People with nice homes (that used to be a mess) swear by these genius things

These products will help you create a space you’re proud of.

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If your home is a bit of a mess right now, you’re not alone — sometimes, life takes over and cleaning often falls to the bottom of the to-do list. Luckily, these products make organization a breeze, so you can prevent mess before it becomes an issue.

From kitchen must-haves to bathroom lifesavers, you’re sure to find your newest obsession on this list that’ll end up saving you a ton of time. Plenty of people agree that these products are complete game changers.


These fridge organizing bins that maximize space

Instead of stashing groceries wherever they seem to fit, use these fridge organizing bins to maximize space and keep food fresher longer. Made of high-quality plastic, they're shatterproof, so kitchen mishaps won't render them unusable. You can also wash them with soap and water in between uses. These are best placed in a pantry, freezer, or kitchen cabinet for an organization that's tailored to your space.

One reviewer wrote: “So glad I ordered this set! My fridge was [always] a hot mess with jars of jelly, jars of pickles, butter, sour cream, etc that I never could find! With this set, I was able to organize all of them! I also love the egg holder!” — Kristina G. Headrick


A shoe organizer that holds up to 20 pairs

Save the bottom of your closet from absolute chaos with this shoe organizer. Because it fits up to 16 standard pairs of shoes and four pairs of boots, you'll be able to store, protect, and keep track of all your favorite footwear with ease. Thanks to their clear vinyl covers, you can see each pair in front of you, so you won't have to rummage around to find exactly what you're looking for.

One reviewer wrote: “Ahhhh no more mess with my shoes!! It works and you can place it under your bed.” — Danny and Monica Beteta


These drawer dividers made with 100% bamboo

Organize utensils, accessories, or bathroom essentials with these useful drawer dividers. Made with 100% water-resistant bamboo, you can wipe them down with a damp cloth to get rid of dust or stains whenever you need. Thanks to their adjustable lengths, you can customize them to fit any drawer in your house.

One reviewer wrote: "Rarely have I been so happy with a purchase. The drawer where I keep my spatulas, big spoons, peelers, measuring cups and spoons, zester, etc. was a mess. I was using a silverware divider to try to help organize all the items, and several of them were too long for it and had to be stuffed on the side. Plus, some things stuck up when I tried to close the drawer. Switching to these drawer dividers made all the difference." — Amazon Customer


This 3-tier desk organizer that keeps files at hand

Transform your desk from a mess of papers to your dream workstation with this three-tier desk organizer. Simply pull out each tray when you need an important file, folder, or notebook, and you'll have everything right where you need it. Made with scratch-resistant steel wire mesh, it'll withstand years of wear and tear, and it's incredibly easy to assemble.

One reviewer wrote: "This fun little paper organizer has been wonderful! Easy to assemble and [it’s] very sturdy! Cleaned my desk right up!" — Toni Selley


This battery organizer that holds up to 180 batteries

This battery organizer lets you power anything when you need it, from a new toy to a flashlight. With its hinged cover, you can mount it on the wall, store it in a drawer, or stash it in your garage for easy retrieval, and the transparent lid tells you at a glance which batteries you have and which ones you need. Wondering if your old batteries still work? This organizer comes with a small battery tester that'll tell you right away.

One reviewer wrote: "We used to keep all of our batteries in a gallon bag (horrible I know). When I couldn’t take the mess anymore I found this battery holder. It’s two-sided with a good amount of storage for each type of battery. It definitely fits more AA than anything. The battery tester works on different size batteries as well so you never have to question if a battery is dead." — Paige


A purse organizer you can hang over your closet door

With six slots for you to store your favorite accessories, this purse organizer hangs over your closet door for easy access. Its hook comes in a standard size that should work with any door, and each clear plastic slot puts your favorite pieces in full view. Pro tip: you can also use it to store wallets, towels, or even umbrellas.

One reviewer wrote: “This is by far one of the best purchases I’ve made. The back of my door holds all of my purses two hoodies and a couple of scarves. Prior to this product, everything was all out of sorts, a massive mess where I couldn’t even open the door all the way because of the bulk. It took me all of about five minutes to get it out of the bag, on the door, and my purses I put away. I am very happy to report my door now opens all the way.” — amandah0gan


These airtight food containers that keep snacks fresh

These airtight food containers will keep all your favorite dry goods fresh, from mixed nuts to cereal and everything in between. They come with universally sized lids that work with each container, and the clear plastic material shows you when it's time for a refill. Use the included reusable labels and chalk pen to identify each treat — the only thing they won’t do is automatically refill your candy container when you run out.

