40 Weird but genius things that saved people so much money around the house
ByCaroline Reinstadtler
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Whether it’s consolidating your kitchen, doing repairs rather than tossing something, or opting for reusable items, making small adjustments in your day-to-day can add up to major savings. That’s where these products come in. They may be a little weird, but trust that they are also pretty brilliant. Best of all, they’ll help you save money around the house — and just might let you streamline your life in ways you didn’t know you were missing (until now).


This storage container with felt dividers to protect cups, mugs, & wine glasses

This storage container is an especially useful buy if you’re moving and want to keep your cups, mugs, and wine glasses protected while you’re in motion. Its hard shell design and sturdy construction will keep your precious dinnerware safe no matter what befalls you on the road, and its felt dividers keep glasses from touching one another, so they're less likely to shatter or break. Each container will hold up to 12 wine glasses with heights of up to 10 inches, so you can take your whole collection from place to place and trust that it'll stay safe and secure.


This insulated food jar that comes with a foldable spoon for meals on the go

Take hot foods and soups on the go in this insulated food jar, which comes with a foldable spoon so you can eat your favorite provisions wherever you go. Its double-wall insulation can keep food cold for up to 10 hours and hot for up to 7, and its powder-coated exterior gives it a chic, elegant finish you'll love. Plus, it's made of a durable stainless steel that's nontoxic and BPA-free.


These reusable dryer sheets you can use for over 500 loads of laundry

These reusable dryer sheets will last for up to 500 loads of laundry, making these an ultra budget-savvy buy. They're free of dyes and perfumes and are hypoallergenic. Not only will they save you tons of money on dryer sheets, but they're also safe to use wit workout clothing since they won't inhibit the moisture-wicking abilities of most athletic fabrics.


An upholstery repair kit to keep your furniture in tip-top shape

Instead of splurging on a brand new couch, use this upholstery repair kit to stitch up rips and tears, and your favorite pieces of furniture will look as good as new in no time flat. Each kit comes with two spools (one black, one white) and seven needles that vary in size, so it'll accommodate furniture of just about any material from canvas to leather and everything in between. The thread you'll receive is a bonded three-ply nylon that maintains its shape through all sorts of wear and tear, and it's weatherproof, so you can even use this kit to fix up outdoor furniture and trust that it'll last.


This suede brush & eraser set for cleaner shoes at a wallet-friendly price

You don’t have to replace scuffed or dirty shoes — try this premium suede brush and eraser set and you might be surprised at how well they’ll resurface your favorite pair. This kit has three pieces, each of which is uniquely equipped to get your shoes in working order. There’s a hard, bristled brush for dirt and debris, a rubber crepe brush to remove stubborn marks, and an eraser that'll lift stains off of suede and nubuck. The best part? You aren't limited to shoes — you can use this set to clean up couches, wallets, or clothes, since they'll effortlessly refresh any suede surface in a matter of minutes.


These airtight storage containers with labels for easy identification

Help reduce food waste with these airtight storage containers. They are designed to keep your snacks and ingredients fresher for longer, which can help you save money. Although the containers vary in size, the lids have a universal fit so you won't have to dig through your drawers to find right one. Once it's in place, each lid creates an airtight, leakproof seal. When you buy, you'll also receive several chalkboard labels and a marker that makes it easier than ever to identify the snack, pasta, or cereal you're looking for.


These reusable swabs made of medical-grade silicone

These reusable swabs will have you wondering why you ever shelled out for their disposable counterparts, since they’re just as effective and they’ll save you money in the long run. Not only will they help safely clean your ears after a shower, but they can also assist with applying makeup and tidying up errant eyeliner. Plus, they’re significantly more eco-friendly than the disposables, since you can use them over and over.


