25 mistakes you're making in your backyard

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Look, we’re all making a few mistakes in our backyards. It can be easy to neglect your outdoor space between seasons or when you’re busy spending your time redoing the interior of your home. But, I promise all of our lawns, gardens, or tiny square patios could be better. It’s all about fixing these 25 mistakes you’re making in your backyard.

This list isn’t just about a fly and mosquito plan to keep your outdoor space pet-free — though that is important. For fly management, I found a bug zapper in tennis-racket form that’s definitely better than relying on a hanging sticky trap. This list also has things that help with the pesky problem of deer and rabbits eating all of your plants. You don’t have to use something harsh to save those flowers that took forever to plant — instead, this list has a gentle deer and rabbit repellent spray that’s plant- and animal-safe.

Of course, it’s also easy to make a mistake with a key backyard feature: the grill. First, we should all grab the tear-proof grill cover to keep it protected in all weather situations. There’s even a durable outdoor box for those of us who leave our grilling tools scattered around the patio.

I promise, we’ve all spent enough time decorating and fixing mistakes on the inside of our homes. It’s about time that we all scroll through these landscaping, decorating, grilling, and bug-free backyard solutions.

Mistake: Your pathways & gardens don’t have proper lighting

Solution: Install these solar powered lights that illuminate your garden

Adding these solar-powered stake lights automatically makes your garden or outdoor pathways look aesthetic at night. These weather-resistant lights illuminate your path, even when it’s storming outside, because they spend all day charging in the sunlight. They automatically turn on at dusk and they last for eight hours per charge, so you don’t have to worry about wires or timers.

Mistake: You let bugs ruin a good time

Solution: Eradicate pests with a bug zapper in tennis-racket form

Instead of relying on a hanging sticky trap, keep this rechargeable racket-style bug zapper handy. The long handle means you don’t have to get near the mosquitos, flies, moths, or other pests. It’s also complete with an LED light if you’re hosting a nighttime BBQ. Plus, the actual zapper has three layers of mesh and an on/off switch for safety.

Mistake: Your patio furniture is getting worn out

Solution: Spritz on the patio furniture spray that reduces fading & repels rain

This protective spray stops your patio furniture, outdoor umbrellas, grill covers, and more from fading. It applies odorless and you only need one coat at the start of every season to add water resistance and UVA/UVB protection to your patio furniture and extend its life. It’s a simple yet effective solution that has over 15,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

Mistake: You garden with rusty, old tools

Solution: Work with a rust-free gardening tool set that has a convenient case

This garden tool set not only solves the rusty tool problem, it also gives you a bunch of new gardening essentials. This 12-piece set with a heavy-duty case comes with absolutely everything you need to maintain your plants, including a pruner, folding saw, shears, and tiny rake, as well as unexpected tools like branch twist ties and a spray bottle for your plants. These rust-free tools are all made of steel — even the handy miniature shovel.

Mistake: You don’t have a screen door to keep bugs out

Solution: Stick a magnetic screen door on your door frame

This magnetic screen door is a bug-reducing solution that’s easy to stick onto your doorframe with thumbtacks or hook and loop tape that makes this suitable for use on wood, metal, and even sliding door frames. This heavy-duty mesh door has a hands-free design thanks to the magnetic seam at the middle that’s easy to open or just walk through if you’re carrying something important — like a round of cocktails.

Mistake: Squirrels won’t stop eating your bird food

Solution: Pop a wobbling raccoon & squirrel stopper on your bird feeder

This clip-on raccoon and squirrel stopper has a durable rubber clam to secure it on the feeder you already have. It wobbles whenever a squirrel tries to climb up the feeder pole to get a forbidden snack. Plus, the dark green color isn’t super noticeable on your shepherds hook.

Mistake: You don’t protect your hands while grilling

Solution: Wear these silicone gloves with a washable liner

These food-grade silicone gloves won’t get gross after one barbecue. They’re waterproof, heat-resistant up to 446 degrees, and non-slip to protect your hands around the grill. There’s even a long sleeve detail to keep your arms safer than other gloves can do. Between cookouts, you can wash the absorbent cotton liner in the washing machine and clean the silicone outer gloves in your dishwasher.

