If you're cheap but want a nicer home, you'll love these clever things under $35

Feel extra-luxe in your space without spending much at all.

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We all want a nicer home, but if a major renovation or makeover just isn’t in the cards right now, fear not — these 40 clever items are a cheap way to update and decorate your space without blowing your budget.

Decluttering and creating a functional organizational system is one of the best ways to make your home look nicer, and our list features some serious game-changers in this department. Use extendable bamboo dividers to clean up that dreaded junk drawer, an over-the-door pocket organizer to re-do your pantry, and a lazy Susan turntable to get your kitchen cabinets under control. You’ll be amazed at what a difference these cheap products make and wonder why you didn’t get them sooner.

If you need a couple decorative touches here and there to make your home feel more polished and put together, start with curtain panels for your windows. Custom window treatments can cost a fortune, which is why these relaxed-yet-luxurious linen panels are a total steal. Refresh old countertops using this peel-and-stick marble contact paper, replace outdated lights with a pair of these farmhouse-style wall sconces and your makeover is complete! Keep reading for more cheap but clever products with tons of glowing reviews that are guaranteed to make your home nicer.


An extendable bathtub tray for a cheap way to give your bathroom a luxurious spa vibe

This bamboo tray extends to fit over any standard-sized tub and is a cheap way to create an at-home spa vibe your tired self will greatly appreciate. It features a built-in book or tablet holder that has a removable waterproof cover, as well as a slot for a glass of bubbly, a spot for your phone and other spa must-haves. Bamboo is water-resistant and can be wiped down with a cloth for easy maintenance, and the tray is available in four colors to give you matchable options.


These affordable bed sheets that look as nice as they feel

Give your bedding an upgrade with this affordable set of lightweight bed sheets made from a moisture-wicking microfiber that can be used year-round. This luxurious-looking sheet set includes four pillowcases, one fitted sheet and one flat sheet. It’s also constructed to be wrinkle-free, stain-proof and fade-resistant for longevity and easy care. With more than 99,000 five-star reviews, you know it needs to be added to your cart, like right now.


These drawer dividers to tackle that dreaded junk drawer

At just $31, these bamboo drawer dividers are pretty much priceless, because they will help you take care of that dreaded junk drawer you avoid opening at all costs. They come in a set of four and have an extendable length to fit most drawers without any tools necessary for installation. Each of the dividers features rubber pads on the ends to make them nonslip and prevent scratching the interior of your drawers.


An over-the-door organizer that’ll keep your closet or pantry nice & neat

Declutter your closet or pantry and add extra storage space using this cheap over-the-door organizer. It has 24 clear-front pockets and can easily be hung using the three provided hooks. This makes it easy to identify each pocket’s contents and to quickly grab what you need. This over-the-door organizer would also work well for toiletries in a bathroom or seasonal accessories such as gloves and hats in an entryway closet.


A USB charging dock so all your devices can charge in one spot

If you’re sick and tired of looking at (and tripping over!) cables all over the house, get this USB charging dock that’s a cheap way to stay organized and charge your devices in one spot. It doubles as an LED nightlight and has adjustable dividers to accommodate whatever you need to charge, whether it’s your smartphone or tablet. The charging dock has six ports and a light in front of each that goes off once the connected device is fully charged.


This Moroccan-style area rug that looks way more expensive than it is

Stay on trend and budget thanks to this Moroccan-style area rug that has a striking print and medium-pile height for softness and comfort. The machine-weaved rug is easy to clean, and its underside has a strong grip against the floor to prevent sliding. A beautiful area rug is a great way to anchor the furniture in a room, add an extra decorative layer, and make a space feel warm and cozy. Plus, with its design and price tag, you can’t go wrong with this one.


These rug corner grippers to prevent those unsightly curling corners

Eliminate the eyesore that are curling rug corners and prevent any slipping hazards with these cheap but super strong rug corner grippers. Their hook-and-loop design ensures easy installation and no sticky residue on your floors, instead, the rug stays in place and can be moved anytime for cleaning or repositioning. Tons of reviewers rave about how well the grippers work, and one even wrote, “Finally, after 40 yrs of using other systems, a system to keep rugs in place that actually works!”


A set of pillowcases that cost $10 — but will make your bedroom look like a million bucks

Add a luxurious touch to your bed with a set of these smooth and silky microfiber pillowcases that provide year-round comfort thanks to their moisture-wicking design. The fabric is lightweight and cooling so you don’t sweat through the night. Additionally, it’s wrinkle-free, fade-resistant and anti-pilling to keep the pillowcases looking like new even after multiple washes. For just $10, these will transform your bedroom and sleep quality.


