The most genius dog products with near-perfect Amazon reviews

Consider this to be your dog’s Amazon wish list.

ByCaroline Reinstadtler
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There’s truly nothing like coming home after a long day to see your dog at the front door; you know that no matter what, they’ll be there to shower you with love. Why not return the favor by pampering them with a brand-new toy?

Reviewers absolutely adore all of the genius products ahead, from interactive toys to delicious treats, and everything in between. As a bonus, these items — which all have near-perfect reviews — are also budget-friendly, so you can be kind to your best friend and your wallet at the same time.


These pet towel gloves that are super absorbent for a quick & easy dry after bath time

Not only will these pet towel gloves help you dry off your dog fast after a bath, but they’re incredibly soft and gentle for a spa-like experience that beats the groomer any day of the week. They're made with two thick and luxurious materials (chenille coral fleece on one side, and microfiber on the other), both of which absorb up to seven times their weight in water quickly and effectively. After use, you can throw them in the washing machine for a quick clean.


This lightweight flying disc toy that's designed for long-distance games of fetch

With an aerodynamic design that really makes it soar, this lightweight flying disc toy was specifically designed for long-distance games of fetch — and it's waterproof, so you can even take it to the beach or pool to really make a splash. Its brightly colored material makes it a visible choice you're unlikely to lose any time soon, and it's compact enough to pack in tote bags, backpacks, or even suitcases for a fun game you can take on the go.


These sweet potato & chicken treats that are gluten & grain-free

These sweet potato and chicken treats will satisfy your pup’s appetite without aggravating sensitive stomachs since they’re totally gluten- and grain-free. They're high in dietary fiber and low in fat, making them a nutritious option that's just as healthy as it is delicious, and dogs will love their tough texture and delectable flavor, which also makes them a great reward during the training process. One reviewer has “a very picky pup with some gastrointestinal issues,” and she reports that “he loves the Jungle treats and eats those when he will eat nothing else.”


This dog agility training kit you can set up indoors for fun physical play on rainy days

If the weather outside is frightful and your pup is bouncing off the walls, invest in this dog agility training kit for an ingenious way to let them play inside. It’ll help mitigate restlessness and flex their minds just as much as their muscles. Each kit features a collapsible tunnel, four weave poles, and even an adjustable bar over which your pup can jump, and all of it comes in a convenient bag that makes storage a breeze; it’s also a great choice for dogs who are newer to agility training.


This durable dog toy with lots of nubs & knots to keep aggressive chewers engaged

If your pup goes through chew toys like nobody’s business, invest in this durable dog toy, which is specifically designed to resist aggressive chewing for long-term play. With lots of nubs and knots to chew, your pup will continue to find new ways to play with their favorite toy, and each bone is made with a yummy peanut butter flavor that's free of common allergens and comes out more and more as your dog bites down. “There have been claims made by other toys to be indestructible but this one stands the test of time,” said one reviewer.


An ice cream mix for dogs in a flavor they'll absolutely adore

Picture this: you’re curled up on the couch to watch a movie with your four-legged friend, and you’re both snacking on... ice cream? With this ice cream mix for dogs, which comes in a delicious maple bacon flavor, they can enjoy a puppy-friendly version of your favorite sweet treat that’s easy for you to make (just add water and put it in the freezer) and safe for them to eat. “My poodle loved it and I will definitely be buying more. And he’s a finicky eater,” said one satisfied reviewer.


This flavorless water additive that freshens breath & promotes dental health

Keep your pup’s teeth healthy and clean between trips to the dentist with this flavorless water additive, which promotes fresher breath and cleaner teeth at a wallet-friendly price point. Just add to their water bowl (one teaspoon for every eight ounces), and its effective formula will fight plaque and tartar to support dental health, even in crevices that are hard to reach. Because it has no color, odor, or taste, your dog won’t mind their new supplement — in fact, they probably won’t even notice it’s there.


