These clever products are 10x better than what you usually use

Simple swaps, big improvements.

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Creating a home that functions well is simpler than it sounds — not to mention more affordable than you may think. You don’t have to do expensive renovations to get what you want. Sometimes the answer lies in simple upgrades to everyday products, which result in big changes to your home's functionality. I promise, it really can be that easy.

Having systems in place that create sensible and easy-to-maintain organization throughout your home will make a bigger impact than you might realize. Giving things assigned places and using practical storage options is just a start, though.

The other side of the coin is maintaining clean space. Most of us lead busy lives, so daily cleaning might not be part of the routine. And that’s OK. But having cleaning supplies that do their job and then some definitely makes life easier in the long run. In the end, incorporating a few of the items on this list into your home life will give you a return on your investment — and then some.


This high-speed milk frother that fits in your hand

This powerful, handheld milk frother will speed up your morning coffee routine for the better. It has a small, round whisk on the bottom that is able to spin up to 19,000 RPMs, giving you perfectly foamy milk within 15 seconds. You can easily hold the silicone handle in your hand and use a single finger to press the power button.

As one satisfied reviewer remarked, “It’s battery powered, light, works fast, and super easy to clean.”


A cable saver that will protect the integrity of your cords long-term

The flexibility of this cable saver is what makes it so amazing at protecting the integrity of your cords. In this pack, there are a total of 24 cable savers that come in four different colors. Each one wraps directly around any cord that you want to protect from damage in those high-bend areas that tend to fray.


A fogless mirror made for the shower

This fogless mirror is a simple little upgrade that makes shaving or doing facial treatments in the shower so much better. An anti-fog coating keeps it clear in the steamiest of showers. On the back, there is a super strong suction cup to firmly attach the mirror to any wall. A small hook on the front is a great place to hang a razor. You can also take this on the road with you when traveling thanks to its compact size.


These durable, eco-friendlier Swedish dish cloths

Swapping out single-use paper towels for an eco-friendlier product like these reusable Swedish dish cloths will make you feel good about your purchase. They are capable of wiping clean any surface you may need to. Each cloth is made from a cotton and cellulose blend, which gives it incredible absorbent qualities.

“I can’t believe how many paper towels I have cut back on buying these. It has been about a month and I haven’t used any!” a happy customer noted.


A sturdy phone mount for your car that attaches to the vent

It’s hard to underestimate the importance of having a quality car phone mount while driving. This clips right onto any of the vents and your phone is held securely without blocking airflow. All phones are compatible with this mount, too. The mount is able to be adjusted so you can always achieve the perfect angle.


These luxuriously soft pillowcases at an amazing price

Your head will love resting on these luxury pillowcases each night while you’re sleeping. Don’t let the affordable price tag fool you; these are made from a high-quality microfiber material made to last. They’re wrinkle-resistant, too, which means no ironing after washing them.

A 5-star reviewer noted that “[they] get softer after each wash and come in a variety of colors.”


This clip-on pot strainer for one-handed pasta draining

The convenience and ease this clip-on pot strainer brings when it’s time to dump boiling hot water is a bit mind-blowing. It is flexibly designed to fit just about any size pot. The two large, industrial-strength clips on the side hold it tightly on the pot while you pour out the boiling water with zero hassle on your end.


A charging dock with 6 stations to power all your devices

You can now power up six different smart devices at once with the help of this charging dock. This set up comes with seven charging cables in total. Three are Apple compatible, three are micro USBs, and there is also one type-C for Android devices. It has built-in LEDS lights the automatically go off when the devices is are completely charged and will stop charging at that time.


An easy detangling brush that helps prevent hair damage

Help protect your hair from split ends and other damage when you switch over to this detangling brush. The brush is designed with a curve that fits the natural shape of your hand. It has flexible bristles that seamlessly glide through hair and are made from a high-quality material that will last through loads of daily uses. And it’s perfect to use on all types of hair.


This multipurpose soap dish that will keep your countertops tidy

Keeping the area around your sink dry and tidy has never been easier thanks to this multipurpose soap dispenser. It comes with four different pieces: a holding tray, a sponge soaping tray, a hand soap dispenser, and a sponge holder. Your kitchen countertops stay organized without taking up much space, either.

“I love the ingenuity of pressing the sponge down and getting a blob of liquid dish soap on it,” a happy 5-star reviewer stated.


