Surprising things you don't realize you're doing that are making your house look sh*tty

Luckily, these ugly mistakes are easy to fix.

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Everyone goes to bed with the living room a bit messy from time to time, right? It’s something I don’t even think about at night, but I definitely think about it in the morning when my sofa looks a little less than put-together because my trendy throw blanket is all bunched up and there are throw pillows scattered on the floor.

There are a ton of littles things (like putting away that throw blanket) that are stopping our houses from living up to their full potential, and yes — look a little sh*tty. We might not even realize we’re doing them, but I’ve found all of the tidying-up solutions to fix them.


Mistake: Letting rugs slide around all over the floor

Solution: Adhering a double-sided mesh rug tape that works on all surfaces

Keep this double-sided rug tape around, and taking care of slippery rugs won’t be a huge deal. You won’t even need to measure for a rug liner because you can simply stick this durable mesh tape to the corners or line the sides of a sliding rug, and the durable tape takes care of the rest. It also has an easy-to-tear design, so installation will take seconds.


Mistake: Scratching & scuffing wood floors with chair legs

Solution: Protecting floors with these stretchy & soft chair leg covers

The stretchy silicone design of these chair leg covers comes with soft felt on the bottom, so your chairs won’t make that annoying sound when you slide them out — or leave unsightly scratches and scuffs on hardwood, vinyl, or other hard floor types. Adding these chair leg covers to your trendy furniture won’t ruin the vibe because they come in a variety of colors including brown, black, gray, and clear.


Mistake: Slamming & scuffing up the inside of kitchen cabinets

Solution: Installing these clear, self-adhesive bumpers to protect cabinets

These clear little bumpers keep the inside of your kitchen cabinets looking nice and scuff-free because they act as a cushion every time you accidentally slam a cabinet door — which also dampens unnecessary noise. They come with adhesive already on the back, and you get 100 of these durable bumpers to stick all over your cabinets, drawers, and more.


Mistake: Ignoring the stray pet fur on your sofa

Solution: Removing hair with a reusable pet fur remover that’s easy to clean

This pet hair remover has a reusable fabric roller that you won’t have to clean off or wash every time you tackle the stray fur on your furniture. It uses an electrostatic charge to scoop up all of the fur from your couch without dropping any. So, all you have to do is empty the fur-catching design whenever it’s full.


Mistake: Letting your backsplash or bathroom tile stay grimy

Solution: Brightening up grout with a waterproof pen that reviewers love

This grout pen makes fixing up grimy tiles way less intimidating because you simply use it like you would use any writing utensil. This waterproof paint is precise enough to take care of grout as small as 2 millimeters thin, and you can even cover up to 150 feet of your intricate backsplash or bathroom tile. This is a renter-friendly solution with over 14,000 five-star reviews.


Mistake: Shoving a bunch of clothes in your overstuffed closet

Solution: Keeping clothes in these dust-proof under-bed bags that are easy to pull out

Instead of shoving bulky coats into the closet before slamming the door shut, simply pack all of your out-of-season pieces away in these clear-top under-bed storage bags. These breathable yet dust-proof bags clean up your closet, and they come with a reinforced handle, so you slide them out all the time without tearing the durable fabric.


Mistake: Ignoring smudged TV & computer screens

Solution: Spritzing this odor-free screen cleaner on everything

This streak- and odor-free screen cleaning spray is gentle enough for your TV or work laptop, leaving your surfaces scratch-free. The bottle itself is filled with an alcohol-, sulfate-, and phosphate-free cleaner, and you get a microfiber cloth, so you always have a dust-free one specifically for your screens.


Mistake: Avoiding blinds & baseboard dust

Solution: Wiping away dust with this grippy ribbed duster

This uniquely-shaped duster will take care of all of the most annoying-to-clean spots in your home (think — all of your blinds). Instead of a microfiber cloth, it’s actually a pre-moistened sponge with a bunch of ridges to scoop up all of the dust from baseboards, vents, and, of course, those frustrating blinds. Dust clings to the sponge instead of just flying around the house, and you just rinse it with water to clean it again.


Mistake: Keeping scratched & chipped floors or furniture as-is

Solution: Touching up scratches & dents with these fan-favorite wood markers

These wood repair markers are obviously perfect for every scratched and scuffed piece in your home, but it will also take care of your wood floors. You get six different wood-tone colors (including black), so you can easily match that chipped floorboard or coffee table. It also comes with wax sticks if the chip is a little too deep for the quick-drying markers.