This 7-piece set of tough dog toys that are specifically designed to withstand aggressive chewing

If your enthusiastic pup tends to plow through toys fast, pick up this seven-piece set of tough dog toys that are specifically designed to withstand sharp teeth and aggressive chewing. When you buy, you'll receive toys of all sizes to give your pup a variety of options, each of which will keep them entertained for hours to come. They'll fall in love with their brand-new tug ropes, throwing ropes, and classic chew toys. One reviewer praised the set’s value, noting that “A pet store would usually charge at least half this price just for one rope” and sharing that she was “very happy” with the selection.


This durable squeaky ball with a delectable peanut butter scent to spice up your game of Fetch

This durable squeaky ball is about to take your Fetch game to the next level; not only is it tough enough to withstand heavy chewing from enthusiastic dogs, but it’ll keep them entertained by engaging their noses. Here's how it works: because a dog's sense of smell is significantly more powerful than that of a human, this toy is embedded with a peanut butter scent at the microscopic level. Every time your dog bites down, they'll release a little more of the smell, which will help keep them engaged. You can buy it in six flavors and multiple sizes.


This tear stain remover & wrinkle cream that forms a water-repellent barrier for clean skin

Cleaning your pup’s wrinkles and crevices can be a challenge; streamline the process with this tear stain remover and wrinkle cream, which forms a water-repellent barrier that blocks out moisture for skin that's cleaner and happier than ever before. It's a great choice for a variety of breeds, even if your dog has sensitive skin, since it's made with soothing ingredients like shea butter and avocado oil for maximum hydration. It'll help you clean out wrinkles, remove tear stains, and calm down itchy patches for a sense of relief.


These calming hemp chews that soothe your pup with a delicious duck flavor they’ll love

Whether you're tackling a trip to the vet's office, an airplane ride, or a rainstorm, these calming hemp chews can help take the fear and worry out of almost any situation that's troubling your best friend. With soothing ingredients like l-tryptophan, chamomile, and valerian root (so it's best to avoid for puppies or pregnant dogs), it'll provide a feeling of relaxation that won't make them fall asleep. One reviewer’s advice? “This could also be an affordable and tasty alternative to prescription medication if they are in that middle ground of not doing well on their own but not so bad that they need to be on prescription meds from the vet.”


This extra large feeding mat that's dishwasher safe & easy to clean

If your pup tends to scatter food all over the floor, keep kibble contained in one place with this extra large feeding mat for an easier clean when they’re finished. It's made of a heavy-duty food-grade silicone that's hypoallergenic and free of phthalates and BPA, so it's safe for pups with sensitive skin, and its nonslip bumps keep bowls securely in place for safety and convenience. Because it's waterproof, you can put it under water dishes and pet fountains to protect your floors.


This dog harness with 2 attachment points to prevent pulling & choking

Taking your dog out should feel like a walk in the park, not a championship game of tug; that’s where this comfortable dog harness comes in. It’s designed with two attachment points (one at the chest and one at the shoulders) to prevent pulling or choking, so you and your dog can breathe a little easier while you stroll down the sidewalk; it's also made with reflective threads that help you see your pup at night. It comes in four sizes and four colors.


These Omega-3 supplement chews with fish oil to support healthier skin & a shinier coat

You’ll love these supplement chews for the way they support your dog’s skin, fur, and joint health, and your dog will love their yummy flavor (fish and cheese, to be specific). Each treat contains nutritious ingredients like biotin, vitamin E, and of course, a healthy dose of omega-3, all of which might help your pet's skin and coat feel healthier than ever before; plus, they're grain and soy-free, so even dogs with sensitive tummies can enjoy.


This car seatbelt for pets with a coated steel rope that’s chew-proof

Make road trips with your best friend a breeze when you use this heavy-duty car seatbelt to keep them securely in place, even when you hit a bump in the road. It's made of a tough steel rope that's coated with heavy-duty nylon to resist chewing and other wear and tear; it's also fully adjustable and available in five sizes to protect big and small dogs alike, and it clips onto harnesses and vests for maximum safety — just don’t use it with collars or neck attachments.


