-free seconds. They'll only activate in the darkness, which conserves battery life and helps them last longer. You can use either screws or adhesive tape for installation since both are included with your purchase and work equally well to keep them secure.


This easy-grip jar opener that opens jars discreetly from underneath your countertop

Instead of running your jars under hot water or tapping their lids with a knife until they pop open, invest in this easy-grip jar opener for a significantly easier process every time. Simply mount it under your cabinets or counters, where it won't take up any space, and insert the lid of your jar or bottle into its V-grip to twist it off effortlessly. Its nonslip grip gives you a firm hold that doesn't require an arm workout, and it's coated with zinc to prevent rust, so it’s sure to last for many future recipes.


This snap-on pot strainer with a universal design that fits most pots, pans, & bowls

If you’re looking to save kitchen space, invest in this snap-on pot strainer; at a fraction of the size of its traditional counterparts, it makes an excellent (and compact) alternative. With its flexible silicone material and universal design, it'll clip easily into place onto any pot, pan, or bowl, minimizing the back and forth of moving food into different bowls for straining. Plus, it's heat resistant up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit, so it'll withstand even your hottest dishes, and it's dishwasher safe for an easy clean.


A fruit infuser water bottle with a convenient removable insert that's incredibly easy to clean

Not only does this fruit infuser water bottle give your H2O a delicious flavor you can take anywhere, but you can remove its convenient insert for an easy clean when you’re finished. Its flip-top lid is leakproof, which keeps water from spilling even when you're on the go, and its nonslip grip helps you hold on tight, minimizing potential accidents. You'll love the variety of different ingredients you can use to flavor your water, from citrus fruits like lemon and lime to delicious berries.


This tooth whitening kit with a powerful stain-removing gel & an LED light tray

If you’ve had trouble removing stains from your teeth, you might want to try this tooth whitening kit, since it effectively whitens teeth with a multi-step process that’s likely to give you results fast. All you have to do is apply the carbamide peroxide gel and pop in the LED lighting tray; in just seven days, you're likely to find that your teeth have grown multiple shades whiter. Each tray is made of medical-grade silicone, which is BPA-free and easy to clean, and its gum-safe design keeps gel from seeping out of place to protect gums from discomfort and irritation.


These packets that change the color of your campfire for a fun rainbow twist

Use these Magical Flames packets to change the color of your bonfire, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly it transforms into a rainbow light show. With just one to three packets at a time, its flames will immediately begin to change color, picking up vibrant rainbow hues for a magical experience like no other. Once you've added your packets, your fire will burn brightly in a variety of colors for over an hour, giving you more than enough time to marvel at the coolest campfire you've ever burned.


These tough & durable meat shredders with a bear-claw shape to help you carve better

Whether you’re whipping up a pulled pork sandwich or a delicious chicken soup, use these tough and durable meat shredders to carve meat faster than ever before. They're designed with a bear claw shape that allows you to pick up hot foods and carry them from place to place while your hands stay safe, and their nonslip grip means you'll be able to keep a hold on them while you work. Use them on brisket, chicken legs, and so much more; they're durable enough to carve even the toughest meats with finesse.


A fogless bathroom mirror that lets you see yourself right after you've stepped out of the shower

Have you ever stepped out of the shower and tried to look at yourself in the mirror, only to find that it’s completely fogged up? Pick up this fogless bathroom mirror, and you’ll be able to start your shave or skincare routine the second you’re ready. All you'll have to do is add warm or hot water to its chamber and stick it to your shower wall, and it'll stay completely clear, so you can see yourself while you scrub or shampoo. Because it's designed with suction cups, you'll be able to detach it whenever you're finished and take it anywhere with you; it's super sleek, so you can easily toss it in your suitcase.