This multipurpose microfiber sponge that cleans with just water

This multipurpose cleaning sponge saves you money on detergent by tackling spills and stains on a variety of surfaces, so all you have to do is add water to effectively clean up in every room of the house. When it's dry, its strong microfibers will wipe away dust and dirt from crevices and hard to reach places in a matter of moments, and it'll absorb debris up to five times its own weight for surfaces that positively sparkle. When it's wet, it'll effectively clean stains and spills off your sinks and countertops, negating the need for sprays and paper towels, so your bathroom and kitchen will look incredible.


This leakproof water bottle that's vacuum-insulated to keep drinks cold

Save money on single-use bottles and reduce the amount of plastic you use every day with this leakproof water bottle. It’s made of durable stainless steel, so is built to last through years of hydration. It'll keep drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24, so you can keep your latte or iced lemonade at your side all day long. Plus, its powder-coated exterior gives it a chic design that looks amazing with just about every outfit. It comes with three different leakproof lids so you can customize the way you sip.


These Swedish dishcloths that save you serious money on paper towels

There’s nothing quite like spilling something in your kitchen and racing to grab a paper towel, only to find an empty roll — that’s where these Swedish dishcloths come in. There are 10 dishcloths in the set, each of which is equivalent to 15(!) rolls of paper towels. When they're dry, these cloths have a gritty texture that's perfect for scrubbing stubborn food off your dishes, and when they're wet, they become soft to the touch.


This revolving spice rack organizer that comes with bottles & labels

If you want to save money (and waste) by buying spices and seasonings in bulk, pick up this revolving spice rack organizer. It comes with 12 glass bottles for you to fill with your favorite spices and labels to help you keep track of which is which. Its spinning design lets you see what you have on hand quickly and easily, so you won’t lose track. Plus, its double decker design means you can store twice the amount of spice bottles in the same amount of counter space that a single tier alternative might accommodate.


This milk frother that turns your kitchen counter into a chic coffee shop

Use this electric milk frother to whip up the lattes and cappuccinos of your dreams at your kitchen counter, and you’ll save an exorbitant amount of money on trips to the coffee shop. It's equipped with two speeds to customize your foam, and it'll work brilliantly with all types of milk, whether you prefer oat, almond, or just regular two percent. The ergonomic handle and stainless steel whisk give it a robust design made to last you beverage after beverage. It's also super easy to clean; simply run it under hot water and turn it on briefly for a quick, thorough rinse, and it’ll be ready for next time.


These reusable cotton rounds that gently remove dirt & makeup

Whether your skin is dry, oily, or somewhere in between, these reusable cotton rounds will effortlessly remove dirt and makeup with a gentle touch. Instead of wasting money on disposable cotton pads, you can purchase this pack of 14, which also comes with a cotton bag for easy storage, and use them with makeup remover, toner, or cleansing balm for a skincare routine that's easier on your wallet and the planet. Made of high quality bamboo and cotton, you'll appreciate their durable construction and the way they're specifically designed to contour to your face.


These reusable beeswax food wraps to keep leftovers without the plastic

Ditch the single-use plastics and reach for these reusable beeswax food wraps the next time you’re saving leftovers in the fridge. There are three wraps of various sizes, which you can switch out depending on what you're storing — for instance, the small wrap is beautifully sized for storing half a lemon or an avocado, the medium wrap is perfect for baked goods, and the large wrap is big enough to cover up bowls, pie dishes, and bunches of produce. Each wrap is made with certified organic cotton, beeswax, plant oils, and tree resin, all of which combine to create a durable product you can use over and over again.


This granite mortar and pestle set that lets you make your favorite dips at home

Make salsa, guacamole, and all your favorite dips with this granite mortar and pestle set; you'll save money on store-bought snacks, and you'll impress your guests with your culinary abilities. The bowl is made of a durable, heavy duty stone that's just rough enough to effectively grind up your ingredients. Plus, its four cup capacity ensures you'll have more than enough of each dip for every guest at the party to try at least one bite (though there's no guarantee they'll want to stop there).


