6 quality brushes for a healthy, hassle-free beard


There are lots of factors that go into healthy beard maintenance, but keeping it brushed is arguably one of the most important. The best beard brushes have a sleek, ergonomic design along with stiff, high-quality bristles that won't irritate your skin.

As far as bristles go, boar hair is a popular material for beard care, and some facial hair enthusiasts claim that it offers the best combination of stiffness and flexibility. This lets you shape your beard effectively without irritating skin or damaging hair. But if you need a brush that's vegan-friendly, bristles made out of plant fibers can do the job just fine.

The body of a beard brush can come in a variety of materials, but wood is common since it's durable and looks nice on your bathroom counter. Options like bamboo, walnut, cherrywood, and pear wood all make solid choices. In addition to the material, you'll want to think about the design of the brush and what would be most comfortable and convenient for your routine. Do you prefer a full-sized brush with a handle or something round and compact? If you're new to beard maintenance, you may want to opt for a full grooming kit (complete with oils, balms, and scissors).

With all that in mind, read on for the best beard brushes in a variety of styles.

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The basic one

With high-quality pearwood and a sleek, sophisticated design, this Zilberhaar beard brush is one of the best facial hair shapers out there. It features German crafting with boar hair bristles that exfoliate as they brush. The bristles are soft enough to be gentle on your skin yet still tough enough to handle thicker manes. And the smooth, 3-inch handle is comfortable to hold in your hand.

One reviewer wrote: "My hair is pretty thick and course; sometimes had a mind of it's own. This brush has helped me immensely with keeping it groomed. I'm glad I went with the soft bristles. They are plenty stiff enough for my beard, even with my course hair. But they don't irritate my skin at all. Well worth the price."


The vegan one

If you're looking for a high-quality option minus the boar hair, this vegan beard brush from ZilberHaar is the way to go. Made entirely of ethically sourced and cruelty-free materials, it features an attractive walnut wood body and plant-derived Tampico fiber bristles that are stiff yet gentle on skin. On top of that, the 3-inch handle makes it comfortable to maneuver, even through unruly beards.

One reviewer wrote: "I am fairly new to growing/maintaining a beard, but apparently boar hair bristles are the standard for brushes because of their stiffness. I did not want boar hair. This is a fantastic alternative made from plant fibers. It seemed small to me at first, but it is actually a better fit for my beard than larger brushes."


The budget one

This boar bristle beard brush is another quality option that comes at a slightly more affordable price. Like the first selection, it exfoliates as it shapes, helping to reduce itching and ingrown hairs. The key difference is the bristles are a bit stiffer on this one which makes it a better option for thicker, fuller beards. The body of the brush is made out of smooth beechwood, with a long handle that fits comfortably in your hand.

One reviewer wrote: "High quality brush. An indispensable grooming aid for men with beards."


The pocket-size one

If you're on the go a lot, this is one of the best travel options out there. The mini beard brush, which comes in a handy carrying pouch, only measures 3.25 inches long, yet it still works great for shaping your beard and exfoliating your skin. Made of attractive pear wood, the brush has 100% boar bristles that are firm without being rough. That means they work great on thick beards but won't be too harsh if your facial hair is on the thinner side.

One reviewer wrote: "Great for traveling! Soft boar bristles gives hair the shiny soft smooth look. After brushing and combing my hair I use this at the end to smooth away flyaways. It looks high quality and it fits inside my palm. Lightweight."


The round brush

Another travel-friendly option, this round beard brush comes in a compact size with a protective case. The brush is constructed with boar bristles that are gentle yet firm, and stained black walnut wood with a smooth, sleek finish. It's also a popular choice on Amazon, with more than 1,000 five-star reviews.

One reviewer wrote: "This beard brush works so well. The bristles are sturdy without being painful. Facial skin is sensitive (at least for me) and other brushes are too rough, but this brush is of great quality and balance."


The complete grooming set

If you're on the prowl for a full beard brush and comb set, this option is your best bet. In addition to the high-quality brush featuring 100% boar bristles and a bamboo handle, it also comes with a pure wood comb, trimming scissors, beard balm, and oil — all packaged in a convenient box. The oil is formulated with a blend of jojoba, argan, and vitamin E that helps promote healthy, hydrated facial hair. The comb is built with smooth, anti-snag teeth, and the stainless steel scissors provide sharp blades for precise upkeep.

One reviewer wrote: "Bought this as a gift for my hubby who recently grew out his beard. He LOVES it! He's tried other beard oils and hated the smell, but this is truly unscented which is perfect! Everything is a great quality and definitely worth the price. Highly recommend!"