One reviewer wrote: "My pantry was a mess. I saw something on craft organization so i decided to organize my pantry. They recommended using canisters. The ones that they used were a lot more expensive than these and I did not think that the quality was any better. I bought several sets. I made my own labels with a Cricut because I have a bad handwriting. I love the way my pantry looks and I can easily find what I am looking for and know how much I have. My food will stay fresher longer which is another plus. I wish I did this a long time ago." — Pickymom


This rotating lazy Susan with 2 tiers

Spruce up your spice cabinet with this rotating lazy Susan. Its two-tier design doubles its storage capacity, and thanks to its rotating design, you can easily access everything you store. Use it while cooking; its brushed stainless steel material prevents stains and fingerprints, even from greasy hands.

One reviewer wrote: "Great product for easily accessing a spice collection cluttering your kitchen cabinet. It's [sturdy], attractive, rotates smoothly, and accommodates a large number of spice bottles — far more than the average, immobile spice rack." — NoelleNoelle


This wall mount with 5 slots & 6 hooks

Use this wall mount to store dustpans, brooms, and/or garden tools; its five slots and six hooks give you enough real estate to stash anything you need around the house. Its weatherproof design means you can use it inside your home or outside while you work (hello, shed maintenance), and its 35-pound weight limit means it's strong enough to carry even the heaviest tools. With all the screws and anchors you need included, it's incredibly easy to install.

One reviewer wrote: "We have a broom closet with a lot of mops, brooms, sweepers, dust pans, and it was such a disorganized mess. We saw this browsing on Amazon one day and decided to try it out. It was easy to install [on] the wall. Placing the different cleaning tools in this freed up space on the floor and led to a lot less clutter. Definitely worth getting for our closet." — Eagle Vision


A 2-pack of sturdy & stylish DVD boxes

Keep all your favorite movies organized and close at hand with this two-pack of sturdy and stylish DVD storage boxes, which can hold up to 52 DVDs each. It’s perfect for people who’ve embraced streaming media, but still want to hold onto those DVDs for the memories (and commentary tracks). Their heavy-duty panels, industrial-sized snaps, and reinforced corners are designed to withstand years of wear and tear.

One reviewer wrote: "These boxes literally snap together and look super slick once assembled. My previous mess of DVDs is now looking organized to perfection. Hopped right online and ordered two more. There were no tags provided for labeling but they are otherwise perfect for organizing in style." — Travis&Manda


This kitchen utensil holder with a weighted base

You won’t need to worry about knocking over this kitchen utensil holder; its weighted base holds it down, even in case of countertop accidents. By keeping utensils close at hand, it frees up space in your drawers and cabinets, and it's surprisingly compact, considering its sizable storage capacity. Made with stainless steel, it'll match any and all kitchen decorations and it's completely shatterproof.

One reviewer wrote: “I use a lot of utensils in the kitchen, and this was PERFECT to keep everything clean and organized. My kitchen looks so put together now, and my drawers aren't a cluttered mess.” — Amazon Customer


This hanging rack with 15 heavy-duty hooks

Keep your pots and pans in order with this hanging rack — its 15 heavy-duty hooks can support up to 22 pounds of kitchenware. Made of durable powder-coated iron, its extra-long design maximizes your kitchen space so you have more room to make the foods you love. When you purchase your own wall mount, you'll also receive all the mounting hardware you need, with detailed instructions that tell you how to set it up.

One reviewer wrote: "Love it. Easy to install, too. We have a large family and all of our pans were taking up so much cupboard space. I decided to get these and definitely don't regret it. They're sleek looking and make so much more room. I typically have between 8-13 pans on each rack and don't have any stability issues. Definitely recommend!" — calie smith


A laundry detergent holder that makes it so easy to pour

Lugging a huge bottle of detergent around your house or to the laundromat is no easy task; that’s why this laundry detergent holder is such a huge help. Just attach the dispenser to the top of the bottle, strap it to the tray, and pour yourself the amount you need. The molded edge of the tray holds the measuring cup in place, and the detergent you pour will stay in place for a tidy wash every time.

