The 4 best new sex toys to get you through another quarantine


My solo sex life is getting stale. It can be challenging to try new things in bed when I’m only ever in bed with my hand or the same old crusty “personal massager” I’ve had since before the pandemic? The answer, my friends, is new sex toys. The Mic Wellbeing crew sampled some that will help you get off alone — or get it on with another human — in ways that could bring some novelty into your pandemic boudoir.

The statement piece

This vibrator is visually stunning, like art you can get off on. I had never tried a rabbit-style vibrator — a vibrator that penetrates the vagina and stimulates the clitoris at the same time — and Soraya was a great intro. While I didn’t love the penetrating aspect, it brought me to a quick, clean climax right out of the box. My favorite thing about the Soraya is that it has a handle, which you can use to guide and thrust the penetrator with one hand and direct the pulse of the vibrating tip with the other. Soraya immediately made it into my nightstand, which is extremely coveted real estate to a person with a lot of sex toys. - TA

The lightweight champ

I threw this vibrator in an overnight bag on a whim when I was traveling, which was a sound decision. This vibe is small but mighty and the flexible tip is like a laser pointer for a clit. Even though I’m usually a high voltage queen, I found that the precision of the vibe got me off as well as a more intense vibration. The compactness and ambiguous appearance of the vibe make it really appealing, but it’s the attention to clitoral detail that won me over. - TA

The wind dancer

This year has been pretty bleak. With wildfires turning the sky an eerie orange over my home state of California, I’m more or less living out of my van — which is to say, I need this Air-pulse clitoris stimulator in my life. This sex toy appears nothing short of magical, using “non-contact pressure-wave technology” to mimic oral sex, according to the product description. The opening fits over a clit and pulses air over it — literally, waves of pressure — without coming into contact with it. I, for one, am sold. - MP

The floating gripper

The Crysta block, at first glance, looks like a well-designed toy — it’s small and square like a block of jello, with floating parts encased in a soft plastic sleeve that create different sensations depending where you put your hand and how you grip it. The floating bits move independently, seemingly at random (see how it works here). It’s both genius and intense, and it feels unlike any masturbator I’ve tried before. -JL