These cheap, clever things help make your dog behave 10x better than it usually does

These items can turn your good boy into a great boy.

ByCaroline Reinstadtler
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It’s hard enough to get your dog to sit and stay, but what about walking them on a busy street or trying to keep them calm in the car? Even the smartest dogs have canine instincts — and, you can’t blame them, as frustrating as it may be.

Luckily, all of these amazing products will make it a million times easier for you and your best friend to communicate and coexist. From better bath times to mess-free meals, you’ll ask, “Why didn’t I know about this before?”


A plush dog bed with an ergonomic design

When they’re not in your lap, let them sleep in the lap of luxury with this plush dog bed. Its ergonomic design keeps their head, neck, joints, and spine propped up, and the setup of the bed mimics your dog's natural sleeping position. It's big enough for dogs up to 100 pounds, so even large breeds can get cozy.


A spill-proof feeding mat with 2 stainless steel dishes

Serve up dinner in style with this spill-proof feeding mat. With two stainless steel feeding bowls, it's durable and built to last, not to mention that it's dishwasher safe for super easy cleanup. It'll keep even the messiest eaters at bay, and its flexible silicone base won't scratch up your floors.


This heavy-duty leash with 3 handles

Designed specifically for bigger dogs, this heavy-duty leash keeps your best friend close at hand while you walk. The triple handle gives you more control than many other models, and the padded handle makes it easy to grip. Its durable construction ensures it'll hold up through hikes, walks, and runs.


A dog bath brush that straps onto your hand

If you struggle to bathe your pup, you're not alone; that's why this dog bath brush that straps onto your hand is so brilliant. Made to relax your pet, its one-size-fits-all design straps onto shower and hose adapters alike, so it's an effective option no matter how you do bathtime. It allows you to rinse as you brush, so by the time you're finished, your pup will be tangle-free and ready to play.


This car seat belt restraint that's coated to prevent chewing

So your dog hates road trips — they might as well form a club, but in the meantime, they'll benefit from this car seat belt restraint that's coated to prevent chewing. You can clip it onto their harness and attach it to any of the in-seat latch bars in your car for a restraint that won't choke or hurt your pup, and you can choose the size that best accommodates your dog, from small to extra-large. The heavy-duty nylon material is built to last, so you can use this helpful tool for years of travel to come.


A slow feeder bowl that prevents tummy problems

If your dog tends to eat quickly and suffer the consequences, give them the gift of this slow feeder bowl, which comes in both green and orange. It's intellectually stimulating and prevents gulping, which keeps your best friend from bloating and other tummy problems. Throw it in the dishwasher before the next mealtime for a mess-free clean.


A toy set filled with all their favorite ways to play

From squeaky toys to rubber bones, this toy set features all their favorite ways to play. Chew toys can help reduce anxiety and stress, especially for energetic and aggressive dogs, and rope toys help puppies accelerate the teething process. This set is a particularly great choice for homes with multiple dogs, since their new toys will help keep them interested and engaged.


These calming chews that relieve environmental stress

From flying on airplanes to the Fourth of July, dogs experience much more stress than we often give them credit for; luckily, these calming chews can help them get through those tough moments. Made with a calming herb blend that includes magnesium, l-theanine, and l-tryptophan, these chews promote relaxation and manage your pup's stress. One pet owner said, "sleeping through the night used to be impossible for both of us. Then came these chews! Within about 15 minutes of taking this at night, my boy curls up and sleeps."


A pet sling that's perfect for travel

According to the rules of the NYC subway, only animals who fit in a bag are allowed to ride the train; if you’re a local, this pet sling is perfect for just that. Bring your best friend in the car, to the store, or just on a walk outside; it's made of a breathable material that will keep them cozy wherever you go together. Each sling holds up to 12 pounds of weight, so your small dog (or cat!) will feel right at home on your hip.


A dog training set with all the starter supplies you need

If you're just made the leap into puppy ownership and you're looking to start a training regimen, check out this dog training set. It comes with all the basics you need to get started, like a clicker, a whistle, and a leash with bells on it. Your new best friend will know basic commands, potty training skills, and fun tricks in no time at all.