One reviewer wrote: "With 4 people doing their own laundry, I’d get frustrated when I’d find laundry detergent pooling in the inside of the cupboard or drippings falling onto the counter below. It was a constant issue for years, but this holder solved that issue. No more dripping detergent on clean clothes or constantly wiping off the cupboard shelf. I’m so happy with this product and now my family can do laundry mess free!" — S. Artist


A magnetic dry-erase calendar that wipes clean every time

If you've been filling your schedule faster and faster, keep your engagements in order with this magnetic dry-erase calendar. With weekly columns and space below for notes and lists, it comes with four fine-tip markers and a big eraser, all of which will magnetize onto your fridge. You can leave plans written on the board as long as you like — it wipes completely clean without staining, no matter how long your notes have been up.

One reviewer wrote: "I bought this because I felt like I was a mess and unorganized, but not [any] more! I use it for weekly food menu and cleaning at my house, so helpful!" — Jenna M Whittemore


A USB charging station with universal compatibility

From iPhones to Androids to flip phones, this USB charging station powers all your devices. Not only can it charge up to five devices at once, but it'll actually detect each device individually and adjust its voltage to help reduce charging time. With its removable dividers, it'll hold up and charge even the largest of tablets, and you can take it on the road to stay fully charged while you travel.

One reviewer wrote: "This charging station is wonderful. I now have to only use one outlet plug and I have 2 kindles, [a] phone charger, phone, [and] flashlight all connected to this handy charging station. It eliminates the mess of wires and clutter. I am thinking of getting another one either for myself or as a birthday gift." — Esther Judd


This tea organizer that holds your tea bags, sweeteners, & stirrers

Tea enthusiasts, rejoice: this tea organizer might be just what you’ve been looking for. Made with premium bamboo and an acrylic glass lid that lets you peek at your collection, it gives you somewhere cute and convenient to store all your favorite flavors. Choose between eight and 10-compartment models, and stash it on your counter, in your pantry, or at your desk for easy access to a delicious drink.

One reviewer wrote: "This was perfect for us. Instead of shuffling through a dozen half-filled cardboard boxes cluttering up our cupboard, now we can find the flavor we want quickly and easily, and we've freed up a bunch of space." — Cara


A heavy-duty kitchen rack with 8 adjustable tiers

Stack your pots and pans on this heavy-duty kitchen rack; it'll withstand high heat and water splashes without warping, rusting, or staining over time. Each one of its eight tiers is adjustable to fit your cookware, and you can even use them for baking dishes, cutting boards, and serving trays. Instead of stashing your pots like nesting dolls, you can assemble this rack in one of three DIY styles and start cooking.

One reviewer wrote: "Our pots and pans cabinet is typically a mess. We organize it and after one evening of cooking dinner, it is in disarray. We have always nested smaller pots in larger ones. Pulling one out from the bottom always results in a cascade of pots and lids. Now, it is simple! We placed our rack in the front of our largest cabinet and put less-used items behind! The rack is simple to assemble and we can readjust [it] as needed! It is VERY sturdy. Well worth the purchase!" — Eliza


A recipe binder with plastic page protectors

If you love to develop your own dishes, you should absolutely invest in this recipe binder. Its plastic page protectors will keep each piece of paper safe while you formulate and reformulate new ways to cook and bake your favorite treats. Each binder has the capacity for 100 recipes. You can even use the included cards to jot down notes or give recipes as gifts, and the gorgeous cover options will have you well on your way to publishing your first cookbook.

One reviewer wrote: "I had recipe piles in several places and some that I do not use. I was glad to be able to organize them into this book and now enjoy using it." — Julie Furminger


This bean bag that doubles as a storage container

This adorable bean bag chair isn't just a bean bag chair — it's a storage container that'll hold all of their (or your) favorite stuffed animals. Made of 100% upholstery-grade cotton, it's fully machine washable, and its rugged handles and double-sided zippers mean it'll hold up throughout the years. Don’t have kids? These bean bags are also a great place to store extra towels and linens.

