If you want a nicer home but are on a budget, you'll love these surprisingly cheap, highly rated things on Amazon

Nice things don’t always have to cost a fortune.

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Contrary to popular belief, it is absolutely possible to spruce up your space without breaking the bank. If you’d like to decorate on a budget, all you need to do is focus on the little details that really turn a house into a home.

But, sometimes it can be hard to figure out where to start. Luckily, Amazon has plenty of cheap, highly-rated things that can make you feel like you’re in a completely new space. From sleek stainless steel kitchen essentials to lights that encircle your bathroom mirror, here’s a list of must-haves if you’re looking to redesign.


This highly rated, reversible sherpa blanket that customers call “incredibly soft”

This sherpa blanket makes an adorable decoration that doubles as a cozy companion when your house gets a little chilly. It's made of super-soft polyester and faux sheepskin, and its reversible design allows you to choose the side that suits you best at any given moment. Choose between tons of adorable colors and a variety of sizes; you're sure to find one that perfectly complements your living room, bedroom, or patio.


This cocktail shaker set for mixologists of all levels

Amateur and professional mixologists alike will love this cocktail shaker set, which comes with 14 tools to help you concoct the drinks of your dreams. Each piece is made with high-quality stainless steel that won't rust, scratch, or leak, so you can shake and stir with confidence. The best part? It's entirely dishwasher safe for a hassle-free cleanup every time.


These stainless steel mixing bowls that nest for easy storage

If your kitchen cabinet is filled to the brim, pick up these stainless steel mixing bowls. You'll receive five lightweight and durable mixing bowls that nest together to save kitchen space, which allows you to store so many more culinary essentials. You'll especially love their ergonomically designed rims and bases, which provide balance, stability, and a grip that helps you hold them in place.


These clear-top, expandable storage bags that can double in size

Keep bedsheets, towels, and out-of-season clothes under your bed in these expandable storage bags, and you’ll have much more room around your house for the things you’re using now. They're made of tough canvas that won't rip or tear, and their convenient handles make them easy to carry. When you're not storing anything, you can collapse them and tuck them away until you need them again.


This decorative decanter made with high-quality glass & a geometric stopper

This glass decanter helps preserve the flavor and texture of your favorite drinks for longer — and it looks amazing on your bar cart. Its airtight geometric stopper stays firmly in place, and it’s just as stylish as it is functional. You’ll impress your houseguests when you use it to pour their favorite drinks. If you’re not a drinker, this also makes for a classy way to store mouthwash on your vanity.


This hanging organizer for pots & pans that’ll save precious counter space

This hanging organizer mounts on your wall, allowing you to hang up your pots and pans and save room on your stovetop. The floating shelf is hand-welded from thick and durable metal and boasts a weight limit of 35 pounds, so it's tough enough for even your heaviest utensils. Use its 10 S-style hooks to hang up kitchen utensils and keep them within reach while you cook.


These stainless steel measuring cups & spoons for maximum precision

Some say that cooking is an art and baking is a science; whether you’re an artist, a scientist, or both, you can use these stainless steel measuring cups and spoons to whip up the recipes of your dreams. Each one has its measurement stamped directly into its stainless steel material, so it won't rub off or wear away. They couldn’t be easier to read, saving you some stress in the kitchen. As a bonus, it comes with a handy conversion chart that can stick right to your fridge.


This handmade salt pot made of beautiful acacia wood

This salt pot makes a beautiful addition to your spice rack or centerpiece on your kitchen table. Made of beautiful and durable acacia wood, it allows for better accuracy and precision than a shaker since you'll pinch salt and spices instead of pouring them out. Each pot is handmade from a single piece of wood, and its flat base and simple lid make it a well-designed piece that's incredibly functional.


These dripless & smokeless pillar candles that are handmade in Europe

Since these hand-poured pillar candles are dripless and smokeless, they’re a safe choice for your dining room or coffee table. Plus, they're handmade in Europe with cotton core wicks. Available in a variety of different colors, you can use them at parties, for weddings, or anywhere you could use a little mood lighting.


