These cheap, clever things make your home look 10x better than it usually does

A more aesthetic home is a happy home.

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Making your home look better is all about little (and actually super cheap) fixes — no big budget, disruptive renovations here. Surprisingly — it doesn’t require a ton of time, because all of these solutions are clever enough to make organizing, tidying, and redecorating easier than ever.

There are also a bunch of things to help keep the house clean because sometimes your home is perfectly decorated but you’re tired of scrubbing tile grout and countertops. So, spend a few minutes incorporating these seriously easy solutions into your home, and your space will feel so much better.


These popular under-cabinet LEDs that don’t need a bulky light switch

These under-cabinet LED lights are completely wireless, and you simply tap them or use the included remote to light up your countertop. You can then use the remote to set these lights to a timer or adjust the brightness. You also get screws or easy tape to install this battery-operated upgrade, so it’s not super complicated.


A shatterproof fridge-organizing set that’s easy to move around

These shatterproof plastic fridge bins make it way easier to grab your sparkling water, applesauce, or veggies from the fridge because they have handles to easily pull them out. These organizers also have a clear design, so you won’t have to take out produce and jars of jelly to find that sparkling water.


These breathable under-bed bags that help you hide extra linens & clothes

These breathable under-bed bags fix up whatever cluttered situation is going on in your closet, because you can easily store out-of-season clothes and extra bedding in them. They have a clear top, so you can see which extra sheet set is in each one. Plus, when they’re empty, these bags with reinforced handles fold up to keep everything tidy under the bed.


These wood repair markers that help hide & fill in chips & scratches

This wood repair kit is way better than hiding coffee table scuffs with coasters or a house plant because it fills in all of the scratches. The wood-tone wax sticks take care of any scratches that are a bit too deep for the touch-up markers, and the whole kit comes in six different colors to perfectly match your furniture and floors.


These unique gel rug grippers that still let you clean the floor

These rug grippers simply stick onto the corners with built-in adhesive. The other side has a reusable sticky gel that keeps your rug secure, but it won’t put any adhesive on your floor, so you can still move the rug and protect your floors. They’re also topped off with felt corners, so you can still easily move your rug on cleaning day.


These rust-resistant hangers to easily & compactly store towels & pants

These stainless steel hangers are durable enough to stack a bunch of your denim, trendy trousers, or even extra bath towels on them, and each hanger can hold up to five pieces. The curved shape won’t snag any of your fabrics, so you can go ahead and hang up delicate skirts on these rust-resistant hangers.


An under-sink organizer with 2 pull-out baskets & easy-to-label dividers

Instead of getting stressed out every time you open that cabinet under the kitchen sink, grab these organizer baskets with pull-out drawers. You won’t have to measure or carefully stack organizers because this organizer has two levels. There are also plenty of spots for labeling and adjustable dividers to keep small sponges or cleaning brushes in place.


These pumice stone scrubbers for easier cleaning

These pumice stone cleaners come in a two-pack, so you can pair it with your toilet cleaner and use the other in the kitchen or even to scrub your grill. The unique natural stone material works on hard water stains, calcium deposits, or frustrating rust on grill grates, and the 4-inch handle keeps your hands nice and clean.


A mini power scrubber to quickly & thoroughly clean sinks & tiles

This power scrubber has a compact, precise design that allows you to clean even the slimmest bit of tile grout. This water-resistant spinning brush osciliates 60 times a second, which allows you to clean without scrubbing. Plus, the head is even small enough for those grimy spots around the sink or behind the tub faucet.


These kitchen jars to take care of coffee supplies

This set of kitchen canisters makes it so easy to tidy your coffee setup because they come with pre-labeled jars in a chic farmhouse aesthetic for all of your coffee, sugar, and tea supplies. With tight-sealing lids, these stainless steel jars are rust-resistant, and they have a white finish to easily pair with your kitchen decor.


These on-trend shower caddies that hold up to 30 pounds each

These rust-resistant shower caddies have adhesive to stick them wherever you want on the shower tile, bathroom wall, or any other smooth surface. With an on-trend black finish, this duo also comes with adjustable hooks for exfoliating brushes and makeup-removing cloths.


An extra-large rotating utensil holder that has divided compartments

With this spinning utensil organizer, you can separate your spoons and ladles from your whisk, so you’re never stuck searching for a utensil The removable dividers are also paired with a spinning design, so it’s even easier to grab the right spatula. Plus, the fingerprint-proof stainless steel is lightweight enough move around when you’re cleaning the counter.


These mini toothbrush holders with a trendy, minimalist shape

These adorable ceramic holders give you the trendiest spot for your toothbrush or scattered makeup brushes. They have a miniature and minimalist bubble-shaped design that won’t look bulky next to your bathroom sink. It’s also super easy to wash out these handmade and versatile holders when you’re cleaning your bathroom vanity.


These wooden furniture wipes that keep everything scratch-free

These unique cleaning cleaning wipes are a wood-safe option for wiping down furniture. They make it easy to polish your coffee table, and the plant-based ingredients even add a scratch-resistant layer to protect it from your coffee mug every morning. After one use, your wooden furniture will look new and shiny again.