A bacon grease container with a comfortable curved handle & spout for a perfect pour every time

After you've cooked your favorite breakfast, use this bacon grease container to store the excess fat and add a little bacon flavor to your next dish. Its comfortable curved handle fits your hand beautifully without overheating or burning fingers, and its spout lets you pour accurately, so the grease won't splash or spill. Simply fry up your bacon, pour the grease into the strainer (its mesh filter will remove any unwanted particles), and you'll be able to store up to five cups of delicious bacon flavoring.


This 5-piece set of packing cubes to store clothes & make travel significantly easier

The next time you embark on a trip, use this five-piece set of packing cubes to store your clothes, and you’ll find you have much more room in your suitcase for all your essentials. Each cube is designed with a breathable mesh layer that releases odors and reinforced stitching that maintains its sturdy construction, even when your flight goes through turbulence. This particular set works especially well when you're traveling for up to two weeks, and it even comes with a laundry bag that lets you separate out dirty clothes, so you can plan your outfits to a T.


This shoe odor-eliminating spray with a peppermint scent to freshen up your footwear

If you’ve noticed that your favorite footwear has built up an unwanted odor, take care of it with this shoe spray, which works effectively on sneakers, boots, and sandals alike. Not only will it get rid of unwanted odors, but it's made with soothing ingredients like aloe vera and tea tree oil that actually help moisturize dry or cracked feet. Because the bottle is so compact and portable, you can deodorize absolutely anywhere, from the driver's seat of your car to the locker room at the gym.


This 10-pack of vacuum storage bags that can increase your storage space by up to 80%

Running out of room in your closets and drawers? Reach for this 10-pack of vacuum storage bags, which can increase your storage space by up to 80%. They're designed with a double zip seal and a triple seal turbo valve, which means that they'll remove all excess air from each bag without letting any back in. You can use them to store clothes, sheets, towels, blankets, and anything else that takes up lots of space; each pack includes a travel pump, so you can even use these bags the next time you pack a suitcase.


This mosquito-repellent candle that burns for up to 30 hours to keep unwanted bugs at bay

You don’t have to slather your whole body with bug spray to minimize itchy bites; instead, you can pick up this mosquito-repellent candle, which burns for up to 30 hours to keep pests away from your garden parties. It's made with ingredients like citronella, peppermint, and rosemary that naturally repel insects without DEET, which can potentially cause irritation if inhaled; in fact, you're likely to enjoy its pleasant aroma. It comes with a tin lid to keep it conveniently closed when it's not in use, and it's a great choice for all your outdoor spaces, from decks and backyards to beaches and pools.


This 2-pack of flexible grill lights with magnetic bases to keep them secured firmly in place

The next time you’re cooking up burgers and hot dogs, be they meat or veggie, use this two-pack of flexible grill lights to illuminate your dishes and highlight your handiwork. Each light has nine high-density LED bulbs that are just as bright as they are energy efficient, so you can see what you're doing better than ever before. They also have a magnetic base that'll latch onto any metal surface to stay securely in place. You'll also appreciate the flexible goosenecks on each light, which you can move and rotate to face any direction you like, no matter how close or far from your delicious dish they may be.


These professional grade lawn aerator shoes with heavy-duty metal spikes for a healthier lawn

If you're looking to maintain a healthier lawn and grow gorgeous grass, use these professional-grade lawn aerator shoes to increase airflow and hydration in your whole backyard. Not only is it an inexpensive and effective alternative to pricey professional lawn services, but it's simply fun to strap these on and walk around the yard. Each shoe has a sturdy plastic base with strong heel support, 13 heavy-duty metal spikes, and three adjustable straps with strong buckles, all of which are anti-corrosive and highly durable.


These bed sheet straps that hold linens in place, no matter how much you toss & turn

Have you ever wrestled with a fitted sheet, only to find that its corners wouldn't stop popping out of place? Use these bed sheet straps to securely fasten them into place, no matter how much you toss and turn in the night; they'll work with all sorts of fabrics and fit all sorts of sheets, blankets, and duvet covers. All you have to do is open the clamp, pop the fabric into place, close it up, and attach the straps to one another, and since they're fully adjustable, they'll fit beds of any size. They're made with rust-resistant metal clips that are plated with nickel and have a built-in plastic clenching system that keeps even the gentlest fabrics from ripping or tearing.