These reusable K cups with a universal fit that save you money on disposables

Ditch the disposables and buy these reusable K cups; not only will they reduce waste, but they’ll allow you to use any brew you like with your Keurig machine so the possibilities are just about endless. They're made with high quality stainless steel micro mesh, which creates an ideal flow rate of water through your coffee or tea. You receive six cups when you buy, so you can swap them out over the course of the week. The best part? You won't be limited by the options available to you in plastic K-cups, and you won't be throwing anything away except your used coffee grounds.


This reusable storage bag that's safe to use in the microwave or dishwasher

Not only will this reusable storage bag save you the money you might have spent on disposable alternatives, but it’s safe to use in the microwave and dishwasher, so it’s just as convenient as it is eco-friendly. It's just the right size to store leftover snacks or even cosmetics and accessories while you're on the go. Its tight seal helps keep liquids in place, so whether you store it in the freezer or pack it in a suitcase, you can trust that it won't leak. Also, each order is shipped in plastic-free packaging (brown paper with inserts), so it'll arrive at your door safely without leaving behind an oversize carbon footprint.


These felt furniture pads to protect your hardwood floors from couches & chairs

Keep hardwood floors safer from scuffs and scratches with these felt furniture pads. They create a barrier beneath your couches and chairs to help protect floors of all materials. Simply use their self-adhesive side to stick them to the feet of your furniture, and you're good to go. This comes with 16 pads in a chic brown coloring, which blends beautifully with many shades of wood.


This zippered mattress protector that's incredibly breathable

Replacing your mattress can be one of the most expensive parts of owning a home; use this zippered mattress protector to help preserve yours for longer. Its well-designed zipper keeps your mattress completely covered and can protect from bedbugs, dust mites, and bacteria. The waterproof material helps ward off stains and fluids, too. Each protector will fit snugly on mattresses that are up to 15 inches thick, and each one is free of materials like vinyl, phthalates, and PVC, which might irritate sensitive sleepers.


A complete sewing kit that's perfect for all kinds of repairs

Help prevent wardrobe malfunctions with this complete sewing kit, which comes equipped with all the tools you need for clothing repairs. It’s compact so is convenient to take when you’re on the go. With 38 spools of thread, 40 sewing pins, a pair of durable stainless steel scissors, and much more, you can trust that you'll have everything you need to respond accordingly when your favorite dress or jacket rips or tears. Plus, the needles are stored in a closed box to keep fingers from pokes while you rummage around, and everything else is fastened securely in place with elastic straps.


A chic reusable notebook that connects to your smartphone

If you go through journals like it’s nobody’s business, invest in this chic reusable smart notebook, which you can use over and over again to write down all your hopes and dreams (or just your notes during class). Each of its 36 pages can be reused; all you have to do is write with the included pen, scan with your phone to save your notes to the corresponding app, and wipe away the eraseable ink with a damp cloth. The app is designed with technology that allows you to search through and send your notes with ease, and you'll find it simpler than ever to keep track of your musings.


A stunning mixology kit to transform your place into the hottest bar in town

Instead of dropping half your paycheck at the bar on a Friday night, invite your besties over to shake it up (literally) with this stunning copper mixology kit. With a strainer, a corkscrew, a shaker, and seven more pieces that are as useful as they are chic, you'll suddenly find yourself stepping up your drink game (and besting even the most experienced bartenders). You'll also love its bamboo stand, which lets you store each piece conveniently on your counter and matches just about any kitchen decor.


A coffee canister with a stainless steel scoop & a date tracker

Keep your favorite blend fresh with this cool coffee canister, and you may find yourself not having to throw away expired bags quite so often. It's made of a premium stainless steel that resists rust, so it's built to last, and its silicone base and ergonomic clip keep it safe and secure wherever you decide to store it. The best part? Its convenient date tracker will help you remember how long you've had it.