A multi-use spinning organizer that’s sturdy & sleek

This stainless steel lazy Susan is versatile enough to stick in every cleaning closet, kitchen cabinet, and wherever else you have a little bit of clutter. It has a non-slip base and raised lips along the tiered edges, so you can even stack heavy bottles of olive oil or cans in your pantry without worrying about it sliding around.


These stretchy bed sheet holders for bedding that’s always tidy

It’s worth taking a few seconds to snap these stretchy holders onto your sheets when you make your bed because it will make your sheets look tidy and crisp — no more worrying about the corners of your sheets coming up over the edge. The clip-on design also has plenty of protective details, so you won’t have to worry about your favorite sheets tearing.


This faux-leather organizer for chic remote control & office supply storage

This faux-leather remote control holder with five organized slots obviously works on your coffee table for keeping your remotes in order, but it’s also helpful for organizing your desk or even your makeup brushes. No matter what you use it for, it has a sleek appearance and non-slip bottom to keep it secure on a slippery tabletop.


A best-selling spinning mop set that won’t splash on your clean floor

This grippy microfiber mop has a triangular shape to take easily care of corners and a bucket that prevents splashing all over your clean floor, which makes your chores a lot easier. The accompanying bucket even helps you wring out the mop to avoid drips when you put this mop away, which is why this genius system has over 116,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A fleece blanket with 2 soft, trendy & shed-free textures

This fleece blanket has two different trendy textures, so you can change up the cozy vibes of your living room. One side is a fluffy, soft sherpa side, and the other side features a chunky rib-knit finish that comes in 10 colors. Both of these fluffy fabrics are durable enough for the washing machine, and they won’t shed.


This kitchen drawer organizer that tidies up plastic wrap boxes

This holder makes it way less annoying to grab aluminum foil and plastic wrap while you’re cooking. It has a built-in cutter on top, so you won’t have to pull the entire box out every time you’re wrapping up leftovers. Plus, the simple labels and bamboo finish seriously upgrade your kitchen drawer.


These motion-sensor lights that create a warm glow for your staircase & hallways

These motion-sensor lights feel so expensive every time you walk down your hall or staircase because they create a soft glow as you step, since they sense motion from 10 feet away. There’s no need to reach for an overhead light because these stick-on LEDs are bright enough, and they illuminate the area in a warm white light that’s way more relaxing late at night.


A chip-resistant marble board to pull out for every charcuterie moment

Even when this chip-resistant serving board is just hanging out on your countertop, the marble finish will make your kitchen look seriously chic. It has non-slip rubber feet to keep it sturdy when you’re building your charcuterie board or if you want to prop it up against your backsplash for decoration.


This sturdy organizer to display & easily grab your wine glasses

This rust-resistant wine glass rack gets that delicate glassware out of your kitchen cabinet and gives them a decorative spot above your countertop or bar area. You get three sturdy iron slots to hang six to nine stemmed glasses, which adds decor to your kitchen. (And, more importantly, it makes your glasses easier to grab).


This smooth, silk pillowcase for a luxe bedding accent

This silk pillowcase will look so elevated on your bed. It adds a glossy touch to your bedding, and the soft, smooth, and cool surface even helps out with hair breakage and skin dryness while you sleep. Best of all, the zipper closure covers up the entire pillow, so they always look crisp and luxe on your bed.


A washable bamboo stand to get your cookbook off of the countertop

Pop this bamboo stand right on your kitchen counter, and you’ll have a chic spot to prop up your cookbook or tablet. It has adjustable page holders, so you won’t have to use kitchen utensils or drinking glasses to keep it open while you cook. You can also adjust the angle, fold it up, and even wash it off if dinner prep gets a little messy.


These intricate glass jars to add delicate texture to your vanity

These textured glass apothecary jars feel so much more elevated than a plain jar full of cotton balls on your bathroom counter, and they’re super durable. Each one is topped off with a super intricate lid, so these vintage-feeling (but cheap) containers stand out in your bathroom or nightstand.


This structured bamboo hamper that has a washable, divided liner

This bamboo hamper looks so much more elevated than the plastic or fabric hampers that look out of place with your bedroom decor. Even with its structured bamboo design, it’s lightweight enough to carry around the house, and it even has built-in handles. There’s also a lid to hide dirty clothes, a washable liner that divides your whites from your darks, and the entire thing can fold up when it’s empty.


These cute candles that marry the aesthetic of candles & house plants

Group a few of these little succulent and cactus candles on your coffee table, and you can completely avoid taking care of a houseplant. They come with spill-free containers, and they’re small enough to tuck a few of these next to your decor pieces to take your tabletop to the next level.


A massive cord-organizing kit with unique zip-up covers

This cord-organizing kit has over 100 pieces to totally take care of whatever mess of cords is bothering you. It comes with all of the classic rubber clips and zip ties that you’ll need to keep your entertainment system, office, and kitchen in order. Plus, it even has unique cord covers that let you zip up a bunch of cords inside and keep them from getting tangled.


