How this clever, budget-friendly product solved one of my biggest pet parent problems

Sleep soundly and travel happily knowing your pet is well fed and watered.


If you talk to me for more than five minutes, there’s one thing you’ll learn about me: I love my cat. Truly, the little guy brings unending joy to my life, whether he’s sitting on my lap while I work, playfully batting at a ball, or just looking devastatingly cute as he sleeps. He’s one of my favorite things in life, but my cat also happens to be one of the most annoying things in my life too — especially when it comes to his food and drink habits.

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Like a lot of pets, my cat gets unhappy when his food bowl is empty, and he’ll let me know that regardless of the time. And he also happens to think the water bowl is his own personal swimming pool. Fortunately, Petlibro knows the hassles of pet ownership, watering, and feeding and is here to help.

What is Petlibro?

Petlibro is a pet products company that merges together form, functionality, and the knowledge that your cat or dog is a valued family member. They make pet feeders and water fountains that are easy to put together and operate, all while looking sleek in your home.

Unlike other automatic pet feeders and water fountains, the ones from Petlibro come at an affordable price point — every individual product costs less than $100 — but they still have all the bells and whistles that other brands offer for big bucks.

How Petlibro solved one of my biggest cat parent problems

One of the biggest struggles that I’ve had with my cat for the eight years we’ve spent together is that the boy loves to bat his water out of the bowl, leaving massive puddles of water on the floor. My vet said that’s just a thing cats will do, but that doesn’t solve my nearly daily problem of wet socks and slippery floors caused by the flood my cat created.

I’d been hesitant to try a water fountain for my cat. Like the bratty teen he is, he will occasionally develop cat acne on his chin, and a lot of affordable water fountains are made of plastic, which can make his skin condition worse. Fortunately, Petlibro has stainless steel water fountains that are safe to use for acne-prone pets like mine.

To finally attempt to solve my cat water woes after nearly a decade of struggling, I tried one of Petlibro’s best-selling products: the Capsule Water Fountain with a stainless steel water tray.

This thing has some features that I really appreciated as someone who is maybe a little over-protective of her cat, including a large 2-liter capacity and a water filter, which keeps my cat’s water free of dust, hair, and heavy metals.

I was pleasantly surprised that this modern-looking water fountain only took me five minutes to put together. From there, I plugged it in, set my cat down in front of the fountain, and after a moment of hesitation, he was happily drinking without playing with the water first! Success! The quiet movement of the water was enough to intrigue my cat to drink without feeling a need to create his own waves. I woke up the next morning for the first time in a long time to a puddle-free apartment.

How else can Petlibro help pet parents?

I know my cat isn’t the only pet out there who feels the need to knock things off a bedside table at 5 a.m. because his food bowl is empty. Luckily, in addition to water fountains, Petlibro has automatic feeders like the Granary that can stop annoying early morning wakeup calls or ease your mind if you are away for a long weekend.

This automatic feeder has a whopping 3-liter capacity, and the sealed storage and dispenser inside help keep your kibble fresh, while also protecting it from bacteria and pests. You can set the time and portion of your pet’s meals with the simple press of a button for up to six meals a day, which can help you moderate your pet’s food intake. Unlike other automatic feeders, this one also has a handy manual feeding feature so you can give your pet a little more food without interrupting their other meals.

Plus, the Granary also has the option to call your pet to a meal via a recording, which can help your pet get familiar with the feeder, especially if you’re gone for the entire day (or longer).

Petlibro also offers a Wi-Fi-enabled version of the Granary. This pet feeder has an extra-large 5-liter capacity, a stainless steel bowl, and the ability to sync to an app so you can feed your pet from anywhere at any time.

You can schedule up to 10 different meal times at once with this Wi-Fi feeder, which also has voice call capabilities, a desiccant bag to ensure food freshness and a blockage sensor that prevents your pet from tampering with the food stored inside — just like the classic Granary.

Are Petlibro’s automatic feeders & fountains right for you and your pet?

Having a pet is great, but it can also be kind of a pain, whether you’re annoyed with early morning wakeup calls, the stresses of being away from your pet, or messes that come from classic pet bowls. I’ve only spent a little time with my cat’s new water fountain, but I’m already obsessed with it for its function and clean look, both of which come at an affordable price point. Not only is it keeping my apartment puddle-free, it’ll also come in handy when I leave for a long weekend because I know he’ll have fresh, clean water while I’m away.

The automatic feeders similarly solve some of the bigger pain points of having a fur baby, and you don’t have to break the bank to schedule your pet’s meals, even if you’re away on vacation or laying in bed — and that’s something we can all sleep well over.