One reviewer wrote: "This is the greatest invention EVER! Is your house overrun with stuffed animals like mine? I have two kids and they're obsessed! While reorganizing their basement toy room over spring break, I knew I had to do something. I found this and thought, eh. It's worth a shot. Flash forward: our end results are so amazing that I'm buying one for every single family I know. I'm not kidding." — andrea903


A coat rack that'll fit beautifully over your front door

If you're tired of watching a pile of coats grow in your living room, you may want to snag this coat rack, which fits beautifully on your front door. Each large hook has two smaller hooks below it, maximizing storage potential. Made from stainless steel and aluminum, you can use it for more than just coats; all your winter accessories will fit beautifully on the rack. As an extra blessing for the construction-averse, you won't need to install a thing — simply slide it over the top of your door.

One reviewer wrote: "I bought this to organize my husband’s work jackets. The hanger itself is quite sturdy and not bendy like some I’ve seen. It holds some very heavy jackets very well and I’m not afraid it will bend or distort. No instructions came with the piece, but it was easy enough to figure out. They even included a mini screwdriver for the screws. There were sticky pads included as well." — Amazon Customer


A faux leather tray that's a must-have in your entryway

Always leave the house with your phone, wallet, and keys with this faux leather tray in your entryway to remind you. Its soft polyurethane leather material won't scratch valuable accessories like sunglasses and watches, and you can clean it easily with a damp cloth. Simply snap each corner into place and store it anywhere you keep essential items, from your living room to your nightstand.

One reviewer wrote: "Bought this to replace a larger basket on my end table. The basket was just getting cluttered and this was perfect to keep just the essentials within easy reach." — Derek


These rug stickers that keep carpets in place

Whether you’ve got a pet that loves to slide around the living room or you just want to prevent slips and falls, pick up these rug stickers to keep your carpets in place. It'll stick to most surfaces, including hardwood, ceramic, and marble, and you can affix it to the back of any carpet, regardless of material. Each package comes with 12 stickers, so your rugs will stick every room of the house without your having to pay extra.

One reviewer wrote: "Was sick of straightening my rugs on the wood floor day after day. Every time I’d fix them either the dogs or kids would immediately mess them up again. The under rug grip mat helped some, but really just gave me double the things to straighten. But these have been amazing! Easy to use and install and have held up against my 3 labradors running and playing overtop of the rugs." — C Sebastian Alvarado


A rotating makeup organizer with 7 adjustable trays

With seven adjustable trays and 20 silicone rings, beauty gurus can store all their go-to cosmetics in this rotating makeup organizer. It rotates all the way around for easy access, and you can disassemble it in the blink of an eye when it needs a good wash. Store it on your vanity, at your desk, or by the sink, so you'll never be without the products you love.

One reviewer wrote: "My bathroom sink top and drawers were a mess with all my daily products I use and we have limited counter space, this rotating organizer with adjustable shelves was a dream to put all my face wash, daily makeup stuff, and other little daily things I use. All within reach and fits perfectly in the corner of my sink countertop so I can easily reach it and swivel it around. I like that I can customize it with the shelves and change the heights for different products." — Amazon Customer


These foldable storage bins with sturdy rope handles

Keep your books, toys, and blankets organized with these foldable storage bins, which you can assemble in three easy steps. Each one is specifically designed with a large capacity that helps you put away clutter and leave out the things you need. The sturdy rope handles allow you to transport the bins around your house without straining your wrists, and the metal rings around each handle prevent rips and tears.

One reviewer wrote: "These are very well made! They are great to organize my husband’s closet, he had nothing before and it was a mess. Now it is all sorted out and easy to find. I would definitely purchase these again." — meeghan


A sliding storage rack that cleans up bathroom clutter

If the cabinet below your sink looks like a tornado ran through it, you may be in need of this sliding storage rack. With a pull-out design that saves precious space, you can use it for toiletries, cleaning products, and medicines, so your supplies won't pile up or get out of hand. You can install it without the use of tools in a matter of minutes, and thanks to its four removable dividers, it's likely to fit most cabinets, regardless of size.

