These genius things make you so much more comfortable, you'll wish you knew about them sooner

From ergonomic pillows to soothing bath products, get ready for 24/7 comfort.

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If I’ve learned anything from searching for the best Amazon products every day, it’s that there are a ton of things that can make your life much more comfortable. It’s not just things to add to your snuggly movie nights, either. These genius things will make every single part of your day way comfier.

Sure, you’ll wish you knew about these comfy things sooner — but now they’re all in one tidy list, so you can scroll through and grab all of the cozy things you’ve been missing out on.


A best-selling wedge pillow that you can use a ton of different ways

Not only does this quirky memory foam wedge pillow help with snoring by elevating your head, but it also creates the comfiest spot for hanging out on your phone in bed. So, go ahead and lay on this triangle pillow, prop it up against your headboard to support your back while you scroll, or even tuck this pillow with a machine-washable cover under your legs. No matter how you use this best-seller, it’s sure to make lounging even better.


This ergonomic foot rest that doubles as a heating pad for cold mornings

Mornings at your desk will be so much cozier with this ergonomic foot rest, because it’s actually heated. It has adjustable heat settings, so you won’t have to bring a bulky blanket to work. You can also choose from three angles, so this cozy desk add-on will also help out with circulation.


These lightweight blue light blocking glasses that reduce eye strain

These blue light glasses will make you so much comfier while you type away on your laptop, watch TV, or scroll through your phone because they’ll prevent visual fatigue. You get two different trendy styles, so you can match your outfit and prevent eye strain at the same time. Plus, the lightweight and flexible design won’t annoy you all day.

  • Available colors: 14


A six-pack of fluffy socks with non-slip grips on the bottom

With this six-pack of breathable fuzzy socks, you’ll never run out of cozy options — even if you have a habit of putting off laundry a bit too long. Each one has a ton of stretchy elastic built right into the plush microfiber fabric to make sure they don’t slide down your feet. Of course, this fluffy set also has a non-slip grip on the bottom, which makes them the perfect blend of socks and slippers.

  • Available colors: 9


These super soft bamboo sheets with a wrinkle-free finish

You’ll forget about those classic cotton sheets hanging out in your closet because you’ll reach for these bamboo sheets every time you make your bed. The unique bamboo material is paired with 60% brushed microfiber for a breathable set that’s more durable and wrinkle-resistant than other sheets. The super soft set also resist stains, which will make your bedding look chic for years to come.


A supportive memory foam desk duo that won’t lose shape while you type

This mousepad and wrist rest will make your desk setup so much comfier, so you won’t be tempted to take your laptop to the couch. Simply stick the supportive armrest in front of your keyboard, and pop your mouse on top of the cushioned mouse pad. The non-slip backing will stay in place, while the supportive memory foam will keep your wrists supported and aligned. Plus, no matter how much you type, this non-slip set won’t lose its supportive shape.


A seriously cushioned bath pillow that keeps you cool

You’ll definitely make time for more soothing, warm baths with this plush, secure suction cup bath pillow. It has a unique shape that supports and cushions your neck, head and shoulders while you relax. You won’t get too hot in the tub with the breathable 3D mesh, either, and you can hang it up after your soak with the included hook.


This cloud-shaped humidifier & nightlight that’s easy to keep clean

This humidifier might have an aesthetic cloud shape, but it’s still just as easy to clean as a classic (and slightly boring) humidifier. The top of the cloud simply pops off so you can keep everything clean and fill up the 1.8 liter tank. Once the cloud-shaped top is back on, it will work for up to 24 hours and you can even choose from colorful nightlight options to add to the relaxing vibe of your space.


This calming lavender Epsom salt with 53,000 five-star reviews

Keep this huge bag of muscle-soothing Epsom salt in your bathroom cabinet, and your baths will somehow be even more calming. This naturally-derived salt has a relaxing lavender, eucalyptus, or rosemary and mint fragrance, so you won’t even have to light a scented candle for your bath to feel like a spa night.


A sturdy laptop stand to reduce neck & shoulder strain

This laptop stand lifts your computer 6 inches, which brings it to eye height and stops you from slouching. Not only will your neck and shoulders feel way better at the end of the day, but this durable, sleek 100% aluminum alloy stand will give you extra storage space under your laptop.


A supportive knee pillow to pair with your cozy bedding

It’s definitely worth adding this knee pillow to your collection of fluffy pillows on your bed because it will help out your back, ankles, and even support your hips, all while promoting proper spine alignment. The machine-washable cover is easy to slide back onto this uniquely-shaped memory foam pillow. This pillow is also breathable, so you can use it and still get cozy under your duvet cover.


These trimmable gel insoles with zero measuring involved

These gel insoles have a trimmable design, so you won’t have to measure all of your shoes before you order. The cushioned design is even labeled with sizes, to make it easier to trim them. After getting your custom fit, you’ll notice these insoles offer arch support and shock absorption, but they also have ventilation to make your favorite shoes cooler and comfier.