This glass oil dispenser set that’ll class up any at-home dinner

Whoever said oil and vinegar don’t mix well has obviously never met this glass bottle set. Their stainless steel spouts give you the perfect pour without the spills; use the short spout for a quick pour and a long spout when you'd rather take it slow. They're made from durable glass that won't shatter, and you can throw them in the dishwasher when you're done.


This microfiber bed skirt that won't wrinkle or fade

If you're looking for a chic finishing touch to enhance your bedroom decor, try this microfiber bed skirt. Its pleated corners make your bed look extra tidy, and its lightweight fabric won't wrinkle or fade. Plus, it’s a great way to hide what you might be storing underneath. Choose between stylish neutral colors that include navy, white, burgundy, and blue; you're sure to find one you love.


These silky pillowcases that have been formulated to keep you cool

If you’re in constant pursuit of the cool side of the pillow, these silky pillowcases will do the trick. They're made of bamboo-derived viscose, which wicks away moisture from sweaty sleepers, and every time you wash them, they only get softer. Aside from looking nice, silky pillowcases are an especially great choice for those prone to hair breakage and frizz since they're so smooth.


These velvet hangers that keep sleeves from slipping

Spaghetti straps that slip and slide are no match for these velvet hangers. They're incredibly slim, so you'll be able to fit more of your favorite pieces in your closet than ever before. Their 360-degree swivel hooks will also adapt to your storage space. They're also super strong, with a 10-pound capacity on each hanger, and they'll grip clothes without snagging or pulling any loose threads.


A genius purse organizer that has over 6,000 5-star reviews on Amazon

This product may be called a purse organizer, but it’s really a multipurpose storage superhero that holds accessories and linens so they’re always within reach. Each of its six slots is roomy enough to hold your handbags without squishing or crumpling them and compact enough to fit neatly in your closet. Their chrome hooks and reinforced stitching provide all the support your heaviest bags will need.


This bidet attachment that makes your toilet feel like a throne

This bidet attachment takes your bathroom experience to the next level every time — just ask the 13,000 reviewers who gave it a five-star rating. It's made of high-quality plastic that won't rust over time, and its sliding paddles mean you can adjust it to better fit your toilet. Simply turn its easy-access dial to access the water pressure you like best, and you’re (literally) good to go.


This broom & tool organizer with 5 slots & 6 hooks

With five slots and six hooks, this broom and tool organizer holds all your home and garden essentials — up to 35 pounds at a time. It's unbelievably easy to install and comes with all of the screws and anchors you need; you'll even get detailed written and video instructions to help with setup. Brooms, mops, shovels, and rakes will slide securely into place, and you’ll save tons of space in your garage or utility closet.


A set of 7 airtight food containers that will easily organize your pantry

Keep dry goods fresher longer with these airtight food containers, which you can stack to save space. Their lid lock mechanisms and silicone seals snap tightly into place to preserve flour, pasta, cereal, and more. As a bonus, you'll receive 10 chalkboard labels and a marker, so you can label all your favorite snacks for easy access. Over 28,000 customers gave these a five-star rating for their ability to keep things organized.


This Himalayan salt lamp that gives your space a warm glow

Light your room with this Himalayan salt lamp to give it a warm glow. When you turn it on, you’ll love its gorgeous amber hue, which adds visibility and beauty to any bedroom, living room, or outdoor space. Each lamp is one of a kind, and its dimmer switch and wood base make it a functional choice, whether you’re gifting it to a friend or buying it for yourself.


These mason jar wall sconces with a stunning floral detail

If these mason jar wall sconces weren’t giving you cottagecore vibes already, just wait until you add the silk faux flowers that come with each pack. When you buy, you'll receive two sconces, each one featuring a glass mason jar and a wooden backboard. If you have a nail or a hook on your wall, you have everything you need to hang these up with the included rope for easy installation. Each sconce requires two AA batteries to light up.


