50 weird things for your body that are so damn clever

Stretch, relax, and work out with the help of these genius products.

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Whether you spend most of your day sitting in an office chair, are a total gym rat, or exist somewhere in between, you use your body every single day. And that can lead to some uncomfortable knots, dry skin, or just a feeling of exhaustion. If you’re looking for some relief, that’s where these Amazon finds come into play. Some of them might look a bit weird, but I promise all of these things for your body are so clever.

So, take a quick break from your usual online shopping to grab some of these clever things that will make your life much more comfortable.


A supportive & cleanable pillow to help out your knees & spine

This uniquely-shaped pillow is way comfier than using one of your bed pillows for a bit of extra knee support. Not only does the memory foam help out your knees while you sleep, but it also can help align your spine. It comes with a machine-washable cover and a travel case to keep it clean no matter where you are.


This fast-acting, professional-grade gel that fixes calluses

This callus-removing gel might seem a little unique in your skincare drawer, but it’s easy to put on and seriously helpful for painfully dry skin. Plus, you only have to keep this professional-grade gel on for 10 minutes before you can go ahead and grab your pumice stone. After that, the painful, dry skin will be easily scrubbed away.


This highly-rated posture brace that’s easy to wear with everything

This posture brace has a breathable and discreet design, so you can definitely get away with wearing it at your desk while you work. You can adjust it for your perfect posture-helping fit, which can help out your spine and lead to a better stature. This brace is a fan-favoite on Amazon, with a 4.7-star rating after over 3,000 reviews.


This hand strengthener pack with over 18,000 five-star reviews

This six-pack of hand strengtheners comes with a six different resistant level, so you can slowly and confidently build up your strength and dexterity. These soft silicone strengtheners also come with two different designs, one of which helps out your grip while the other one works to stretch your fingers.


A supportive wedge pillow that can be used many different ways

Reach for this unique memory foam pillow with a washable cover every time you want to be extra comfy. The wedge shape is perfect as a bed pillow to support your neck and shoulders, to prop up your knees or legs, and even as a comfy backrest when you’re hanging out on the couch.


These colorful & easy-to-carry cooling towels

Add some water to these colorful towels, and the breathable microfiber fabric will stay nice and chilly for up to three hours. It will absorb all of the water (and any sweat), so you can comfortably wear it and keep cool, whether you’re working out, walking outdoors, or gardening. This machine-washable pack also comes with waterproof storage bags and matching little clips to easily carry them to the beach.


An easy-to-apply body oil that keeps your skin hydrated & not greasy

This sheer body oil deserves a spot next to your favorite moisturizer because it’s just as hydrating, and it won’t feel all greasy or sticky. It has a fast-absorbing sesame oil formula that you can use like lotion or add into a relaxing bath for super easy moisturizing.


A foot massager that’s made of durable, stylish wood

This compact foot massager has a light wood design that will look surprisingly nice in your living room or tucked underneath your desk. It’s made with five slightly curved acupressure rollers with two different textures that will take care of all kinds of foot pain and can even help out with circulation and stress.


A cushioned acupressure set with nearly 30,000 five-star reviews

This foam acupressure mat comes with a matching and super supportive pillow, so it’s easy to relax with it after a stressful day. They’re both covered in thousands of stress-relieving acupressure spikes to help out with circulation in just 10 to 30 minutes. The mat and pillow are made with 100% cotton fabric to amp up how comfy this massaging set is.


This hand & finger massager to keep next to your laptop

This compact massager is a must for your desk drawer because it will increase circulation and fix sore hands or fingers after typing and clicking all day. It comes with two gentle rollers for sore fingers and knuckles on one side and a larger roller to help out your palms. It comes with a guide, too, so you can get some much-needed relief in no time.


This memory foam cube pillow that’s thick & supportive

This cube-shaped memory foam pillow might not look like a comfy option, but it’s actually way more supportive than the pillows you usually toss on your bed. It’s all about the 5-inch thickness and 90-degree angle that fits right between your shoulder, neck, and head whenever you sleep on your side.


A cult-favorite foot cream that’s super moisturizing & protective

This popular foot cream doesn’t just moisturize even the driest, most cracked feet; it also adds a protective barrier. Reviewers say you can put it on top of dry skin or calluses right before you get into bed and see results in just a few days. The concentrated, non-greasy finish is also perfect for before-bed skincare because it won’t get on your sheets.


This customizable massager that works just as well as more expensive ones

This USB-rechargeable massage tool with six adjustable speeds looks like all of the super expensive options out there, thanks to its sleek matte black design, but it’s super budget-friendly. The four massaging head options might look a little unique, but each one targets different muscles — there’s even one for your hands after working on your laptop.


This exfoliating derma roller that will leave you with glowing skin

This compact derma roller is made with 540 titanium microneedles, and trust me when I say it will become an instant staple in your glowy skincare routine. It has an easy-to-use design that works hard to exfoliate your skin before you reach for your serums or moisturizer.