This easy-to-install bidet attachment with over 13,000 5-star reviews

If you want your bathroom to feel like a spa, reach for this bidet attachment, and when you sit on the toilet, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the lap of luxury. Because it's made of durable, high-quality plastic, it won't rust, and its easy access control dial lets you adjust its pressure and flow to your preferences; it'll have you feeling significantly cleaner than your average wipes or toilet paper. It comes with all the accessories and instructions you need for an easy installation you can adjust to any toilet, and anyone can set it up in a matter of minutes, whether you're new to the world of home improvement or you're a seasoned pro.


This dog bath brush that makes bathtime more convenient for you & your pup

The next time you’re staring at your dog in your bathtub with no clue what to do next, use this dog bath brush (aka the Aquapaw) to give them a comfortable clean they’ll much prefer to the groomer. It has a unique two-in-one design that sprays and scrubs at the same time, which feels amazing on your pet's skin, and its ergonomic design features a one size fits all handle and a button mechanism that easily turns it on and off. You can even use it outdoors since it's made with a hose adapter you can screw on easily for a backyard bath they'll love.


This extendable ceiling fan duster with a detachable microfiber head for hassle-free cleaning

Allergy sufferers will appreciate this extendable ceiling fan duster, which removes dust and debris from hard-to-reach places for a thorough clean; your lungs and sinuses will thank you. You can extend its handle from 27 to 47 inches, so it'll reach the tops of your tallest bookshelves and highest ceiling fans; you can even use it to clean tight crevices and behind furniture. Its microfiber head boasts thousands of fluffy fibers, which trap dust effectively to reduce allergens in your space.


This drill brush attachment that'll powerfully clean surfaces of all kinds, from hardwood to tile

If you’re looking for a powerful clean that works fast, reach for this drill brush attachment; whether you’re scrubbing hardwood, linoleum, or tile, it’ll effectively remove dirt and stains in the blink of an eye. Just pop it into place at the end of your power drill, and its nylon bristles will get to work; its extended reach attachment helps you reach smaller spaces like stove grates and crevices in your car, and it'll fit most cordless drills. Each color corresponds to a different bristle density, which means each brush works best in a different area of your home, so you can choose the attachment that's right for you.


These LED flashlight gloves that are stretchy & versatile enough for all your nighttime adventures

Whether you’re night fishing or fixing up your car on the side of the road, these LED flashlight gloves will illuminate your handiwork without your having to hold a heavy flashlight. Because they're made of stretchy polyester fabric, one size should fit most hands, regardless of size or gender, and they're equipped with bright LED lights that give you a serious boost of visibility. When you buy, you'll also receive two included batteries and a screwdriver to make replacements easier. Each battery lasts up to 30 hours, so you’ll be able to run, bike, and navigate through the darkness as often as you need.


These beer chiller sticks with advanced cooling technology that keeps drinks colder for longer

Give these beer chiller sticks as a gift to your favorite beverage enthusiast, and they’ll have a new must-have accessory for poolside hangouts and parties on the patio. Each stick is designed with advanced cooling technology; just store it in the freezer for 45 minutes before use, and when you pop it in your drink, you'll stabilize its temperature for much longer than your average ice cubes. Because it's made of stainless steel, there's nothing to melt or interfere with the taste of your favorite drink, and when you're finished, simply wash it, dry it, and stick it back in the freezer for your next cold beverage.


These laundry detergent sheets with a fresh linen scent that makes your clothes smell amazing

Not only are these laundry detergent sheets infused with a fresh linen scent that gives your clothes a sweet-smelling boost of fragrance, but they’re safe to use with colors and whites alike, and they’ll withstand any water temperature. Just take a sheet from the fully recyclable box and drop it into the washing machine, and you're good to go; each sheet is septic-safe, so it won't mess with your pipes. The best part? Both the sheets and their packaging are completely plastic-free, making them an effective alternative to unwieldy plastic jugs that are significantly kinder to the planet.


