If you have a messy home, you'll wish you knew about these weird but genius things sooner

Clean and organize with ease.

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Everyone has a messy home sometimes, but what part of the house (or apartment, condo, trailer, room, etc.) is messy is completely unique to each every individual. I fully admit that I will deep clean my bathroom while totally avoiding an unorganized kitchen cabinet. Thankfully, I’ve found everything you need to help out your home, whether you struggle with deep cleaning, tidying up, putting things away, or, of course, organizing.

Some of these things may seem weird, but trust me — these genius things are super helpful when it comes to that one chore that you always avoid.


This lightweight blacklight to search for overlooked stains

You might not think to add a flashlight to your cleaning supplies, but this one is actually a blacklight that helps you find hidden stains. It has 68 built-in LED lights, so you can definitely see if your pup had an accident while you were out. The lightweight design is easy enough to carry, so you can check your carpet, all of the floors in your home, and even your furniture.


An extra-slim brush for grimy window tracks & vents

This is the brush to grab for those dusty vent covers and every other annoying small spot to clean in your home because it has super slim bristles. It even fits behind a sink faucet or on sliding door tracks, and it has a unique, grippy handle that makes it easy to see what you’re cleaning. There’s also a little scraper on the end for extra-grimy spots.


A reusable pet hair remover with 99,000 five-star reviews

Grab this rolling pet hair remover to take care of fur on your furniture. The built-in nylon fabric picks up all of the stray fur, and it’s completely reusable, so there’s no need to deal with messy, sticky tape. Plus, all of the fur rolls off of this fabric and into a hidden container that’s easy to empty. This pet hair remover is an Amazon shopper favorite with over 99,000 five-star reviews on the retailer.


These washable & double-sided mats for a clean oven

This set of oven liners saves you from scrubbing a grimy oven because you simply take them out and put them in the dishwasher. You get two of these double-sided non-stick liners, so you have a backup for all of your baking projects up to 500 degrees.


This faux leather holder that stores whatever clutters up your coffee table

With a faux-leather design available in over 15 colors and patterns, this remote control holder looks aesthetic no matter where you put it in your home. It comes with a bunch of remote slots and even a spot in the middle to hold a tablet. You can even spin it to quickly grab all of the things that usually clutter your coffee table.


These melamine sponges that clean up everything in your home

It’s worth giving this bulk pack of melamine sponges a spot in your cleaning closet because they take care of dust, frustrating grease stains, old stains, and more — and all you need for these magical-seeming abrasive sponges to work is a little bit of water. The unique and reusable material works all over your house, including on tile, plastic, leather, ceramic, and other smooth surfaces.


A rust-resistant organizer that fits all kinds of kitchen clutter

This organizer fixes up whichever kitchen cabinet feels a bit messy because it can fit pot lids, sheet trays, cutting boards, and more. There are 10 durable stainless steel dividers that can even hold onto your heavy cast iron pans. Plus, it’s rust-resistant if you want to stick this versatile organizer next to the sink.


An extendable & washable duster to fit over fan blades

This unique circle-shaped duster is covered in fluffy microfiber that stops the dust from falling all over your floor, and the O-shaped design allows you to clean the entire blade at once. It extends up to 47 inches, so you don’t have to break out the stepstool and can even use this to clean awkward high ceilings and corners. You can even wash the microfiber top after using this lightweight duster.


These fridge-organizing bins that are durable & stackable

These clear fridge bins are shatterproof, so you can pull them out, rearrange them, stack them, and quickly unload your groceries without them breaking. They also have handles to make it even easier to stick all of your groceries inside. These BPA-free bins are also easy to wash in the sink on those deep-cleaning days.


A lemon-scented cleaning gel to quickly dust your desk

This cleaning gel is way easier than trying to clean off your keyboard or piano, or other hard-to-dust spots with your usual duster. Why? Because all of the dust and crumbs stick to it. Not only does it get all of the dust in nooks and crannies, but it also freshens up your desk with a light lemon scent.


This adjustable wall organizer to fix a messy cleaning closet

This wall-mounted organizer adjusts to hold onto brooms, those extendable dusters, mops, and other tools. This five-slot holder can withstand weights up to 40 pounds. There are also six hooks on the front for whatever small dusters and tools are usually on the floor of your cleaning closet.


These electronic wipes that leave laptops, TVs, and other screens streak-free

These electronic cleaning wipes come in a compact dispenser that makes it easy to grab one before sitting down at your laptop. The gentle design and formula takes care of smudges on all of your work devices, remote control, and even things like video game controllers. These alcohol-free wipes also take care of dust on top of your printer or TV and won’t leave residue or streaks.