This inexpensive turntable to organize your cabinets

Get those cluttered cabinets under control with this inexpensive lazy Susan turntable that rotates 360-degrees for easy access and has removable dividers to fit your storage needs. The spinning organizer is made from BPA-free plastic that’s both sturdy and durable, and it’s the perfect size to hold everything from spices in the kitchen to extra toiletries in the bathroom. If you wish you could hire a professional organizer but don’t want to spend the money, get a bunch of these turntables for your cabinets and they’ll instantly look neater, cleaner and more organized.


These linen curtain panels for a sophisticated look on a budget

Linen is the essence of casual luxury and these linen curtain panels are a total steal for just $25 for the pair. The light-filtering curtains are made from a linen-polyester blend and have silver grommets that fit a standard as well as decorative rod. They are available in a variety of colors and lengths; go for a “kiss the floor” length for a clean, elegant look, or choose longer curtains that puddle for a more dramatic designer look that’ll instantly elevate your room.


This $30 cable management set that’ll hide all those ugly wires

This $30 cable management set includes three sleek wood lid boxes and 16 cable clips to keep your floor free of tangled wires — and your kids and pets safe from power strips. The set is stylish and practical, and the variety of clips and three sizes of boxes provides options for organizing, hiding and storing different-sized cables and wires. Thousands of reviewers comment on what a difference they make, and one hilariously wrote, “This made the spaghetti mess of cords behind my tv so much nicer.”


A wireless puck light for sleek lighting without the contractor’s hefty bill

Instead of spending a ton of money on having under-cabinet lights wired and installed, purchase this wireless $10 puck light that’ll give you the same effect without the splurge. It’s ultra-thin for a discreet look and can either be installed using the two provided screws or its strong adhesive that sticks to most surfaces. You can easily turn the light on and off by simply tapping it, and if you’re still not quite sure whether to purchase this, just take the word of the more than 24,000 people who gave it a perfect five-star rating.


This shelf to give an empty corner a decorative touch

Finally utilize that empty corner by hanging up this five-tiered corner shelf that adds style and storage for under $25. It’s so versatile, it fits with any decor and in any room — use it for extra spices and seasonings in the kitchen or hang it in the bathroom to hold your ever-growing skincare collection. Tens of thousands of shoppers say it’s easy to assemble, looks nice and is definitely worth the price.


A clear stackable storage bin to make your fridge look so much nicer

Make your fridge look so much nicer by using one or a few of these clear stackable storage bins that are super cheap but incredibly useful. The bins are great for saving space and have two handles for easy carrying. Use them for everything from fruits and veggies to canned drinks and dairy products, they will keep your fridge neatly organized and your food items sorted by type so you always know where to find them.


A white marble lazy susan because you can’t go wrong with classic marble

Marble instantly adds a touch of classic elegance, and this white marble lazy Susan is no exception. It’ll make any assortment of snacks or a frosted cake feel so much fancier, but the good news is, it’s under $30 so it’s totally affordable. The heavy, handcrafted 12-inch round piece has a nonslip base and rotates as any traditional turntable does, and it would make a beautiful gift or addition to your own home.


These Himalayan tealight candle holders for a spa-like ambience on the cheap

Create a cozy ambience and purify the air in your home at the same time using this Himalayan tealight candle holder set. These beautiful candle holders are hand carved, giving them a unique shape and look. When they’re lit, they give off a soft amber glow that fills the room with warmth and ionizes the air for ultimate relaxation. You’d never know the set was only $12 given its design and pure crystal construction.


A bamboo display stand so your cookbook always stays open while you’re cooking

Add this stylish bamboo display stand to your kitchen and following a recipe from your favorite cookbook will be so much easier. It’s lightweight, durable and can be washed with warm, soapy water if a bunch of red sauce accidentally splatters all over it. The stand is also less than $15 and folds down flat for convenient, space-saving storage.


This bath pillow to make your nightly soaks even more relaxing

Take your nightly soaks to the next level with this comfy bath pillow. Made of a breathable, mesh-like material that dries quickly, it adheres to your tub using suction cups and can be washed in the machine for easy upkeep. One Amazon reviewer commented, “This is the best bath pillow I’ve had. The mesh bag for washing was a bonus, and there’s a hook to hang it to dry.”


A bidet attachment that comes with all the benefits and none of the expense

Get all the benefits of a bidet but none of the hassle — such as the huge expense or extensive construction in your bathroom — thanks to this cheap bidet attachment. This hygiene-upgrading fixture can be attached to any standard toilet and has a non-electric controller on the side that allows you to adjust water flow and temperature. It’s easy to install and basically just sits underneath the toilet seat, and it’s made from durable plastic so you never have to worry about it getting all rusty and grimy.