A repairing, highly moisturizing hand cream that reviewers love

This hand cream will make your hands feel better, and you won’t even have to reach for it every few minutes to soothe your skin. Instead, this seriously moisturizing cream will lock in moisture and create a protective barrier, which is why it has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon after over 64,000 reviews.


A chic & wearable fan that is whisper quiet

Skip fanning yourself or those annoying little handheld fans because you can simply style this chic little USB fan with your outfit. Just wear it like a mini neck pillow, and you can choose from three super quiet fan speeds depending on just how humid and hot it is outside. The battery life lasts a long time too — up to 16 hours — which means you can use it for outdoor adventuring with ease.


A lightweight rotating grabber tool that can hold up to 2 pounds

You can use this grabber tool on anything on your shelves that’s up to 2 pounds, so there’s no need to strain your shoulders and back to reach that cup on the top shelf. You can rotate the rubberized grips 360 degrees for easier grabbing, and you can even fold it up to fit in a kitchen cabinet.


An anti-fatigue mat for a comfier kitchen or laundry room

This stain-resistant anti-fatigue mat is so comfy and cushioned, that you’ll want to line your entire kitchen with them. made of dense, 3/4-inch thick PU foam, this mat has a soft core that offers support for your legs, knees, and spine while you cook or do dishes. You can even pop this waterproof, easy-to-clean mat in front of your washing machine for a comfy spot to kneel down and change over your laundry.


An aesthetic silk pillowcase to keep your bed cool & skin soft

This silk pillowcase will keep your skin and hair moisturized, of course, but it will also make your bed comfier. The 100% mulberry silk with a zipper closure gives your favorite pillow a smooth, cooling, and luxurious feeling, no matter how many times you wash it.


This dense, supporting lumbar support pillow that you can clip everywhere

This lumbar support pillow is obviously helpful on your desk chair to prevent slouching and support your spine, but it’s also versatile enough to clip to your living room chair, car seat, or a seriously uncomfortable airplane seat. The adjustable straps on this dense memory foam pillow also have clips on both sides, so you can easily take it off.


This sturdy, bendable tablet stand to set up recipes or a movie night

This tablet stand might look a little quirky, but it makes it seriously easy to watch a movie or read a recipe without straining your neck. It has a small clip with protective padding, so you can snap it to your bedside table or kitchen counters without any worries to hold your phone or tablet that’s 4 to 8 inches wide. The gooseneck arm will keep its shape (and won’t flop over) after setting it up.


This foldable step stool that’s easy to move around your home

To grab those super heavy plants from your shelf or grab that infrequently-used spice from the top of your cabinet, reach for this foldable step stool. It has a non-slip top that holds up to 300 pounds, while giving you an 11-inch boost. There’s even a handle on top when it’s folded up, so it’s not super annoying to pull out or move around your home.


An essential oil diffuser with soothing lighting

This diffuser comes with 10 essential oils, so you’re always ready to fill your home with calming or energizing scents. The actual diffuser has a neutral wood-grain finish, so you can tuck it pretty much anywhere, and it will look chic. To make your home even more relaxing, the soothing mist is paired with seven ambient light settings.


These cushiony cloud slippers that mold to the shape of your foot

You’ll reach for these cloud slippers way more than your fluffy slippers because their waterproof material won’t get all grimy after wearing them. Even with this durable material, these lightweight slippers have 1.7-inches of super comfy cushioning that molds to your foot for a customized-feeling fit.

  • Available colors: 17
  • Available size: 4 — 16


A power bank & hand warmer with easy-to-use heat settings

Instead of stuffing a ton of single-use hand warmers in your bag or suitcase, grab this sleek and rechargeable hand warmer. There’s a button on top, so you can quickly change between the three heat settings without even pulling it out of your pocket. You can even charge your phone with it while you’re keeping your hands warm.


An adjustable footrest with so many comfy options

You’ll want to use this footrest all over your home with its adjustable design and super comfy memory foam. You can put your feet right on top or flip it over and rock your feet back and forth to get some movement in while you work. It’s also lightweight enough to carry it to the living room and use it as a supportive knee pillow during your favorite after-work show.


This shiny, hydrating lip mask that’s so easy to add to your routine

If dry, cracked lips make you uncomfortable, you’ll be shocked just how easy it is to reach for this lip mask at night (no matter how sleepy you are) because it has a leave-on formula and a little applicator. If you forget one night, this highly moisturizing mask with a berry fruit complex and vitamin C can easily pass as a shiny lip gloss.


A comfy toilet stool that won’t stand out in your bathroom

This little bathroom stool will honestly blend right in with your toilet, so you’ll barely notice it in your bathroom. The wrap-around design won’t take up a bunch of space, and it has a non-slip design that feels secure. Of course, it also makes bathroom time comfier by raising your feet, which eases things along.