This pack of squeaky chew balls that are scented with peanut butter

So they make noise, they’re extremely durable, and they’re scented with peanut butter? These squeaky chew balls might just be your dog’s new favorite toy. Their Encapsiscent technology embeds the scent in each ball at a microscopic level and releases it while your pup chews, and because it's built into the toys, it won't wash away over time. Take it to the park or to the pool — it floats on water, so you can play on land or off!


This no-chew spray that's harmless to dogs

If you want your dog to stop chewing on the furniture or licking their wounds, try this no-chew spray. It's completely harmless to your pet, but the taste deterrent seriously grosses them out, so they'll stop licking or chewing anywhere you want. It's especially helpful for teething puppies since it'll show them earlier in life which surfaces are OK to chew.


A snuffle mat for large dogs that seriously relieves boredom

For the last three-ish years, we've been at home with our dogs more than usual, trying to relieve their boredom; this snuffle mat can be a serious lifesaver. It's made of a high-quality fabric that's odorless and durable, and your dog will love to use their hunting and scavenging skills while they poke around to find the four hidden pockets. They can practice foraging for treats while they relieve anxiety and slow down the feeding process, which is beneficial for their gut health.


An extra-long leash perfect for outdoor activities

If you love to take your pup hiking, camping, and to the beach, this extra-long leash will help you bring your best friend along with a little peace of mind. The zinc alloy hook is made with a tangle-free design that rotates 360 degrees, and you can easily tie it onto a post or stake while you traverse the trails. Plus, its bright colors make it a high-visibility choice that helps you find your dog from a distance if necessary.


A pet water fountain that comes with 4 replacement filters

If your pup or kitty never seems to drink water out of their bowl, try this pet water fountain. Animals often prefer to drink running water, and this fountain features a T-shaped faucet that dispenses water from both sides for a constant stream of clean, delicious water. It'll run all day without using much energy, and the fountain feature actually increases the amount of oxygen in the water, which makes it taste fresher and more delicious.


A dental water additive that freshens breath & whitens teeth

If your pup suffers from bad breath or yellowing teeth, try this dental water additive. Its clear and odorless formula restores enamel, supports gum health, and destroys germs in places you can't always reach by brushing. All you have to do is add one teaspoon of the additive water to eight ounces of drinking water, and you and your vet will be amazed at the results.


A cute plush toy with an interactive hide & seek feature

This cute plush toy isn't just adorable, it's interactive; your dog will find hours of entertainment with its hide and seek feature. You can hide the avocados in the bottom of the burrito, store them around the house for fetching or chewing, or even use it in conjunction with treats for a challenge. Plus, its design is so fun, you might love it just as much as your dog does.


These finger toothbrushes made with soft silicone bristles

Made with soft silicone bristles, these finger toothbrushes make dental care significantly easier. When you brush, you're decreasing your pet's risk of cavities and gum loss, and these toothbrushes help you clean out hard-to-reach crevices. Simply slide the brush on your finger and gently brush away dirt and plaque.


This puppy-safe ice cream mix that makes for a sweet treat

This puppy-safe ice cream is almost guaranteed to be your best friend's new favorite treat. It's packaged like a human-safe pint; you can simply add water and freeze to create a scoopable ice cream that's healthy for pets. Choose from flavors they'll love, like peanut butter, birthday cake, and Christmas cookie.


A microfiber bath towel for drying off pets

Whether it's bath time or a day at the beach, dry off your furry friend with this microfiber bath towel made just for them. Made to absorb up to 10 times its weight, you can use it to dry off small, medium, or large dogs without the hassle. Because it's incredibly lightweight and compact, you can bring it along on all your outdoor adventures.


These dog doorbells that help your pup communicate with you

These dog doorbells are a brilliant way for your best friend to communicate with you, especially when they need to go to the bathroom. You can train them to ring the bell when they want to go outside, and thanks to its adjustable length, you can use it with dogs of any size. Each stainless steel bell sounds clear and crisp, and thanks to its durable material, it's sure to last a long time.


A training clicker with an elastic wristband

Clicker training is an effective and kind way to teach your dog the basics, and this training clicker is a great place to start. Its elastic wristband lets you tie it around leashes or wear it out for on-the-go training, and it's super lightweight and portable. One reviewer said, "I bought this to help teach my puppy basic commands and it helped him so much! I was able to teach him commands in half the time with this."


