Genius things for your cat you didn't know you needed off of Amazon

These products are simply purrfect.

ByCaroline Reinstadtler
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When you’re responsible for a cat, you typically do your best to make sure they’re well-fed, hydrated, and entertained throughout the day — even when they start meowing loudly at the first possible sign of the sunrise. Luckily, there are plenty of genius products out there for cats (and cat owners) on Amazon that can make these moments a little easier.

Not only will these products make you realize your cat-owner journey could be more of a breeze, but who knows? You might just find your cat’s new favorite toy that’ll make their days more enjoyable, too.


These anti-scratch furniture protectors that keep chairs & couches safe from sharp claws

If no matter how many cat trees and scratching posts you buy, your pet’s favorite toy is still your expensive sofa, invest in these anti-scratch furniture protectors to keep your living room looking as good as new. They're made of a tough and flexible plastic that sticks to your furniture with a long-lasting adhesive for protection that really lasts, and they'll adhere to most fabrics, from cotton and polyester to acetate and acrylic. As your cat realizes over time that your couch isn't so fun to scratch anymore, they'll leave your furniture alone and start sticking to their toys.


This interactive cat toy that operates like a mobile to keep your cat entertained & engaged

If your cat seems to get bored rather easily, pick up this interactive cat toy, which comes with a feather and a pom pom you can switch out according to your cat’s interest level. Just attach it to a table and press the power button; it'll automatically raise and lower the attachment, keeping your cat engaged and entertained for up to five minutes, at which point it'll turn off on its own. It's incredibly easy to install at the edge of any flat surface, and all you need to power it up are two AA batteries; just don’t be surprised when your cat becomes absolutely obsessed.


An interactive cat toy with 8 adorable ladybugs to keep them busy when they're bored

If your cat tends to get bored easily, this interactive cat toy will kick their foraging instincts into high gear to keep them entertained. Simply hide dry food or yummy snacks in each of the 16 hidden treat compartments, and your cat should start searching right away; because they'll begin to associate treats with their new favorite toy, they'll be more excited than ever before for playtime. Plus, it can help slow down quick eaters to encourage a healthier pace while they chow down on snacks or meals.


This extended cat litter scooper with a long handle

The next time you’re emptying the litter box, use this extended cat litter scooper to make the cleaning process a little easier on your back. Its long handle extends up to 34 inches for easy scooping from just about any height, and its ergonomic grip lets you hold on comfortably without aggravating muscles or joints. Because it's made of solid aluminum, it'll last for years to come, and its wide front edge design really gets into corners and crevices for a thorough clean that you and your feline friend will appreciate.


These dishwasher-safe wet food scoops that chop and scrape

Canned wet food can get messy fast. That’s why cat parents are loving this set of cleverly designed spoons. Each order comes with three silicone scoopers with a flat edge that makes dividing, scooping, and scraping the edges of the can super easy. And when you’re done, just toss it into the dishwasher. “Love using these spoons to feed the cats wet food. It gets all of the leftover bits in the can so nothing's wasted and I like how they are designed so the family knows they are the cats' spoons,” one shopper wrote. There’s also a classic spoon with a cute paw print image.


This retractable cat toy with a feather at the end that they'll love to chase around the living room

Generally, cats are obsessed with feathers, and this retractable cat toy is no exception; they’ll have the time of their lives chasing it around your living room for hours on end. It'll encourage them to jump high and run fast, giving them a healthy outlet for pent-up energy that helps them relax at bedtime. Its extendable design lets you customize their play experience. Plus, each feather is made of a material that's safe for cats, so you can feel comfortable with your feline friend biting and chewing to their heart's content.


This Hello Kitty cat grass growing kit that brings out your green thumb to grow a yummy feline snack

Use this Hello Kitty cat grass growing kit to sprout a delicious snack that your feline friend will absolutely adore; it’s just as yummy as it is nutritious, so both you and the cat can feel good about your buy. All you have to do is add a soil disk, a splash of water, and a couple of seeds, and in four to seven days, your cat grass could sprout up to four inches (yes, it's really that easy). The grass you grow, which includes wheatgrass, barley, and rye, is chock full of healthy ingredients like calcium, iron, and Vitamin E, so not only will your cat love chowing down, but they'll reap the nutritious benefits. It’s also an adorable way to add some decor to your cat’s favorite hangout area.


