50 dope new things under $35 on Amazon

These must-haves are all wallet-friendly.

ByCaroline Reinstadtler
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Whether you’re gift shopping for somebody special or treating yourself, there’s nothing quite like the sinking feeling when you realize that the product you initially had your eye on is actually... really expensive. That’s where this list comes in: all of these gadgets will have you hitting “add to cart” immediately, and all of them cost less than $35.

From detangling brushes for happier hair to magnetic key holders that keep you from locking yourself out, you’ll be astonished by just how many of these new things you didn’t know you needed.


A compact table fan that’s small but mighty (& comes in the cutest colors)

If you’ve stubbornly refused to install an AC in your apartment and you’re beginning to feel the heat, invest in this compact table fan for a gentle breeze you can take anywhere (and that won’t run up your electric bill). Its signature design efficiently circulates the air in your space for a cooling effect that feels absolutely amazing, and you can choose between its two speeds with a manual control that's super easy to use. Plus, you can tilt its adjustable head to blow air wherever you need it most, whether you're working at your desk or getting a good night’s sleep.


This scalp massager & shampoo brush for a deep clean that stimulates growth

Take your shower game to the next level with this scalp massager and shampoo brush, which thoroughly cleans hair and stimulates growth. You'll love the feeling of a luxurious massage every time you shampoo. It's made of high-quality food-grade silicone, which ensures it’ll last for many showers to come, and it’s made without potential irritants like phthalates and BPA; it’ll remove dandruff and debris much better than your fingernails (and your hair might just grow a little faster than it was prior).


This cute magnetic key holder to keep you from getting locked out

Every time you spot this magnetic key holder on your wall, you’ll remember to snag your keychain on the way out the door, so it’s adorable and practical at the same time. It's designed with three strong magnets that can hold up to three iron keychains at a time, and it can comfortably carry 180 grams of weight at a time without budging for a second. If you're new or semi-new to the world of home improvement, you can still install this sweet accessory without any trouble at all; all you have to do is peel off its adhesive sticker and press it firmly against any flat surface.


This chic ottoman that doubles as a roomy storage container for books, clothes, & toys

If you have more treasured belongings than you have room in your house, you might want to invest in this chic ottoman, which provides ample storage for books, clothes, toys, and anything else that needs a home. Because it's filled with high-density foam and covered in a classic linen fabric, it's just as functional as a piece of furniture as it is a container for your miscellaneous items; you can sit or rest your feet on top of it with the utmost comfort. With a storage capacity of six gallons, you'll find that it has more than enough room for just about anything you'd like to organize, including home essentials like linens and pillows, and you can set it up in a matter of moments.


These over-ear headphones you can wear comfortably while you fall asleep at night

Listening to music or a podcast while you fall asleep can be incredibly comforting. Wearing bulky headphones to bed? Less so — that’s where these over-ear headphones come in. Its Bluetooth capability lets you connect it with your device from a distance, so you won't get tangled up in wires while you toss and turn, and its immersive stereo sounds give you an elite listening experience to prepare you for the best dreams ever. Plus, you can wear it to work out, since it'll keep your hair out of your face while you sweat, and its rechargeable lithium battery gives you up to 10 hours of continuous sound.


This rechargeable closet light that’s motion-activated to illuminate your wardrobe

This rechargeable closet light helps you choose an outfit you’ll love each morning by illuminating all your favorite pieces, so you can design a Clueless-worthy ensemble. You can use it with motion activation, which turns on automatically when it detects movement within three meters, or simply use its built-in switch if you'd like it to stay on for a prolonged period of time. Plus, you can recharge it with any standard USB charger, and with just one full charge, it'll last for up to four hours of constant illumination or two months in motion-activation mode.


A dish soap dispenser that gives you just the right amount every time to reduce waste

With this dish soap dispenser, you can make each bottle of cleaning solution last, since it’ll give you just the right amount every time (and not a drop more). Its convenient caddy places sponges, rags, and scouring pads within reach and away from stagnant water, so you can keep using them for longer than ever before, and its one-handed dispensing design streamlines your dishwashing process for a faster clean. It'll work with all kinds of liquid soaps, reducing the area on your kitchen counter that gets wet and sudsy in the crossfire of your nightly kitchen routine.


