Of the most popular gifts under $35 on Amazon, these look the most expensive

Find something great regardless of your budget.

ByCaroline Reinstadtler
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If your friends and family have expensive taste, you can deliver the best presents off their wish lists without breaking the bank — regardless of the occasion. This roundup has some of the sleekest and most stylish products on Amazon that you can find for under $35.

From spa essentials like neck pillows and heating pads to a cake decorating set that will level up anyone’s baking skills, you’ll be able to shop for even the most difficult relatives — sharing finds that will have them saying, “I didn’t know I needed this!” Skip the department store and save on gifts that look pricey and work beautifully.


Comfortable & lightweight Bluetooth earbuds

Give the music lovers and podcast enthusiasts in your life the gift of hi-fi sound quality with these ergonomic Bluetooth earbuds. With a lightweight charger that only takes 45 minutes to reach a full battery, these allow users up to 24 hours of playing time, so they’re a perfect choice for fitness enthusiasts or commuters — and better yet, they’re sweat-proof. Once you’ve paired them to your device, all you need to do is remove them from the charging case, and they’ll connect easily and instantly every time.


An anti-glare sun visor perfect for any car

This sun visor completely gets rid of that uncomfortable glare with polarizing technology so your loved ones can enjoy a beautiful drive without the headache. It features a fast and simple mounting process and is fully compatible with any vehicle, no matter the model.


An electric s’mores machine for warm-weather nostalgia

Know someone with a sweet tooth? If so, this s’mores maker might be the perfect gift to satisfy their chocolate cravings. With two stainless steel roasting forks and a stainless steel base, this crowd-pleaser brings a little summer spirit to any snowy day — and it’s BPA-free, eliminating exposure to potentially harmful plastics. Gift this to the host with the most and watch them take their parties up a notch.


The cutest fruit-infusing water bottle

Help a thirsty friend stay hydrated with a water bottle that infuses drinks with any fruit imaginable (it comes with an e-book featuring 27 recipes, and that’s just for starters). Available in either 25 or 32 ounces, it comes with a sweat-proof cover that insulates drinks all day long and removes any risk of condensation, so you can throw it in your bag and go — and did I mention the adorable pastel color options?


The floating shelves to spruce up any space

Perfect for even the most decoratively challenged, these adorable shelves fit any 90-degree corner and feature a simple assembly process, so gift recipients can get straight into curating their spaces. They can hold up to 7.7 pounds, so books, plants, and cute figurines are all fair game. They come with all the hardware you need to install them.


A portable back scratcher perfect for de-stressing

Give someone in your life the gift of a relaxing pause with this lightweight, stainless steel back scratcher. It comes with a cloth bag and is perfect for use at home, work, school, and even while traveling, and it extends up to 27 inches for those hard-to-reach spots.


A super soft memory foam neck pillow

This luxurious and portable neck pillow is the perfect present for any jet-setter who’s always planning their next vacation. It comes in four stylish color options and is made of soft velour, eliminating neck pain from uncomfortable airplane and vehicle seats. It’s machine washable and so comfortable you might find yourself reaching for it at home.


These flavorful & fun popcorn seasonings

Spice up any moviegoer’s favorite snack with this 8-pack of delicious popcorn seasonings. With flavors such as white cheddar, kettle corn, and cheesy jalapeño, these seasonings are perfect for mixing and matching — and they’re great on more than just popcorn, too. They’re certified gluten-free and kosher, so even those with dietary restrictions can safely enjoy them.


A minimalist & modern cake decorating set

This metallic cake decorating set is the perfect present for any would-be Great British Baking Show competitor. Its 100% food-grade coating ensures that each cake masterpiece will be odor-free and safe to eat, and it turns 360 degrees in each direction — no more hunching over the kitchen counter! It comes with a cake stand, spatula, decorating comb, and icing smoother. The only thing left to bring is a creative vision.


An eco-friendly & chic reusable notebook

Gifting to writers and artists can be tricky. Luckily, this reusable notebook makes it easier than ever to jot down and save ideas. All you need to do is write in its climate-friendly dot grid pages with the included erasable pen, then wipe it down with the microfiber cloth and start all over again. The free Rocketbook app can save each page to Google Drive, Evernote, or the note-taking software of your choice, and the trees will thank you.