This cat litter deodorizer that takes care of unwanted odor with baking soda crystals

As a cat owner, you don’t have to accept the bad smells that so often emanate from your litter box; instead, you can invest in this cat litter deodorizer, which is made with baking soda crystals that take care of odors fast. Just one use can help deodorize for up to nine days at a time, and it works with all different kinds of litter, whether you prefer scented or unscented, scoopable or not. As a bonus, it helps to prevent litter from clumping to the sides of your box, making it significantly easier to clean.


This cat litter scoop holder that keeps dirt & debris from scattering all over the floor

This cat litter scoop holder makes an excellent receptacle for your scoop and keeps litter from spreading all over your bathroom floor (and, therefore, the rest of your home). No matter the length of its handle or the material it's made of, this scoop holder is perfectly sized to carry plastic and metal scoopers of all sizes, and its heavy base keeps it firmly in place for maximum stability. Plus, it comes with four adorable paws of different colors, which you can swap out to your heart's content for a design you can customize.


This super soft cat cave made of natural wool that’s breathable for comfort in every season

Because this super soft cat cave is made of a breathable natural wool that stays cool in summer and warm in winter, it’s an excellent choice to keep your cat cozy in any climate. Each cat cave is made in New Zealand with premium natural wool that's nontoxic and gentle on your cat's fur, and its wide mouth lets your pet jump in and out with the utmost ease. Plus, they'll be able to peek their heads out to see what's going on, and you can even reach in to give them a scratch whenever they're in need of a belly rub.


This cat litter trapping mat that repels odor & catches debris to keep your house cleaner than ever

You’ve probably heard multiple cat owners say that it’s impossible to keep litter off the floors and out of the tub, and that may very well have been true until now — just invest in this cat litter trapping mat, and you’ll be amazed at the new sense of cleanliness in your home. Its jumbo size (42 by 35 inches) ensures it'll catch most of the dirt and debris that your cat would otherwise track all over the floor, and it's made of a soft and lightweight waterproof material you can rinse for an easy clean. Plus, it's designed with a nonslip base that keeps it secure beneath the litter box, so no matter how much your cat scratches or digs, it'll stay put.


This pet comb set that lets you tackle mats & tangles with ease for comfortable grooming

If your cat always seems to squirm and fidget during a grooming session, you might want to try out this pet comb, which features differently-spaced teeth for a customizable way to tackle mats and tangles. Its gentle stainless steel teeth are designed with rounded tips, which stimulate blood flow without irritating sensitive coats or skin, and it penetrates into even the thickest of coats for easy detangling. Its easy grip handle makes it a comfortable choice for longer grooming sessions, either in or out of the bathtub.


This cute cat bed that mounts on your window and can hold up to 50 pounds

When you see your pet sleeping in this cute cat bed, you’ll have trouble stepping away to go about your business for the day — it’s just that adorable. The secret to its sturdy construction is its suction cups, which are strong enough to hold up to 50 pounds at a time; just remember to clean your window regularly and reattach the bed about once a month. When you buy, you'll also receive a machine-washable kitty pad that insulates the bed to trap your cat's body heat (as well as dander and dirt) for a more comfortable snooze.


This interactive butterfly cat toy that rotates 360 degrees & glows in the dark for serious fun

Your furry best friend will be absolutely obsessed with this interactive butterfly cat toy, which rotates 360 degrees and glows in the dark for maximum entertainment value. Its secure base will stay put no matter how excitable your cat may be, thanks to its nonslip rubber grips. It can also help your cat exercise to relieve excess energy before bed, so they're more likely to get a restful night of sleep. Each toy comes with two additional replacement butterflies; all you need to get started are three AA batteries, and your cat will be off to the races (or the butterfly garden, at least).