This easy-to-clean footrest that doubles as a foot rocker

This foot rest is made with dense memory foam, so it gently supports your feet and helps to improve your posture as you sit, and the teardrop shape is meant to mimic the natural curve of your foot. It’s the perfect plush spot for your feet while you type or watch TV, and it has a machine-washable cover. If you’re the kind of person who fidgets a lot, this non-slip pillow can be flipped over and used as a foot rocker.


A deodorizing body wash with soothing peppermint & tea tree oils

This body wash is packed with with peppermint, aloe, and tea tree oil to help out any annoying itchy (or even painful) skin situation, including body acne, athlete’s foot, and other irritants. The antibacterial formula is super deodorizing, and it helps to promote healthy skin and nails, which is why it has 31,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


This balancing disc that doubles as a comfy cushion

This balancing disk is helpful for adding difficulty to your core-focused workouts, but you can also use it as a supportive pillow for your chair at work. The textured design makes it non-slip for the gym and adds a massaging detail to your chair. It can hold up to 600 pounds and comes with a little air pump to keep in your bag or at your desk.


These best-selling arch support bands that are infused with copper

This adjustable arch support compression bands are small enough to fit under your socks when you’re relaxing at home or in your go-to sneakers when you’re working out. They come with built-in velcro, so you can quickly pop them on before you leave the house. They’re also moisture-wicking and have odor-resistant copper if you want to wear these supportive bands all day.


This lavender epsom salt to elevate your relaxing baths

Let’s be honest — this epsom salt is way better than bubble bath because it helps out sore muscles and you still get that super calming bath moment thanks to the soothing lavender fragrance. You also get three pounds of this salt, so this budget-friendly bag will last for a while next to your tub.


A massaging, dense foam roller that’s really versatile

You’ll reach for this foam roller all the time because it makes it so easy to massage sore muscles after work or the gym. It’s 18 inches long, so it’s compact enough to tuck next to your desk or pop it in your yoga bag. Plus, it has a textured design, which helps provide your muscles with a deep massage, no matter how sweaty you are.


This soothing ice roller that helps calm your skin

It’s worth adding this budget-friendly ice roller into the mix because it has a soft gel top, which feels so good, whether you’re using it on your face to reduce unwanted puffiness or your body to help out with stiffness or soreness. It’s compact enough to stick in your freezer or your fridge between your skincare routines, and you can even pull off the roller to keep it clean.


A soothing foot washer & massager to stick in your shower

This scrubber is lined with little suction cups on the bottom, so you can stick it in your tub to clean off your feet without trying to balance on one foot while showering. Simply add a bit of soap or your go-to body wash onto the silicone bristles, and this scrubber will massage and wash your feet way better than a classic loofah, while simultaneously soothing achy feet.


This heated massager that fits on the back of your desk chair

This massager has a quirky shape that’ssmall enough to stick on your desk chair (AKA — a serious workday upgrade). It’s easy to use and comes with three different speed options and heat settings that are gentle on your skin, while still providing a ton of relief. It’s also topped off with a linen-like fabric that will look nice around your home or even on the floor as a leg or foot massager.


This cult-favorite exfoliator scrub with a ton of tiny pumice beads

This body scrub is as easy to apply as lotion, but the creamy formula is actually filled with tiny exfoliating pumice beads — not microplastics. These skin-brightening beads are also paired with chemical exfoliators, like glycolic acid and lactic acids, so it’s even strong enough to exfoliate away unwanted keratosis pilaris bumps.


These toe separators with a comfy, non-slip fit

These bunion-soothing toe separators are super easy to put on and wear because they’re made of a stretchy and super soft gel. They come in two different sizes to keep all of your toes comfortable and irritation-free. They’re also non-slip enough to stay put, so you won’t have to deal with them sliding around in your shoes.


This fine mist thermal water spray that soothes & calms your skin

Swap out your facial spray with this skin-friendly thermal spring water because you can use it as a soothing face mist and as a body mist. It comes out as a fine mist that dries super fast, so you can quickly spritz it on after workouts or whenever your skin needs a bit of a calming refresh.


A memory foam travel pillow with a customizable shape

This memory foam travel pillow is such a clever swap for those classic (and honestly not that comfortable) travel pillows. You can bend it into a bunch of different shapes to get comfy, including a classic U-shape or any number of clever positions that allow you to lean up against a window. There are snaps to keep it in place, and it has a machine-washable cover to clean it off after the plane.


This shower mitt to elevate your exfoliating routine

This exfoliating mitt with a built-in hanging loop might look a little strange at first glance, but it will make so much easier to scrub away dry skin in the shower. Pull on the stretchy design, add your go-to body wash, and this mitt will even tackle unwanted keratosis pilaris bumps and ingrown hairs.


