Here's how you can dramatically upgrade your bedroom for less than $30 on Amazon

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Simple ways to make impactful home upgrades (that won’t cost an arm and a leg) are the tips and tricks I dream of. Speaking of dreams, bedrooms can slip to the wayside when it comes to design and decor attention, though they are just as deserving of some TLC. Luckily for you, I’ve compiled a list of top-rated Amazon products that will give an instantaneous upgrade to your bedroom world. And the best part? Nothing on the list is over $30 — this is deals, on deals.

There’re all types of ways to go about upgrading your bedroom. Perhaps your bedding is looking a little thin, frail, and tattered after years of use. Check out the super-soft set of luxurious bamboo sheets that have received rave reviews from almost 7,000 satisfied customers. You can even take things to the next level by opting to get the matching bamboo bed skirt. If storage is what you need, there are also plenty of unique but functional options on the list.

After scrolling through these affordably priced suggestions, getting the revamped bedroom you want is easy to do and it’s just a click or two away.


Keep desk space free from clutter with these chic floating shelves

Having a clean and tidy desk space is important when you want to get work done, but isn’t always feasible depending on its size and the storage options your desk offers. Think about using a pair of floating shelves to help store and organize items you don’t use everyday. The chevron design in the metal backing adds an extra touch of style.


Create a larger reach for your Wi-Fi with this range extender

Ensure that you have functioning wireless coverage everywhere in your house with the help of this Wi-Fi range extender. It’s perfect to fix any dead spots around the house and is even capable of connecting with up to 20 different devices. You’ll be thrilled with how quick and easy it is to install, as well.


Use blackout curtains to block out sunlight while you sleep

Getting a solid eight hours of rest each night should really be a top priority for all of us. Help make that happen by adding these blackout window curtains to your bedroom so errant light will no longer disturb your slumber. They are thermal insulated to also help regulate room temperature. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes to find the perfect fit for your space.


Hold all your entertainment tech in a pocketed, rotating organizer

The remotes and devices for your entertainment system don’t have to just sit around haphazardly on tables and random surfaces. Keep all those items neatly organized in one place using this rotating remote control holder. It has five sectioned off pockets to arrange your remotes and devices the best way you see fit.


Use a sheer bed canopy to keep you totally bug-free while sleeping

Not everyone has the luxury of living with air conditioning. Using something like this bed canopy net is a perfect way to help you sleep comfortably with open windows while providing protection from bugs and other kinds of pests. It also works well while camping, in your “bedroom on the road.”


Anchor your bedframe in place with these anti-shake tools

Your bedframe will never again slip or shift to one side or the other (no matter the reason) after attaching these adjustable anti-shake tools. They are easy to install in just a few minutes with a simple screwdriver. There is no need for you to worry about wall damage thanks to the cushioned pad on the end. You can also use these on a variety of other pieces of furniture you prefer to stay more in place.


Switch to a sleek, modern desk lamp that also charges your phone

This LED desk lamp has several futuristic features that will make your current lamp seem archaic to say the least. All of the light settings are easily controlled by a small touch panel on the base. There are also 20 different setting you can adjust and customize to find the perfect balance of light for the task at hand. As an added bonus, there is a USB port in the back that makes it super convenient to charge your device.


Keep your mattress pristine with a washable, waterproof bed pad

If your mattress is an accident-prone zone from pets, babies, and beyond, a quality underpad is a game-changer. Any moisture that meets this quilt-top pad is wicked away in minutes, backed by a waterproof barrier. This reusable and washable cloth version not only look much nicer than single use paper ones, but is also more eco-friendly.


Choose a textile & room freshening spray that doesn’t smell like harsh chemicals

Finding a plant-derived linen and air freshener is something all home owners can appreciate. This one smells of gilded balsam birch crafted from essential oils and plants. It is ideal to spray on household items you can’t wash, like large pieces of furniture and rugs. You can also use this as a quick way to freshen up coats and other clothing items that have been sitting in your closet for a minute.


Swap outdated hangers with new, multidirectional space-saving ones

There is a lot to love about these space-saving hangers and how they can transform your closet area. They are especially handy if there’s not much space to work with in there. When the hanger is horizontal, hang five clothing items on at once. Then pop one side down and watch all those goods hang in one tiny footprint.