Two Bluetooth karaoke mics for the perfect duet

Simon and Garfunkel, Chloe x Halle... your niece and nephew? Give the gift of a four-chair turn a la The Voice with these funky Bluetooth karaoke microphones. With 3D surround stereo and Hi-Fi sound quality, you can bring the concert to your car, living room, or holiday party. Its charge lasts up to 10 hours, so you can keep the concert going as long as you like.


A Bluetooth speaker with a built-in light show

This Bluetooth speaker, which features a color-changing LED light show and gorgeous water optics, would make a great gift for anyone who loves playlists and podcasts. It's lightweight, so music lovers can bring it anywhere, and it comes with a USB cable, so they can charge it on the go. With clear sound quality and deep bass, this speaker will be a hit — just in time for New Year's Eve.


A cozy oversized fleece blanket hoodie

Help loved ones stay warm with this breathable fleece blanket hoodie, which comes with an attached belt for easy sizing. It's perfect for the couch or a camping trip — just bring it inside or outside to stay cozy anywhere. It also features a side slit with buttons for easy removal and adjustable levels of warmth. All you’ll need is the hot cocoa.


A stylish mini desktop vacuum perfect for students

Help students and WFH-ers get rid of desk debris with this small-but-mighty mini vacuum. Perfect for any study or office space, it comes in orange for a cute pop of color and white to go with any decor. Because of its small size, it’s great for hard-to-reach spaces, and it’s quiet enough to clean while you work.


These fun & functional geometric floating shelves

These floating shelves have a contemporary geometric design that’ll add flair to any space, but they’re minimalistic enough to go with any decorating style. They're also made of strong, durable metal wire, so they can hold anything from candles to alarm clocks and everything in between.


A colorful, high-quality set of 10 taper candles

This set of 10 taper candles is unscented, so it shouldn’t bother guests who don't tolerate fragrance well — and it comes in a variety of colors, from coral to turquoise and many more. Each candle has a burn time of eight hours and is made of high-quality vegan wax, so you can light the way for the best gatherings ever.


An extra-large heating pad for aches & pains

Know someone who's on their feet all day? Give busy parents, nurses, or teachers a super-soft heating pad to treat their muscles with the utmost care. It has six heat settings for any level of soreness, and its two-hour automatic turnoff function prevents burns and excessive energy usage. You can grab it in one of three colors.


A breathable bath pillow for the ultimate spa day

Give this breathable and comfortable air mesh bath pillow to somebody who works a little too hard, and they'll be taking time for themselves before they know it. With six suction cups that won't slip from any tub surface, it's fully compatible with water of any temperature and feels like laying on a cloud. It comes with a bath puff, so they can bring their favorite body wash or soap and take the best bath ever.


This set of 100 beautiful & inspirational affirmation cards

Don’t just show someone in your life that you care about them — follow it up with one of these uplifting affirmation cards and let them feel the love. With affirmations of strength and safety, such as "I am living in alignment with my purpose" and "I am at peace," each card can be used as a mantra for meditation, a wall decoration, or a positive part of any daily routine. Each card features between one and three affirmation-related questions on the back, which can be used as journal prompts, conversation starters, or simply food for thought.


A cozy winter beanie with Bluetooth audio

Give a music lover in your life this soft knit hat and they won’t need to worry about cold-weather headphone combinations anymore. Its HD speakers provide a volume of up to 110 decibels, and its connection is stable and strong, so the sound won't cut out while they listen. Each charge lasts from 16-20 hours, so they'll be good to go for even the longest winter walk.


These beautiful & rustic LED-light mason jar sconces

folklore/evermore vibes, anyone? Give these rustic and elegant mason jar sconces to any Swiftie or cottagecore lover and watch them light up too. They come with fairy lights and faux hydrangeas for a delicately beautiful vibe, and they'd look lovely in any living room, bathroom, or kitchen. You can buy them in three different shades.


This adorable LED nightlight that looks like a piece of toast

There's no need to be afraid of the dark with this friendly nightlight to keep you... well, toasty. With a three-hour charge, it lights the room continuously for over nine hours at a time, and it's small and lightweight enough for any desk or bedside table. It’s rechargeable via USB and casts a warm glow, just like its real-life doughy counterpart.


A plush blanket made of luxurious velvet & sherpa fleece

Keep loved ones toasty warm with this fuzzy fleece blanket. With 18 color options, including a pretty light pink and rich burgundy, it's machine washable and dryer safe for easy cleanup in case of spills. It’s also reversible, so they can choose between a soft velvet or a plush fleece for maximum comfort.


