40 ugly problems around your house that can actually be fixed for under $35

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Your house isn’t ugly — it just hasn’t blossomed and reached its full potential (yet). If you’ve only been able to focus on the eyesores in your home lately, and the cost of fixing those issues makes you think they’ll never be resolved, you’re in for a treat. Not only can you give your space a much-needed facelift, but the ugly problems around your house can actually be fixed for under $35.

A well-lived-in home is going to show signs of wear and tear every now and then, but there’s no need to stress about it. Maybe there are loose knobs falling off every time you open the dresser or chips in your walls or hardwood floors that have seen better days. Whatever the dilemma, there’s an affordable product to tackle it — and, in many cases, a chic solution like the artsy ceramic cabinet door knobs you’ll find on this list that will breathe new life into old furniture. Don’t give up and don’t give in and throw money away — fix those ugly problems with these reliable and affordable solutions.


Problem: Dark & dingy corners in your home that lack proper lighting

Solution: These stick-on lights that add instant illumination

Without proper lighting, corners and spots in your home can look like horror movie settings — but custom lights cost a fortune. These LED stick-on lights are the ideal solution because they’re inexpensive, long-lasting, and simple to use. Adhere them under cabinets, along dark corridors, or in dingy corners of your basement or laundry room to create beauty in a formerly ugly zone. The battery-powered lights run for 100 hours and feature a warm white glow.


Problem: Worn-out-looking furniture that could use a facelift

Solution: The furniture wax that renews wood

Your couch and chair legs are looking like they’ve seen better days, but buying brand-new pieces is out of your budget. This furniture wax is simple to apply, odorless, and makes painted or raw wood furniture look brand new. The eco-friendly wax is made from beeswax and tree nut oils and leaves lightly used pieces with a smooth touch and fresh look. It comes in seven colors.


Problem: Chips in paint that make your walls look old

Solution: These paint brush pens that cover imperfections

Fill these small, handheld brush pens with paint and apply them in small amounts to every small split in the wall that you can’t stand to pass by and see every day. The touch-up pen set includes five pens that can be used on drywall patches, wood, walls, and furniture. It makes touch-ups a breeze.


Problem: Expensive hard floors that get scratched when furniture moves

Solution: These stoppers that keep beds & couches in place

The minute you start accidentally moving a chair or bed around you run the risk of scratching up expensive hard floors and hardwood. These rubber furniture stoppers are so simple but genius because you just slide them onto the feet of furniture and beds and they keep pieces from slipping around and messing with flooring. These stoppers come in a set of six and are brown to match your decor.


Problem: Throw rugs that won't lie flat

Solution: The grippers that tack them to the floor

Keep rugs in place with these adhesive rug corner grippers that hold rugs down without damaging floors. You might not realize it, but fixing a curled rug can really bring your entire room together. The pack comes with four V-shape corner adhesives that are designed with EVA foam tips so you can lift them right up off the floor.


Problem: A messy junk drawer that’s brimming with loose batteries

Solution: An organizer that sorts batteries by size

It’s tempting to keep a junk drawer in your kitchen or another room where you stash items that never seem to have a rightful home — like batteries. But in doing so you’re limiting your space in terms of functionality and beauty. This battery organizer and tester has a cover and holds up to 93 batteries of various types and sizes. The battery tester can be removed so that you can conveniently find out which batteries still have power left (which is a money saver). And you can store the unit in a closet or cabinet or even mount it to a wall to save space.


Problem: Closets & drawers that are filled to capacity

Solution: An expandable storage bag for clothes & blankets

If you’ve run out of room to store all of your clothing and are stashing sweaters and pants in any corner of your closet or drawer where they fit, you’re not taking advantage of unused space in places such as beneath your bed, where this under-bed storage organizer slides in perfectly. The organizer expands to fit 70 liters worth of clothing, sheets, towels, or seasonal items and features reinforced handles for portability. They’re made of durable canvas and have clear vinyl windows on top so you can see what’s inside.


Problem: Water that leaks from under your frameless shower door

Solution: This seal that keeps your floors dry

Keep a potentially disastrous problem from forming by cutting off any shower leaks at the source with this frameless shower door seal. The vinyl seal creates a protective strip along the bottom of shower doors, preventing water from seeping out and wearing away at tiles and hard floors. It’s simple to install and requires no sticky adhesive.