This reusable pet hair remover that picks up debris from all sorts of surfaces

Ditch your lint roller for this reusable pet hair remover, which quickly and easily picks up fur and debris from all sorts of surfaces for cleaner clothes and furniture. To pick up unwanted fuzz, all you have to do is roll the hair remover back and forth in short strokes; this will trap pet hair in its roomy chamber. When it’s time to empty it out, just press the handle catch to open the chamber, so you'll be ready to keep cleaning in no time. It’s an especially smart choice for pet owners with sensitive airways — one reviewer shared, “As someone who owns cats but is also allergic to them, I can't wait to use it on everything in the house!”


These high-quality pet combs with a double-sided design to work through knots & tangles

These high-quality pet combs boast a double-sided design that helps you detangle your dog with the utmost ease, saving you money on pricey trips to the groomer. On one end, the stainless steel teeth are spaced wider apart, and on the other, they’re closer together, making it easy to work through knots and tangles of all sizes with gentleness and care. When you use these combs, even sensitive and restless pups won’t mind sitting still.


This plush dog bed that's super soft & cozy for maximum puppy relaxation

With this plush dog bed, your pup will actually look forward to bedtime, when they’ll get to curl up in the lap of luxury with their favorite toy. It's ergonomically designed with a round shape that lets your dog curl and burrow and a raised rim for head and neck support, so your pet can sleep comfortably for maximum joint and muscle care. It's also incredibly lightweight and portable, so you can bring their bed on the go to keep them comfortable in new environments.


This collar with built-in LED lights for powerful visibility up to 1,000 feet away

With this bright collar, you’ll be able to walk your dog at night with peace of mind, since it’s made with built-in LED lights that let you see your dog from up to a thousand feet away. Once you've let it charge fully, it'll run for over eight hours at a time, so you can take your dog on hikes, camping trips, or just out to play in the backyard with the knowledge that you'll be able to see them wherever they go.


This durable rubber bone that gives your dog the physical & mental stimulation they need

If your dog is in the market for a new favorite toy, reach for this durable rubber bone; it’ll give your dog the physical and mental stimulation to keep them occupied and promote healthy growth and development. Great for super chewers, its rubber material is tough enough to withstand sharp teeth and enthusiastic play. You can even fill it with treats for an added incentive that’ll keep your pup occupied for hours to come.


These extra-large poop bags with dispensers you can clip onto your leash for easy access

Never get caught empty-handed when you buy these extra large poop bags; because they come with two dispensers you can clip onto your leash, you’ll always have at least one or two close at hand. Each bag smoothly detaches from the rest of the roll with a clearly marked opening side for convenience and simplicity, and its extra thick material keeps odors from escaping its confines. Since each roll is made up of 750 bags and you'll receive 50 rolls with your purchase, you'll be more than covered for the time being.


This durable dog doorbell your pup can ring whenever they want to send you a message

Whoever said dogs can’t talk must not have met this durable dog doorbell, which your pup can ring anytime they’d like to go outside, snack on a treat, or get your attention for any reason at all. It comes with three buttons you can fasten and unfasten to adjust its length based on your dog's height, and it's made of a heavy-duty nylon material that holds up over time. Over 15,000 customers gave it a five-star rating, meaning that if you’re looking for an innovative way to potty train your dog, this may be it.


This carrier sling bag for cute & convenient hands-free puppy transportation

If you need to carry your puppy somewhere new and you’d like to keep them close at hand, use this carrier sling bag; not only is it fashion-forward, but it makes for a comforting transportation experience for your four-legged friend. It's made with a soft and breathable cotton fabric that keeps them cozy while you walk, and it's designed with a safety latch that keeps pets from jumping out, so you can trust they'll stay safe at your side.


This 5-piece dog training starter kit that includes a clicker, a doorbell, & a whistle

Teach your new dog new tricks with this five-piece dog training starter kit, which comes with everything you need for a smooth and efficient training process both you and your pup will enjoy. You'll receive a clicker that makes a noise at just the right volume to engage your pet without startling them, a potty training doorbell you can place on your door handle for your dog to let you know when it's time to go, a training pouch with a bag dispenser, a whistle, and a helpful book. It also makes a great gift for anyone who just welcomed a new puppy into the family.