This food container lid organizer with 5 adjustable dividers for easy storage

This food container lid organizer makes it super easy to keep your leftovers fresh since all your Tupperware will be in order. It's designed with five adjustable dividers, four of which are short to accommodate smaller lids and one of which is long to keep the big guys organized, and it'll accommodate lids up to nine inches wide. You'll also appreciate its built-in handles, which make it super easy to grab and slide for convenient access when you're ready to refrigerate your favorite pasta dish.


This mini cordless rotary tool with 61 accessories for all your home improvement needs

Whether you're carving, sanding, polishing, or cutting, it's never a bad idea to invest in this mini cordless rotary tool, which comes with 61 functional accessories that'll help with all sorts of projects. With five different speed adjustments, you can customize it to the task at hand, which allows for maximum safety and care while you work. It's made with a rechargeable battery that will run for up to 200 minutes at a time with just one charge, which makes it easier to tackle large projects with fewer breaks.


This desk cable holder with an adhesive back to stick to flat surfaces

Keep your cords in order with this desk cable holder, which sticks to flat surfaces of all kinds with its strong adhesive back. Each cable holder comes with four slots, each of which will comfortably hold cords of up to seven millimeters in width, and the installation process is super easy: just peel off its backing and stick it onto your desk, nightstand, or dashboard. When you buy, you'll receive three holders, so you can stash them all over your home for better organization in just about every room of the house.


A wine aerator set that improves the taste & smell of your favorite beverage

You can use this wine aerator set to improve the taste and smell of your favorite beverage for a superior sip every time. It'll infuse the right amount of oxygen into your glass every time (as indicated by the air bubbles you'll see when you pour), and its plate regulator will spread out the wine as it flows through the device for maximum air exposure. When you buy, you’ll receive two aerators, so you can share them with a sommelier friend or keep an extra on hand in case of special occasions.


An acrylic cell phone stand you can use for hands-free calls & easier gaming

With this acrylic cell phone stand, you’ll find it easier than ever before to beat a new level of your favorite game or to call a friend while your hands are otherwise occupied. It's compatible with phones of all shapes, sizes, and models, and it's made of durable acrylic; plus, its rubber pads protect your phone while you scroll. This stand is an especially great choice if you've ever suffered from "tech neck," since it'll bring your phone closer to your face, reducing neck and back strain and improving your posture.


An extendable ceiling fan duster with a detachable microfiber head for convenient cleaning

Allergy sufferers will appreciate this extendable ceiling fan duster for its capacity to clean debris out of hard-to-reach spots, no matter how high up or tucked away they may be. Its large microfiber head is made of thousands of fluffy fibers, which trap dust on contact for immediate removal without the use of any potentially irritating chemical cleaners; if you're dusting off an especially tall piece of furniture, you can extend its detachable handle up to 47 inches for an increased reach that really works. Plus, it's reusable, so you won't need to buy and throw away any disposable components; when you're ready to clean it off, just slide the head off the handle and wash it with warm water.


A translucent phone grip with an expanding kickstand so you can use your device with just one hand

PopSockets are well-known as some of the best phone accessories on the market for a reason; these translucent phone grips give you a firm handle on your device, so you can use it with just one hand at a time and trust it’ll stay in place. It's compatible with just about every phone case, wallet, or mount you can imagine; all you have to do is stick it on with its strong adhesive backing and reposition it wherever you'd like it to go. The best part? If you're craving a change, you can swap out the top for another design by simply pressing it flat and turning it 90 degrees until you hear a click.


A gently detangling brush that glides through knots in just about any hair type or texture

If your hair tends to tangle easily and you can’t stand the painful process of combing through the knots, give this gently detangling brush a try; its uniquely designed cone-shaped bristles separate your hair sideways instead of downwards, which unravels tangles much more easily than its counterparts on the market. It'll work beautifully with hair of just about any texture, and you can use it when your locks are wet or dry since it won't yank or pull; you can even use its bristles to give yourself a much-deserved scalp massage.


These aromatherapy steamers that turn your shower into a luxurious spa experience

These aromatherapy steamers will add some serious shower power to your daily routine — they're made with pleasantly strong essential oils, and they're unbelievably easy to use. When you buy, you’ll receive six sweet scents, which include grapefruit, lemongrass/coconut, and menthol/eucalyptus; simply choose the one that best fits your mood and take it in the shower for a calming olfactory experience that’ll lift your spirits and help you relax. Plus, each steamer is made without the use of animal testing and is fully vegan, so you can trust that your purchase is just as kind to your four-legged friends as it is to your emotional well-being.