Problem: Holes in walls that are bringing down the look of your room

Solution: A kit for repairing tiny holes

Finding small holes in your walls doesn’t mean having to call expensive contractors and painters. You can take matters into your own hands by fixing holes with this 3M high-strength small hole repair kit. The kit includes spackling that contains a primer, a self-adhesive patch, a putty knife, and sanding paper — everything you need for a quick wall repair for less than $15.


Problem: Plastic hangers that leave clothing misshapen

Solution: Some high-quality hangers made from wood

Those plastic hangers in your closet may be cheap, but there’s a real risk to using them: they can stretch out clothing and leave the shoulders of blouses and sweaters misshapen. Instead, invest in these quality wooden hangers that will last forever and boast a high 4.8-star rating. They come with 10 in a pack, feature nonslip rubber grips that keep strappy tanks and camisoles from slipping off, and have a 360-degree rotating hook. Choose from natural, vintage, or cherry wood.


Problem: Ratty bath mats that have collected mildew

Solution: An absorbent bath mat made with memory foam

There’s nothing worse than stepping out of the shower and onto a ratty, half-wet bath mat that didn’t dry from the last time you used it. This memory foam and microfiber bath mat is strong, durable, and highly absorbent — so it will dry between uses, according to reviewers. It comes in 21 colors and seven sizes. One of its more than 41,000 five-star reviewers wrote, “[…] It doesn’t slip on the floor, even when the floor is wet. Great absorbency, and very easy to launder. I love it. Great value.”


Problem: Moldy dishcloths that are in your kitchen

Solution: These fast-drying dishcloths that are reusable

All of those cotton dishcloths hanging around your kitchen and taking up space on the handles of appliances can turn moldy and smelly fast because they may not absorb liquids well. The smartest swap (and one that will save you tons of money on paper towels) is this pack of cult-favorite Swedish dishcloths with more than 46,000 reviews. The cloths are highly absorbent, reusable, and ultimately biodegradable. They come in packs of 10 in different colors and can be used for everything — from drying dishes to cleaning.


Problem: An unruly utensil drawer that keeps you from finding what you need

Solution: An expandable organizer that maximizes space

A utensil organizer will get that unruly utensil drawer under control. This pick can expand and contract to adjust to the size of your drawer and when fully expanded offers five compartments to neatly store every utensil. It’s made of water-resistant bamboo and boasts a high 4.7-star rating. Order two and use one to organize office supplies, as well.


Problem: Plastic bags that are crammed into kitchen cabinets

Solution: This grocery bag holder that mounts to the wall

Snag this plastic bag saver, mount it to a wall and use it to store several bags at once. When you need a bag, simply pull one out and the others will remain in place. It comes with all of the mounting hardware that you need. This is a great little invention, as plastic bags are simple to reuse and handy around the house, but can also be somewhat of an eyesore.


Problem: Greasy, grimy stovetops that seem impossible to clean

Solution: The eraser sponges that clean just about anything

No matter what you do, there are certain areas of your home that are notoriously difficult to get clean. Swapping regular cleaners for this magic cleaning sponge can get those areas spotless in no time. The thick sponge is made with gentle melamine and is truly a universal cleaning tool that works on anything from leather shoes to marble countertops. Wet it and get all of your surfaces cleaner.


Problem: Pots & pans are scattered in your cabinet

Solution: This rack that neatly stacks everything

This pan organizer rack is a beautiful solution for a messy problem: it features eight tiers and can be stored vertically or horizontally. The dividers are adjustable to accommodate a variety of cookware and it’s designed with an antislip silicone base layer to keep it in place.


Problem: Kitchen countertops & cabinets that could use a remodel

Solution: This marble paper that makes for a cheap reno

A full kitchen renovation is so expensive — and may be out of your budget for some time. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with old countertops and appliances that you find ugly and outdated. Enter this removable wallpaper that resembles marble and instantly gives your kitchen an elegant look. The waterproof wallpaper has a self-adhesive backing and is simple to install. It comes in five sizes and will improve the look of walls and countertops — the possibilities are endless.


Problem: Loose cables & wires that are making rooms look messy

Solution: These holders that wrangle your cords

Hold pesky wires and cables in place with these cable clips, which come with two in a pack. Each clip can hold up to five wires. The clips have a 3M self-adhesive backing that sticks to surfaces like desks and tables and you can choose from white, black, or multicolored options.


Problem: An old-fashioned-looking kitchen that lacks color & life

Solution: This peel & stick tile that’s a breeze to install

Is your kitchen or laundry room looking a little dull lately? Apply this peel-and-stick tile backsplash to make it look like you went all out on a kitchen reno project (while secretly spending less than $35). The self-adhesive tiles don’t require grout, glue, or a single tool. They come in sheets of 10 and are available in six colors to breathe life back into your space.


