These genius pet products make having a dog or cat 10x easier

PETLIBRO is delivering design-savvy, high-tech solutions for your pet's needs.

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Being a pet owner can mean constantly seeking the best possible care for your dog or cat. Juggling their dietary needs, vet care, and exercise is a lot, but luckily there are pet care companies like PETLIBRO a next-level pet care company delivering game-changing, app-controlled solutions that cater to all of your furry friend’s wants and needs.

Big on innovation and high-end design, PETLIBRO has been busy pioneering the future of pet care with its genius collection of products — a few of which our team’s editors have had the opportunity to try over the past year and every one of them impressed us. Born out of a mission to help pet parents elevate their pet’s health and lifestyle, PETLIBRO is developing technology-charged, problem-solving solutions for mealtime and playtime. And they recently took two of our editor’s favorite products — the automatic water fountain and the automatic pet feeder — to a whole new level.

Meet PETLIBRO’s newest (& smartest) products

The app-controlled automatic feeder

The SPACE Automatic Pet Feeder, which just launched, seems to be the first automated pet feeder on the US market to have vacuum seal technology, making it uniquely beneficial for both your pet's health and your peace of mind.

This high-tech automatic pet feeder aims to put an end to messy mealtimes, under or overeating, and limp, spoiled food. Thanks to its airtight storage tank and genius 2-in-1 vacuum-sealed storage system, the SPACE Automatic Pet Feeder works to preserve the vital nutrients, vitamins, and fats in kibble.

If you’re not familiar with the benefits of vacuum-sealed technology when it comes to your pet’s food, you might be surprised to learn what a crucial role it can play in your pet’s health. PETLIBRO’s vacuum seal technology not only ensures an air-tight seal, it actually creates a negative pressure vacuum storage space that removes the active oxygen from the kibble. This is important because when kibble is introduced to oxygen, oxidation can start to occur, which can lower the nutritional value of the food. So by removing oxygen, it’s helping to preserve nutrients, as well as working to lock in the vitamins and fats that are crucial to your pet’s health.

Vacuum-sealing kibble can also keep out moisture and thus preventing mildew and mold from flourishing. And if you’ve ever opened a bag of kibble only to find it infested with pests out for a free meal — this vacuum-sealed tank can help prevent that, too.

The feeder also has app-controlled automatic feeding capabilities that dispense the desired amount of food into the attachable bowl at the click of a button (or on a schedule of your choosing). So not only can pet parents rest easy knowing their fur baby is eating exactly what they need, you can feed your pet from the comfort of your couch or when you’re on the go. You’ll also get reports and notifications on your app when it’s time for food or the supply is low. And to personalize the experience even further, you can record a 10-second message to call your dog and cat at mealtime.

The App-Controlled Water Fountain

Then, there’s the breakthrough Dockstream Monitoring App Water Fountain for cats which allows you to monitor your cat’s water intake from an app on your phone to ensure they are getting the right amount of hydration. Which, FYI, cats need to consume about 4 ounces of water per 5 pounds of lean body weight per day for optimum health and well-being.

This fountain is engineered with 4-layer vertical filtration that removes hair, heavy metal, and odors. Its Sense Health Monitoring System app technology allows you to track, customize, and control your kitty’s water intake from your phone to ensure adequate hydration. The app will even let you know when it’s time to top up the water. Plus, it’s quiet as a mouse and has a convenient detachable water tank that’s easy to refill.

“My cat is definitely more interested in drinking water. I love it. It was easy to assemble and easy to clean and this purchase secures the health of his kidneys,” says a reviewer who gave the fountain a five-star review. Another loved the transparency the tracking system provides. “My cat loves this water fountain and I can clearly see how much water she drinks from the app,” they wrote.

Shop More Cool Gadgets

In addition to its smart water fountains and vacuum-sealed pet feeders, PETLIBRO is also making high-tech toys like the Interactive Pixie Mouse that activates your cat’s natural hunting instincts and lets them play for hours. And cat lovers will definitely want to add the chic modular Infinity DIY Cat Tree to their home. You can customize the tree to your cat and your space to keep your kitty active and entertained.