This reusable pet hair remover that works on a variety of surfaces to pick up lint for a cleaner home

Have you ever stepped outside after a playdate with your cat, only to notice their hair all over your clothes? (Bonus points if it was your favorite pair of black leggings.) That’s where this reusable pet hair remover comes in. It helps keep your home free of lint and fuzz and works well on surfaces of all kinds. Just slide it back and forth like a vacuum, and it'll trap hair in a roomy receptacle that you can empty when you're finished by pressing down the release button. Because you can use it over and over again, it minimizes the need for wasteful lint rollers and disposable paper products, and it's portable enough to toss in your bag for the cat hair you notice when you’re on the go.


This freestanding cat bed with a modern design for chic felines & their fashion-forward owners

If you’d prefer that your cat sleep in the lap of luxury, pick up this freestanding cat bed, which looks just as much like a cool statement piece as it does a cozy crib for your best friend. It's incredibly easy to assemble, and once you've put it together, it'll accommodate large and small pets alike for a comfortable night's sleep, whether they're lounging on the patio or snoozing in the living room. Because you can take it apart in a matter of moments, you can simply fold it up into a bag and place it in a closet or under a bed when it's not in use, and the next time they’re craving a cat nap, you'll know just what to do.


This adorable scratching post that's shaped like a cactus to give your living room a little extra flair

It can be challenging to choose cat toys that blend in well with the rest of your decor, which is exactly why this adorable scratching post makes such a great investment. Its cute cactus shape and vibrant green color make it a fun choice both you and your pet will love; they’ll especially appreciate the soft dangling ball that gives them a little extra entertainment. When you buy, you'll receive three posts and a base, all of which are super easy to put together in a matter of minutes, and kittens and grownup cats alike will be more than happy to get scratching.


This slow feeder bowl that doubles as an exciting toy to make mealtime that much more fun

If your cat tends to inhale their food all at once and then suffer the gastrointestinal consequences, pick up this slow feeder bowl to calm their appetites and keep them entertained at dinnertime. Simply scatter dry food and treats throughout the bowl, and they'll enjoy hunting and digging while they chow down; the bowl comes with a rubber mat that secures it in place to keep it from tipping over, so your pet can eat and play safely no matter how excited they get. Plus, it's super easy to take apart and clean; just remove the green tubes from the bowl and wash them by hand before your cat gets hungry again.


This breathable bag that prevents biting & scratching when you need to restrain your cat

From eye drops to bathtime, every cat has a necessary process they hate with a fiery passion; this breathable bag lets you administer medicine and scrub away dirt without any painful scars to show for it. While it covers your cat's entire body, keeping their paws securely in place, it lets air in and out for their comfort. It’s also ingeniously designed with a zipper that lets you take out one paw at a time for nail-clipping purposes. When you're finished, you can wash it easily, since it's fully waterproof.


These ergonomic nail clippers with a strong & sharp stainless steel blade for hassle-free grooming

These ergonomic nail clippers make the grooming process easier than ever, even if your cat tends to squirm out of place. With their sharp stainless steel blades, they'll cut evenly every time, which helps prevent breakage and injury. Their semi-circular indentations let you see your handiwork while you trim, which makes the process significantly easier for your pets. They're also designed with comfortable nonslip handles that are gentle on your wrists and hands, and they come with a free nail file that lets you give your cat a salon-quality manicure.


This raised cat bowl that lets them eat comfortably without straining their necks or backs

Make the feeding process a little easier on your cat’s neck or back with this raised cat bowl, which brings their food closer to them for convenience and ease while they munch. Its tilted angle ensures that food falls forward, making it accessible for cats, and it puts their mouth in a better position to prevent tummy discomfort and possible vomiting. Plus, it's made of a durable porcelain material that's microwave and dishwasher-safe for maximum convenience. Reviewers love it, giving it a 4.6 out of five-star rating.


This popular creamy cat treat that has a nearly-perfect rating on Amazon

Add something special to your feline friend's typical food regimen with this creamy cat treat, which you can squeeze into their bowl at mealtimes for a delicious addition to their usual fare. All you have to do is tear open a packet and add it to their food or let them lick it straight from the source; each treat is made with natural wild-caught tuna or farm-raised chicken with a yummy taste your cat will adore.