Mistake: You don’t have the right planters

Solution: Pot your plants in these minimalist planters with drainage holes

These recycled plastic planters are the right choice for any plant because they have four drainage holes. Each planter is weather-resistant, and they won’t crack or peel, so, your patio plants will stay super secure and look great in these breathable planters. This lightweight set also has a natural stone finish with the trendiest, minimalist texture.

Mistake: You over- or under-water your plants

Solution: Save your flowers with a soil moisture meter

Instead of wasting time watering patio plants that aren’t thirsty, simply grab this battery-free soil moisture meter with an easy-to-read gauge. Stick it into your planters, and the sensing probe lets you know if you need to pull out the garden hose or mister. Plus, this thin probe won’t break up too many roots or make your soil look broken up. Best of all, the box comes with a guide that tells you what level of moisture your soil needs for a large variety of different plants.

Mistake: Deer & rabbits eat all of your plants

Solution: Spritz on this animal repellant that’s rain resistant

Misting your garden with this deer and rabbit repellent is a gentle way to stop these animals from chewing up your flowers, vegetables, and herbs. The plant- and animal-safe formula simply uses a natural scent that repels them. It’s also rain-resistant, so you don’t have to re-spray your entire garden all the time — just mix 12 ounces of this concentrate with a gallon of water, spray your garden, and enjoy your harvest.

Mistake: You forget to cover your picnic food

Solution: Use these breathable, collapsible food tents to keep your food safe

These mesh food covers are complete with a simple tent design and lace trim, so they’ll look nice at your backyard party. The transparent mesh won’t trap steam while it protects your food from bugs, whether you’re cooking chicken or serving freshly cut melon. Despite these screens being 16 inches wide, it’s easy to fold up the rust-resistant frame when dinner’s over.

Mistake: You aren’t protecting your wooden patio furniture

Solution: Apply this teak oil to protect your favorite table from the sun

This protective teak oil lets you keep your favorite wood patio furniture around longer. It protects your belongings from sun damage and weathering that could ruin the look of your backyard dinner party. Plus, the UV absorbing formula leaves behind a golden wood stain. This quick-drying oil is also OK to use on teak and other fine woods.

Mistake: You don’t have anything to attract hummingbirds

Solution: Bring birds to your yard with a colorful leak-proof feeder

Adding this hanging hummingbird feeder to your garden isn’t a huge hassle. It has a leak-proof base that won’t cause a huge mess on your grass, and it has the ability to hang from shepherds hooks and trees. It’s also made of lightweight plastic, but the top looks like colorful glass with a red hue that attracts birds. It’s also airtight and holds 26 ounces, so you won’t have to refill it often.

Mistake: You sit in an uncomfortable position while gardening

Solution: Use a cushioned kneeler & stool to make gardening easier

This foldable garden kneeler is a way more comfortable way to work than bending over your plants. Use the convertible design like a small stool or a cushioned spot to kneel on your knees. The durable metal frame is also lightweight enough to pull with you to each flower pot. It’s also complete with gardening tool pockets and gloves with digging tips to make your whole gardening process easier.

Mistake: Your hose constantly folds up & stops watering

Solution: Water with this expandable garden hose that won’t tangle

This easy-to-store garden hose has a lightweight design that expands while you’re watering. That expandable feature means this is a kink-free design that won’t tangle up or stop spraying while you water. Plus, its nozzle is complete with eight spray modes, and despite being 50-feet long, it weighs just about three pounds, so it’s easier to control than a traditional rubber hose.

Mistake: Your patio is totally bare

Solution: Make your deck comfy with a reversible outdoor rug

It’s worth covering up that bare patio with this super long-lasting outdoor rug. The heat-treated plastic design won’t fray, and it’s weatherproof, so you can feel OK about leaving it out in sun and storms. Best of all, you can flip it over if one side gets scratched at you backyard party. This geometric rug even comes with a travel bag if you move.