A wearable blanket that feels like a sherpa hoodie

This wearable blanket fits like a seriously oversized hoodie, and it even has a big pocket on the front. The fluffy sherpa-lined fabric goes all the way to your feet, so you won’t need to grab a throw blanket when you’re relaxing on the couch. In fact, this machine-washable blanket is topped off with a belt to tie it up like a robe, so you can literally wear your blanket around the house.

  • Available colors: 11
  • Available sizes: Small — Oversize


This bath bomb set to change up your relaxing bath routine

With this bath bomb set, you’ll have the option to make your bath even more relaxing. This box comes with 12 different soothing scents, and each one has a colorful design that changes your water’s color and vibe (like the lavender bath bomb with real flowers inside). No matter which fragrance you choose, each bath bomb is packed with lightweight moisturizers that’ll leave your skin feeling soft and soothed.


These sleek reusable ear plugs for comfortable noise-reduction

These low-profile ear plugs are super comfy for sleeping, working, or even if you simply dislike noisy bars or super loud concerts. The calming noise-reducing design still lets a little sound in, in case you’re wearing them at the office. They also have a sleek silicone design with a unique fit that actually looks stylish.


A stylish throw blanket that’s made with 2 extra cozy fabrics

This throw blanket is worth grabbing because it has the coziest double-sided design. The fleece side isn’t like the simple fleece blankets that we’re all used to because it has a plush and cozy texture. Of course, you also get a super soft sherpa side to really make this machine-washable blanket comfier than your others.


A supportive pillow to carry from your desk to your car seat

This supportive memory foam seat cushion has a non-slip bottom, so it won’t slide around on your desk chair while you’re typing away all day, all while taking pressure off your tailbone. It’s lightweight and has a handle on top, so you can carry it with you and stick it on your car seat for a long drive or even an airplane seat. No matter where you carry it, it comes with an easy-to-wash and breathable mesh cover.


This wireless ergonomic mouse that reduces wrist cramps

This mouse might look quirky on your desk, but it will actually make your work day so much comfier because it has an ergonomic design. Simply hold onto this wireless mouse vertically instead of resting your hand on top of the mouse to reduce wrist pain at the end of the day. It’s a highly effective design that has over 28,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


An aesthetic little space heater that’s *so* sturdy

This budget-friendly heater honestly has a compact design that you won’t mind displaying on your desk or your coffee table. Even though it’s just a little over 6 inches tall, this space heater has a seriously sturdy base and an anti-tip design, so you can stick it almost anywhere to keep your hands toasty.


A best-selling pillow top protector for a plush mattress upgrade

Instead of endlessly searching for a comfier (and super expensive) mattress, pop this stretchy pillow top protector on top of your mattress. The quilted design is filled with plenty of fluffy down alternative, and it’s even topped off with breathable cotton fabric to keep you cool, all while adding tons of plush padding. Plus, it goes on just like a fitted sheet, so it won’t take long to upgrade your mattress.


This travel seat cushion with the comfiest back support

You can carry this rolled-up travel seat cushion just like a blanket to the park, ball game, or beach, and it’ll give you a supportive backrest. This comfy backrest also has a built-in mesh pocket, so you can keep up with your sunscreen and water. Plus, you can unclip the straps and fold it out into a bench seat for two.


A soft Bluetooth headband that fits like a stretchy eye mask

Instead of trying to get comfy and sleep with your earbuds in, reach for this unique and super comfy Bluetooth headband. It fits like a stretchy eye mask that blocks out light and sound, so it’s even perfect for listening to your podcast on a plane. With the buttons on the front, you won’t even have to pull it off and use your phone to choose a new episode.


A hand & finger massager to reach for after typing all-day

This unique little tool is actually a finger massager, and it’s so worth it to keep it tucked in your desk drawer. The double-sided design has a gentle finger massager and a hand massager that will take care of your stuff joints and palms after typing all day. Both of these soothing rollers also help out with circulation, further promoting comfort.


This machine-washable weighted blanket that looks nice on the sofa

This blanket will feel more comforting than your usual throw blanket because it’s filled with weighted, evenly-distributed glass beads that are so calming. Even with the weighted design, this machine-washable blanket isn’t super bulky when you fold it over your sofa or tuck it in your blanket basket, and the skin-friendly material is still breathable, so you won’t overheat.


A twistable travel pillow with a ton of comfy options

With this unique travel pillow, you’re not stuck with a donut-shaped pillow for your entire flight. Instead, it has an adjustable design that will twist into a bunch of comfy shapes to support your neck, even if you lean against the window. There are even snaps on each end to secure this memory foam pillow when you find the coziest shape.


A pack of comfy & cute compression socks with 35,000 five-star reviews

This pack of compression socks comes with a bunch of fun-to-wear options, so you won’t have to wear boring compression socks on that long flight or day at work. No matter which adorable print you reach for while you’re packing, each machine-washable pair helps with circulation and even sore muscles while supporting your arches and preventing blistered toes.

  • Available colors: 31
  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large