These airtight food containers that easily fit in your pantry

These airtight and compact food containers have a rectangular design that makes it so easy to fit them next to each other in your pantry. They have an airtight lid to keep your food fresher for longer, and each lid fits on every container, so there’s no need to solve a puzzle to keep food fresh. They come with reusable chalkboard labels, so you won’t have to peel off and replace the labels all the time.


A hanging trash can that allows you to clean as you cook

Even if you have a kitchen trash can — this hanging trash can proves that you need two. It clips over a kitchen cabinet or drawer, so you can sweep veggie scraps right off of your cutting board or countertop (wherever they tend to end up), allowing you to clean as you go. It also has an attachment to keep the liner in place until you’re ready to throw it away in your larger kitchen trash can.


A desk vacuum cleaner that makes it quick & fun to sweep up scraps

This cordless vacuum cleaner is compact enough to sit right on top of your desk for after-work tidying. You can plug the USB charger into your laptop while you work, so this lightweight vacuum is always ready to clean up paper scraps, eraser bits, and crumbs from midday chips. It’s also super quiet if you’re vacuuming your desk during a call.


These reusable, absorbent cleaning cloths with 2 scrubby textures

These cleaning cloths are reusable, but they won’t get all grimy or smelly after cleaning day because you can put them right in your washing machine. This cellulose and cotton set is gentle enough for bathroom mirrors, ceramic, or wood, but they also have a textured side for scrubbing dishes, shower tiles, or grout.


This acrylic desk & phone organizer with a special slot for a phone

With this eight-slot organizer, even your phone has a designated spot on your desk. This unique phone slot keeps it propped up in front of all of your organized notebooks, pens, and other work supplies. This acrylic organizer even has a little drawer on the front to hide away messy paper clips, pins, or chargers. Plus, it’s available in several neutral finishes, so you can pick the one that best fits your workspace.


A fingerprint-proof organizer to hide plastic grocery bags

This unique bag saver takes care of that jumbled pile of plastic grocery bags under your sink. Not only will you have a newly clean cabinet, but you can also grab a plastic bag super quickly with the front-dispensing design. It’s also made of fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, so it won’t get all smudged every time you reach for a bag.


This 2-level lazy Susan with a bunch of room for spice jars

This stainless steel lazy Susan instantly makes your spices look organized without buying matching jars. The two-level design gives you plenty of room, so your jars of garlic powder, cinnamon, and, of course, red pepper flakes are easy to find, and it helps to clear out cluttered cabinets by using otherwise unused vertical space.


This cable management set to fix every power strip & pile of chargers

This cable management set comes with enough boxes to fix tangled cords all over your home and hide unsightly power strips. Wherever there’s a mess of chargers, a bunch of power strips, or a pile of cords on the floor, stick them all in these sleek wooden-top boxes and keep the cables straight with the clips and clamps.


A double-sided tape that keeps a slippery rug in place

This rug tape saves you from tossing that runner rug that’s always crooked in your entryway because the adhesive stops it from slipping around. It’s made of mesh that’s durable enough to handle a trendy and chunky woven rug, and it won’t ruin your rug or your floor. You won’t even need scissors to tear off a piece of this damage-free tape and fix that annoying rug.


This miniature dustpan & brush to clean up small spills

This handheld dustpan comes with a miniature brush, so it’s easy to tuck under your kitchen sink to quickly sweep up crumbs or spills on the floor or your countertop. If you spill a spice, there’s a rubber detail on the front of the dustpan that makes it easier to get every last bit of garlic powder.


The stainless steel wipes that allow you to wipe your fridge *way* less often

These stainless steel wipes save you from wiping a smudged fridge all the time (or just ignoring it and living with a fingerprint-covered fridge). They protect it from those annoying fingerprints and even dust after you use them, keeping your kitchen nice and shiny. Each wipe has a pH-neutral formula that also takes care of grease and that foggy coating that stainless steel appliances tend to get.


These net hammocks that let you tidy up stuffed animals

If your kid’s stuffed animals are overflowing, grab this set of adorable net hammocks. It has all of the installation hardware you’ll need to get all of the toys off the floor. It’s also way easier to see all of them on when they’re stacked in this durable storage solution.


These bamboo drawer dividers that won’t need a ton of adjusting

These bamboo drawer dividers can quickly allow you to better organize your kitchen utensils, clothes, makeup, or office supplies. They have a built-in spring that fit your drawer from 17.5 to 22 inches, so you won’t have to measure and adjust them a bunch. They’re also non-slip, gentle on your furniture, and cleanable if something spills in your utensil drawer.


