If you're lazy but want to get fit, you'll wish you knew about these weird but genius things sooner

Turns out you don’t need a gym membership to improve your strength and balance.

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There’s no such thing as a perfect workout routine, but nailing down a fitness regimen that works for you is vital when it comes to feeling healthy. If you’re anything like me, you may find the gym overwhelming — and boutique classes can be expensive, making the rise of at-home workouts a game changer.

Whether you’re confined to a small apartment or can turn your living room into a gym, the following fitness products can make all of the difference in getting the best workout from home. You can also take these items on the go and pack them in your gym bag — the choice is yours.


A mini exercise bike to store under your desk

Easily store this mini exercise bike in front of the couch or under your desk to increase your step count throughout the day. The compact size makes it easy to transport around the house. It features adjustable resistance levels so you can choose the intensity of your workout, and has an LCD screen that displays the speed, time, distance, and more.


These sturdy yoga blocks that improve stability & stretching

Any yogi knows the secret to a successful sweat is having durable yoga blocks. These versatile foam blocks are crucial for getting the deepest stretch and improving your stability, all while helping keep you aligned. The blocks measure 3 inches by 6 inches by 9 inches and are available in three bright colors such as purple, pink, and green.


This multi-purpose pull-up bar for your home

Instantly turn your home into a gym with this pull-up bar that makes getting in your pull-ups, push-ups, and chin-ups a breeze. It can fit between most doorframes between 24 inches to 32 inches, and the installation process is super easy — meaning, you don’t have to worry about damaging your walls. It features three different size grip positions: narrow, wide, and neutral.


This deck of instructional workout cards perfect for beginners

A personal trainer may cost a ton of money, but this deck of instructional workout cards can be an affordable substitution. Each card showcases a different workout instruction with an illustration so you can easily create your own workout routine. From reverse bicep curls to bench presses, you’ll be anything but bored with your workouts. One five-star reviewer wrote, “This makes finding the poses much easier and clearer. You can pull out the cards for specific body problem areas which makes it so much easier to use as a guide.”


This set of floor sliders that work your core

When it comes to floor exercises, these iron core sliders reign supreme for full-body and ab workouts. The dual-sided discs make it easy to glide across floors of any surface including wood, marble, tile, carpet, and more. For well under $20, you can snag the sliders and access dozens of video workouts that will teach you how to work your core. These sliders are available in nine colors, to make them feel more personalized.


A foam roller that helps relieve muscle tension

With an impressive 4.5-star rating and over 7,000 five-star reviews, this top-rated foam roller is an Amazon favorite. The lightweight design is a game-changer for relieving muscle tension and improving blood circulation in your back, glutes, and hamstrings. Choose from an array of bright colors like purple or lime green.


A set of adjustable ankle weights to tone your legs

Available in three different weights and five fun colors, these adjustable ankle weights aim to tone and strengthen your legs while you move, and buyers say they're "very flexible and easy to use." The fabric is made from breathable cotton that absorbs sweat super fast. Personally, I love these weights to get a little extra oomph out of my daily morning strolls.


This smart watch that tracks your fitness & heart rate

There’s nothing like a quality fitness tracker to hold you accountable and keep you disciplined. This one has many incredible features like tracking your sleep, monitoring your heart rate, and counting your daily steps. You can also call and text on it, meaning that overall, this watch will be your new best friend. It’s good to know your progress while making fitness goals, so this watch can be quite important to keep things on track. It’s available in 10 colors.


This set of workout dice that is great for group workouts

If you love working out in a group setting or with friends, this set of dice will keep things motivating and challenging. Each side features a different type of workout (sit-ups, side lunges, planks — you name it). The green dice will tell you how many reps you should do. “Love these! We use these for our ‘fun’ day when working out and I love that I can get the family and grandkids moving with these,” one five-star reviewer said.