An olive oil dispenser set for a cheap-but-chic kitchen addition

If you’re gonna use the good olive oil, you might as well get a chic set of dispensers for it. These are a great budget find for how nice they look and come with two dust tops and two flip tops, as well as seal caps, stoppers and a handy stainless steel funnel for mess-free refills. The set is available in three colors — clear with measurement markings, amber brown and dark green — and is the perfect pretty and practical addition to your kitchen countertops.


These sleek steel nesting bowls that look expensive & modern

Upgrade your collection of bakeware by investing in this set of stainless steel mixing bowls, which will take up much less space in your cabinet thanks to their convenient nesting design. Not only are they great for baking and cooking, but you can also use them for serving snacks the next time you host a party. Their steel finish makes them look expensive and modern, despite ringing up at less than $30 for five.


These self-watering planters so you won’t have to keep replacing dead plants

Anyone who wasn’t blessed with a green thumb needs these self-watering planter bulbs. Not only do they look nice, but they’ll save you a ton of money because your plants will actually stay alive thanks to getting the right amount of water. They come in multiple sizes and can last for up to two weeks on a single fill (so they’re perfect to use while you’re traveling too).


A retractable mini cutter that’s the cheap gadget you never knew you needed

This retractable mini cutter wins the “cheap gadget that you never knew you needed” award. It has a finger-friendly edge that prevents any painful accidents and a built-in magnet so you can stick it on the fridge to make it easily accessible. The blade cuts easily and effectively thanks to its hard ceramic construction that helps maintain sharpness and lasts 11 times longer than metal.


This wall-mounted rail hanger that’s a stylish way to hang pots and pans

Use this stylish wall-mounted rail hanger to store pots and pans. It’s a great alternative to cabinet storage if you’re running out of space, and it’ll give your kitchen that professional chef vibe, even if your specialty is boxed mac and cheese (*shhh* no one needs to know). The rail has an extra-long design to maximize how much it can hold and can support up to 22 pounds of weight. It has an overall 4.7-star rating from more than 2,000 shoppers who say it’s incredibly versatile and can also hold mugs, cooking utensils, headbands and more.


A cheap foldable tray for the ultimate luxury: breakfast in bed

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast in bed using this foldable bamboo tray that also doubles as a laptop holder for sick days when you still need to check your email. The legs conveniently fold down for easy storage, and the two handles on either side make it easy to carry. Don’t worry about any spills; simply wipe the wood tray with warm, soapy water. To go a step further, occasionally condition it with bamboo oil to restore its shine.


These throw pillow covers for a pretty & comfy addition to your couch

Get this set of throw pillow covers, and they’ll be a pretty decorative accent and comfy napping accessory on your couch. Throw pillows can get seriously pricey so to get a set of two covers for under $20 is an absolute steal. They’re made from a soft corduroy and have an all-around pompom detail that adds great texture. The covers feature a zippered closure for the insert, and are washer and dryer safe for easy maintenance.


A modern, expensive-looking clock that doubles as a charger

Replace that old ticking wall clock with this cool digital alarm clock that doubles as a sleek accent on your desk or nightstand. Dimmable, snoozable, and volume adjustable, it’s sold in two color options: with a white or blue LED display. Plus, it’s got a built-in USB port, so you can use it to power up your phone while you snooze. As one Amazon reviewer pointed out, “Very modern looking and will go well with any decor you have going on.”


These puck lights that will give your space a professionally decorated finish

Perfect for kitchens, closets, and bookshelves, these under-cabinet lights will instantly make your home feel worthy of a spread in Architectural Digest — that’s the beauty of accent lighting. For under $15, you get two puck lights, which can be installed using screws or adhesive tape (both included). The battery-operated lights emit a warm, cozy glow using LED bulbs that won’t ever need to be swapped out. To turn them on or off, all you need to do is gently touch the light.


A donut-shaped dog bed that calms & comforts while looking nice in your living room

For anyone with an anxious puppy or one who just likes to curl up in a cozy, comfy spot, get this donut-shaped calming dog bed that doesn’t cost a fortune and is neutral colored to seamlessly blend in with your decor. The soft and fluffy texture of the bed provides a secure place for your beloved pet to relax, while the raised sides are filled with air loft fibers that create support for their neck and head. The bed has a nonslip base and is machine washable for easy care.