Mistake: You don’t protect your hands when gardening

Solution: Wear these breathable gardening gloves with a reinforced grip

These breathable gardening gloves make gardening projects way less messy. The bamboo fabric is complete with stretchy wrist cuffs that keep all of the soil out of your gloves — and away from your hands. There’s also a rubber coating that helps you grip onto gardening tools and roots as well as a reinforced accent that also protects your fingers and nails.

  • Available sizes: Small – 2X-Large

Mistake: You don’t have backyard games

Solution: Keep this inflatable lawn dart game around

This lawn darts game won’t mess up any of your landscaping or pricey patio furniture, because it comes with three inflatable darts that won’t create holes in your lawn (or hurt your friends). You also get a double-sided monster-themed mat that’s easy to secure with the included pegs (the other side is complete with a classic dartboard) for a new twist on a classic game that’s sure to get you to spend more time outdoors.

Mistake: You forget about backyard decor details

Solution: Hang bamboo wind chimes to go with your patio furniture

This bamboo wind chime is a durable decoration that won’t overwhelm or clash with your patio furniture. It’s complete with six extra-wide chimes that have a minimalist wood-tone look and classic tone. Plus, it’s made with durable braided wire that’s super study, so you won’t lose a chime.

Mistake: You don’t keep your pricey grill covered up

Solution: Protect your grill with a tear-proof cover that’s easy to put on

Covering up your grill with this waterproof grill cover is super easy with the adjustable straps. It’s wind- and UV-resistant, so your grill is protected in between backyard dinners. You can also clean it with your garden hose while you water your plants. Plus, the durable fabric has a simple design that looks nice with your deck decorations.

Mistake: You don’t have enough space to lounge

Solution: Keep this versatile & portable hammock around

This rip-resistant nylon hammock is perfect for small yards because it only takes one minute to put up if you want to lounge. It packs into a bag (even the clips and straps fit), so it’s not always taking up space in your yard or ruining your perfectly-curated aesthetic. Available in 15 colors and two sizes, this hammock can hold up to 500 pounds and is machine washable.

Mistake: You forget about exterior lighting

Solution: Hang up these waterproof string lights that give off a warm glow

Hanging these waterproof string lights around your deck will instantly transform your space into an aesthetically pleasing oasis. They come with 25 Edison bulbs that are complete with double insulation, which means these durable glass bulbs definitely hold up outside. These weatherproof and dimmer-compatible lights come on a heavy-duty wire, making them particularly durable.

Mistake: You don’t have a spot for gardening & grilling tools

Solution: Add this weather-resistant box to your deck setup

Grab this resin storage box if your grilling and gardening supplies are just dumped in a pile in the corner of your deck. This compact box gives you 2.6 cubic feet to store your outdoor must-haves like gardening shovels, grill tongs, and BBQ gloves. It’s weather-resistant and complete with a durable double-wall design. It also requires less upkeep than most patio furniture because it’s rust, leak, and dent-resistant.

Mistake: You let your grass dry out

Solution: Use this sprinkler that sprays a distance of 32.8 feet

This 360-rotating sprinkler won’t let your yard get too dried out — even if it’s a unique shape. Each of the three spinning arms is complete with four adjustable nozzles to fully cover your lawn, and this sprinkler can cover up to 3,600 square feet at once. Plus, this rust-resistant sprinkler with a weighted base won’t fall over while it waters your garden, making this an easy addition to your yard.

Mistake: You cook your veggies on the grill grates

Solutions: Use these cleanable mini grill baskets to cook your food

These stainless steel grill baskets give you a more even grilling surface for finely chopped veggies than the grill grates. They still have small holes, so your veggies will still get plenty of charring, but you don’t have to worry about your asparagus or mushrooms falling into the grill. These easy-to-clean baskets even come with a rectangular one for fish, bread, and more.