Tracey Anne Duncan

Tracey Anne Duncan is a journalist in New Orleans who writes broadly about health, culture, and identity. Their work focuses on the intersection of wellness and social justice. They also write and perform poetry and stories. They have been published in the pithy pop cultural venues you hate to love, like VICE, and in queerdo experimental journals like Tendrloin. In their reporting, they seek to uplift the voices that get muffled by the dominant culture and to destigmatize the creative ways we learn to live and love in this beautiful and terrifying world. Before they had a beat, Tracey Anne studied magic and writing — a.k.a. anthropology — at Columbia University and the magic of writing — literary nonfiction — at LSU. They have taught composition and literature to basically every age from eight to 80 in a slew of locales that include fancy private schools and prisons. They have been a yoga and meditation teacher and practitioner for more than two decades and currently teach sliding scale classes online and in New Orleans. Tracey Anne spends a lot of time making shapes with words. They call them stories. They are working on an autobiography in verse, as well as a series of somewhat-fictional pieces that center around the lives of queer GNC folks who are going to save the world with their witchcraft. They live with five furred companions on a particularly lovely bend in the Mississippi River.


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