This travel water bowl that won't splash or spill

If you’ve ever sat in the car and gently poured water into a bottle cap for your pet to drink, you might need this travel water bowl. Its tapered lip and high sides keep water in place without splashes or spills, and it holds enough water to last throughout long road trips. Stash it in your car, truck, or boat so you can keep your pet hydrated without the hassle.


This multipurpose treat bag you can bring on every walk

With its two in one pocket design, this multipurpose treat bag keeps essentials close by while you walk your best friend. The side pockets are perfectly sized for keys and wallets, whereas the doggie bag dispenser on the back prevents mishaps and emergencies. With its adjustable waistband and sturdy belt clip, it makes getting out the door for a walk that much easier.


These storage steps that help small dogs reach new heights

With these storage steps, your small or medium dog can climb up to your bed, couch, or chair with ease. They're made with a high-quality plush material that keeps pets from slipping and protects their joints, and it’s formaldehyde-free, so it’s a better choice for both of your respiratory systems. Assemble the steps in just 10 seconds and store your pup's favorite treats while you help them reach new heights!


A single-door crate with a leak-proof pan

This single-door crate is an excellent choice for pups who get a little separation anxiety, since it comes with a leak-proof plastic pan. Its sliding latch keeps your pet safe while you're away, and you can assemble it in a matter of seconds. With enough ventilation and visibility to keep your dog comfortable, it's a kind choice for all the times you need to step out of the house but hate to leave them alone.


This adorable protective collar that’s comfy & cozy

Cone? What cone? This adorable protective collar is comfy and cozy enough for all-day wear, and its breathable fabric is much softer than plastic alternatives. Featuring an adjustable strap you can tailor to your dog's neck, they'll be able to eat, drink, and sleep without licking or scratching uncomfortable wounds. With options available for dogs of all sizes, you can choose between watermelon, donut, and orange designs — they’ll be free to move around, and you’ll be free to take a million pictures.


This slow feeder mat that stimulates your pet while they eat

Fun fact: when your pets lick, it stimulates their brains, and this slow feeder mat helps them do just that. With four unique textures on each mat, you can serve canned food, yogurt, and peanut butter on these mats to help them release endorphins in a fun and soothing way. When you slow down their feeding process, you're actually reducing their bloating, discomfort, and anxiety, and the textured patterns can scrape food particles off your pet's tongue, which makes for healthier teeth and gums.


A calming collar that reduces anxiety while you walk

Because it releases pheromones that soothe your pet's anxiety, this calming collar provides stress relief at home or while you walk. From loud noises to scary new environments, it's a helpful tool that works in a ton of situations, and it’s effective within an hour of use. Designed with an adjustable length, it contains hypoallergenic, non-addictive essential oils that safely ease your pet's mind and body.


An anxiety relief coat that's totally medication-free

If your dog is easily stressed and you want to help them stay calm without medication, this anxiety relief coat is an excellent choice. When they're wearing their coat, they'll feel like they're on the receiving end of a warm, comforting hug, which can help alleviate stress caused by strangers, travel, and visits to the vet. Available in sizing options from X-Small to X-Large, you can choose between four adorable colors and wrap your dog up with love.


This dog harness that lets them breathe

Take your best friend out on the town without gagging or choking when you use this dog harness that lets them breathe. Because it sits on your dog's chest and not around their neck, it minimizes their desire to pull away from you by gently steering them the right way, and it's significantly more comfortable than traditional collars. One reviewer called it a “game changer” while another said that since they’ve had it, “walking [the dog] has been an absolute dream.”


These chicken jerky treats made without fillers or additives

If you're picky when it comes to your pup, try these chicken jerky treats. Instead of fillers and additives, they're made with delicious Grade A chicken, which is packed with protein for your dog's health. Your dog will love these so much, you'll be able to use them during training exercises to make faster progress than ever before.


These probiotic dog chews that support digestive health

If your pup often struggles with an upset stomach, try these probiotic dog chews. They're full of good bacteria that support canine gut health and strengthen their immune systems, and they're formulated with psyllium husk, which helps with constipation. Serve them in conjunction with any dog or puppy food, and who knows — they might just become your dog’s new favorite treats.