These gentle hangers to easily hang & see all of your denim

These hangers are the easiest solution if you have a bunch of denim crammed into a dresser drawer. The unique design holds five pairs of jeans, plenty of scarfs, or even towels to organize a linen closet. The rust-resistant stainless steel won’t create a bunch of creases in your denim, and there are even rubber details to keep your clothes secure.


This kitchen organizer to stack up messy water bottles

This bottle organizer fits right in whichever cabinet is overflowing with reusable water bottles. Each of the three shelves has three bottle-shaped slots for your favorite tumblers, and the shelves are even adjustable to accommodate various travel mug sizes. Nonslip feet help keep the organizer in place.


An oversized storage basket with the coziest design

This oversized basket with handles fits just about anything that’s currently cluttering your home, like blankets, laundry, extra sheets, pillows, shoes, toys, and more. The woven cotton fabric feels cozy and on-trend no matter which room this machine-washable basket is hanging out in. Plus, the soft design makes it easy to fold up this basket when you’re not using it.


A stain remover for spills around your home & stained laundry

Keep this activated oxygen stain remover around, so you always have a plan when you inevitably spill a bit of coffee on your couch or when your pet has a little accident. You won’t have to clutter your closet with a bunch of stain removers because this color-safe remover works on furniture, clothes, bedding, carpet, and more.


A rotating vanity organizer that can hold all of your makeup & skincare

This makeup organizer looks sleek instead of bulky on your bathroom countertop because it has a tall yet slim 9-inch wide design. It lets you see all of your products, and you can even spin it 360 degrees to grab your makeup brushes in the back. The shelves are even adjustable so you can customize this organizer to fit your exact collection.


The slim, lightweight bags that allow you to store extra linens under the bed

Swap out those bulky plastic bins for these soft storage bags because they can slide right underneath your bed. They have a reinforced handle on the side, and they’re super lightweight when you need to pull out your extra clothes or linens. These clear-top bags are also better than storage bins because you can fold them up when they’re empty.


These velvety hangers with a slim yet grippy design

Swapping out slippery plastic hangers with these velvety hangers keeps all of your clothes secure and in place after you hang them up. The design are gentle enough for knit sweaters and grippy enough for silky dresses, but there are also small notches to hold onto tanks. Even though these tidy hangers are super thin, they still hold up to 10 pounds each.


A 6-pack of mini adhesive holders for your chargers

These cable clips are so tiny that you won’t even notice them on your desk. They have adhesive on the back, so you can stick them wherever you keep your phone charger to keep your cords from getting tangled up. They even stick if your bedside table is a unique material like metal or it has a glass top.


An adjustable organizer for all kinds of wrap boxes in your kitchen

This box organizer is specifically made to neatly tuck away aluminum foil, boxes of snack bags, plastic wrap, and more. The shelves are super easy to adjust, so you can even fit that oversized box of gallon food storage bags. These plastic shelves are also easy to clean if you want to use this organizer for food in the pantry instead.


These glass apothecary jars with a chic design

These apothecary-style glass jars will tidy up a bathroom drawer and add a bit of decor to your countertop. The trendy lids with a metallic finish are super quick to open when you need a hair tie or cotton ball, because you don’t need to unscrew them.


A sleek 5-shelf organizer that adds storage to your closet

Hanging up this breathable closet organizer is way easier than adding built-ins to your closet, but you still get a bunch of tidy storage for things like bags, jeans, sweaters, and towels. It comes with five reinforced shelves, a ton of mesh pockets for small accessories, and a sturdy metal frame, so it keeps its shape even after you pile on all your clothes.


This stick-on rack to hold onto a hand towel

This towel rack is such a quick way to take care of that hand towel that floats around your bathroom and usually ends up moist and on the countertop. It’s made of classic stainless steel with a matte black, brushed nickel, or gold finish, but it has waterproof adhesive on the back that’s super easy to stick on the wall.


An organizer to neatly stack every pan you own

This eight-tier pan organizer has versatile shelves that fit large pots and even small pans, so you’re never left with a few scattered pans in the back of your cabinet. All of these durable metal shelves are adjustable to fit bulky lids or extra-tall Dutch ovens.


A chic corner shelf to hold bottles & hang utensils

If there are one too many utensils hanging out in the corner of your kitchen counter, this three-level shelf gives you spots for everything. There are four hooks on the side for those utensils and a bunch of space on the bamboo shelves. The stainless steel legs have non-slip accents, so this chic shelf is sturdy no matter how many olive oil bottles you stack on it.


A low-profile bathroom organizer for toilet paper

This rust-resistant organizer gives you a tidy spot for extra toilet paper (without cluttering your bathroom cabinet). The chic metal design with a metallic finish lets you see when you need to buy more toilet paper and will even hold extra-large rolls. This low-profile organizer also sits tall enough to keep it off of the bathroom floor.