These breathable garment bags to help preserve your favorite clothes

Use these breathable garment bags to help protect your suits and dresses, and you might just see significantly less wear and tear on your favorite pieces. You'll receive five garment bags with reinforced hanger openings and rip-resistant fabric that wards off moths, so you won't find holes in your sweaters six months down the line, and you'll appreciate the clear plastic windows built into each bag, which help you find what you're looking for quickly and easily. Whether you use these bags to travel the world in style or you use them to preserve your favorite pieces in your closet, you’ll find that they’ll help extend the lifespan of tops, bottoms, and everything in between.


These strong childproof locks that keep doors & drawers shut

Prevent your pets and children from breaking into the medicine cabinet with these strong childproof locks, and they’ll be significantly less likely to get into things they shouldn’t. The convenient design makes for a quick and easy installation process, so even home improvement novices can safely childproof their homes. Each lock is made with a flexible, durable material to withstand the test of time. Use them to keep bathroom cabinets, fridges, and even toilet seats shut; if there's something in your home that you don't want your baby breaking out, this product is the way to go.


A grocery list pad on a magnet that hangs on the fridge

Buy only what you need with the help of this grocery list magnet pad. It hangs on your fridge so you can note exactly what you need, then tear off the sheet and take it with you to the store. Each of its categories is brightly colored and organized for convenience, and it includes 110 of the most commonly purchased ingredients at the grocery store. There’s also space to write in anything else you might need, and its strong magnetic pad stays securely in place on your refrigerator door.


An outlet timer that turns off your electronic devices automatically

Automate your space with this indoor outlet timer, which you can set up to turn your electronic devices on and off at a time of your choosing. It'll operate in intervals of up to 30 minutes, so you can program your devices to turn on and off up to 24 times per day, and its easy-to-read pins indicate whether it's in the on or off position. This is a set of two so you'll have double the automation, and their price point is so wallet-friendly that it probably couldn't hurt to buy more than one pack.


These soft & durable cloth napkins to take dinner parties to the next level of elegance

Not only will these soft and durable cloth napkins save you money on their disposable paper alternatives, but their elegant design makes them a stunning addition to any dinner party or backyard barbecue. Each pack comes with twelve napkins measuring 18 by 18 inches, and each napkin is made to last for meals to come. When the party's finished and the guests have gone home, you can simply toss these in the washing machine.


These reusable straws that snap open & shut for convenient cleaning

Plastic straws are so over, and paper straws start to biodegrade after about two minutes of use — these reusable straws provide an excellent solution. They snap open and shut for an incredibly easy clean when you’re finished sipping, and they're made of a BPA-free plastic that's durable and food safe, drink after drink. With a length of 10.5 inches, it's designed with a universal fit that's compatible with bottles, tumblers, cups, and Mason jars of all shapes, sizes, and brands.


These silicone baking mats with a nonstick coating that are so easy to clean

If you’ve ever scrubbed the burnt remains of a chocolate chip cookie off of a pan, you know the importance of investing in silicone baking mats like these ones. Not only will you save money on parchment paper and cooking spray, but you’ll be able to simply rinse them in the sink when you’re finished baking. They withstand temperatures of up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, and they can take the cold all the way down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.


This 3-pack of durable cutting boards with nonslip grips

Keep countertops safe from knife blades and food stains with this three pack of durable cutting boards. Each board features nonslip handles that are super easy to hold and grip while you chop, and each one has a groove around its edge to catch stray liquids and prevent them from spilling over the sides, so you’ll barely have to clean up your countertops when you’re finished. Plus, the boards themselves resists odors and stains, so you'll be able to keep using them for years down the line. They're dishwasher safe for a super easy clean.


This microfiber spray mop with a refillable water tank

Use this microfiber spray mop during your next Sunday reset, and your floors will be squeaky clean for the rest of the week. Just add water to its refillable bottle and add two teaspoons of the cleaning solution of your choice; because your new mop is made of thousands of microfibers, it’ll pick up dirt, dust, and debris from even the hardest-to-reach places. When you’re ready for a refill, use its one-touch button to remove the bottle with ease.


