These are the best-selling backyard products of the season on Amazon

Join thousands of happy shoppers with these outdoor upgrades.

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Whatever outdoor setup you have going on, there is a best-selling product out there that will make it so more enjoyable and even more functional. Whether you have a tiny balcony or a huge garden, aesthetic lighting, comfy seating, and plenty of supplies for outdoor parties will take your space to the next level.

And you can trust these backyard products are worth your hard-earned dollars, because thousands of people have been adding them to their Amazon carts lately.


This mosquito-repelling candle with a crackling wooden wick

Citronella candles are a go-to for repelling mosquitos, and this one comes with a soothing wood wick for cozy nights on your patio. It also smells cozier than a classic citronella candle because it has a pine scent. It lasts up for 25 hours, so you can use this crackling candle for numerous backyard parties.


These anti-fatigue pruning shears with a 4.7-star rating

Landscaping will be much more comfortable if you keep these cushioned and easy-to-use pruning shears around. They have an anti-fatigue design to keep your hands happy while you’re trimming greenery around your yard, and the non-slip grip helps to keep you safe. They’re also finished off with a safety lock, so it’s easy to store them in a gardening bag.


This colorful prism sun catcher that’s so cheap

This unique crystal sun catcher will instantly make your outdoor space look playful, because it will scatter colorful little lights all over your patio or porch. This rainbow prism decoration also comes with a string, so you’ll be ready to hang it up in a sunny spot.


These solar-powered string lights with 8 different modes

These glittery string lights require pretty much zero upkeep because they charge with solar-powered stakes and automatically illuminate your yard when the sun goes down. The waterproof copper wire design is easy to wrap around your plant pots or garden fences. They also come with eight modes, like fading or twinkling to set a mystical mood.


A compact bird bath that clamps onto your deck railing

This bird bath has an easy-to-install clamp so you can stick it to on your deck and watch the birds from your window. The sturdy steel base simply twists on, so you won’t have to put any nails on your deck railing. You can also take off the lightweight bowl to easily refill it.


This quirky game for hilarious backyard parties

This chicken-themed lawn game is way more hilarious than a classic ring toss, because you’re launching rubber poultry across the yard. It has durable rubber chickens for tossing and a target disk that’s super easy to set up, and it even comes with a score pad. All of the quirky game pieces are also small and easy to store between barbecues.


This massive bag of wildflower seeds with a hummingbird-friendly mix

Not only will this pack of 30,000 wildflower seeds with 23 different varieties add a ton of colorful flowers to your outdoor space, but they’ll also bring more butterflies and hummingbirds. They also come with a resealable pouch, so you won’t have to plant all of these bee-friendly flowers at once.


A rust-resistant garden hose nozzle with 10 different spray settings

This rust-resistant garden hose nozzle comes with 10 spray settings from mist to jet, so it will work on small herb pots and massive flowerbeds alike. It has a slip-resistant grip and thumb controls, so it’s comfortable to use, which is why it’s the best-selling nozzle of its kind on Amazon.


A smash burger press that’s made of heavy-duty cast iron

This burger press is made of cast iron, so it’s more than durable enough to use outside on your grill. It’s also heavy enough to create the perfect crispy-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside smash burgers to truly impress the guests at your cookout. It’s a best-seller on Amazon, with over 27,000 five-star reviews, so you can trust this works well.


These aesthetic solar-powered lights to stick on railings & stairs

These warm white LED deck lights will look built-in and honestly so expensive when lining your deck or fence. The low-profile design comes with solar panels on top and wraps right around outdoor stairs, the corner of walls, porch railings, and more. They also come with super durable adhesive in case you want this porch upgrade to be screw-free.


A magnetic screen door that’s quick to stick on & easy to walk through

This screen door is a surprisingly easy project because you simply tack it up or use the included hook-and-loop backing to stick it on the door to your backyard. This best-selling window screen comes with a magnetic closure, which allows you to simply walk through, which makes it great for cookouts.


A durable glass pitcher for fancy backyard beverages

This dishwasher-safe pitcher instantly upgrades your outdoor parties or brunches because the glass design will look so expensive on your patio table. It’s wide enough to pack in citrus slices, herbs, or fruit with your go-to lemonade or bulk cocktail recipe. It’s also topped off with an easy-to-lock lid to keep your outdoor table spill-free.