This neoprene car seat gap filler that keeps your essential items from falling through the cracks

Instead of dropping your phone, keys, or snacks into the crevices, pick up this neoprene car seat gap filler, and your objects will remain close by, even if you happen to drop something. It'll attach to the seat belt catch and move with your seat, so there's no need for constant readjustment, and one size fits most vehicles, making it a universally effective product you can use with any car. When you buy, you'll receive two seat gap fillers, so you can give one to another passenger who might benefit from the loss of that cavernous space in between car seats.


This TV stick that lets you stream over 1 million movies & shows at the touch of a button

So maybe you aren’t paying for cable anymore, but you miss the ability to access live television whenever you want to watch; that’s where this Amazon Fire TV stick comes in. All you have to do is plug it in, turn on the TV, and connect it to the internet for an incredibly easy setup process; once you're finished, you'll be able to access more than a million movies and shows, not to mention watching live television with subscriptions to services like YouTube TV. As a bonus, the remote boasts an Alexa voice function, which lets you search and start your favorite shows with just a word or two.


This vacuum sealer machine for heavy-duty preservation that lasts up to 25 days at a time

Take your cling wrap and tinfoil game to the next level with this vacuum sealer machine, which you can use to preserve foods of all kinds for up to 25 days at a time. Each machine comes with five buttons that are incredibly easy to operate; its wet pumping function works best with cured meat and seafood, and its dry mode is best for fruits, vegetables, and snacks of all shapes and sizes. It's also incredibly compact and weighs just a little under three pounds, so you can store it easily in cabinets and drawers to save kitchen space while you cook or clean.


A clip-on ring light with 5 brightness levels to customize your glow at the touch of a button

Whether you’re logging onto a FaceTime call or snapping a cute selfie, you can use this clip-on ring light for a glow that goes everywhere with you. With five brightness levels, you can easily adjust to your surroundings, no matter how dark or light it may be in your space, and you can choose between three lighting modes (cold, natural, and warm) to best suit your vibe. Because it's so compact, you can easily toss it in your bag for a portable option that’s significantly easier to carry around than your standard ring light, so you can film anywhere and everywhere you please.


This beard grooming apron that catches stray clippings to keep your sink clean & clog-free

If you’ve ever trimmed your beard and balked at the hairy aftermath in your sink, try this beard grooming apron, which catches stray clippings to keep your bathroom clean and clog-free. Simply use the suction cups on either end to attach it to your bathroom mirror and shave away; when you're finished, you can take it down and pour it into the trash for a hassle-free clean. Its super slick material lets hair slide off easily when you're finished, and it's been featured on Shark Tank, which makes it a fun addition to your grooming arsenal.


This space-saving hanger that conveniently stores & displays your vintage denim collection

This space-saving hanger is perfect for all your favorite pairs of pants since it’s made with five sturdy tiers that’ll keep your jeans and slacks securely in place. It's made of high-quality beech wood, which is built to last for years to come and won't bend or collapse under heavy weights; it also boasts a 360-degree swivel design that makes removal a breeze. When you buy, you'll receive two hangers, both of which will vertically stack your pants, scarves, or accessories to save you valuable closet space.


This large salad spinner with a nonslip knob that locks down for convenient storage

Use this large salad spinner to craft the Caesar of your dreams, and when you’re finished spinning, you can lock it into place for convenient storage in the fridge. Its patented pump mechanism makes it easier than ever to evenly distribute dressings and ingredients, and its soft, nonslip knob is gentle on hands; you can use the patented brake to stop its spinning in a matter of moments. Plus, its clear bowl is elegant and versatile enough to serve to your family or guests right away.