Mistake: Leaving power strips scattered on the floor

Solution: Using an outlet extender & nightlight with a compact, tidy design

Pick up all of those power strips scattered around the floor of your home and stick this genius outlet extender in your outlet instead. The tidy design gives you five traditional outlets, three USBs, and a USB-C, while the three-edged design means that plugs won’t be bumping into one another. To seriously keep everything off of your floor, this extender has a built-in shelf on top, and there’s a bonus nightlight on the bottom.


Mistake: Having a cluttered tub with bottles on the edge

Solution: Tidying up your products with a shower caddy with a 4.8-star rating

Your tub won’t get all grimy and cluttered if you display all of your products and bottles in this quick-drying shower caddy with adjustable hooks. Not only will you keep the corners of your tub completely clean and empty, but the matte-black or polished silver finish will make your shower feel more modern.


Mistake: Letting things topple over in the closet when you reach for a shirt

Solution: Keeping all of your sweaters in place with these secure shelf dividers

These gentle fabric dividers save you from shirts and towels toppling to your closet floor every time you reach for one. The slim and durable metal frame slides right between all of your stacked clothes to keep them all in place — even a precarious stack of puffy sweaters.


Mistake: Allowing curtains & sheers to stay wrinkled

Solution: Steaming away creases with a handheld steamer that has a long cord

This lightweight, handheld steamer makes it so easy to take care of wrinkled curtains or sheers. It has a 9-foot cord to allow you to steam without taking the curtains down, and the gentle steam will work for 15 minutes per 240-milliliter fill-up. It’s an easy, budget-friendly solution, why is why this is a best-seller on Amazon with over 61,000 five-star reviews.


Mistake: Keeping tangled cords out in the open

Solution: Hiding bulky power strips & cords in these sleek, neutral boxes

Grab these cable management boxes because it’s so easy to end up with a tangle of cords and chargers under your desk, on your bedside table, and pretty much all over your home. The aesthetic bamboo lid fits on top of a ventilated white container that will blend in with your decor, all while holding power strips and cords inside.


Mistake: Letting clutter take over your bathroom counter

Solution: Installing a stick-on toothbrush holder with spots for skincare & more

Not only will this organizer take care of all of the toothbrushes and toothpaste cluttering up your counter, but it also gives you a drawer and slotted shelves on top for anything else that’s making your countertop look messy. This toothbrush holder is easy to stick onto your wall too — just press the adhesive strip onto a clean wall.


Mistake: Using mismatched hangers that clothes fall off of

Solution: Hanging up clothes on these matching, grippy velvet hangers

Swap out mismatched and flimsy hangers with this huge set of hangers with a chic, grippy velvet design. Your entire closet will match, and this set is thin enough to fit way more hangers (and clothes) than usual. They also have snag-proof notches and a durable design that can handle up to 10 pounds of fluffy jackets.


Mistake: Having paper towels take up a bunch of counter space

Solution: Installing a best-selling paper towel holder that hangs on the wall

This stainless steel paper towel holder looks like a pricey built-in piece, because you stick it on your wall or kitchen backsplash with the adhesive backing or included screws. It’s completely waterproof, so you can grab a paper towel with wet hands after dishes multiple times a day without worrying about it rusting (or falling off the wall).


Mistake: Ignoring hard water stains when you clean the toilet

Solution: Scrubbing with a pumice stone scrubber that’s eco-friendly

Scrubbing hard water stains won’t be a gross chore with this pumice stone — even if you’re cleaning the toilet. You won’t even have to reach for a toilet cleaning spray when you use this odorless scrubber. It’s also worth keeping one of these fine-grit scrubbers in a kitchen cabinet for your sink.


Mistake: Creating a pile of bags & purses in your entryway

Solution: Hanging up a tidy purse organizer that’s so easy to use

Tossing your bag or purse in the entryway feels like the easiest option after work, but this purse organizer is actually way easier. It hangs in your closet and the sides are completely open, so you can quickly toss your bag into the transparent, dust-proof slots. It also has reinforced trim, so it can handle your heavier purses or laptop bags.