Have a handheld vacuum to always be able to easily clean messes

You can never underestimate the timeliness of having a handheld vacuum close by to quickly and easily clean up the little messes that inevitably happen around the house. The vacuum is super lightweight, so your arm and hand won’t get tired or struggle to use it. Simply recharge it when the battery runs out and then it’s good to go again.


Use an essential oil diffuser that blends seamlessly with home decor

If you’re looking for a fresh way to enhance specific fragrances in your home that doesn’t involve sprays or candles, consider getting an essential oil diffuser. With plenty of modes and lighting options, this one has tons of features that let you kick back in your customized mist experience.


Keep your sheets tidy in the wash with a detangling tool

Getting your bedding washed and cleaned is no easy feat, especially when the sheets emerge from the wash in a jumbled mess. Start using these bed sheet detanglers to prevent the mess from happening in the first place. You’ll find yourself with less sheet-washing dread and may even wash your sheets more regularly.


Install LED spotlighting you can control with a remote

Putting in additional lighting doesn’t have to be costly or expensive. Instead, opt to use these remote controlled LED lights for an upgrade everyone will be jealous of. They’re perfect for underneath cabinets, closets, the garage, attic space, and more. Quickly and easily install them with the super sticky adhesive tape or with a screwdriver and screws and they’re ready to get to work.


Keep cords & wires neatly organized with these cable clips

You no longer have to be frustrated by the sight of that jumbled mess of cords on your work desk, or wires coming out of your entertainment center. Use these cable clips to organize and tidy those types of household stations in no time. All you have to do is simply peel off the back adhesive strip and then stick it where you want it.


Declutter valuable floor space with an over-the-door shoe rack

No matter your reason for wanting to declutter the floor of your closet, you’re going to be pleasantly pleased with an investment in this over-the-door shoe organizer. It has a total of 24 slots to hold 12 pairs of shoes. Its mesh pockets protect your kicks while also allowing you to easily see what’s hanging where.


Switch to storage containers that collapse when not in use

Having a storage bin, and a functionally storable item itself, is all possible with these foldable storage cubes. They are durable and sturdy while being used, and there are handles to help you maneuver and lift as needed. When you don’t need them out for your things, fold them flat for simple and compact storage.


Have lens wipes readily available to grab for easy cleaning

Smudges and fingerprints covering the lenses of your glasses or your phone camera are now super easy to clean thanks to the convenience of these single-use cleaning wipes. You can confidently wipe off your lenses knowing these are soft, gentle, and streak-free. They’re especially handy to take while you’re on-the-go a you get over 200 of them in the box, too.


Keep the corners of area rugs flush to the floor instead of curling or sliding

Never trip over the upturned corner of your area rug again by using these three-layer rug corner grippers to keep them securely in place. Make sure you get the adhesive side of the corner grippers firmly pressed into the back side of your rug for proper application and fit. It comes with four grippers so each corner can be designed to stay in its spot.


Become eco-friendlier when using the toilet by installing this bidet

If you’ve been back and forth about making the switch to a bidet, now is the time to do it with this attachable toilet seat bidet. It installs easily in a few quick steps without requiring special tools or skills to make it happen. The jet spray not only has an adjustable hose, but it also has different settings so you can get the perfect clean after each go.


Change out your old body wash for a skin-treating tea tree soap

If you have sensitive skin and have been searching for a soap that will clean without irritating you, look no further than this tea tree body wash. Made from a blend of aloe vera, mint, tea tree, olive, and coconut oils, you won’t have to deal with dry, flaky skin getting itchy or bothering you. There’s also a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you’ve got only gains by making the switch.


Opt for a set of bamboo bedsheets so luxuriously soft you’ll never want to get out of bed

Treat yourself to some serious luxurious comfort with these bamboo bedsheets. This four-piece set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two matching pillowcases — everything you need to get started on a bedroom upgrade. These high-quality sheets are excellent at repelling stains from setting in and wrinkles will be a thing of the past.


Have a compact & portable laptop desk so you can comfortably work anywhere

Take the meaning of remote work to a whole new level with this portable laptop desk and truly work from anywhere, anytime. Whether you want to enjoy the joys of working while traveling, or just have a busy schedule to adhere to, this is the way to go. You’ll love the textured surface that holds your laptop securely in place and its extendable arm tray for your wireless mouse.