A foaming wasp spray that lets you stand far away

This hornet and wasp spray comes in a compact spray bottle that’s easy to use every time you see a scary nest forming. You can even be up to 20 feet away from the situation to stay as safe as possible, and the thick foam spray will still take care of it and trap any of the wasps that might be hanging out.


A ladder toss game with easy-to-use scorekeepers on the side

This ladder toss game is 25 inches wide, so it’ll work even on small patios or green spaces, and you get a bag to neatly put it away when you’re done. Unlike other ladder toss games, the balls are made with rubber, which makes this a bit safer to play. The durable PVC pipe design also comes with sliding scorekeepers on the sides that are super easy to reset between games.


This comfy pool float that doubles as a mini lounge pool

This inflatable pool float is such a versatile summer toy because the unique design works as a miniature pool for lazy days in the yard and as a float for hanging out in a bigger pool. The loungey design comes with a built-in pillow and cupholder, and it’s even lined with plenty of cushioning to keep you comfy as you relax.


These trendy color packets to jazz up your fire pit

These easy-to-use color packets are such a fun way to upgrade your fire pit at backyard parties. You won’t even have to open them to add a bunch of blue, purple, pink, and orange flames to your bonfire. Plus, tossing one pouch in will give you up to an hour of that rainbow-hued bonfire.


These meat-shredding & fruit slicing claws for barbecues

These meat-shredding tools might look a little odd next to your other grilling supplies, but they’re so handy for shredding pork and chicken or serving barbecue. These dishwasher-safe tools also have a claw-like design that’s also perfect for holding onto watermelon, pineapple, or any other fruit while you slice it for backyard parties.


An adorable solar-powered garden with sweet faux succulents

This adorable solar-powered garden figurine comes with a bunch of faux succulents on top, so you won’t actually have to take care of outdoor plants. Each succulent has a built-in LED light, so this turtle-shaped piece also works as patio lighting. It’s also waterproof enough to decorate an uncovered porch or your garden.


These bug-repelling incense sticks that are made with essential oils

Toss whatever smelly products are in your bug-repelling supplies for these essential oil incense sticks. Place these plant-based, DEET-free sticks about 12 to 15 feet apart on your patio or in the yard to create a protective (and barely noticeable) barrier for your backyard parties.


This flexible stand to add a cooling mist to your outdoor space

This little mist stand that connects to your garden hose weighs just one pound, so you can pull it around the yard with you while you’re gardening or playing lawn games. This mister is also made of a flexible material, so you can even twist it up to the perfect height when you’re relaxing on a lounge chair.


A 2-pack of disposable fly traps that are super easy to hide

These disposable fly traps are super easy to set up because you only need a bit of water and a spot to hang them. Just install these effective traps 20 feet away from your house to attract flies, so these strong traps won’t ruin your patio decorations or bring pests to your home.


A popular bamboo claw tool to grab onto weeds

This bamboo weeder will help you quickly rip out weeds and dead plants without a ton of effort or bending down, thanks to the 45-inch handle. It has a spot for your foot to easily press it into the soil, and the claw-shaped bottom will wrap right around annoying weeds.


These solar pathway lights with the chicest design

These solar LED lights will look seriously expensive no matter where you tuck them in your garden or lawn. Each one has a sleek matte black cover with a leaf-shaped pattern for super chic outdoor lighting. Plus, you have the option to pull off the yard stakes and sit these warm white lights on the ground.


An easy-to-store & portable badminton set with a scorekeeper

You’ll reach for this portable badminton set all the time (even when you’re not throwing a backyard party) because it’s so easy to set up in the yard. It has a little net, a scorekeeping system on the frame, two birdies, and four classic rackets that are the official size, so you’ll be all set for a classic four-player game.


A waterproof meat thermometer that gives accurate readings in seconds

This LED-backlit meat thermometer is the easiest option for grilling because it will give you an accurate reading to one-tenth of a degree in just three seconds. Plus, it has all of the meat temperatures you’ll need for barbecues on the top, so you can get that steak to a flawless medium-rare. It has a hook to hang it next to the grill, and the waterproof finish lets you wash it in the sink with your other dishes.


This popular bubble maker with 2 different speed levels

This bubble machine with two different speed settings is the easiest way to make a backyard party feel seriously Instagram-worthy because it scatters 10,000 bubbles around your lawn every minute. It has a little handle on top to carry it into the yard, and it’s even small enough to hide behind patio furniture.