One reviewer wrote: "I love using these organizers for all the products that I have under my kitchen sink! I originally only bought two for under my sink but then soon bought another one for more organization. Under my kitchen sink used to be a cluttered mess, but now everything is organized and has its place." — Kayla Tatham


These apothecary jars that are just the right size

Having an apothecary jar set is the best way to organize your cotton swabs, hair ties, bandages, flossers, and anything else that might take up valuable drawer space otherwise. Six jars come per set, with each one holding up to 10 ounces of product. They also come with sticky labels that you can use to further identify what’s in each jar. They’re an adorable way to de-clutter your bathroom.

One reviewer wrote: "I am trying to become more organized with less clutter. These are great to have and are elegant without breaking the bank!” — Kristen


These cord organizers that keep long wires out of the way

If your kitchen drawer or cabinet ever feels like a tangled mess of wires, you might be a fan of these cord organizers. They're made with a strong adhesive that'll stick to all your appliances, and you can simply wrap each cord around the device to keep it in place. They're also fully resistant to heat, so they'll stay in place without slipping or sliding, even when the kitchen gets hot.

One reviewer wrote: "I didn't know if these would really work like they were advertised or not. They 100% did not disappoint! My counter and pantry are now so much more organized, no crazy cords going all different directions. Would purchase again." — HappyGoLucky


These floating shelves with a classic U-shape design

Thanks to their U-shape design, these floating shelves basically have built-in bookends. When you store and display your trinkets on the wall, you can significantly reduce clutter in any room of your house, not to mention showing off your favorite candles, jewelry, and more. Choose between classic neutrals like black, white, and dark brown to match the decor in any room of your house.

One reviewer wrote: "Very easy to install. All you need is a tape measure, pencil, awl (to push a hole through the sheetrock), or a drill for a more substantial surface, a level, and a Philips head screwdriver. It comes with the wall anchors and screws. Sturdy enough to hold books or whatever as long as it's not terribly heavy. I used one to clear the nightstand of books and clutter, giving us a nice clean and organized look." — Albert


A stainless steel bag dispenser that's fingerprint resistant

This stainless steel bag dispenser might be an excellent replacement for your “bag bag.” You know, the big plastic bag under your sink that holds a million smaller plastic bags and is somewhat of an eyesore. With a storage capacity of 30 plastic bags, you can simply mount this dispenser on the wall and pull out a bag whenever you need one. Plus, its stainless steel material is built to last over time, and it’s fingerprint resistant.

One reviewer wrote: "I attached this bag saver to the back of my sink door with Velcro strips so I wouldn’t damage the wood. It has been a lifesaver and straightened up the hideous mess under the sink. Perfect little holder that doesn’t take up much more and makes a LOT more room possible in other areas." — ekh39


These sock & underwear drawer dividers that keep pairs together

Lost socks can be the bane of laundry day; these sock and underwear drawer dividers will help you keep track of all your favorite pairs. Each set includes three organizers: two medium boxes, each of which has 24 cells, and one large box, which has 16 cells. Made of a durable DBT fabric that won't tear or collect dust over time, it’ll ensure you don’t lose any stragglers when it’s time for a wash.

One reviewer wrote: "I bought these to organize my socks and underwear and it worked great! Now my drawer isn’t a mess and I’m not struggling to find a pair of socks. I highly recommend this product." — S


This food storage lid organizer with 6 adjustable dividers

Finding the lids that best fit your food storage containers can feel like a scavenger hunt; streamline your search with this food storage lid organizer. With six adjustable dividers, you can customize it to fit your collection, and it comes with 30 blank labels to help you identify sizes at a glance. Choose between large and extra-large sizes, depending on how many lids you want to store.

One reviewer wrote: "Just organized my entire kitchen; biggest mess was 'plastic and lids', but I'm a cook, so I NEED THEM to be useful, easy access and organized. WINNER with this lid organizer. I'd HIGHLY recommend" — Calvin Johnson MD


These pant hangers that seriously save space in your closet

These pant hangers are so brilliant; with a nonslip design that keeps pants in place, each hanger holds five pieces at once, saving serious room in your closet. Plus, they're sturdy and resist rust, thanks to their high-quality stainless steel material. You get five hangers per pack.