A twistable travel pillow for maximum in-flight comfort

This bendable memory foam travel pillow easily attaches to luggage for hands-free transportation, minimizing airport juggling and security snafus. It's perfect for wearing around the neck, but it's also great for the legs and lower back. Just bend it into the desired position and you're good to go. It comes in a set with a light-blocking eye mask and noise-canceling earplugs to maximize comfort, even on the longest of trips.


A wireless phone charger & sanitizer that’ll make sure you’re always at full battery

Sleek and intuitively designed, this phone charger and sanitizer does double duty: its UV light gets rid of germs accumulated throughout the day, and its wireless charging keeps phone batteries full. Gift this to your phone-obsessed relative or any tech enthusiast in your life. It’s also useful for sanitizing various everyday items like jewelry and glasses.


A cute scrunchie holder for great hair days

If you know someone who's always asking for a hair tie or simply loves to accessorize, gift them this acrylic scrunchie holder; they'll keep track of their favorite scrunchies with ease and style. It can hold up to 30 scrunchies at a time, so it's great for the whole collection. It’s also easy to carry around for styling on the go.


Wine condoms for the drink enthusiast with a sense of humor

Invented by a mother-son duo, this novelty gift is one of the most practical joke gifts you'll find on the market. It uses shrink-to-fit technology to create a tight seal around the mouth of any open bottle, and it easily stretches to fit different sizes. It’s also been featured on shows such as NBC’s Today and has over 5,000 five-star reviews, not to mention that it’s spill-proof.


An instant ramen cooker for any dorm or dining room

Upgrade the ramen experience of someone in your life with this ramen cooker and bowl set. It features three bowls: a large one at the bottom for soup, a drain bowl in the middle, and a smaller bowl at the top, so noodle enthusiasts can combine or separate their favorite ramen dishes. It comes with chopsticks, a fork, and a spoon to accommodate any serving preference, and it features a classic geometric design.


These hand-poured pillar candles that offer an elegant glow

With smokeless and lead-free cotton wicks, these candles are a great choice for a beloved family member or someone you haven't known for very long, as they're a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. They are handmade in Europe from high-quality wax and feature a burn time of 70 hours for long-lasting use. Gift recipients can up the romance factor of a dinner at home or add a warm glow to any room.


A fade-resistant, machine washable king-sized sheet set

Made from ultra-soft microfibers, this luxurious sheet set is breathable without sacrificing warmth; they're perfect for any time of the year. The set comes in multiple colors, from a timeless taupe to a royal blue fit for a king (or at least, a king-size bed). It’s fully machine washable, taking the guesswork and stress out of laundry day.


Biodegradable, odor-free, & stylish Swedish dishcloths

Sustainable kitchen alternatives are a great gift for your climate-conscious friends and family, and these waste-free reusable dishcloths are no exception. Made of cellulose and cotton, they're fully plant-based, and when they're no longer usable, they can compost in up to eight weeks at home or break down in just four months in a landfill. They're small but mighty, with the ability to absorb up to 20 times their weight, and they come in a number of chic patterns and designs.


This durable 5-piece wine accessory set

Whether they prefer red or white wine, they’ll love this wine accessory set. Tucked inside a charming wine bottle case, they'll find five functional and elegant wine accessories, including a corkscrew opener, foil cutter, and drip ring. It's incredibly versatile; they can bring this set to any cocktail party or wine tasting to open or close bottles, prevent spills, or simply delight the other guests.


A light-up dog leash for added safety & style

Any pet lover will appreciate a gift that’s for their best friend, too. This LED dog leash provides visibility of up to 350 yards, so headstrong dogs will be visible crossing the street, running down the pavement, or walking next to their owners in the dark. Its charge lasts for over seven hours at a time, and there are no batteries involved, eliminating hassle.


An adjustable cell phone stand with a Bluetooth speaker

At-home DJs rejoice — this cell phone stand comes with a portable Bluetooth speaker that delivers crystal-clear sound quality, so the party doesn’t have to stop. It holds any phone at a variety of angles, so it's perfect for multiple viewers at once (or multiple Spotify queue controllers), and it's great for watching videos or taking calls hands-free. It works with most smartphone models, so iPhone, Samsung, and Google phone users can all put this gift to use.