A 3-piece set of ice cream scoops with comfortable ergonomic handles

When you’re doling out a delicious pint of sorbet, average kitchen spoons can bend out of shape. Invest in this three-piece set of stainless steel ice cream scoops, and you’ll be ready to go. Each scoop is designed with an ergonomic handle that's easy to grip and a scoop that forms a perfectly round ball each time. Plus, each one is made of stainless steel material that's sturdy enough for even the toughest pints fresh out of the freezer. Use them in conjunction with cookie dough, batter, and anything else you need to scoop with a firm grip, and they're totally dishwasher safe for an easy clean.


These fridge organizer bins that help you keep track of your favorite foods

If you’ve ever gone to the grocery store and picked up a favorite fruit, drink, or condiment, only to return home and find that you already have one buried in the back of the fridge, you could probably benefit from these clear plastic fridge organizer bins. Each sturdy bin is large enough to comfortably hold fruits, vegetables, and bottles of all shapes and sizes, and their clear material makes it easier than ever to keep track of what you have at a glance. Plus, their built-in easy grip handles let you pull them out and push them back in without causing a precarious tower of ingredients to topple over.


This convenient breakfast sandwich maker for your favorite diner meal at home

Instead of splurging on breakfast while you drive to work, pick up this convenient breakfast sandwich maker to cook your favorite morning meal at home. Just add bread and ingredients like meat, cheese and eggs, press down to cook, and you'll have a delicious dish each morning that won't cost an arm and a leg. Because you can customize your ingredients, it's great for those with food sensitivities. If you visit the company's website you'll find more than 25 clever recipes.


A 3-in-1 knife sharpener that helps repair, restore, & polish knives

Instead of replacing expensive kitchen knives, invest in this three-in-one knife sharpener, which works to repair, restore, and polish knives to keep them in excellent condition for longer. It's made of a strong and durable material that's designed to last as long as your knives, and its nonslip base helps keep it securely in place while you sharpen. You'll also appreciate its ergonomic handle, which gives you an easy, comfortable grip while you hone your knives.


This one-handed jar opener with a nonslip grip to crack even the most stubborn lids

Have you ever splurged for a brand new jam at the farmer’s market, only to find that the jar was impossible to open? That’s where this one-handed jar opener comes in: its nonslip grip holds firmly to even the most stubborn lids, helping pop them open in a matter of moments. It's incredibly easy to mount under your shelves or cabinets so it won't take up precious countertop real estate, and it'll work well with lids of all sizes to make life a little easier on your wrists and hands. It’s an ideal option for children, seniors, and anyone who suffers from arthritis.


A desktop mug warmer that shuts off automatically

Keep your hot drinks hot with this desktop mug warmer, which you can keep next to you while you work so your beverages can last all day long. You can choose between three temperature settings to customize your drink, and after four hours of use, it'll shut off automatically on its own to save power. Use it in conjunction with cups, mugs, and tableware of all materials, from ceramic to stainless steel and everything in between. Its high tech construction makes it fire-resistant and spill-proof, so you can use it with confidence.


A heavy-duty weatherproof bike lock with a steel cable to help prevent theft

Bike ownership can be risky considering the proliferation of bike theft in metropolitan areas. Invest in this heavy-duty weatherproof bike lock for peace of mind. Its unpickable U-lock is made of a high-performance alloy steel that's encased in silicone to help resist bolt cutters, pry bars, and any other tools that a would-be thief might use. Plus, it comes with a steel cable with a rubber casing for additional safety, and both pieces will resist rust, dust, and corrosion.


These decorative glass jars with cork tops for DIY storage in any room

Choosing the DIY approach can save you money on a number of home-related costs, and you can use these decorative glass jars to store crafts and treats in any room of your house. Each jar is equipped with a cork top that creates a tight seal, ensuring your concoctions will stay securely in place. When you buy, you’ll receive 20 labels that make it easy to identify which jar holds which item (which is especially helpful when you’re storing liquids and powders in the kitchen). They’re so cute that you’ll want to display them proudly all around your space, and if you’re throwing a party anytime soon, you can even use these to store and gift the favors.