This adjustable coat rack that’s made of sturdy wood

This sturdy and super compact coat rack is a classic for when you don’t want to deal with hanging hooks in your entryway, putting away coats every single day, or picking up purses and bags off the floor. It comes with three adjustable heights, and the simple wood finish will easily fit in with your decor.


These airtight food containers that always look organized

These food storage containers come in four different sizes, though the lids are universal for easy organizing. They also come with plenty of reusable labels so you can date your pasta, lentils, and snacks. They stack right on top of each other to create an aesthetic, organized stack in your pantry, so you can easily see all of these airtight containers.


This stainless steel cleaner to really make your kitchen feel clean

If your kitchen never feels clean because of smudges on the dishwasher or fingerprints on the stove, this streak-free stainless steel cleaner is the easiest fix. Use it with the included microfiber cloth when you’re cleaning up the kitchen, and it will prevent all of those fingerprints and hazy residue.


These minimalist patterned book ends that are lightweight yet strong

These L-shaped bookends have a quirky honeycomb design that adds a little bit of style to your bookshelf or desk. The durable metal design also has a simple finish in seven different colors, and they’re minimalist enough to go with the other decor on your shelf. They also have rounded corners to avoid scuffing up your favorite books.


A dishwasher-safe sponge holder that helps keep your sponge clean & dry

Instead of adding a bulky sponge to the side of your sink (or letting your sponge hang out in the bottom of the sink), use this minimalist ceramic holder. It won’t take up a bunch of space, and the dishwasher-safe ceramic piece will help to keep your sponge cleaner and dryer.


This cooling sheet set that has 102,000 five-star reviews

These breathable bed sheets make your bed look super put together with pretty much zero effort because they’re wrinkle-resistant and fade-resistant — even if you wash them and put them right back on your bed every laundry day. This set is also moisture-resistant and cooling, so your bedding always feels crisp, cool, and clean.


This clear water bottle organizer with super secure slots

With this clear plastic water bottle organizer, you won’t worry about one of your trendy water bottles toppling over in the back of your cabinet. The stackable design also keeps your water bottles secure, so they won’t roll around in your cabinets or even when you pop them in your fridge.


These soap dispensers with bamboo details & a tidy tray

This glass soap dispenser set proves that your kitchen sink can actually add to your home decor. They have a sleek matte finish, and each one is topped off with a matching bamboo lid that pairs with the easy-to-clean bamboo tray. These reusable bottles are labeled with a farmhouse chic writing that will honestly work in any home.


This little steam cleaner to help with annoying microwave cleaning

If you hate a grimy and stained microwave but you completely avoid cleaning it (we all do sometimes), grab this dishwasher-safe microwave cleaner. Simply add water and vinegar to this cleaner to loosen stuck-on food before you even reach for a sponge to scrub those stains.


A textured shower curtain that you can clean in the washing machine

This shower curtain is way more minimalist and polished than a bold pattern, but it still adds a touch of chic texture. The waffle-knit fabric is so on-trend, and it’s even water-resistant to keep it looking clean. When it is time to wash your shower curtain and liner, this soft curtain is machine-washable, so it’ll stay looking crisp for a long time.


This tilted can organizer that even works with tiny tuna cans

This can organizer is way better than attempting to neatly stack cans or arrange them in a basket. It has a slightly tilted design, so you won’t have to pull the entire thing out to reach a can in the back. This durable wire rack also comes with adjustable dividers, so you can fit tiny tuna cans or oversized cans of tomatoes.


A compact & dirt-resistant doormat for a tidy entryway

This semi-circle doormat tucks neatly in front of your door and seriously stands out from classic (and slightly boring) rectangle mats. The unique shape is topped off with a trendy pattern that won’t get immediately get covered up with dirt. How? It’s dirt-resistant, cleanable, and it even absorbs water on rainy days.


This cabinet door organizer to avoid rearranging your shelves

You won’t have to move around or toss anything on your shelves to use this cabinet organizer because it clips over your kitchen cabinet door. You can stick heavy wooden cutting boards or even stone serving boards in this super sturdy alloy steel organizer, and the padded clips will still be gentle on your cabinets.


This water-based stain-remover that works on every kind of mess

This stain remover has an odor-free and pet-safe formula that will easily handle that coffee mess, and it can even take on wine, dirt, rust stains, blood, food and more. Truly, this works on everything, which is why it’s a best-seller on Amazon with nearly 60,000 five-star reviews.


A chic organizer to fix up your coffee mug storage

This mug tree instantly takes care of a cluttered cabinet, and it adds a little decorative moment to your countertop. It gives you four chic leaf-shaped spots that keep your mugs secure until you’re ready to pour your coffee. Underneath those neatly stacked mugs, this organizer has a non-slip solid wood base.


This pumice stone cleaning brush that scrubs away stains

This pumice stone toilet brush has an extra-long handle that makes it easy to scrub away hard water stains, rings, and limestone from toilets, bathtubs, and even your sink. Just get it wet and start scrubbing — when you’re done, you can store it in its convenient case.