A hanging plant terrarium for anyone with a green thumb

With its minimalist design and vintage look, this wooden terrarium is the gift your plant-obsessed bestie didn't know they needed. It's super simple to set up — all they'll need to do is fit the metal bar through the holes in the glass jars and affix the terrarium to the wall. They can use it to propagate new plants, display beautiful bouquets, and spruce up any room.


This soft comforter for coziness all year round

This luxurious comforter will help anyone have visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads. It's made of a plush-down alternative, so it's a good choice for animal lovers or those with fabric sensitivities. You can buy it in one of nine vibrant shades. It's also machine washable; just throw it in the dryer for extra winter warmth.


A travel-friendly water bottle with double-wall insulation

If someone in your life has a taste for adventure, keep them hydrated wherever they may go with this water bottle that keeps drinks hot or cold (for up to 12 and 24 hours, respectively). It features a 64-ounce capacity for maximum hydration, and it comes with three different types of lids for various types of beverages. With a number of gorgeous colors, from rainbow ombré blends to a classic steel gray, it's leak-proof and shatter-proof, so it's durable enough for any explorer.


This silicone drying rack that maximizes counter space

For busy chefs, counter space real estate can be a scarce resource in the kitchen. Help them clear out clutter with this silicone drying rack that rolls up. They can use it to dry as many dishes as they need, and when they’re done, they can simply stow it away. It uses non-slip technology to securely hold any dish and stay put, even through any amount of water.


This ice cream maker for anyone with a sweet tooth

This instant ice cream maker, which is made of food-grade stainless steel, is a sweet treat that everyone in the family can enjoy. Once they've placed their mixed ingredients onto the tray, their dessert will be ready in minutes. They can use it to make ice cream of any flavor, as well as sorbet, gelato, dairy-free substitutes, and even frozen margaritas.


This herb garden kit that will easily fit on their windowsill

Give someone in your life the gift of their own personal herb garden, including basil, cilantro, parsley, sage, and thyme. The kit is certified by the USDA as organic, so it's free of pesticides, and the brand is family-owned and operated in Oregon, so your purchase supports a smaller business. Your gift recipient doesn’t need to be a culinary whiz to enjoy the taste and scent of these lovely fresh herbs.


A timelessly elegant decorative serving tray

Elegant home decor doesn't have to break the bank — take this glossy decorative serving tray, which features gorgeous golden stainless steel handles. It comes in a variety of colors, including black, white, yellow, and blue, so it'll fit beautifully with any decorating style. It can be used to serve meals, store keys or knickknacks, or display a bouquet of flowers; gift recipients will love its versatility.


Cool & comfortable LED flashlight gloves

From camping to cycling and everything in between, these gloves are a great choice for any nighttime adventurer, providing additional safety and upping their cool factor. They're waterproof and come with an adjustable strap, so one size should fit most hands. The gloves come with batteries already installed, reducing setup and hassle, and the package comes with an additional battery for future use.


These versatile marble ceramic bowls

Made in Brooklyn, these bowls are useful as jewelry holders, pots for plants, or just for displaying treasured home decorations. They're heat and corrosion-resistant, so they'll last a long time; this is a great choice for a gift that can be passed down through the years. They're subtle but eye-catching, so they're likely to fit the tastes of anyone on your list — especially since they come in three different colors.


A magnetic fidget pen for crafty writers

Kids and adults alike will love this magnetic fidget pen. They can relieve stress and indulge their creativity by building shapes out of the magnetic blocks, and the pen itself is highly functional for students and workers. It comes with two stylus tips, so it's useful for both paper and screens.


A leak-proof, insulated cooler bag perfect for picnics

Gift this wine tote to someone who’s already excited for the spring. It's perfect for wine tastings, outdoor meals, and park visits, and thanks to its sturdy handle and adjustable shoulder strap, it's durable enough for longer trips. Inside the bag, a padded divider keeps wine bottles from knocking into each other and breaking, and it's not just for wine; this cute tote can be used to transport water, beer, or any beverage of their choice.


This stylish & strong vinyl record frame

For the music lover who always seems to be mentioning artists you don’t know, this vinyl record frame will hit the right chord. It comes fully assembled, so they won't need to break out the toolkit. The frame is covered in crystal clear, shatter-proof, and UV-resistant acrylic, so it won't damage records, and it comes in black and taupe, each color featuring a gorgeous wooden finish.


A multicolored, motion-activated toilet nightlight

Know someone with a goofy sense of humor? Give them a gift that will bowl them over: this rainbow toilet nightlight. It's as useful as it is fun. The light is motion activated, so they won't bump into any furniture on a late-night bathroom trip. The multicolor light show is sure to make anyone crack a smile.


