50 under-the-radar things with near-perfect Amazon reviews that you'll wish you knew about sooner

These unique finds won’t be under-the-radar for much longer.

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Some Amazon finds go viral, and I obviously love those finds, but there are also so many things out there that are just as viral-worthy, but they just fly a bit under-the-radar.

By so many things — I mean these 50 slightly hidden gems that you’ll wish you knew about sooner. Not only are these secret buys super cool, but they also have near-perfect reviews, which means they’re high-quality. And let me let you in on a little secret: If you grab these under-the-radar things with near-perfect reviews, you’ll be way ahead of everyone else (which is always a little win).


The grippy cooking gloves that are heat-resistant up to 932 degrees

These heat-resistant gloves have a comfy fit that’s perfect for all kinds of cooking projects, because they are protective up to 932 degrees. This machine-washable pair is also covered in grippy silicone, so you can confidently transfer heavy pots from the oven, and the classic glove design gives you the ability to use your fingers.


A 5-in-1 fire extinguisher that you can tuck anywhere

This little spray bottle is actually a fire extinguisher that you can tuck right under the kitchen sink or in the pantry. It’s super lightweight, in case you ever need to quickly grab it, and it can handle five types of fires: electrical, textile, paper, diesel, and even cooking oil.


This seriously tiny travel charger that can power 3 devices at once

I promise that you’ll toss all of your usual power banks for this portable charger because it’s so tiny — like less than 4 inches long tiny. The mini design somehow packs in two USB and one USB-C port, so you can plug in all of your travel devices at the same time. It can also charge things (like your wireless earbuds) quickly; it claims to power up an iPhone from 0 to 60% in just half an hour.


An aesthetic olive oil bottle with a genius, functional top

Not only does this dishwasher-safe olive oil bottle look cool on your countertop, but it also comes with a genius dispenser handle on top. This colorful handle allows you to suction up the perfect amount of oil so you can drop it into your pan or on your salads. The dropper also has a built-in silicone bristle brush to brush a bit of oil on top of dough or your sheet pan dinner.


A compact spice rack with a ton of hidden storage space

This spice rack might look super slim in your kitchen cabinet, but it actually has little built-in pull tabs on the side to access all of its hidden shelves. You can rotate it and even open it up like a cabinet to neatly and compactly store all of your spices.


This easy-to-use claw tool to comfortably tackle yard-ruining weeds

This weeding tool has four durable metal claws at the bottom, so it can handle all of the annoying weeds scattered around your outdoor space. It also has a spot to press down with your foot to easily grab onto larger weeds, which means you don’t have to uncomfortably bend down.


This compact book light that brightens up a whole page

This book light looks way sleeker than the bulky ones you usually reach for when you’re reading in bed, and it weighs under 2 ounces, so it won’t weigh you down while you lounge and read. In addition to being dimmable to five levels, it offers an amber light mode, which is easy on your eyes for late-night reading sessions.


These clear organizers that are easy to stack & arrange in messy drawers

Instead of classic organizers with dividers, grab these plastic organizers that you can arrange in a bunch of different ways — including stacking them. You can change up these non-slip dividers with ease whether find fun new gadgets for your kitchen drawer, got a bunch of new pens for your desk drawer, or buy some new skincare for a bathroom drawer.


This easy-to-use stopper to keep extra Champagne fresh

Reach for this easy-to-use stopper instead of those classic rubber wine stoppers when you need to keep a bit of leftover Champagne or sparkling wine fizzy in the fridge after brunch. The leakproof gadget will actually tighten around the bottle if the bottle gets too many bubbles and pressure between brunches, keeping your pricey beverage fresher for longer.


A hanging bug zapper that covers up to 1,500 square feet

This bug zapper takes care of all of the annoying (and painful) bugs out there, especially mosquitos, which amps up how comfy your patio or outdoor space is. It comes with a hanging hook, a compact base, and a 4-foot cord, so it’s easy to hide it on your patio.


A toilet bowl cleaning gel that lasts 14 days

This gel cleaner not only keeps your toilet bowl clean and smelling peachy fresh, but also the flower shape is adorable. The set features 32 flowers that come in easy-to-dispense tubes. Just stick one to the inside of your toilet bowl and it lasts for up to 14 days for a great smelling toilet after every flush.