Create a classic bedroom look with a stylish bed skirt

If you like the classic look a bed skirt brings to your roomscape, then check out this silky soft bamboo bed skirt. It especially comes in handy if you plan to, or currently are, using the space underneath your bed for storage — this keeps those boxes and containers neatly out of sight. You can also count on the color of the fabric maintaining its vibrancy through the years.


Rest your head on a memory foam pillow every night to help with neck & back pain

Get some of the best sleep of your life when you toss out your old, average pillow and start using this shredded memory foam one. Not only does the memory foam help support your neck and keep your spine aligned, it’s also designed to be super breathable so you stay cool and comfortable all night long. Any way you twist, turn, or roll, the pillow contours to your head and neck.


Designate a specific area as the charging station with this 6-port dock

Once you start using this six-port charging station you’ll be wondering why it took you so long to create a dedicated area for this in your home. With six sectioned off slots and six charging cables, there’s plenty of space for multiple family members and technology-loving visitors alike. One of the best features is that it’s capable of recharging your devices up to 58% faster than a typical charging cable.


Have packaged hand wipes for you & bedroom guests

Add the perfect touch of personal hygiene to your home for yourself and visitors alike with these aloe vera-infused hand-sanitizing wipes. There are nine packs included, and each one contains 25 wipes. Plus, they have a lemon scent.


Read while it’s dark with a clip-on book light that won’t wake others

On those nights you’re having trouble falling asleep, read yourself to dreamland with the help of these clip-on book lights. You get enough light to read your book without having to strain your eyes. It’s small enough and has adjustable settings and modes to ensure you’ll never wake up you partner. It also has a flexible neck that you can position exactly where and how you need.


Ensure the air in your room is cleaner & fresher with an air purifier

You may be amazed by just how much better the air quality in your home is once you start using this mini purifier. Don’t let the small size fool you; this little gadget is capable of filtering up to 99.7% of impurities such as pollen, dust, smoke, dander, and more. And it’s small enough to fit easily on a desk or bedside table without overtaking the space.


Choose a multifunctional side table that’s also a decorative focal point

This accent end table is as unique as it is functional, and will easily become a favorite piece of furniture in the house. The top surface is a circular table perfect for ideal for holding a vase with some flowers or your favorite scented candle, and morning coffee. On the bottom, you get a V-shaped metal rack that is great for books, magazines, and even vinyl.


Incorporate a new set of throw pillow duvets that instantly updates the look

Skip the process of buying new, whole pillows and instead refresh your current ones with these super stylish tasseled duvet covers. This simple but fashionable design makes them pair well with a variety of different home aesthetics. They are designed with invisible zippers for ultimate comfort and style. Choose from a wide range of colors as well.


Set down an area rug that’s so soft & fluffy you may want to sleep on it

This shag carpet area rug is ultra soft, non-shedding, and oh-so-cozy. You’ll be amazed at just how plush and soft the carpet is to the touch. It definitely brings in a subtle touch of luxury without feeling over the top. The bottom has tiny anti-slip dots all over it to help it stay in place on the floor, too.


Swap out your old school alarm for this modern glass digital clock

This modern glass digital alarm clock is a focal feature that people will constantly notice and ask you about. The mirrored surface is so sleek, it feels a little bit futuristic. With its large display screen, you’ll easily be able to read the time across the room without squinting or straining your eyes. It also has two USB ports on one end for extra charging power to your other electronics.


Bring an artistic element to your wall storage with macramé hanging shelves

There are so many ways to go about styling these super fashionable macramé hanging shelves you might have trouble figuring out just where you want them. With three floating shelves connected by beautiful and intricately designed Macrame, they look great in the bedroom as well as living room, hallway, bathroom, and more. The shelves are large and strong enough to hold and display multiple items like small potted plants, picture frames, and candles.


Combine convenience & practicality into one with a foldable laundry basket

Having a collapsible laundry basket may not have been a household item you thought you would need, but after using it, you’re probably going to want more than one. It’s especially handy if you don’t have a ton of extra space in your laundry area or if you have to make the trek to the laundromat to clean your clothes. You can also count on the material being durable and long-lasting while transporting your clothes.