An exfoliating brush that soothes irritated skin for a closer, gentler shave every time

Add this exfoliating brush to your shaving routine, and you just might notice that the razor bumps and ingrown hairs that used to plague you have all but disappeared. Just massage it lightly in a circular motion, and not only will it give you a much more thorough clean, but it'll slough away dead skin and increase circulation (so basically, it has superpowers). Use it before shaving, spray tans, waxing, or electrolysis for a much more successful treatment every time; it's even gentle enough to use on your bikini area.


This rechargeable electric lighter with a long handle that keeps your hands away from the flames

Whether you’ve read the novel by Celeste Ng or not, you’ll be able to start little fires everywhere with this rechargeable electric lighter. Its extra-long wand keeps your hands away from the flames, and when you've charged it for just an hour, its battery life will last for days on end, making it an excellent choice for beach bonfires and camping trips. If the weather is getting you down, you can still start a fire with this lighter, since it'll resist wind and rain to create a spark that'll quickly and effectively light up the night.


This gorgeous glass teapot with an infuser to brew the perfect cup every time

Tea enthusiasts will absolutely adore this gorgeous glass teapot, which features an infuser built into the lid, so all you have to do is pick your favorite blend and let it brew. It's large enough to brew up to four cups at once, making it a great pick for group lunch dates and tea parties, and its spill-proof spout ensures that the tea you pour will go directly into the cup (and not on the table). Because it's made of durable, high-quality ingredients like glass and stainless steel, you know it'll last for years to come, so you can sip on a piping hot mug of peppermint or chamomile with the utmost ease.


These heat-resistant cooking gloves that help protect your hands from burns

Whether you’re baking a tray of your favorite chocolate chip cookies or developing a new recipe on the grill, these heat-resistant cooking gloves will keep your hands out of harm’s way. Their strong fabric resists cuts and tears and withstands temperatures up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit, so no matter how hot the grill might get, your fingers will be safe from painful burns. Plus, their flexible design gives your fingers room to grasp and move freely, so you can safely carry pots and pans of all shapes and sizes from one place to the next.


This stainless steel salad chopper to save you money on custom bowls at lunchtime

If you’ve developed something of an obsession with a certain fast-casual salad chain, invest in this stainless steel salad chopper to save money on the custom bowls you love at lunchtime. All you have to do is place your desired veggies and lettuce into a bowl and move the chopper back and forth in a rocking motion; its sharp blade will chop your ingredients to your desired size and texture, so all you have to do is dig in. Plus, each chopper comes with blade protectors that keep your fingers safe in between uses, especially if you're rummaging blindly through a full kitchen drawer.


This knife sharpener for blades of all shapes & sizes, including serrated ones

Keep your cutlery in mint condition with this knife sharpener, which works beautifully on blades of all shapes and sizes — even serrated knives. Its tungsten carbide material will help extend the lifespan of just about any knife; all you have to do is move it back and forth through the sharpener about three or four times with light strokes, and your knives will be sharper than ever. You'll also appreciate its hands-free suction cup base, which attaches securely to your counter or table for safer sharpening, and its electricity-free design, which you won’t need to plug in or power up to level up your cutlery.


This stylish pineapple corer that slices in seconds with its sharp stainless steel blade

Not only will this stylish pineapple corer slice your favorite fruit to perfection in a matter of seconds, but its adorable yellow design is evocative of tropical vacations and hot summer nights. Simply cut off the top of the pineapple, press the corer from top to bottom with a spinning motion, and pull it out; you'll have delicious pineapple rings for days (and your barbecue guests will thank you). You can use it to chop the whole fruit all at once or just go with one slice at a time, so whether you're meal prepping for the week or party prepping for a special night, you'll be more than satisfied.


This handheld electric milk frother with a titanium motor for at-home baristas

Instead of dropping seven dollars on a bougie drink from the coffee shop, you can use this handheld electric milk frother to concoct the beverage of your dreams in a matter of moments. Its powerful titanium motor and spiral whisk will whip up liquids into a rich foam faster than you can say "cappuccino," and its comfortable grip makes it super easy to use; all you have to do is press the power button. You can use it to make delicious coffee drinks, of course, but it's also great to use with matcha, superfood powders, and (of course) a rich cup of hot chocolate with a little extra flair.