Problem: Faded house numbers that are hard to read

Solution: These address numbers that are modern & sleek

If your home lacks curb appeal, start with a simple swap that can make a huge difference: replace faded and cracked house numbers with this more modern and chic pick. The 5-inch numbers are large enough to see from far away and are made from a UV-protected material that won’t rust over time.


Problem: Having a bunch of spice jars that are jammed in your cupboard

Solution: These spice racks that mount to the wall

When you’re cooking, it’s nice to have spices where you can see them — but counter space is typically a hot commodity. Free up the area around your stove with this wall-mounted spice rack. It comes with two mesh shelves and includes all the mounting hardware. “Love these spice racks,” said one shopper. “They were perfect under the cabinet in the kitchen. I loved having a spot for spices that was not taking up more counter space. Great quality and durability.”


Problem: A door that constantly bangs into the wall

Solution: A magnetic doorstop that keeps doors open

This stainless steel door stopper holds doors in place using magnetic force, which prevents them from slamming into walls. Constructed with soft-catch technology, this tool stops and holds doors without using excess force. The stopper comes with a user manual and mounting screws. “They were pretty easy to install, the magnets work well and make transporting packages and groceries to and from the garage much easier,” a reviewer wrote.


Problem: Cabinets that get messy because you can’t see the dark corners

Solution: An LED light rope that offers a clear view

This LED light strip illuminates the dark spaces in your cabinets while staying discreetly out of sight. With three feet of lighting, this strip covers a solid amount of cabinet space. Adhering to wood, metal, and plastic, the lights are made to stick easily to the tops of your cabinets and shelves. A single power button turns them on and off.


Problem: An entryway table that’s crowded with leashes, keys & mail

Solution: A key & mail holder you can hang on the wall

If the table in your entryway is a chaotic assortment of envelopes, pet leashes, car keys, etc, this wall-mounted organizer will streamline your space with hooks for keys and purses and a shelf for decor or mail. Installation is easy, with screws and expansion nails included.


Problem: Under-the-bed storage that’s visible

Solution: A bed skirt that conceals boxes & more

Under-the-bed storage tubs are always handy, but they can be unsightly when they’re poking out for those walking past to see. Hide your storage with this bamboo bed skirt that not only conceals items under your bed but shields them from dust. Wrinkle-free, this bed skirt’s bamboo-microfiber blend is also hypoallergenic and machine washable.


Problem: Shoes that are jumbled in your closet

Solution: These shoe organizers that slide under the bed

This set of shoe storage organizers works well for storing shoes that aren’t currently in season. If it’s summer, they can store winter boots, and come wintertime, they can store sandals and espadrilles. Storing 16 pairs of shoes and four pairs of boots, these organizers also have a clear vinyl cover so their contents are easy to see.


Problem: A kitchen sink area that’s cluttered

Solution: This caddy for soap and sponges

This soap dispenser set is handy in a few ways: it keeps the big plastic bottle of Dawn out of sight, and it dispenses soap directly onto your sponge. This set comes with a hand soap dispenser and a silicone tray that not only holds a sponge but dispenses soap onto it. Another perk: it comes with a drip tray and ventilated shelf that keeps your sponge out of standing water. “I always hated having a huge plastic soap bottle on the counter and nowhere to really put the sponge (especially since our sink is in our island),” one reviewer wrote. “But this solves both of those problems!”


Problem: A refrigerator with loose produce & cans rolling around

Solution: These bins that organize every last thing

If you’re tired of cans rolling around your fridge or wondering what to do with an overflow of condiments, this eight-pack of stackable refrigerator bins is here to help. These bins will help maximize storage space in your fridge and freezer — or, you can use them in your pantry or kitchen cabinets if that works better.


Problem: Sticky note reminders that junk up your fridge & walls

Solution: This cork board that makes it easy to get organized

This white 23-by-17-inch cork board comes in understated white and black color options and with a frame that turns it into a more decorative piece. Whiteboards and sticky notes help keep track of busy lives, but they can sometimes become eyesores when filled to the brim. This board solves that problem by being more aesthetically pleasing yet incredibly functional.


Problem: Tea boxes that are overwhelming a kitchen shelf

Solution: A bamboo box that sorts tea packets

This tea box organizer has 10 compartments for storing tea bags and tea accessories. Or, if you’re not a tea drinker, it can be useful storage for small household items such as condiments, vitamin packets, and more. Regardless of how you use it, it’s bound to impress guests.