A mini exercise ball for pilates workouts

An exercise ball is one of the most versatile accessories when it comes to working out. This mini version measures in at nine inches and works wonders if you’re focusing on core stability or stretching. Whether you frequent yoga, pilates, or barre, you’ll be surprised by how much this tiny ball has to offer. It supports up to 600 pounds and is available in three color options.


This set of resistance bands that comes in different sizes

Resistance bands are key for an effective workout. This set of six comes with three booty bands and three full-body bands. Each color band has a different resistance level, making it easy to see your progress as you start using them. Customers love the stretchy and sturdy material used because it doesn’t pinch your skin or roll up mid-workout.


A wobble cushion that improves balance & core stability

This wobble cushion has many practical uses. It can be used during squats or during a yoga pose to activate the core and improve stability, or it can be used as a recovery tool during physical therapy. Outside of fitness, you can slip this colorful cushion under your bum for support during long WFH days. It’s designed to hold up to 600 pounds and is available in five bright colors like hot pink and blue. The wobble cushion also comes with a pump, making it easy to inflate and deflate.


A pair of workout gloves for lifting weights

Available in sizes X-Small to X-Large, these workout gloves are great for securing your grip when lifting weights. They are crafted from durable leather and feature firm padding with an added wrist strap that will protect your hands and wrist from getting hurt. Amazon customers can’t believe such high-quality gloves are this affordable.


A volleyball that glows in the dark

Elevate your volleyball serve with this glow-in-the-dark volleyball. Amazing for summer nights, the ball automatically lights up during a set, serve, and spike. It’s made from a waterproof material, just in case the ball rolls off into the pool or ocean. There’s also a button to keep the light off if you want to save battery. One reviewer explained, “This is a really nifty ball for night-time play. We ordered it for a teenager's party and it was a huge hit. The ball is very bright at night. Has an internal LED light that uses 3 button batteries (included). As described the ball turns off after about 5 minutes of no activity, and then lights back up when kicked.”


This pilates ring for inner thigh workouts & toning

This pilates ring does it all. From toning and stretching to inner thigh and arm workouts to a yoga accessory, this portable design is super lightweight making it great for on-the-go workouts. It’s crafted from sweat-resistant foam and has grips on each end for added support and comfort. You can get it in black, pink, or teal.


A fitness journal to log your meals & workouts

Staying consistent with a journal is one of the best ways to keep a disciplined health routine. From logging your workouts and meals to keeping track of muscle gain, this detailed fitness notebook outlines everything you need to focus on your goals. One five-star reviewer wrote, “Really good for tracking my progress.”


This set of dumbbells that is super affordable

These dumbbells have racked up a 4.7-star rating and have 6,000 five-star reviews. The best part? You cannot beat the price tag. Available in two to 20 pounds, these hand weights come in an array of bright colors and are made from a neoprene coat for a firm grip. If you’re looking to strength train or enhance your morning mat workouts, these are absolutely essential.


This pelvic rocker that trains your core

If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your pelvic floor, look no further. This pelvic rocker core trainer is a handy tool to help activate your abdominals. If it seems intimidating, don’t fret. It includes a detailed book that shows you how to successfully do all the exercises you can with this balancing tool. Plenty of reviewers also mentioned it helped relieve back pain, which is an added bonus.


A kettlebell that’s color-coded by weight

These kettlebell weights are a must for your home gym. From squats to lunges and cardio, the kettlebells range from 15 to 40 pounds and have a curved handle for an easy and secure grip. Each weight, sold separately, is a different color, making them easy to identify if you buy multiples.


A basic jump rope that’ll help enhance your cardio

Intensify your daily cardio with this standard jump rope and all of the benefits it has to offer. Whether you’re looking to get your heart rate up or tone your arms and legs, a basic jump rope goes a long way. This one measures 110 inches long and has two foam handles on each end. The affordable price tag isn’t too shabby, either.