This reusable pet hair remover for convenient cleanup

With this reusable pet hair remover, animal lovers can say goodbye to endless dusting and lint rolling. It doesn't use any disposable adhesives; all they'll need to do is slide the roller back and forth, and it will vacuum up hair, fuzz, and debris. With the touch of a release button, it empties out quickly and easily, too.


A dreamy canopy that’s easy to assemble

With this ultra-large canopy, their bedroom will be straight out of a fairytale. It features a simple installation system that adjusts to any ceiling height, and it even comes with an internal loop for hanging up a lamp. Made out of a breathable mesh fabric, it'll fit any size of bed, from a King size to a crib.


A hilarious party game that will bond any friend group

This card game will have friend groups rolling on the floor at its wild questions. It features over 250 prompt cards, which players will use to decide who is "most likely to" do a number of things. Watch as it gets funnier and more intense. Not for the faint of heart, this game is perfect for families and friend groups with healthy senses of humor.


These sleek, high-definition glass mirror tiles

Made of high-definition glass, these mirror tiles don't sacrifice durability for style — the frosted mirror edge makes these tiles safe and secure. They're great for any bathroom, bedroom, or closet door, and the package includes foam tape and construction glue for easy setup. Once they're up, their strong adhesive ensures they won't fall down.


A car mount for busy drivers & content creators alike

We all know the video: an influencer, writer, or musician sets up a phone on their windshield and shares a message with an audience. Give this phone mount to the content creators in your life and watch them take their videos to the next level. Its magnetic phone holder is super-secure, so phones won't fall, and it rotates 360 degrees to capture the perfect angle.


This fogless mirror for post-shower self-care

This mirror is a great choice for skincare aficionados or anyone who likes to take a moment in the mirror after a shower. With a thin frame and super-reflective surface, it won't fog up — so, no more wiping down the mirror with a towel. It features an ultra-wide refillable water chamber and a squeegee for easy cleanup.


These aromatherapy shower steamers in a variety of sweet scents

With delicious scents like lavender, vanilla, and peppermint, these shower steamers are sure to relax and refresh. All they need to do is place the fizzy tablets in the corner of the shower, inhale, and unwind. These tablets are a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who loves a good spa day.


A memory foam back pillow that provides comfort & support

Whether they’re working hard or hardly working, help them support their lower back and spine with this memory foam back pillow that fits like a glove. They can use it in the office, on a plane, and even in the driver's seat of a car; it provides support that they can bring anywhere. It's great for minimizing back strain and nerve pressure, but this can also provide a great source of comfort for those without aches and pains as well.


A Himalayan salt lamp for air purification & good energy

If they’re looking for a dose of positive energy in their space, gift someone in your life this Himalayan salt lamp. With a sturdy base made of rosewood, it casts an amber glow that gives any room a strong feeling of warmth. It acts like an ionizer, purifying the surrounding air so your loved ones will breathe just a little easier.


A waterproof gear bag for any activity

Made of a strong and lightweight material, this dry bag will protect gear through any waterproof activity. Canoeing, jet skiing, and fishing will become safer and easier, and they won't need to worry about any damaged goods. It comes in blue, red, and black, and it seals with a D-ring clip, so water damage is out of the picture.


A portable patterned outdoor blanket that's water-resistant

For outdoorsy friends and family, this foldable picnic blanket might just be the gift they didn't know they needed. They can bring it to the beach, park, camping, or anywhere they might like to set up shop outside. It comes in a variety of adorable patterns, sizes, and colors, so they can bring style and sophistication to any outdoor hangout.


This bonsai tree that’ll add a little extra light wherever you need it

This beautiful bonsai tree light clocks in at over 1,000 five-star reviews, and with its soft light and beautiful colors, it's not hard to see why. It can be powered by 3 double-A batteries or by a USB charger, and it lights up a room without causing any glare or uncomfortable brightness. Because the branches are made of copper wire, they're bendable, so recipients can shape them however they like.


An inexpensive & stylish virtual assistant

“Alexa, which gift will make my family and friends the happiest?” It just might be this Echo Auto, which connects to the Alexa app on their phone for audio that comes through car speakers with Bluetooth or a cord. It's specifically designed for drivers and is audible over highway and street noise. They can use it to stream music from Apple Music, Spotify, and more.