This fleece cat perch that sits on your windowsill for better sunbathing than ever before

If your cat loves nothing more than to soak up the sun, give them the gift of this fleece cat perch for an added layer of coziness while they catch up on their beauty rest. It's made with a super soft orthopedic foam that keeps cats comfortable during extended periods of sunbathing, and its faux lambskin cover is removable for easy cleaning anytime. Plus, you can choose between its heated and unheated models, depending on your climate and your cat's preferences. It's super easy to install with the included adhesive strips.


This interactive grooming toy that gives cats the ability to brush themselves whenever they want

If your cat loves the feeling of a comb in their fur, pick up this interactive grooming toy to give them the ability to brush themselves whenever they like. It's incredibly easy to mount on flat surfaces or corners at the height that best suits your feline friend, and when it's collected a fair amount of hair, you can disassemble it for a quick clean. As an incentive, each self-groomer toy comes with a pouch of dry catnip, which you can add to the perforated compartment in the side of the brush and watch them fall in love with their new favorite toy.


This cat chew toy that promotes dental health with a deliciously minty flavor

Not only will this cat chew toy help your four-legged friend maintain healthy oral hygiene, but it boasts a deliciously minty flavor they’ll love. It's made with a mesh netting material that gently scrapes away tartar and plaque while your kitty chews away, helping to keep their teeth in mint condition, and they'll have a ball swatting and batting it all over the place. If you're interested in upping the mint factor, just press and roll along the center of the stick; it's filled with freshly dried mint, so a good squeeze will release even more of its delicious taste and scent.


This automatic water fountain that helps your cat stay hydrated all day long

Cats often prefer to drink running water, so this automatic water fountain will help them stay hydrated all day long. Not only does it keep water fresh by circulating it constantly, but it comes with four stages of filtration, including activated carbon and thick nonwoven fabric, to make sure your pet has only the cleanest water to drink. Plus, it'll hold up to 95 ounces at once, which is enough to keep a 12-pound cat hydrated for up to 12 days at a time. That makes it great to use in conjunction with an automatic feeder (and a catsitter you trust) whenever you’re on vacation.


This durable silicone mat you can place under their water bowls to prevent slipping & sliding

Place this durable silicone mat under your pet’s water bowl to keep it from slipping or sliding; its large surface area helps keep splashes contained for your safety as well as your pet's. It's made of a nonslip silicone rubber surface with a modern wave pattern, which keeps bowls and feeders securely in place while your cat chows down or takes a drink, and it's thermal resistant, so you can wash it in hot water to keep it clean. It's also designed with raised edges, which contain food and water for less mess while they snack, and it's BPA-free for your peace of mind.


This rechargeable laser pet toy that's motion-activated so they can play anytime they like

It can be tough to keep pets occupied, especially when you’re working; that’s where this rechargeable laser pet toy comes in — it's motion activated, so when it senses movement from your cat, it'll shine a rotating laser to keep your cat excited and entertained. You can switch between fast and slow modes with the touch of a button, and when your pet is finished playing, it'll turn off automatically after just 15 minutes. Once you've charged it for about two and a half hours, it'll work for up to two days at a time, which makes it an efficient choice that doesn't use much electricity, and its silent motor keeps your space quiet while you get stuff done.


This waterless shampoo spray that's made with apple & honey for a shiny coat

If you’ve noticed that your cat smells less than pleasant, you don’t necessarily need to plop them in the bath right away; simply spritz them with this waterless shampoo spray, which refreshes and cleans pets quickly. It's made with ingredients like apple and honey, which nourish their skin and give their coats a shiny luster, not to mention showering them with a super sweet scent that's gentle enough for sensitive noses. Plus, it's pH balanced specifically for cats and kittens, and it's light and portable enough to toss in a travel bag for a quick clean you can take on the go.


This holistic hairball remedy that breaks down buildup with ingredients like cod liver oil & beeswax

This holistic hairball remedy packs a two-in-one punch: not only does it help lubricate hairballs for easier expulsion, but it supports your cat’s coat health with nutritious ingredients like cod liver oil and beeswax. Because it's made at a high enough standard that it's safe for human consumption, you can trust that it's gentle enough for your feline friends, and it boasts an absorption rate of up to 98%, as opposed to your average pills and chews. Simply open up a gel packet and give it to your pet directly or squeeze it over a bowl of food, and you and your pet should see results sooner rather than later.