This selenite lamp that can help you feel recharged while giving off a soft glow

Selenite is said to cleanse and recharge energy, and this selenite lamp is no exception. Its wooden base makes it a stable fixture you can set up on your coffee table, nightstand, or desk for good vibes anywhere in your home. Because selenite lets light pass through it, you and your space will be glowing like never before.


These coffee mug organizers that will help condense your collection

If your cabinets and shelves are full of your favorite mugs, condense your collection with these coffee mug organizers. Simply place one on top of a mug and then set another one down right on top of it; you'll be able to store double the number of mugs you previously could. They're available in large and small sizes to accommodate all of your favorite cups, and you can use them wherever you need to save a little space.


These ice molds that will instantly make every drink fancier

If you’re going to make drinks, why not make them fancy with these round ice cube molds? These are great to fill an ice bucket with for a special occasion or to use in an after-dinner drink for yourself. Each mold creates an ice ball that’s 2.5 inches large. They don’t just have to freeze water — you can fill them with juice, lemonade, or even soup if you’re looking for a creative way to chill down a hot bowl without making it watery. They’re dishwasher safe and have scored an impressive 4.6 out of five stars on Amazon.


These chic, stackable spice racks that will let you view your entire collection

Not only are these stackable spice racks extremely functional, but they're also made of stylish bamboo and metal that are sure to accentuate your kitchen decor. You can extend, retract, or separate them to maximize storage space, and you can use them to stash spices, cans, and condiments to your heart's content. They're made with high-quality boards and screws that are durable enough to stand the test of time, no matter what you store.


A mini, USB-chargeable desktop vacuum to clean crumbs mid-workday

Try this desktop vacuum for your cleanest workspace ever. With a USB rechargeable battery that lasts up to 90 minutes, it'll keep going until your desk is totally free of dust and debris. It also rotates 360 degrees to reach every corner. The best part? It barely makes any noise, so you can vacuum during your workday — or, your midday nap.


This drying rack with 2 tiers & a utensil holder that’s great for small kitchens

With two spacious tiers and a utensil holder, this drying rack has more than enough room for all your dinnerware. Miraculously, it can hold six cups and 17 plates at a time with a diminutive 15-inch length that won't take up your entire counter. It also features a side hole that drains all the water from the top rack and utensil holder into the sink, minimizing puddles and spills.


A shower caddy that can hold up to 22 pounds without falling off your wall

Have you ever tried to install a shower caddy with suction cups, only to find it on the floor of your tub later? Go for this vacuum shower caddy instead — it has a weight capacity of 22 pounds, so it’ll hold even your biggest bottles without crashing down. It's made with a hollow bottom that drains excess water, which keeps your favorite soap, shampoo, and conditioner dry.


These sheer curtains made of lovely linen that’ll let in a nice amount of light

Pair these sheer curtains with any windowpane for a lovely and breathable touch that lets in just the right amount of light. Each one is made with nickel grommets that are made to withstand years of use, and their lightweight linen material is timelessly beautiful. If they get dirty, never fear; simply toss them in the washing machine for an incredibly easy clean.


These drawer organizers that might help you save time every morning

Minimize lost hosiery with these drawer organizers; they’re incredibly helpful as far as keeping your dresser in order. They're reinforced with cardboard, so they'll maintain their shape no matter what you store, and their sturdy handles allow you to move them around to your heart's content. You can wipe them down with a damp cloth whenever you want to clean them, and they make excellent closet storage bins.


A washable makeup organizer that rotates all the way around

If your powders and creams tend to get messy, store them in this washable makeup organizer for an incredibly easy cleanup anytime you spill. It’s made of an acrylic plastic material you can clean as often as you like, and it's got all the space you need for makeup brushes, products, and accessories. Since it rotates 360 degrees, you’ll have quick access to everything. You can even adjust its shelves to best accommodate your favorites.