This wall charger with widely-spaced plugs & USB ports

Having a product like this USB wall charger may forever change the way you look at your outlets forever. Not only does it give you the option to plug in six different devices at once, there are also two USB ports on the front. This multifunctional outlet also serves as a surge protector, except it’s not bulky and constantly in the way.


An exfoliating brush that will leave your skin with a fresh glow

Skin tends to love the gentle massaging it feels from this exfoliating brush. The flexible silicone bristles gently massage and help eliminate ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and more, leaving behind silky smooth skin. This has a small, ergonomically shaped handle that makes it easy for you to maneuver the brush where you need it.


A portable trash can that is designed for the car

Keep all kinds of unconventional spaces clean with the help of this portable trash can. As an added bonus, it comes with disposable liners so you won’t have to constantly clean the inside after emptying it out. It can hold up to 4 gallons of trash, as well. Use the straps and clip the ends together to secure it to the back of one of the front seats to reach it easily.


This wireless charging pad with universal compatibility

Having a wireless charger at your disposal is going to make you want to say goodbye to cords forever. This one has three different charging modes for you to select based on the type of phone you have. It is also compatible with wireless earbuds, if you have a pair of those. The small size makes it a great travel device, too.

“I love this thing and keep it on the shelf by the front door. So easy to come home and toss the keys and phone on the shelf and know my phone is charging,” one satisfied customer glowed.


This silicone razor saver that helps keep blades sharper for longer

Help keep the blades of your razor sharper and cleaner by using these razor savers between shaves. Each cover is designed with technology that prevents the oxidization of the steel of the blades, helping keep them from getting rusty. These can help you save money on replacing your disposable razor blades, which is definitely a win.


A reusable, heavy-duty lint roller that grabs everything in its path

Get rid of all kinds of pet dander, fur, and lint in moments with this powerful pet hair remover. This incredibly versatile roller is capable of cleaning all types of surfaces: furniture, rugs, car seats, clothes, and more. One feature this lint roller boasts over others is its eco-friendly quality. There is no annoying sticky tape to struggle to peel off and throw away. Empty the back chamber after rolling away hair and you're good for the next use.


This door stopper that helps protect your walls from damage

Implementing a mounted door stopper is a great way to protect your walls from getting damaged by door handles. This pack comes with four silicone stoppers that have an adhesive backing so you can mount them directly to the wall. There are different sizes to choose from depending on how big or small your door handle is.

Take note from this 5-star reviewer who said, “It's been two years now & we've completely forgotten they're even there. Our walls are white & they blend in perfectly.”


A waterfall showerhead that looks as luxurious as it feels

Turn your boring at-home shower into a spa-like experience with the help of this rainfall showerhead. This showerhead is more powerful than the average while using less water to get there. It is designed with an air intake system, which creates tiny bubbles of air in the water stream for a stronger flow. Feeling pressurized water run down your entire body from head to toe is such a luxurious experience.


An affordable knife that is professional-chef approved

Go from feeling like a home cook to a professional culinary artist with this high-end chef’s knife. Designed in partnership with a team of professional chefs, the blade is made of 8 solid inches of high-carbon German stainless steel. It also comes with a knife sharpener for you to take care of this tool for long-term use.

One happy reviewer raved, “This slicing knife is probably the best quality that I have ever had in my hand.”


These cable clips that help organize & declutter your charging cords

Having an organized workspace is easier than ever when you use these cable clips to keep all those messy wires in place. Despite their tiny size, they are capable of dramatically transforming any desk space into an organized oasis. Peel and stick them where they’ll be out of the way and snuggle your cables inside the holder.


An automatic toothpaste dispenser for a futuristic bathroom

An automatic toothpaste dispenser is one of those items you may not think you need until you own it — then wonder how you lived so long without it. You are going to be much more likely to squeeze out the entire tube with the help of this automatic dispenser than by hand. To install it, firmly press its adhesive bonded backing to the wall and then let it sit for a full 24 hours before using.


This memory foam pillow designed to cradle your knees

Help alleviate back and hip discomfort and get a good night's rest with this memory foam knee pillow. It has a cooling gel panel that helps keep you comfortable all night, too. On each side, there are half circles cut out of the pillow to cradle your legs while helping keep your spine in alignment. It’s also great for people who are pregnant.