This best-selling mini stair stepper exerciser

Thousands of Amazon customers can’t get enough of this mini stair stepper exerciser. It’s equipped with resistant bands and an LCD monitor that displays your reps per minute. This gadget allows you to focus on 20 different core muscle groups and is wonderful for full-body workouts. “This stepper is exactly what I wanted — a small machine with simple mechanics at a value price. It fits under my bed for easy storage and weighs about 15 pounds, so it's easy to move around,” one five-star review read.


A sturdy yoga mat that’s nonslip

A yoga mat has practically become a household essential. This top-rated mat has a nonslip surface and is crafted from a double layer of eco-friendly material for optimal sturdiness. It measures longer than your typical workout mat at 72 inches long and 24 inches high. If you’re still using a thin, flimsy yoga mat that has little support, take this as your sign to upgrade. This mat comes in six vibrant colors.


These waterproof foam dumbbells for the pool

These aquatic dumbbells are great to store by the pool, bring to the health club, or take on vacation. They are super lightweight and come in six different colors. Perfect for adding a little resistance to your aquatic workout, they’re waterproof (of course) and made of EVA foam. One customer wrote, “These water dumbbells give a great workout, and are a great addition to my water aerobics. They don’t scrape up my legs like the ones used by the gym.”


This pedal resistance band set that will turn any environment into a gym

If you only add one item to your cart today, let it be this versatile pedal resistance band set. Whether you’re on the beach, at home, or in the office, the set makes it easy to turn any room into a home gym. It includes four resistance bands, a door anchor, two pull rope handles, and a pedal. “This is an amazing workout set. It is easy to assemble and you can even make two separate workout tools. You get a lot more with this exercising equipment for the price than with any other set out there,” one five-star reviewer wrote.


This thick pad that’s a necessity for weightlifting

If you’re going to lift weights, you’ll need the right accessories — one being this squat pad. This will help make sure your body is supported while doing moves like hip thrusts. The thick foam pad goes around the barbell in between your grip, in order to protect your neck and hips. With a 4.8 out of five-star rating, and over 2,000 five-star reviews, plenty of people say these are the best barbell pads you can buy.


A balance board to hold the perfect plank

Your love-hate relationship with planks just got a whole lot easier thanks to this rocker balance board. Designed to help improve your posture, and balance, and tighten the core, this wooden board has a nonslip rubber pad on the bottom that won’t damage your floors. It can also hold up to 300 pounds. Some shoppers even admitted to using it as a standing desk.


This ab roller that stretches & tones your body

This ab roller will enhance your floor workouts in no time. It aims to target your abs, hips, and back muscles to stretch and tone your body — and based on its small size, it’s easy to store. The stainless steel design is strong enough to hold up to 500 pounds. Reviewers gave it an impressive 4.6-star rating. You can also use it post-workout as a recovery tool.


This water-proof iPhone armband for your next run

Racking up over 34,000 five-star reviews, this phone armband case is an absolute must for runners. It comes in 11 different colors and is made from a waterproof material to protect your device from getting ruined by sweat. The size is versatile and works for all types of brands, including the Samsung Galaxy and most iPhones.


This training rope to intensify your workouts

If you’re looking to take your workout to the next level, give this ultra-heavy battle rope a try. The rope comes in sizes of 30, 40, and 50 feet long and has a sturdy plastic grip to protect your hands. This equipment is great for anyone who loves working out in the backyard. One five-star reviewer wrote, “The ropes are really nice quality and have become my favorite addition to my gym. They were much cheaper than a lot of the ropes out there and are fantastic quality. Buy these if you're looking to get into the battle ropes game.”


This twister board that makes exercise more fun

This twister board is a great way to get some exercise while watching TV or listening to music. As a bonus, it’ll also offer up an acupuncture effect for your feet. Meant to target your thighs and your core, this is a great gadget to help jumpstart your workout plan. All you need to do is place your feet on it and twist, using your arms to help stay balanced. “Pretty decent workout with moderate effort,” said one reviewer. “Definitely helped open up my stiff back.”