Caroline Reinstadtler

Caroline Reinstadtler is a commerce/lifestyle writer at Bustle. Before joining the team, she wrote for HerCampus and SheSources (where she continues to publish her work, usually regarding queer culture and social justice). She is passionate about creative storytelling that drives kindness and positive change, and as a lifelong shopping aficionado, she is more than equipped to help readers find products they’ll love.

Caroline earned her degree in Drama from New York University, where she wrote creatively for the duration of her four years. In addition to her journalistic work, she is an acclaimed singer/songwriter under the name ‘Caroline Elise.’ Caroline’s music, a delightful rock-and-country infused pop with a signature romantic guitar sound, is accompanied by her fairytale voice, and she has been featured in publications such as Tonic Grain, HQIndie, and Roadie Music.

Caroline lives in Brooklyn with her cat, Sophie, where she writes short stories, poetry, and music as often as possible. Controversially, her favorite Taylor Swift song is “Gold Rush.”