A shed-free foundation brush that’s really versatile

This streak-free foundation brush comes with that classic a large, wide shape and a ton of fluffy bristles that are always gentle. The shed-free design also won’t leave behind bristles in your go-to loose powder or get all stuck in your favorite liquid foundation — because yes, this brush works with all kinds of makeup.


This easy-to-use freezing tray for soup meal prep

This unique freezing tray is such an easy way to save individual cups of soup for lunches without filling up your freezer with a ton of containers. Instead, the dishwasher-safe, silicone design with a lid simply looks like a tidy ice tray. Each 1-cup soup slot also has built-in measurement lines (1/2 cup, 1 cup, 125 milliliters, 250 milliliters), and you get a lid for mess-free, smell-free freezing.


This packing cube & laundry bag set with a 4.8-star rating

This four-pack of packing cubes come with a sturdy design and reinforced stitching, so you can cram in as many outfits as you think you might need (just in case). Each cube is a different size so you can easily arrange them in your unique suitcase, and they have mesh on top to quickly see all of those outfits. Bonus: these cubes come with a laundry bag, so you can keep your dirty socks far away from your fresh, clean clothes.


A cooking oil solidifier that help you avoid oily messes after dinner

This cooking oil solidifier will obviously make cleaning up your pans way quicker than usual, but you can also feel better about tossing out oil after dinner. With this plant-based powder, all of that oil will decompose about 30 days after you toss it (and you don’t have to worry about clogging your sink). So, go ahead and grab a packet and scrape off pans without any annoying oily messes.


These easy-to-read exercise cards to mix up your workout

These workout cards are way easier than propping up a workout video on a tiny phone because you can simply place them in front of your exercise mat. You get 70 different cards with instructions, and their sweat-proof, tear-proof material will withstand your workout. If yoga isn’t your speed, there are 18 other kinds of cards, including ones for stretching, dumbbells, and bodyweight.


A stackable organizer to keep cans neat & easy-to-grab

Canned beverages have a habit of ending up scattered all over the fridge, but this shatter-resistant organizer will quickly tidy them all up. The stackable design makes it easy to organize between nine and 14 unopened cans, and it keeps them compactly in a 5.5-inch wide space, freeing up other areas of your fridge.


This reusable lint roller with over 147,000 ratings

“Best pet hair remover... ever!” one reviewer raved about this reusable lint roller. Simply roll it over your furniture or clothes to trap pet hair into an internal compartment, then press a button and discard everything collected. It’s that easy. Your couches, pillows, and black T-shirts will thank you.


This peeling foot mask that requires zero effort

These fruit extract peeling masks take care of any annoying calluses that seem like way too much work to exfoliate. Just rock these easy-to-wear sock masks once for an hour, and they keep taking care of dry skin for up to two weeks after, revealing soft, fresh skin.


This citrus squeezer with a unique 2-handed design

Get every last drop out of your lemons or limes when you have this citrus squeezer. Just stick half a lemon inside and squeeze. The unique two-handed grip squishes the fruit from the sides to make for a much less arduous squeeze. Plus, it folds completely flat to easily store with the rest of your utensils.


An 18-in-1 wallet tool with the handiest phone stand

This seriously handy little tool is the exact same size as the cards in your wallet, so you can always keep it with you. Even with its thin design, it gives you 18 different on-the-go tools, like a bottle opener, screwdriver, a can opener, and even a spot to prop up your phone.


An infuser to-go bottle for fresh & fruity water

There are so many trendy water bottles these days, but this flip-top bottle comes with a little fruit-infusing cup to seriously elevate your water. The durable clear design lets you see all of the fun fruits, cucumbers, or herbs you added in, and you can easily fit this 32-ounce bottle in car cup holders.


These reusable, highly absorbent dishcloths that look so cute

Reusable dishcloths are great for drying dishes, dusting, and general cleaning, but this six-pack will actually look aesthetic enough to display next to the kitchen sink. Each one has a soothing sky or water pattern and minimalist colors that will look nice no matter where you keep these washing machine- and dishwasher-safe cloths. They can be reused for up to a year, and after that, they’re biodegradable.


A skincare essence with soothing & luxurious snail mucin

This lightweight and glowy skincare essence comes with that super on-trend snail mucin ingredient that’s everywhere right now, but it’s still budget-friendly. It has plenty of soothing and moisturizing power, and a damaged skin-friendly formula to make it feel even more luxurious.