One reviewer wrote: "Really amazing hangers. Just what I was looking for. I have had other types of hangers for scarves but they were such a mess. This keeps them flat and neat and easy to select. I ordered the five-pack and used the extras for my leggings. Perfect. I highly recommend the plastic grip option." — Barno


These rust-proof shower shelves you can stick to the wall

You can simply stick these shower shelves onto your wall for an instant space saver. Made of waterproof stainless steel, they won't rust or scratch over time, and they're built to last up to eight years. Even your heaviest bottles of hair product will fit; each shelf can hold up to 40 pounds, so go ahead — store all the free samples you stole from the hotel shower on vacation.

One reviewer wrote: "These things stick to any surface! Very sturdy, holds all of my products, and leaves my counters mess-free. There’s so much more room in my shower! I don’t even have all of them up because I bought more than I needed." — Brianna Dearborne


This hat hanger that holds up to 10 caps at a time

Now this is a product you can (literally) hang your hat on. Each hat hanger works in conjunction with the hangers you already have in your closet since all you have to do is wrap it around the spine. The stainless steel hooks won't dent or mark your hats, so you can store your favorite nostalgic baseball caps without the risk of damage.

One reviewer wrote: "My husband has a major hat collection and this has changed the game for both of us! He can always find his hats and I don’t have to look at them laying all over my house!" — Taylor L. Turner


A shelf set with a stunning minimalist design

There’s probably at least one place in your home where you could use an extra shelf, be it your cabinet or counter, and this shelf set is versatile enough to fit anywhere you need it. Made with smooth engineered wood and sturdy metal, each one features a beautiful minimalist design that's sure to match your decor. You can stack them, nest them, or place them side by side; whichever you choose, you’ll be glad you have them.

One reviewer wrote: "I’m really happy I got this because my WFH space has been a mess. Previously I was using books and a kid tea set box to hold up my laptop so this is a huge improvement." — Cristina


This can rack organizer that saves precious pantry space

This can rack organizer will absolutely change your pantry game. It can hold up to 36 cans at once, and its tilted design keeps them right at your fingertips without falling off, thanks to the safety guardrails that run along the edge. With six adjustable dividers, you can tailor each column to fit your culinary needs.

One reviewer wrote: "My cans have been a mess for quite a while, so I finally ordered this and am kicking myself for not buying one sooner. Haha I love it, it makes me happy every time I see my cans." — Tanner O


These shower hooks that use suction cups to stay on your wall

A shower hook is a great way to give a “home” to your loofahs and brushes. These hooks are easy to install and don’t cause any damage. If you no longer like where the hook is, you can easily move it and try another location. These are meant to stick on smooth tiles and glass surfaces, and each hook can hold up to 11 pounds.

One reviewer wrote: “I love these colorful suction cups. They hold my loofah and sponges. Finally, no more mess in the shower!” — Maria Bruno


This wall mount that doubles as a toothpaste dispenser

This wall mount is the definition of an overachiever — not only does it hold all your favorite cosmetics, skin care, and oral hygiene products, it holds up to seven toothbrushes and dispenses toothpaste. It even comes with four magnetic mouthwash cups, all of which are dust-proof and waterproof. You can install it without drilling or additional tools; all you need is the included adhesive strip.

One reviewer wrote: "My boys always made a mess with the toothpaste and this keeps it off the counter allowing it to look more clutter free and clean" — Momof2boys


A big photo album with adhesive pages that protect your pictures

Commemorate your favorite moments with this big photo album, which can hold over 100 4 by 6 pictures. Its self-adhesive pages make it easy to preserve your memories without additional stickers or glue, and the plastic covers protect delicate photos from potential stains or spills. Its linen cover resists years of wear and tear, ensuring that this album will last long enough to become a family heirloom.

One reviewer wrote: "We had pictures ALL over the place in the house and it was looking cluttered! This book was larger with TONS of pages. I was able to put all pictures in the book and I have room for much more. As soon as this one fills up I plan to buy another one!" — Miesha


A corkboard with a chic frame

This corkboard has all the room you'll need to display your most treasured postcards, concert tickets, and certificates. You can use thumbtacks or pushpins to secure your papers, and its flexible mounting structure lets you set it up horizontally or vertically. Choose between a classic black or a timeless oak frame.

One reviewer wrote: "I hung it horizontally on the back of my front door so I always see everything every day and it keeps the clutter off of my counter. Several of my friends have copied it." — R Carroll