These elevated ceramic bowls for a pet accessory that’s actually chic

Let’s face it, some pet accessories are less than stylish, which is why these elevated ceramic bowls are such a great find. They check all the boxes — affordable, beautiful, and their tilted, elevated design reduces neck strain for pets while they eat and drink. If your furry BFF is a messy eater, the weight of these bowls will prevent them from tipping over while the shallow sides make it easy for them to eat every bit of their food. To make life easier for you (and so you don’t have to handwash slobber-covered dishes) the ceramic bowls are removable and dishwasher safe.


A silicone feeding mat for anyone whose pet is a messy eater

Contain food messes and make cleanup after feeding your pet easier with this silicone feeding bowl mat that has raised edges to prevent food and water spills. The mat is large enough to hold two feeding bowls and has a nonslip base to keep it in place. It’s made from 100% FDA-grade silicone so it’s safe for sensitive pets, and once dinner time is over, you can throw it in the dishwasher for hassle-free cleanup.


This wildly popular roller that keeps pet hair off your furniture

Keep your furniture, upholstery, and clothes free of pet hair with this popular lint roller, which has a staggering 100,000-plus perfect ratings on Amazon. Fans love that it doesn’t involve fussing with any sticky paper — instead it uses clingy nylon material and it’s easy to clean too (just press a button to open and empty the waste compartment). “Honestly, every pet owner should purchase this,” wrote one reviewer.


A nicer (& healthier) alternative to plastic food storage containers

Not only do glass food storage containers look a lot nicer, but they’re also a much healthier and more eco-friendly choice than plastic (which can potentially release microplastics into your food when heated up or cleaned in the dishwasher). With glass, you get none of these risks, and they’ll last you a lifetime if cared for properly. You’ll get three large, 32-ounce containers with this order, ideal for storing leftovers and meal prepping.


A plush blanket that looks so luxurious — but costs less than $25

You don’t have to splurge to get a luxurious throw blanket; stay warm and cozy with this lightweight but cozy blanket that probably costs less than you spent on coffee last week. It’s designed with ribbed polyester microfiber for a comfortable feel and upscale look, and it’s available in 25 colors and a variety of sizes.


These glass coffee mugs for an elegant way to drink your morning coffee

Enjoy your morning cup of coffee (or tea!) in these glass mugs that are designed with cold-touch handles for comfortable drinking. The tempered glass mugs have an elegant, modern shape and are made by expert glassmakers in Spain, which gives them an artisanal quality at a budget price. Thousands of shoppers say they look beautiful, are the perfect size and are such high quality for the price.


A set of marble coasters that’ll look stylish on your coffee table

Prevent those pesky water marks and add a stylish accessory to your coffee table with a stack of these marble coasters. Each coaster has a nonslip cork base to prevent scratching, and the marble surface works just as well for hot beverages as it does for cold ones. Marble is timeless, which means these will look great whether your home leans towards traditional or modern, and it has an expensive look you’ll love for a price you’ll love even more.


This sofa slipcover for a cheap living room makeover

Give your living room a big makeover without spending a ton of money on a new sofa thanks to this clever sofa slipcover. The stretchy polyester-spandex blend fabric is soft and machine-washable for easy maintenance, and the cover is available in 18 different colors to give you plenty of options. It has an elastic bottom and foam anchors that prevent it from shifting and instead keep it tightly in place for a neat, wrinkle-free look.


A cold brew coffee maker that’s both functional & impressive

If you (or your household) are iced coffee drinkers, there’s no need to explain why this cold brew coffee maker is such a convenient investment. But aside from that, keeping a pitcher full of cold brew in your fridge is a thoughtful and impressive touch for when you have house guests. Choose from three sizes of this pitcher: 20, 32, or 40 ounces, all made of thick borosilicate glass with a non-slip base. Naturally, it can be used for iced tea and lemonade, too.


A bamboo board to elevate your charcuterie game

Don’t overspend on a ridiculously overpriced cheese board, when you can get this beautiful bamboo charcuterie board for just $30. You seriously get your bang for your buck with this set — it includes a rectangular board with removable ceramic plates, six serving forks and a round bamboo fruit tray. Use it to impress guests with a delicious spread, or purchase it for a housewarming gift anyone would appreciate.


This fancy cheese board set with a built-in drawer for cutlery

This charcuterie board set is the perfect thing to impress guests — or to make a casual afternoon snack feel like an event. It’s made of durable bamboo, and the built-in drawer houses four stainless steel utensils for cutting and serving cheeses and meats. “It is on the smaller size but works perfect for what we need,” one reviewer gushed. “The hidden integrated tool are great! Highly recommend it!”