This extra-strength callus remover with tea tree oil & a delicious lemon scent

Bring the salon to your bathroom with this extra-strength callus remover, which can help you give yourself a top-quality pedicure without taking a chunk out of your paycheck. Just apply it to the offending area and use a foot file or pumice pad to remove calluses and treat dry, cracked heels; in just three to five minutes, you'll notice a huge difference. Plus, it's made with top-quality ingredients like tea tree oil, which soothes while they smooth, and it's made without the use of animal testing, so you can feel better about your buy.


This 2-tier multipurpose organizer with storage bins you can slide out to save space

If the area under your kitchen or bathroom sink usually tends to look like a strong wind has just blown through, invest in this two-tier multipurpose organizer to save space and keep your belongings in order. Each organizer boasts two removable baskets, which stack on top of one another to clear up valuable real estate in your cabinets, and each basket comes with two adjustable dividers to help you keep your stuff in order. You can even use it as a desk organizer to store pens, pencils, and staplers.


This rug gripper that keeps corners from curling up, so your carpet will stay securely in place

If the corners of your carpets keep curling up, invest in this rug gripper, and not only will your carpets lay flat, but your wood floors will stay perfectly safe, since it’s designed with a rubber layer that protects against damage. It's made with a weatherproof adhesive that works well with indoor and outdoor rugs alike, so whether you use them in your living room or kitchen or on the patio, you can trust that a little rain won't cause them to lose their power. Just peel away its adhesive backing, press it firmly into place on your carpet, and admire your newly elevated living room.


This fly deterrent fan with holographic blades that keep pesky bugs at bay

If you’re sick of drenching yourself in bug spray and you’re not partial to the smell of citronella, reach for this fly deterrent fan, which keeps insects at bay with its ingenious design. So how does it work? Its blades are designed with a holographic pattern that refracts light while it spins, which creates a deterring effect for bugs and mosquitos, who won't want to come anywhere near it; just switch it on and get ready to enjoy your time in the great outdoors (or your backyard — same difference). Because it's battery-powered and incredibly lightweight, you can toss it in your backpack and take it on camping trips to ward off insects wherever you go with just the touch of a button.


This silk satin pillowcase that's made of a super soft fabric to protect your hair & skin while you sleep

When you buy this silk satin pillowcase, you’re making a commitment to your hair and skin that you’ll take amazing care of them, even in your sleep. It's made of a super soft polyester fabric that's sturdier and more affordable than classic silk, and it's available in a ton of cute colors, so you can match it to your bedroom decor. This pillowcase may help minimize breakage in your hair by creating less friction than its counterparts of different materials, and it won't absorb the moisture from your hair, which is especially helpful when you're rocking a full head of curls.


This car seat gap filler that keeps your belongings from falling into the crevices

If you’ve ever dropped your phone, keys, or wallet into the crevices between car seats, it might be time to invest in this car seat gap filler, which keeps your belongings from falling into the abyss, never to return. It provides full coverage in front of, around, and behind your seat belt catch, which covers all the areas where you might be most likely to drop your things; just attach it to your seat belt with its built-in slot, and it'll move with your seat, so you'll barely ever have to readjust or reinstall. Bonus: It was seen on Shark Tank, which you can mention proudly to your friends and family while you embark on the road trip of a lifetime (or just drive to the grocery store).


This phone holder that you can mount on your dashboard or windshield for easy navigation

When you’re driving from Point A to Point B, use this phone holder to keep one hand on the wheel and one on your navigation app for maximum safety (no more looking down at your lap while you drive). It's designed with a patented Easy One Touch mechanism, which lets you mount your phone and take it back down with just one hand in a matter of moments, and its telescoping arm extends up to six inches and pivots on a 260-degree arc, so you can customize your driving experience. Plus, its universal design will comfortably hold phones and cases of all sizes, from about two to three and a half inches in width.


This mini trash can that sits on your countertop so you can easily dispose of your debris

Instead of letting clutter and garbage accumulate on your countertop, use this mini trash can to collect debris while you cook, bake, or brew a cup of coffee. Its compact design takes up very little counter space, and its swing-top lid makes it easier than ever to throw away smaller pieces of trash, from tea bags to tissues and everything in between. Plus, it's made of 100% brushed stainless steel, so it's incredibly durable, resisting rust, stains, and fingerprints for long-term use (and its classic design matches just about every kitchen).


A cast iron burger press that makes you feel like a professional chef

If you’re cooking up a delicious meal of homemade hamburgers on the grill, use this cast iron burger press, and you’ll feel like your favorite professional chef while you work. This pre-seasoned press is made with both stainless steel and cast iron, creating a flavorful patty that's consistent with your culinary vision every time, complete with crispy edges and a juicy, delicious center. This set even includes a chainmail scrubber and pan scraper, for convenience after your meal as well.