A sleek & fancy cutting board made of tempered glass

This sleek cutting board may be made of glass, but it’s highly unlikely to break. That's because it's made with tempered glass, which is shatterproof, dishwasher safe, and heat resistant. Its rubber feet hold it firmly in place, and its nonporous surface means cleanup will be a breeze. It’d make for a classy yet functional addition to any kitchen.


A surge protector with a built-in shelf for your electronics

Simply put, this surge protector is genius. Each one features six widely spaced outlets, two USB ports, and — the best part — a sizeable shelf where you can store your gadgets while they charge. Use it in your bathroom for electric toothbrushes and hair dryers, your kitchen for toasters and blenders, and your bedroom as a charging station that’ll come in handy over and over again.


These vanity lights for a touch of Hollywood glamour

Pick up these vanity lights if you want to feel like a movie star during your morning makeup routine. Each pack comes with 10 lights, which emit a soft light and won't heat up or hurt your eyes. You can use the included dimmer switch to adjust their brightness and turn them on/off with just the touch of a button.


A grout pen to help refresh your tile floors that have seen better days

If your tile floors are getting a bit discolored, this grout pen will have them sparkling in no time flat. All you have to do is press down with its cotton tip, and its nontoxic and water-based colorant will fully conceal unsightly grout stains. Each pen covers up to 150 feet of grout, and the colorant dries fast without any bad odors, so you can even hop in the shower or have guests over right after you've used it.


These rug grippers that keep carpets securely in place

Available in a pack of four or a pack of eight, these rug corner grippers are the perfect way to secure your carpets and make your home look much nicer. These corners have adhesive on them to help secure them to your floor, helping prevent tripping incidents. That said, they’re also easy to remove if you decide to redecorate. These are great to use on all indoor rugs.


These matte black cabinet pulls for a quick yet chic refresh

One detail that can make a huge difference in refreshing your space? Switching out your handles for something a little more stylish. These matte black cabinet pulls make a great option; not only are they super chic and modern, but they're durable and tough enough to pull out even the heaviest of drawers. They have over 25,000 five-star reviews from customers who thought they were perfect as a quick way to update their kitchen.


These color-changing smart bulbs that seriously set the mood

Did someone say “mood lighting?” With these color-changing smart bulbs, you can curate a vibe that’s totally your own; connect them to your Google Home or Alexa, and you can tell them to brighten, dim, and switch up their hue. They come with an app that you can download to control them from absolutely anywhere, and you can even set timers so they’ll turn on and off automatically.


This 16-pack of cable clips to get your cords in order

Organize your cords and wires with this 16-pack of cable clips, and your workspace will feel way calmer in a matter of moments. Each clip has an adhesive backing that lets you easily stick it onto any flat surface, and if you want to move it, go right ahead; it won't leave behind a sticky residue. You can even stick them on your bathroom wall to store toothbrushes or flossers.


These wood pens that save your furniture by easily covering scuffs & scratches

If your furniture has a couple of blemishes you’d like to cover, reach for these wood pens, which quickly cover up scuffs and scratches. Each 12-piece set comes with colors like maple, mahogany, and black, all of which will match beautifully with your wooden tables and chairs. Their chiseled tips are uniquely designed to fill in smaller spots, and you’ll also receive a couple of wood crayons and a sharpener.


These floating shelves with a clever wire basket for additional storage

Because of their wire storage basket, these floating shelves have a much larger storage capacity than most others. Their three-sided metal guardrails keep your items from dropping, which can be especially useful for delicate pieces like plants and candles. If that weren't enough, each shelf is strong enough to carry up to 20 pounds of your favorite tchotchkes at a time.


This air purifier that helps you breathe a little easier

Whether you suffer from seasonal allergies or simply want to freshen up your space, this air purifier will do the trick. Its high-quality HEPA filter removes up to 99.9% of dust, dander, and (thankfully) pollen from the air you breathe at home. It's incredibly compact, but that doesn't make it any less effective; there's a good chance you'll feel a difference after only 30 minutes of use.