This splash-less portable water bowl that's perfect for traveling

Fill up this portable water bowl at the beginning of your road trip, and not only will your pup stay hydrated for the duration of the drive, but your backseat will stay clean and dry. That's because it's designed with high sides and a tapered lip, which keeps water from sloshing and spilling. Its 40-ounce capacity makes it a roomier choice you won't need to refill often, so you can focus on getting from Point A to Point B.


This super-strong leash with a padded handle for comfort

Walk your dog with an extra sense of safety when you use this super-strong leash, which comes with a rotating carabiner for maximum flexibility and a padded neoprene handle for your comfort. It's made with pet-safe materials like nylon and stainless steel for security that lasts, and the body of the leash is an inch thick, so you can trust that it's strong and durable enough for even the largest of dogs; just choose the length that's best for you and your pup. It’s gotten an impressive rating of 4.8 out of five stars from very satisfied dog owners.


An automatic pet feeder that can store up to 5 cups of food at a time for hassle-free vacations

If you’re traveling anytime soon, invest in this automatic pet feeder to make mealtimes a breeze, even when you’re not there to say “bon appétit!” Because it's designed with a five-cup capacity, you can simply fill it up and schedule when you'd like future meals to be served; of course, you're not stuck with the schedule you choose, since you can press the “feed now” button to give your pup some extra food or suspend feeding to skip a meal if you've overserved your pup.


This automatic water fountain that you won’t have to constantly refill

This automatic water fountain is likely to help your pup stay more hydrated than ever since animals often prefer to drink running water. And with a 95-ounce capacity, you’ll feel ensured that they’ll have enough to drink all day long. Its convenient water level window and LED show you how much water is left and when you might want to refill, and it's designed with two flow modes (the flower waterfall and the gentle fountain), so you can mix and match to find out what your pet likes best.


This pet odor eliminator for carpets that look & smell better than ever before

Pet ownership and carpet ownership don’t always go well together; that’s why this pet odor eliminator is such an invaluable tool, especially if your pup is potty training. So how does it work? Its professional-grade encapsulation technology locks onto grime and dirt, making it significantly easier to clean up unwanted stains and spills without leaving behind any unwanted residue, and it's compatible with almost all carpet cleaning machines.


This hands-free leash attachment to make double doggy dates easier than ever

If you’re walking two dogs at the same time, invest in this hands-free leash attachment, which helps you prevent tangles and maintain control while you and your pups promenade. Its reflective stripes ensure visibility and safety, so you'll have peace of mind while you take them out at night, and its padded handles help you maintain your grip to keep dogs comfortable and close at hand; it's made with durable nylon webbing, so you know it's built to last.


This doggy car seat that’ll keep your pup sturdy & supported during trips

No road trip adventure is complete without your best friend, and this doggy car seat has all the sturdy support your pup needs to stay securely in place while you belt out your favorite tunes from the driver's seat. It's made of a high-quality waterproof material that holds up over time and features mesh panels for air circulation and breathability, keeping your pup comfortable even on the longest of drives.


This de-matting tool that gently works through knots & tangles for pets of all shapes & sizes

With this dog de-matting tool, you can gently work through knots and tangles for a grooming process that prioritizes your pup's comfort; its curved outer edges protect both your hands and your pet's sensitive skin while you work. Its 10-tooth design boasts sharp interior blades that cut through tangles fast without any of the painful pulling your dog might associate with brushing, and it's a durable tool that's easy to clean.


A stimulating snuffle mat that keeps your dog engaged & promotes slower eating

This stimulating snuffle mat keeps your dog engaged, fulfilling their natural desire to hunt and sniff, and it promotes slower eating for tummy comfort and gastrointestinal health; what more could you ask for? Simply add their favorite dry food to the mat and watch them dig for their delicious treats, which is an activity that could very well keep them occupied for hours, replacing anxiety and boredom with a fun new activity that'll brighten up their day.


This popular balm that can help relieve dry & chapped paw pads

Dogs need a bit of moisturizing just like humans do, and this paw balm is a popular solution for cold winters, rough terrains, and extreme heat. Made from natural and hypoallergenic ingredients, this balm can be easily applied to your dog’s paw pads to (literally) get them back on their feet to play without any pain or agitation.