4 amazing gifts for people in long distance relationships

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Hate if you must but this year, during an actual pandemic, I somehow found a man who is interested in me. Unfortunately, we're separated by two states and this entire year, we have been forced to only communicate with each other through text and Facetime, which tracks because nothing in my life this year (or yours, probably) has been normal. Now that the holiday season is in full swing, I find myself thinking about what kind of gift to get him that could help us feel more connected. It’s a challenge, but just in case you’re in the same boat I’m in, here are some really fun gifts to help you feel close to someone you’re far away from.

Note: I am a cynical man at heart, so I only included am considering items that did not make me roll my eyes (or made me laugh in a bad way) when I first read about them. You’re welcome.