A rip-resistant hammock that you can move around your yard

Instead of a bulky hammock taking up your entire yard, grab this best-selling hammock with a compact and portable design. Simply stretch the rip-resistant nylon fabric between trees with the included straps, and your yard will be completely free of an oversized hammock stand. It comes with all of the hooks you’ll need, and you can even fold it all into the attached bag after lounging in the yard if you don’t want to keep it out all the time.


These fun holographic spinners that keep birds away

Not only will these holographic spinners look like a summery decoration in your yard, but they’ll also glisten in the sun to keep unwanted birds away from your deck or your favorite potted plants. These aesthetic spinners are even heat-resistant, so you can leave them in your yard all the time.


These weather-resistant lights that secure to your grill with magnets

These weather-resistant grill lights come with super strong magnets in the base, so they won’t fall off when you open and close the grill lid. Each one comes with nine bright LED lights, and you even get all of the batteries you’ll need. Plus, you can bend them to perfectly light up your entire grill.


A clever marshmallow roaster with an easy-to-extend handle

This marshmallow roaster comes with a unique handle that rotates each marshmallow as it toasts. It comes with an extendable fork on top that lets you hang out as close (or as far) from the bonfire as you want. After all of the s’mores, you can pull the fork off and throw it in the dishwasher.


A colorful hummingbird feeder that’s made of durable plastic

With a red base that’s meant to attract hummingbirds and a colorful top that looks like expensive garden decor, this hummingbird feeder is as stylish as it is functional. Unlike glass or iron feeders, this one won’t get hot during the summer, which will allow the birds to drink for longer. Best of all, this feeder has a large 26-ounce capacity and leakproof build, so you won’t have to refill it often.


A clip-on umbrella light for easy, elevated patio lighting

Snap this wireless light with timer settings onto your patio umbrella stand instead of spending a ton on outdoor lighting. It wraps your umbrella in easy-to-dim LED lights to illuminate your dinners. You also get a remote with timer buttons, so this unique outdoor light will automatically turn off after nights on your patio.


These cedar planks to amp up your grilling recipes

These cedar planks will perfectly fit over grill grates and add a ton of flavor to fish, especially salmon, so you don’t have to worry about skin sticking to the grill. They’ll also add a bit of smokiness, so you won’t have to pull out a time-consuming smoker. These unique planks are single use, which makes cleanup a breeze.


These aerator shoes to clip onto your gardening shoes

These durable shoes with aerating spikes won’t take up a ton of space next to all of your lawn tools, and you can completely avoid pricey aerating services, because you can do it yourself as you walk around. They come with easy-to-adjust straps on top, so you can secure them on the bottom of your favorite gardening shoes.


This camping chair with a mini cooler built-in

This foldable camping chair comes with a classic cupholder and mesh pocket on the side, but it also comes with the handiest little cooler. This unique cooler add-on sits neatly under the armrest, and you can tuck four 12-ounce cans of your favorite backyard drinks in it at once.


This glow-in-the-dark paint to customize outdoor decor

Pulling out this pack of glow-in-the-dark paint is way better than a lawn game at a nighttime backyard party. Each color in this eight-pack works on a bunch of surfaces, so you could even paint stones or decor pieces on your patio for some glowy decorations on your patio. It will also charge in the sun, so your new outdoor pieces won’t lose their luster.


A mini pool with a cushioned design

This miniature pool will actually look bright and trendy in your backyard (unlike a lot of inflatable pools out there). This budget-friendly pool comes with a colorful design and a bunch of quilted cushioning on the bottom that can support up to 110 pounds, so it’s great for pets, kids, or dipping your feet. It also has a durable vinyl material, so you can toss it in your yard without worrying about it.


A flying disc with super customizable LEDs

This flying disc is trimmed in a ton of customizable LED lights, so it’s perfect for tossing around at nighttime parties. This colorful flying disc is also a go-to for fetch with your pup before bed because it will blink if you can’t find it in the yard, and it has a motion sensor.


These outdoor pillow covers that always look clean

These machine-washable outdoor pillow covers are the perfect thing to cover up old outdoor pillows because their durable material will freshen up all of your outdoor furniture, and they’re available in over two dozen colors. They’re also water-resistant to handle rainy days and even dust-proof, so they will always look clean on your patio sofa.


This mosaic glass lantern with a built-in solar panel

This jar-shaped solar lantern comes with a colorful mosaic design that will honestly look so expensive no matter where you style it in your yard. Sit it on a patio table, or use the built-in handle to hang up this chic glass lantern in your garden or on a tree.