Mistake: Trying to fix watermarks with your usual cleaning supplies

Solution: Taking care of watermarks & stains with a reusable cloth

This little cleaning cloth might look like your usual dusting cloth, but it actually takes care of watermarks and stains on your furniture. It won’t strip your furniture’s stain, and you won’t even have to reach for your usual cleaning spray to scrub away those watermarks or even paint and marker stains.


Mistake: Tossing TV remotes on your couch

Solution: Keeping things organized with a sleek faux-leather remote holder

This five-slot remote control holder takes care of remotes that you usually toss on your sofa, pens on your desk, or even makeup brushes in your bathroom. It has a stair-stepped design to easily see all of those makeup brushes or remotes, and the faux-leather finish makes it stand out from clunky plastic organizers.


Mistake: Neglecting to sweep up pet fur or get it out of your rug

Solution: Sweeping up fur with an extendable rubber broom that reviewers love

This unique-looking and extendable broom is the thing to reach for when there’s way too much pet fur on your rug. The rubber bristles stick to all of the fur, so it’s way better than trying to sweep it all with a normal broom. Plus, you can easily wash the durable bristles if they start to get a little grimy with pet fur. This best-selling cleaning tool also comes with a squeegee on one end, which makes it great for cleaning all kinds of surfaces.


Mistake: Cluttering up your utensil drawer with every tool imaginable

Solution: Keeping things tidy with this sleek, rotating utensil holder

Instead of trying to cram spatulas and ladles in your kitchen utensil drawer that barely closes, display this stainless steel utensil holder on this countertop. It has a removable divider with three slots, so it will keep all of your utensils tidy with barely any effort. You can also spin it 360 degrees to easily grab the exact cooking tool you need.


Mistake: Skipping fans & light fixtures on dusting day

Solution: Cleaning with this gentle, 100-inch extendable duster that bends

The microfiber fabric on this extendable duster takes care of all of the gross dust on fan blades or light fixtures. It extends from 30 to 100 inches, and the washable microfiber fabric is also fluffy and gentle enough to sweep across your walls or ceiling without worrying about scratches.


Mistake: Hiding holes in the wall instead of fixing them

Solution: Using this wall-repair putty that doesn’t require any tools

This repair putty makes it way less intimidating to take care of holes in your walls from old wall art because you won’t even need a putty knife. You won’t even have to grab sanding paper because this putty won’t shrink or crack, and you can simply wipe off any extra putty with your hand.


Mistake: Ignoring scuffed walls & stained counters

Solution: Wiping away stains with these trimmable melamine sponges

These melamine sponges save you from trying all of your cleaning products on scuffed-up walls because they take care of all kinds of stains. Each order comes with 50 trimmable, residue-free sponges, and they work on everything from built-up kitchen grease to stains on shoes to scuffs on walls and floors.


Mistake: Scattering keys & coats everywhere

Solution: Installing these trendy hooks that are strong enough for all your stuff

These hand-crafted key hooks are the trendiest way to clean up your entryway, thanks to the intricate, golden design. Each hook is durable enough to hold up to 30 pounds, so you won’t have to throw your heavy work bag, jacket, or keys on the floor. Plus, the gold-tone finish is rust-proof enough to hang your umbrella up.


Mistake: Straightening your wall art every other day

Solution: Using this laser level to properly hang your pieces

Instead of “straightening up” your wall art every few days because it doesn’t look quite right, grab this laser level. It comes with that self-leveling laser to help you quickly fix all of your wall art (even if you want to align multiple pieces), but it also comes with two classic back-lit bubble levels to double-check.


Mistake: Tossing everything in the fridge wherever

Solution: Organizing your food with these clear, shatterproof bins

These clear fridge bins will save you from getting frustrated every time you open your fridge because it makes it so easy to keep all of your produce and condiments clean and organized. This shatterproof set even comes with an egg holder with a protective lid. These washable bins also have handles to easily pull out all of your veggies and ingredients when you’re prepping dinner.


Mistake: Tracking dirt into your entryway

Solution: Putting down a nonslip doormat with a quirky phrase

With this on-trend doormat, you can avoid sweeping and mopping your entryway all the time because the 100% natural coconut coir will take care of all of the dirt and mud. It has a rubber backing, so you won’t have to straighten it up or scoot this durable mat back in place every day.


