The 5 best cartridge razors for a close, comfortable shave


When the blades are spent, a cartridge razor allows you to simply swap out the head for a new one without having to scrap the whole thing. That said, there are endless options out there, but the best cartridge razors offer just the right combination of quality and value.

But first, the age-old debate: Do more blades equal a closer shave? Most say yes, because the first blade catches hair, while the second cuts, while a third and fourth blade repeat the process. That said, those with sensitive skin may be better off with fewer blades to minimize the friction (or a razor with a built-in moisturizing strip for improved lubrication).

Keep in mind that the more blades and moisturizing qualities a razor has, the more expensive it'll probably be — and since you'll be replacing your razor heads on a semi-regular basis, the cost can really add up. As a result, you'll want to factor in the price of the refills as well as the price of the initial razor set.

If you choose to remove hair on your face or your body, these five cartridge razors take all of the above criteria into consideration — and they've got plenty of high ratings from Amazon reviewers, as well.

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The fan favorite

  • Blades per cartridge: 5
  • Included cartridges: 2
  • Approximate cost of additional cartridges: $2 each

Marketed for anybody and any type of hair, the Made For YOU razor blade is a popular option that's designed for both face and body use. Each cartridge has five flexible blades and a lubrication strip that's infused with aloe vera and vitamin E — plus it has a built-in edging blade for sideburns, under the nose, or along the bikini line. When purchased alongside Amazon's Subscribe & Save, you can get refills shipped automatically to your house for roughly $2 a cartridge.

One reviewer says: "It has everything I need, and it isn't pink or purple or pastel, which makes me very happy. Used it in the shower with soap, and it didn't feel slippery. Close shave; glides well; no nicks; easy to clean. Great price."


The value set

  • Blades per cartridge: 5
  • Included cartridges: 16
  • Approximate cost of additional cartridges: $1 each

If it's value you're searching for, look no further than Solimo's MotionSphere razor. This starter set costs just $18, but it includes the handle and 16 cartridges. The former has a pivoting design for contours, while the latter includes a hypoallergenic lubricating strip, a clog-resistant design for quick rinsing, and five blades. Reviewers wrote that it's "just as good" as some of the other name brands at "a fraction of the price."

One reviewer says: "This Amazon brand razor works well and is priced very competitively. At a little over $16 with 16 [cartridges] and the handle it is less than $1 per blade which is typically what you would pay for the cheap disposable razors. This razor compares very well to the Gillete Fusion5 series with a pivoting blade."


The versatile one for body hair

  • Blades per cartridge: 5
  • Included cartridges: 1
  • Approximate cost of additional cartridges: $4 each

Body hair razors are often specialized because, while the hair is often coarse, the skin itself is sensitive. Cue the Schick Hydro Silk, which has five powerful blades, but protects the underarms, legs, or bikini line with its skin-protecting hypoallergenic moisturizing serum and curve-hugging head. It also has a built-in, battery-operated waterproof trimmer on the other end (with a four-setting adjustable comb), so you can prep an area beforehand or touch it up without irritation. However, the larger cartridge head means it might not be the best choice for the many curves on your face.

One reviewer says: "It's inexpensive. It's safe. It trims effortlessly. The razor heads are easy to replace. It's lasts about 1 year - 18 months, (this is my third TrimStyle), which I think is completely reasonable for the price. This is an essential product for me."


The one for sensitive skin

  • Blades per cartridge: 1
  • Included cartridges: 2
  • Approximate cost of additional cartridges: $3 each

As previously discussed, those with especially sensitive skin might benefit from fewer blades and more protective qualities. The Gillette SkinGuard razor gets a close shave using a single blade — and it's designed with two built-in lubrication strips (one before the blade and one after) to protect against razor bumps, ingrown hairs, and irritation. It's not the most affordable cartridge set, but many reviewers were happy with how it performs on both the face and the body.

One reviewer says: "Little to no irritation. I could barely tell I was shaving, it just glides over my face without pulling the hair. I have super sensitive skin so no shave will ever be 100% perfect but this razor is close to it."


The one with built-in shaving cream

  • Blades per cartridge: 4
  • Included cartridges: 2
  • Approximate cost of additional cartridges: $4 each

Maybe you're traveling, maybe you're trying to save money on shaving gel, or maybe you'd just like to simplify your routine. Whatever the reason, the Schick Intuition Sensitive Care razor is a convenient option because it has shaving cream built into the razor head. With every swipe, the special bar-encased head releases a rich lather onto the surface of the skin, so you can shave without irritation and without additional lubrication. It's not cheap, but Amazon reviewers appreciate the close four-blade shave, the pivoting head, the hypoallergenic formula, and (of course) the convenience.

One reviewer says: "I love these for traveling and camping. No need to bring shaving cream, just one of these! They smell good, and doesn't bother my sensitive skin. Less irritation and razor bumps. Will buy again."