A cordless patio umbrella light with a strong adjustable clamp to lock it securely into place

Conversations with loved ones in your backyard make treasured memories that'll last a lifetime; illuminate them with this cordless patio umbrella light, which features an adjustable clamp that locks it firmly into place. It's equipped with three brightness modes for a customizable glow; just press the button once for four LED lights, twice for 24 lights, and three times for 28 lights (aka maximum brightness). It's much more energy efficient than non-LED lights, and all you'll need are four AA batteries to keep the garden party going.


These soft satin pillowcases that help hair & skin stay healthier than ever while you sleep

Take the term “beauty rest” literally with these soft satin pillowcases, which are incredibly gentle on hair and skin to keep them healthy while you sleep. Because they're so soft, they'll help reduce friction and prevent split ends; whether you have sensitive or oily skin, they’re smooth enough to help you heal, and hair that ranges from fine to thick will look and feel better than ever in the morning. Plus, they're available in a wide array of gorgeous colors, so you can match them to your bedsheets and decorations for a stunning complement to your space.


This convenient Bluetooth tracker that helps you locate your belongings from up to 250 feet away

If you have a strong tendency to misplace your keys or wallet, look no further than this convenient Bluetooth tracker for an easy solution you can rely on. Just attach it to your essential items, and when you can't find what you're looking for, you can open the app on your phone; when you're within 250 feet of the misplaced item, it'll ring, and when you're further away, it'll show you its most recent location on a map. Plus, it's water-resistant for beach and poolside use, and its powerful battery lasts for up to three years.


These produce-saving sheets that extend the shelf life of your latest farmer's market haul

Nobody likes throwing away a delicious fruit or vegetable because it’s gone bad faster than expected; with these produce-saving sheets, you can extend the shelf life of your latest farmer’s market haul, preventing food waste and saving you money in the long term. When you buy, you'll receive 24 reusable sheets, each of which should work for up to a month at a time, so you can be sure you're getting an excellent deal. Plus, each sheet is biodegradable and compostable, so you can feel confident about your purchase, whether you frequent the produce aisle or you're just beginning to incorporate more fruits and veggies into your diet.


This super-absorbent microfiber towel that's compact enough to carry just about anywhere

Whether you’re embarking on a camping trip or simply hitting the gym, pack this super absorbent microfiber towel in your bag for a portable way to dry off fast. It's made of a super soft microfiber material that feels like suede on your skin, and it'll absorb up to five times its weight in water, only to dry quickly so you can stash it back in your bag. Another bonus? It repels sand, so you can take it with you to the beach to dry off after all your ocean adventures without filling up your backpack or tote bag with any beachy debris.


A deep-tissue massager that helps provides instant relief from muscular aches

This deep-tissue massager can help provide your tired muscles with powerful relief from aches. Each massager comes with 10 different massage heads, all of which are specifically designed for a different muscle group but which you can use interchangeably. Its ultra-quiet design means it'll work effectively without making noise, so you can use it in public or at night without disturbing others, and it's small and lightweight enough to bring on the go.


This genius bathtub hair catcher that has over 84,000 5-star reviews on Amazon

Hiring a plumber can be prohibitively expensive, drain snakes don’t always work, and drain cleaners are often formulated with harsh ingredients that might irritate your airways; that’s where this bathtub hair catcher comes in. With a mushroom-shaped design that's just as adorable as it is effective, it'll sit securely in your drain to catch excess hair, which will wrap around its cylindrical center. When you step out of the shower, you can lift it up and dispose of the hair to keep your pipes running smoothly for months to come; its universal size will fit neatly inside most drains, so you can buy with confidence.


This beard straightening tool that heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for styles that last

Give your facial hair the salon treatment with this beard straightening tool, which makes your locks look sleek and shiny in a matter of moments. It comes with three temperature settings to best accommodate the texture and thickness of your hair, and it can reach temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, so it'll tame even the most stubborn beards. You'll also appreciate its 360-degree swivel cord, which lets you shape and straighten from any angle, and its LED temperature display, which shows you how hot it's gotten at any given moment.