Mistake: Forgetting to add color to your neutral space

Solution: Adding a chunky fleece blanket that comes in tons of colors to your couch

Toss this lightweight fleece blanket on your neutral sofa or monochromatic bedding, and you’ll be good to go when it comes to adding trendy colors to your decor. The fluffy fabric has a ribbed texture that not only adds a fun color but also adds a ton of chunky texture to your space. If this delightful green shade isn’t your cup of tea, this super soft throw comes in 18 different colors.


Mistake: Avoiding cleaning small spots & between appliances

Solution: Getting into those slim spots with a slim, extendable duster

This duster saves you from moving appliances and furniture because the slim design will fit right between kitchen cabinets, next to your fridge, or behind your headboard. And, it extends from 18 to 55 inches, so you won’t have to awkwardly reach to clean every nook and cranny. This uniquely bendable duster also comes with a removable microfiber cover that’s grippy for dust yet easy to wash after cleaning day.


Mistake: Letting wet dishes hang out on your countertop

Solution: Using a dishwasher-safe drying mat that doubles as a hot pad

This unique drying mat won’t take up a ton of space like a usual drying rack because it’s simply a quick-drying silicone mat. Instead of letting your dishes hang out on your countertop, this dishwasher-safe mat gives your freshly-washed dishes plenty of airflow. Plus, this mat has other uses including as a heat-resistant mat for hair tools and hot pans.


Mistake: Letting your sheets hang out of your duvet

Solution: Making your bed with a sheet tucker to avoid that messy look

Instead of ignoring that corner or bit of sheet sticking out below your duvet, grab this bed sheet tucker for a crisp, cleanly made bed every day. It’s small enough to keep it with your spare sheets, so it’s easy to reach when you make your bed. Plus, you won’t have to lift up the mattress with this durable little tool — so you’re way more likely to make your bed.


Mistake: Skipping wiping crumbs off of your coffee table & desk

Solution: Picking up crumbs & dust with this mini vacuum

There’s no need to grab cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth if you have this miniature vacuum cleaner because it makes it so easy to take care of crumbs on your coffee table. It’s small enough to carry from your coffee table to your desk, and it’s completely cordless to sweep it around your computer and mouse pad.


Mistake: Keeping your coffee maker on the edge of the counter 24/7

Solution: Reducing clutter with this sliding appliance tray that holds 30 pounds

A coffee maker on the edge of the counter looks a bit cluttered, but with this appliance tray, you can tuck it right against your kitchen backsplash. In the morning, simply pull this sliding tray toward you to reach your coffee maker. This tray is super easy-to-clean if you have any coffee or coffee syrup spills. Plus, it’s sturdy enough to hold up to 30 pounds, which means you can use it for your air fryer, blender, stand mixer, and more.


Mistake: Letting windows or glass shower stay streaky

Solution: Using a budget-friendly squeegee to sweep away streaks

This little silicone squeegee might seem like a unique cleaning tool, but it’s actually perfect for sweeping away streaks on windows, mirrors, and even glass shower doors. It’s also lightweight enough to tackle a bunch of windows at once without tiring out your arm. It comes with an adhesive wall-mounted holder, so it won’t take up any space in your bathroom or cleaning closet.


Mistake: Going through tons of nails trying to hang things

Solution: Hanging up pictures with these strips that won’t leave residue behind

Instead of adding a few holes to your walls every time you mess up your wall art placement, simply keep this huge pack of sticky photo hangers around. They won’t leave stickiness on your wall if you don’t love the first spot you try out with your new wall art. Plus, three of these little hangers can handle up to 9 pounds of trendy pictures or wall planters.


Mistake: Scattering mail wherever

Solution: Using this trendy metal mail holder to prop up your mail

This mail holder with cutout letters gives you a trendy spot for mail that’s not too bulky in your entryway. You won’t have to hang up anything because this durable metal holder sits on top of your entryway table, ready for you to prop up all of those scattered letters.


Mistake: Tossing throw blankets & pillows on your floor

Solution: Stuffing pillows & blankets into a spacious storage ottoman

If you never feel like folding up your throw blanket and putting all of the throw pillows back after movie night, stick this chic storage ottoman next to the sofa. The 30-by-15-by-15-inch design gives you a ton of room to stuff those blankets and pillows until you’re awake enough to tidy them in the morning.