A minimalist lamp that you can fold up & use anywhere

This battery-operated lamp folds up into a minimalist little disc on your desk when you’re done with work every day, which also allows you to easily move this piece from room to room. Pull it up, and this USB-rechargeable lamp is still small enough to tuck next to your laptop. This little white lamp also has touch controls, which adds to its sleek, modern appeal.


A 2-pack of storage straps & carriers that can hold up to 50 pounds

When you’re all done rolling up the garden hose, it’s so easy to wrap these durable straps around it. Not only will they keep everything neat when you’re done watering plants, but it also gives you a carrying handle to hang up your hose back in the garage. This versatile strap also holds up to 50 pounds, so it will work with all kinds of clutter (think: heavy extension cords).


A heat-resistant sink cover that you can clean makeup brushes on

This foldable cover will make your routine so much easier because it will give you all of that additional space on top of your sink to scatter your skincare, makeup, and hair tools. To make it even better — the durable, heat-resistant plastic is covered in a scrubby texture and little holes to easily clean off and rinse your makeup brushes.


This adjustable phone tripod & selfie stick with a handy, small remote

This phone tripod has a telescoping top that can be adjusted from 11.4 to 60 inches tall, which allows you to use this on your desk and to take family photos when out and about. The anti-rust design allows it to be used in all weather, and it comes with a super tiny remote that’s easy to hide in pictures. Plus, this remote sticks to the side of the tripod whenever you’re ready to tuck it back in your bag.


These power scrubbing brush attachments with 3 sized heads

These drill brush attachments feature a medium nylon bristles that are great for scrubbing down your bathroom or kitchen. The set comes with three sized heads — a flat brush head, a rounded brush head, and a small brush head — as well as an extender to help you get into those tough-to-reach spots like behind your toilet or under your sink.


This ceiling fan duster with an adjustable handle

It seems strange, but dust gathers on both sides of your ceiling fans, so using an adjustable duster like this one occasionally is a must. The detachable handle expands from 27 to 47 inches, so you won’t need to stand precariously on a ladder or chair to clean fans or other tough to reach spots around the house. And you can just rinse the furry head with warm water and reuse next time.


This mountable power strip with USB, lighting, and traditional outlets

This power strip does everything. First, it has five traditional outlets, as well as two USB outlets, and two lightning outlets to optimally charge all your devices. And second, it can be mounted to the bottom of a desk or counter with screws, and features a 6.56-foot extension cord with a flat plug that sits flush against the wall.


These easy-to-use detergent sheets for a tidy laundry room

You get 50 of these thin detergent sheets in this compact box, so it will be super easy to keep your laundry room tidy. It’s easy to slide the box open when it’s time for laundry day. You can also pull one of these concentrated sheets out no matter what pieces you’re washing (even those cold water loads).


An iced tea maker that can brew 2 quarts in mere minutes

This iced tea maker has a pitcher built right in on the side, so after it brews, it’s immediately ready to go in the fridge or on your table, filled with ice. Go ahead and pop in your go-to loose-leaf or tea bags into the removable brew basket. Whichever you use — it will automatically turn off when your 2 quarts of iced tea is done.


These irrigation drippers to water your houseplants gently

If you’ve ever overwatered your plant into oblivion, or gone on vacation and came home to a dead plant baby, these irrigation drippers are for you. Just fill the bulbous top with water, press the long tip into the soil, and it will automatically keep them hydrated for up to two weeks.


A quirky challenge game that’s easy to learn

This hilarious game comes with a bunch of unique and seriously quirky challenges, so you can take a break from sitting around the table with a board game. The interactive pieces and cards will add plenty of icebreakers to dinner parties, and you can learn it in just about two minutes.


This minimalist cloud key holder with magnets

This key holder is such an on-trend entryway add-on with its adorable cloud-shaped design. It has zero hooks to ruin the simple cloud design, and instead, it has a built-in magnet to hold onto three key rings (or 7.7 ounces). It also has adhesive on the back, so your wall will really be hook-free.


This bonding oil that replaces 6 hair care products

This compact bottle of hair-strengthening bonding oil from cult-favorite brand Olaplex will replace a bunch of your other pricey products. The glossy formula gives you heat protection, helps out with detangling, and it even adds in some UV protection before you leave the house. It also adds shine, strength, and sleekness to your locks, making it an easy go-to.