“This pillow is perfectly shaped, doesn't get hot and after the first night I woke up in less pain,” glowed one 5-star reviewer.


This wireless doorbell that’s so easy to install

Level up your homestead when you install this wireless doorbell at your entrance. There are two easy installation options to choose from— one is to use the weather-proof, double-sided adhesive tape. The other is to screw it into the wall. You can choose from 50 different bell sounds and four volume levels to suit your personal taste.


A travel wallet that fits your most-used personal effects

Your personal belongings and important documents can now be right at hand with this travel wallet. It has two zip-close pouches on the front and one larger zip-close pouch on the side. They are all designed with RFID-blocking technology. You can easily store your passport, money, ID, and credit cards here so they are safe and convenient to access.


This 3-pack of durable cutting boards

There is a lot to be said about the incredible durability of this cutting board set. It has a small, medium, and large size board to assist in all your cooking adventures. There is a small handle on one end of each board, as well, which makes it easy to pick up and maneuver.

A satisfied customer shared, “... I have a choice of using the smallest one to cut up and clean a few strawberries, or using the largest one to rest and carve a roast, or the mid size one for virtually everything in between.”


This super lightweight backpack with extra storage pouches

This lightweight backpack comes with additional storage bags that help you organize more efficiently. It is made from a durable nylon material that can handle getting down and dirty through your adventures. When you’re not using it, you can fold it up and store it in a small zip-up pouch that takes up hardly any space.

“Its lightweight and compact with enough space to be a carry on or a simple hiking/weekend trip bag,” observed a happy 5-star reviewer.


These LED night lights to illuminate any dark space

These LED night lights are a big hit with more than just the parent crowd. This pack comes with six lights, enough for you to place throughout the whole house. They automatically turn on when they detect motion and provide a lovely amount of ambient light that isn’t aggressive during the middle of the night, but helps you safely navigate where you’re going.


This brush pen to instantly fix nicks & dings on your walls

You can get rid of wall damage in just a few moments with this fillable brush pen. The best feature of this pen is that you can fill it with the exact paint color you need to repair scrapes and other damage without lugging out the can. They work very well on surfaces like drywall and wood. As a bonus, the paint will stay fresh in the pen for up to 7 years so you don’t have to worry about wasting it.


A collapsible organizer for the trunk of your car

Having a car trunk organizer will change the way you look at the potential for utilizing that space. Inside, there are sectioned-off compartments of different sizes to store almost anything. Around the outside are pockets you can slide things down into if needed. It also comes with two bungee hook straps to secure it in place.

“A stable and sturdy place to hold the stuff in the back of my SUV. I liked the multiple smaller pockets to help organize the trunk area,” noted a satisfied customer.


These handy holders for taco night

You can’t go wrong with using this stainless steel taco holder during taco nights at home. This pack comes with four stands, so there are enough for the whole family. They are the perfect size to hold three small tacos, or flip them to hold two larger hard-shell tacos. You can easily clean them by hand or toss them in the dishwasher, too.


A rack to efficiently organize your cutting boards

This cutting board rack is multifunctional, which is one reason it’s so popular with customers. You can choose from three or six slots. It also has a width option if you want something that can handle thicker boards. It’s versatile enough to use for other items, like pot and pan lids too.

A pleased reviewer noted, “It is sturdy, the cutting boards fit right and stay in place. No issues whatsoever.”


These storage containers that help keep food fresh — & hold a lot

Upgrade the efficiency of your pantry with these large-quantity storage containers that hold up to 5.2 liters per bin. This set comes with three containers that each have an air-tight lid to keep the food inside fresher for longer, ultimately saving you money. And on the front, there’s a small label and an included marker so you can label each container. They’re also stackable to make the most of your pantry space.


This Wi-Fi extender with a coverage area of 1,200 square feet

A Wi-Fi extender is a simple and cost-effective way to improve your home's current signal and service. It’s especially helpful in eliminating those annoying dead zones around the house. You are able to install this device with two simple taps, and its indicator light will show you the prime location for setting it up.

“I've never used an extender before and was worried about the item not working and being hard to setup. That's not the case in the least,” a happy 5-star reviewer noted.