This bright & sunny insulated water bottle with a cute carry loop & a leakproof lid

If you’re looking for a way to stay hydrated, reach for this bright and sunny water bottle, which is available in a variety of chic colors to complement your style. Its double wall insulation keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours at a time, and its wide opening makes it incredibly easy to clean and add ice, so if you like your water extra cold, this is the bottle for you. You'll also appreciate its FreeSip spout, which you can use to sip your drink through its built-in straw or through its wide mouth by tilting it back. It's also dishwasher-safe for an easy clean.


This heavy-duty umbrella with a windproof design to help keep you safe from the elements

When your tiny umbrella just isn’t cutting it anymore, reach for this heavy-duty umbrella, and you’ll have all the protection you need to brave the elements (or simply step outside on a rainy day). Its C-shaped handle makes it easy to carry with just one hand at a time, and its windproof technology provides protection on blustery days that might turn an average umbrella inside out. It's designed with a reverse folding frame, which keeps rain from dripping out when the umbrella is folded up, so you can hang it on your door handle or stash it by your entryway without creating a puddle.


These cooling towels for instant relief after a particularly sweaty workout

Whether you prefer biking, hot yoga, or a long run outside, reach for these cooling towels when you're finished for instant relief from the heat. Just soak it in water, wring it out, and place it around your neck or anywhere you'd like to feel a cooling sensation, and it'll work in a matter of moments to help bring down your body temperature. Plus, you can choose from a variety of gorgeous colors, and you can even style it as a headband or bandana that secretly provides you with serious relief.


An extra large outdoor blanket with a convenient tote for easy transportation

Whether you’re setting up camp at the beach or preparing for a lovely picnic in the bark, use this extra-large outdoor blanket for a stylish foundation that’s big enough to accommodate all your snacks and accessories. Its waterproof PEVA backing keeps moisture away from your belongings, which makes cleanup a breeze, and you can choose from a variety of adorable designs, from classic plaid to colorful stripes. All you have to do is fold it up and carry it from place to place with the convenient strap or handle, and suddenly you'll be proposing picnics in the group chat on a regular basis.


A wireless doorbell that's incredibly easy to install & comes with all the hardware you need

Even if you’re new to the world of home improvement, this wireless doorbell will make a great addition to the front door of your house, business, or classroom, and it’s shockingly easy to install. You can configure your system so that each of your receivers will ring with a different chime, so anyone who's at home will know which door to open, and the receiver and transmitter will connect from up to 1000 feet away, making it a great option for larger homes. Plus, it comes with everything you need to make the installation process run smoothly.


A magnetic wristband that holds screws, nails, and drill bits within reach while you build

Give this magnetic wristband as a gift to a loved one who’s particularly handy, and it’ll help them build furniture and fix up old maintenance issues with the utmost ease. Each wristband contains 10 super strong magnets, which will hold screws, bolts, drill bits, and any other magnetic pieces while you work on your latest project; this can be particularly helpful when you're putting together something that comes with a finite amount of nuts and bolts since it'll keep them from rolling away. Not only can you wear it on your wrist, but you can strap it to your belt and/or hang it above your workbench for convenience while you hone your carpentry skills.


These plant bulbs that will water your favorite flowers automatically while you're away

Whether you're going on vacation or simply need a little help keeping your favorite flowers alive, these plant bulbs will support you in your efforts to develop a green thumb (and look stunning while they do it). All you have to do is fill each bulb with water, flip it over, and press it into the soil, and it will water your plants on its own for up to two weeks at a time, so you can get out of town without worrying about your baby monstera. You'll also love the gorgeous glass design of these bulbs, which come in fun colors to give your garden a glow-up.


This charming bird feeder with a delightful cactus design to brighten up your backyard

Put this charming bird feeder up in your backyard, and the hummingbirds in your neighborhood will quickly learn that your home is the place to be when they’re in need of a treat. You can fill its wide-mouth bottle from the top to minimize mess, and birds can use its five floral feeding ports, which are super soft and flexible, to take a delicious drink anytime. Plus, each feeding station includes a removable perch that gives birds a place to rest while they refuel, and its patented gasket creates a leakproof seal around its base; cactuses may normally appear in the desert, but with this feeder, birds will know that your home is anything but.