This ingenious fabric tool that removes lint, fuzz, & pilling to prolong the lives of your clothes

Whether you’re always finding debris on your jeans or your favorite sweater has begun to pill, pick up this ingenious fabric tool to remove lint, fuzz, and pilling fast, so you’ll be ready to strut your stuff in no time. It's designed with sharp and durable blades that last for years to come, and its adjustable height spacer keeps those blades away from your garments themselves, so you can be sure that your clothes will stay snag-free. Use it on sweaters, blankets, upholstery, and more; because your favorite pieces will last longer, you can save money on costly replacements and keep wearing the clothes you love.


A foldable Bluetooth keyboard you can pack in your bag while traveling

Typing on your phone can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to write something long or complicated; pack this foldable Bluetooth keyboard in your bag for ease and efficiency. Because it comes in the same standard size as a desktop keyboard, it makes for a familiar typing experience that lets you focus on the task at hand without technological distractions. One charge will last for up to 40 hours of continuous use, so you can trust that its battery life will last through all your most important written tasks, and if you're going on a trip, you might not even need to bring the charger.


This portable neck fan for 360-degree air movement that keeps you cool on hot days

When the heat is unbearable, reach for this portable neck fan, and you’ll receive a cooling burst of air that’ll make you feel better fast. Simply place it around your neck and press the power button, and it'll emit cool air at one of three speeds; with its hands-free design, you can complete other tasks with ease while you cool off. Once you've charged it up, it can last for up to 16 hours, so even if you're out of the house all day, you can trust that it’ll continue to beat hot temperatures. It also runs quietly so as not to bother you or those around you.


This lightweight claw grabber tool that minimizes the need for a tall friend or family member

If you’re tired of asking your taller friends and family members to help you reach high shelves, invest in this lightweight claw grabber tool, which you can use to pick up faraway objects with the utmost ease. Made with a premium aluminum alloy, it can comfortably hold up to three pounds at once, and its comfortable handle is gentle on your joints and muscles; it's also safe for children to use, so they can reach their favorite books and toys with a certain measure of independence. It also makes an excellent choice for seniors or surgical patients who don't want to strain themselves trying to reach an object they need, since it's both effective and easy to use.


This portable water filter that makes it easy to hydrate when you're camping & traveling

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a situation where you had limited access to potable water? On your next outdoorsy adventure, pack this portable water filter in your bag for peace of mind and the knowledge that you’ll be able to hydrate, no matter what. Its microfiltration membrane effectively removes over 99% of waterborne bacteria (like E.Coli and Salmonella) and parasites (like Giardia and Cryptosporidium). It'll also filter away microplastics, which serve as a potential source of harmful pollution to your body. This handy straw is effective until you've used it to drink approximately 1,000 gallons of water.


These power banks that charge USB devices fast to keep you plugged in

These portable power banks will keep your phone charged through long concerts (hello, Eras tour), plane rides, and camping trips to keep you successfully plugged into the world around you. Each power bank is designed with two USB-A ports, a USB-C port, and a micro input to give you a litany of recharging options, so you can choose the outlet that best fits your device. It's equipped with a high-density lithium polymer battery module, which is super small but has a huge battery capacity and protects against short-circuiting for maximum safety. These banks are also great to have on hand in case of a power outage at home.


This broom holder & garden tool organizer you can mount on your wall to save garage space

Mount this broom holder and garden tool organizer on your garage wall to save space and keep your essential items well within reach whenever you need them. Because it's built with 11 total storage spots (five slots for tools with long handles and six hooks), you'll be able to store brooms, mops, brushes, and everything else you regularly use to keep your house clean. Each one can comfortably hold up to 35 pounds, so you can hang even your heaviest tools and trust that they'll stay securely in place until you're ready to use them.