A sleek & modern pour-over coffee pitcher

Take your time and enjoy your morning brew routine by switching to this pour-over coffee maker. It has a modern, sleek look to it. There is a cork band around the middle of the glass carafe to protect your hand from the heat while pouring yourself a fresh cup of coffee. It’s also eco-friendly as it has a reusable filter that comes with it.


This handheld vacuum cleaner made for the car & other hard-to-reach spaces

This car vacuum cleaner has excellent suction power and comes with a variety of tool attachments. It is great for cleaning out the small, hard-to-reach spaces a traditional vacuum can’t get to. The different attachments provide all the help you need for tackling an array of messes from sand, dirt, and mud, to leftover crumbs and more.


These squeeze bottles to streamline your cooking process

Feel like a top chef using these squeeze bottles during your cooking enterprises. They are perfect for holding a variety of condiments, from oil and vinegar to syrup, dressing, marinades, and more — even dessert toppings. The bottles have markings on them to indicate specific measurements in cups, ounces, and milliliters for your convenience.

A satisfied reviewer exclaimed, “I love these bottles! I use them for homemade condiments as well as homemade lotion.”


A waterproof backpack outdoor adventurers will love

If you are an outdoors enthusiast, consider investing in this waterproof backpack for your adventures. Not only is it weatherproof, but it’s also multifunctional and ideal for camping, kayaking, fishing, and more — so you really get bang for your buck. The PVC material it’s made from is Hulk-like durable; it’s puncture-proof and has a watertight seal to protect the contents inside.


These rubber grippers that secure your carpet corners

Using these rug corner grippers to secure your carpets to the ground is quick and easy to do. If the corners have started to turn up, these grippers help them form back to their original shape and will keep people from tripping over them. You can simply lift up the rug to clean underneath it, and each time the grippers will stick like new for long-term use.


This fitted seal to prevent water leaks from the bottom of the shower door

Never worry about water leaking from the shower again when you install this shower door seal. The seal is made from two types of all-purpose vinyl that are leakproof. It requires no tools to install. You simply clip on the new seal after removing the old one and it’s ready to go.

One satisfied 5-star review shared, “The product was a perfect fit. It seems durable with some flexibility to put on the door.”


A modern table lamp with built-in charging ports

This multipurpose table lamp might make you wonder why all lamps aren’t this useful. Its wooden base is designed with two traditional outlets, three USB ports, and three slots to hold your smart devices. This lamp is perfect for your office desk or bedside table to give you all the charging and lighting options you could want from one product.


This macrame plant hanger with a unique, vintage feel

Bring a charming retro vibe to your home decor with this macrame plant hanger. It’s 35 inches long and it is capable of holding round pots up to 9 inches in diameter. It’s ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

“I have 4 hanging plants in my house and they are all in this same hanger. It is well made and while it does have a little retro vibe it is not gaudy or over the top at all,” glowed a happy customer.


An old-school butter dish reminiscent of Grandma’s house

This vintage-style butter dish will make you feel like you’re back at grandma’s house. On the bottom of each corner are rubber stoppers that will hold it in place while you cut off slabs of soft, room-temperature butter. Measurements on the side make it easy. The glass cover preserves the butter’s integrity. And it’s super easy to clean in between sticks; just toss it in the dishwasher and then it’s ready to use again.


A fabric shaver to remove those pesky pills from your clothes

Keep your clothes and furniture looking brand new by using this fabric shaver to remove those annoying tiny pills. Once you pop in two AA batteries, it’s ready for use. The rotating shaving head has a 2-inch diameter. It’s small enough to easily store anywhere in your home, and compact enough to take with you while traveling.


This glass kettle that boils water in minutes

Get water for tea in no time with the help of this glass kettle. It sits on a base that can swivel a full 360 degrees so you don’t have to wiggle the kettle to find the sweet spot to set it on. You can boil up to 1 liter of water in it. There is also an automatic function to turn it off once it’s reached the boiling poilt.

“It's been performing flawlessly for me. Its advertised promise of boiling a full liter in 6 minutes has proved spot-on ...” a happy customer noted.


These insulated curtains with light-blocking technology

You may want to put these thermal insulated curtains in every room of your house after buying the first set. They are able to blackout unwanted light, helping ensure you get a solid night's sleep. The fabric is triple-weaved to block and filter out UV rays and reduces excess noise. Whenever they need cleaning, toss them in the washer for a quick refresh.