This dog brush shower attachment that acts as a sprayer & scrubber for easier bathing

If your pet often refuses to sit still in the bath, this dog brush shower attachment might be what they need to enjoy the grooming process. Its genius two-in-one design combines the capabilities of a sprayer and a scrubber into one device that's super easy to use; just connect it to your tap, showerhead, or garden hose, and the bathing process will go quicker than ever before. Plus, its ergonomic design is kind to hands.


A digital meat thermometer that instantly detects the temperature of whatever you're making

If you’re making a dish with a recipe that requires a specific temperature, you can use this digital meat thermometer for instant detection and maximum accuracy. It's precalibrated to take the temperature of your food accurately in just three seconds, and its automatic on/off system means you just have to open and close its probe whenever you're ready to use it. Plus, it's waterproof, so you can use it with dishes of just about any texture (and even to detect the temperature of your favorite beverages); when you're done, you can mount it on your fridge with its internal magnet.


An electric kettle with a stainless steel filter & a wide mouth for easy cleanup

Because it’s made of durable materials like borosilicate glass and stainless steel, this electric kettle will help you whip up cups of coffee, tea, and matcha for years to come. It's equipped with an automatic shutoff function that stops boiling 30 seconds after your water has reached the right temperature, and its dripless spout gives you an easy, accurate pour every time. You'll also appreciate its wider opening, which lets you get rid of residue or limescale with lemon juice or baking soda, so you can get back to brewing your favorite beverages.


A pack of LED solar lights that’ll brighten up your home’s exterior

Use these wireless garden lights to illuminate your outdoor area without any tricky wires or cords; because they're solar-powered, they'll charge all day long in the sunshine and turn on automatically at night to light up your garden, backyard, or patio. Each light lasts for up to 12 hours at a time, so you can be sure that your area will stay bright for as long as you like, and each one is weather resistant, so no matter what sort of rain, wind, hail, or sleet you might receive, your lights will be good to go. Plus, they come in a pack of six, so you'll have more than enough to illuminate larger areas without the use of larger or bulkier lights (and they're cost-effective, too).


A magnetic screen door that seals on its own to keep insects out with heavy-duty mesh

This magnetic screen door is unbelievably easy to install: just attach it to your door frame with the included adhesive strips, and its heavy-duty mesh material will allow air to circulate while keeping bugs at bay. Each one is equipped with 30 powerful magnets, so you can trust that it'll stay securely in place no matter how much foot traffic it receives, and the magnets run along the length of the entire frame for an even installation. As a bonus, it's lightweight enough that children and pets can walk through at their leisure, and its hands-free design means you can enter and exit your space even when you’re carrying a ton of stuff.


This balcony privacy screen that provides protection from harsh weather & UV rays

Because it's made of high-density polyethylene material, this balcony privacy screen allows a breeze and light to pass through, but it blocks out bad weather and 90% of UV rays for your comfort. It's incredibly easy to install with a set of zip ties, which is included with your purchase, and you won't need any tools or professional help to spruce up your balcony. You can install it on or around your patio, swimming pool, or even as window shades for maximum privacy in a wide variety of spaces; it’s so affordable that you might even want to buy more than one.


This foam wedge pillow with nearly 13,000 5-star reviews on Amazon

With its 45-degree incline design, this foam wedge pillow elevates your legs to relieve discomfort and promote blood circulation, so you can put your feet up minus the pins and needles. Also a great way to help reduce back pain, it's designed to accommodate legs of any size. When it's in need of a cleaning, you can just remove its zippered cover and throw it in the washing machine. You can buy it in four sizes to best accommodate your needs.


This 3-pack of cutting boards with nonslip handles for maximum stability

Invest in this three-pack of cutting boards with nonslip handles for maximum stability while you slice and dice all the ingredients you need for your favorite recipes. Because the boards vary in size from small to large, you can choose the one that best fits your culinary needs at any moment, and their plastic surfaces are incredibly easy to clean when you're finished. You'll also appreciate their grooved design, which catches liquid and keeps it from spilling onto your countertops for better hygiene while you cook.


A clear plastic shower liner that’s weighted to stay in place

This clear plastic weighted shower liner might just be the missing piece your bathroom needs, thanks to its powerful magnets, which hold it securely in place. It's designed with 12 rustproof grommet holes, so you can use it as a liner or as a standalone curtain, and it's made without potentially irritating ingredients like phthalates, chloride, or BPA. Because its header is fully reinforced, it's sure to last for years.