Problem: Tile grout that’s stained & grimy

Solution: A grout pen that brightens everything up

This grout pen is sort of magical with its ability to recolor the grout in your kitchen and bathroom for a like-new appearance. Covering up to 150 feet of grout, this water-based formula covers grimy stains — and it’s available in different colors to match the colors you need. “It covered completely and I have beige grout,” a reviewer wrote. “It has lasted without reapplying for 5 years.”


Problem: Mops & brooms that are tangled up in a corner

Solution: A wall-mounted rack that holds tools upright

This wall-mounted mop and broom holder is the perfect solution to having cleaning tools falling over in your closet. With three clamps and four hooks, this organizer can hold mops, brooms, and other cleaning supplies — it’ll be a space-saver in closets and garages. The clamps are made with nonslip silicone that holds handles in place, and the holder comes with the accessories you need to install it on your wall.


Problem: Detergent that drips all over your laundry station

Solution: This holder & drip tray that prevents soapy messes

This clever organizer and holder prevents mess by fastening detergent bottles in place using a strap and rubber feet that hold the station in place. Tilted at a slight angle, this holder also ensures you’re able to get the last drops from the bottle, creating less waste.


Problem: Papers & mail that are stacked up on counters

Solution: Some file holders that tidy things up

This file holder has three compartments you can use to sort mail or any important documents that could use an organization system. The coolest thing about this magazine file is that it’s collapsible, so you can use just one or two compartments at a time. No assembly is required.


Problem: Pantry bins that aren’t clearly labeled

Solution: These chalkboard labels that make finding things easy

Often, pantry organization starts out valiantly but quickly becomes cumbersome as boxes and bins accumulate. That’s where these 252 pantry chalkboard labels come in — 234 of them are pre-printed with pretty much every food group you can think of, from baking soda to various types of rice. The remaining 18 labels are blank for your own customization. Dishwasher and freezer safe, the labels’ adhesive backs are designed to be removed and repositioned without losing stickiness.


Problem: Drawers that are stuffed full of clothing

Solution: The drawer organizers that keep everything sorted

Placing stacks of laundry neatly in drawers lasts about a day before shirts and underwear become jumbled piles. That’s why these drawer dividers are so handy — they offer separate slots for each pair of underwear, pair of socks, bra, or T-shirt. Made from a washable fabric, these dividers come in packs of four and six units.


Problem: A tub crowded with shampoo & body wash bottles

Solution: A shower caddy that clears up clutter

This shower caddy is great for a few reasons: its rustic look, anti-swing design, unique compartments for bars of soap, hooks for loofahs, and areas for smaller and larger bottles. Designed to be rustproof, this caddy is made to allow for proper airflow and more efficient drying. “Holds a good amount of weight and I’m pretty sure I can add more if I need to,” one shopper shared. “Currently I have six of the full-size shampoo and conditioner bottles in the baskets as well as a full-size bottle of body wash.”


Problem: Piles of clutter overtaking countertops

Solution: These corner shelves that add vertical storage

These bamboo-and-metal organizers are a clever space-creating solution for countertops. They basically serve as space additions, whether in the kitchen for cups or condiments, or in the office for books and a photo frame. Made with a bamboo top, these elevated shelves can also be useful for placing a phone holder in the kitchen when you’re following a recipe but don’t want to splash ingredients on your phone screen.


Problem: Missing or broken hardware on furniture

Solution: These ceramic cabinet knobs that add character

Elevate older furniture or cabinets by replacing knobs that are missing, broken, or simply look a little dated. This set of 20 black-and-white ceramic knobs has a pretty, hand-painted look that compliments so many styles of furniture. “My husband and I just bought a house and cannot afford to update the kitchen right away,” a reviewer shared. “These knobs are an inexpensive and adorable splash of color.”


Problem: Walls & baseboards marred by scuffs & smudges

Solution: A cleaning spray designed for walls

This painted wall cleaning spray works on walls and baseboards to remove dirt, dust, smells, and stains. It’s formulated to remove scuff marks and caked-on dirt, as well as rid walls of odors that accumulate over time, from cooking smells to smoke. You can also purchase the brand’s accompanying long-handle dust mop to scrub walls with. “My walls, my shelves, all painted white, are now white again WITH NO STAINS left behind,” a reviewer raved. “This is good stuff.”