A salt lamp plug-in for the coziest nighttime light

This mini plug-in salt lamp is the coziest night light to grab, because the pink-tinted salt will fill your room or bathroom with a warm, comforting glow. Under the glowy Himalayan salt top, it has a simple white base that will blend right in with your outlet.


This waterproof car trash bin with an adjustable strap

Secure this car trash can to the center console, seat back, glove box, or door, and your car will never be cleaner. It has a leak-proof interior lining, and a lid that keeps things from bumping out of the bin while you’re driving. It even has two mesh side pockets that are great for storing essentials or garbage bags.


This wildly popular seat cushion for a super comfy seat

If you spend a lot of time sitting, this ergonomically designed cushion is a great way to stay comfy while getting some additional support. It’s firm and filled with memory foam to adjust to your weight without losing its shape over time. You can even use it in the car to add some lift and additional comfort while you’re driving.


This colorful, cute cube timer that’s truly functional

This unique timer will look like a fun decor piece in your kitchen, and it’s so easy to set up. Simply toss the colorful cube-shaped design on your countertop with the number of minutes your recipe calls for facing up. You can even customize the alarm level if you’re far away. In addition to the kitchen, reviewers note they use these cubes to keep them on task at work, as a timer for exercise, and other time management tasks.


This durable dog treat mat that you can stick anywhere

This licking mat is small enough to stick on your on shower tiles whenever your pup is stressed about bath time. It comes with durable silicone bristles that will hold onto peanut butter or other treats, and you can even place them in the freezer to harden up soft treats to keep your dog entertained when you’re out of the house.


These color coded resistant bands with over 25,000 5-star reviews

These versatile resistance bands come in a little carrying bag, so you can easily toss them in your gym bag. This pack comes with three colors, and each color is a different resistance, so it’s easy to tell which one you want for your workout. Reviewers love that these bands allow for a wide range of motion and that the cloth is comfortable on their bodies.


This leak-proof dog water bottle with over 30,000 5-star ratings

Keep your pup hydrated on long walks or afternoons in the park when you have this doggy water bottle. Fill the bottom half up with water, then when your furry friend is thirsty, tilt it over, press a button, and the attached bowl fills with water. When they’re done, you can toss the remaining water, or put it back into the bottle so there’s no waste. Plus, it’s leak-proof so you can carry it around without worry of an accidental spill.


A scratch-free fisheye clip to pop on your phone

This little cell phone clip adds an easy-to-use fisheye lens right on top of your camera. It’s small enough to comfortably keep on your phone when you’re walking around taking pictures. It also has a rubber lining to keep your camera (and phone) free of any scratches.


A can opener that doesn’t leave sharp edges or make you touch sharp lids

This can opener has over 14,000 ratings and it’s clear why shoppers keep adding this to their carts. First, it sits flat against the top of the can and makes a clean cut that doesn’t touch or contaminate the inside food and doesn’t leave any dangerously sharp edges around the rim. Plus, it features mini pliers to remove the lid without touching it so you won’t need to worry about cutting your fingers.


This highly-rated silicone kitchen set for hot pans

This grippy set of silicone oven mitts and pot holders four matching accessories, including two pot holders that double as trivets and machine-washable oven mitts. They all have little built-in loops, so you can hang up this heat-resistant set in your kitchen or in a cabinet. Plus, you can use the grippy trivets to open jars when you’re cooking.


A purse organizer that keeps your bags dust-free & easy-to-grab

This hanging organizer is the easiest spot to toss all of your bags and totes because you will still be able to see all of them with the transparent design. Each of your go-to bags will have its own slot, and the clear edges will keep them dust-free, while the sides are completely open to quickly grab one when you’re getting dressed.


These produce saver balls that keep your fruits & veggies fresher longer

Whether you put these produce saver balls on your counter, in your fruit bowl, or in your refrigerator, they’ll help your fruits and veggies last longer, saving you money and the headache of wasted, stale produce. Put one packet inside each blue apple-shaped ball, and they’ll last for up to 90 days. It’s that easy!


This adjustable organizer to fit 35 pounds of cleaning tools

This wall-mounted organizer has five slots that automatically adjust to fit whatever cleaning supply or gardening tool you need to hang up, and it can hold 35 pounds at a time. You can also pull down the six hooks on the front for any of the smaller cleaning supplies you reach for every day.