A best-selling foot spa that is so easy & fun to use

You should definitely add this relaxing foot spa to your skincare routine because it comes with a massaging texture on the bottom and a completely splash-proof design that’s operated with your toes. It creates super soothing bubbles, and there’s even a removable pumice stone in the middle to easily exfoliate your feet.


A wireless mouse with an ergonomic & supportive shape

The shape of this wireless mouse might seem a little weird compared to your usual go-to, but it will be so much comfier on your wrist and arms. This ergonomic mouse also has a thumb rest and unique button placement, so you can easily click and scroll without bothering the nerves in your hand.


This durable jade roller & gua sha set that can help you relax

If you’re going to grab a jade roller, this should be your go-to because it comes with a matching gua sha to amp up how relaxing and soothing your skincare routine is. Especially after being stored in the fridge, the cooling jade material is durable enough to use right after you apply your serums or thick moisturizer to leave you with soothed, glowing skin.


A supportive & comfortable anti-fatigue mat for better dinner clean up

It’s easy to forget to add some comfiness to the areas in which you stand and work, so toss this waterproof anti-fatigue mat on the floor before you do dishes or fold laundry. It has a dense memory foam design that helps to relieve the pressure from your knees and spine while you stand, which can help reduce that all-too-common post-dishes lower back pain.


A muscle-massaging rolling stick to carry to the gym

This roller stick seriously deserves a spot next to your yoga mat or jogging gear because it’s perfect for massaging leg muscles to alleviate aches, pains, soreness, and cramps. It also has a miniature, lightweight design, and it won’t catch on your leggings or workout shorts when you’re using it.


This shampoo brush & scalp massager with 2 bristle options

This shampoo brush might look a little quirky in your shower, but it will seriously help out with hair-washing day. You get two different silicone bristle options, and they’ll both massage your scalp while you wash your hair, which doesn’t just feel good but potentially helps with blood flow and hair growth. This easy-to-use brush also works on dry hair if you don’t want to keep it in the shower.


A weighted heating pad to wrap around your shoulders

This heating pad has a super unique shape, so you can wrap it around your shoulders and behind your neck after working on your laptop all day without irritating your shoulders by constantly adjusting it. To make it even more calming, this wrap-around heating pad is filled with heavy micro-glass beads, like a weighted blanket, and weighs 1.5 pounds.


These fruit extract peeling masks for calluses

These foot peel masks are lined with a fruit-acid formula that will help out with calluses and any dry skin that moisturizer can’t seem to tackle. You only have to wear them for an hour, and these fruit extract masks will keep exfoliating your feet for up to two weeks after, leaving your feet looking soft and new.


A back stretcher that’s super easy to adjust

Toss this massaging stretcher on the floor, and the unique shape will help you to stretch your back after working and typing all day. It’s easy to adjust the curve for the perfect stretch, and the thick center pad and massaging acupressure points can also help to provide instant relief.


These compression socks with workout-friendly details

These compression socks are made of moisture-wicking fabric, so you can reach for them no matter what you’re doing that day — even if you’re working out. To help out even more when you’re at the gym, they come with arch support and a reinforced design on the toe and heel to prevent blisters.

  • Available colors: 24
  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large


A versatile exercise ball with 33,000 5-star reviews

You’ll reach for this exercise ball more often than you think. It has an anti-burst design that’s durable enough to use for your workouts and as a desk chair, and it can hold up to 600 pounds. It’s also topped off with an anti-slip coating to keep you safe, and it comes with an easy-to-use pump.


This mini foot massage ball to carry with you

This durable massage ball is small enough to keep in your bag, so you always have a gentle foot massager with you. It’s covered in little dots that will apply pressure to specifically targeted sore muscles whenever you roll it under your foot or even under your hands after working on your laptop.


An exfoliating salt scrub with rejuvenating charcoal & aloe

On top of all of the exfoliating Dead Sea salt, this collagen-infused body scrub is packed with a bunch of activated charcoal powder to really cleanse your skin. This unique body scrub formula also comes with moisturizers, like coconut oil, and even some hydrating aloe vera to keep your skin soft and hydrated.


A supportive desk chair cushion that will stay put

This breathable chair cushion will be a much-needed addition to your desk chair because it has an ergonomic shape that takes pressure off of your tailbone. It will fit on any chair, and the non-slip accents keep it in place and looking tidy. You can also pull off the zipper cover and wash it if you spill some morning coffee on this minimalist cushion.


These ultra-moisturizing hand masks that work in 20 minutes

Wearing these nourishing hyaluronic acid-infused hand masks is surprisingly easy because they simply fit like gloves. Pull a pair on after doing your nails or whenever your hands feel annoyingly dry, and the built-in milk extract and coconut oil will seriously hydrate your skin in just 20 minutes.


An odor-eliminating shoe & foot spray that’s also moisturizing

This peppermint-scented shoe spray will refresh your shoes, and you can also mist it on your feet before heading out the door, because it’s made with natural odor-fighting ingredients. The essential oil and coconut formula will even help out any dry skin and cool it down. Not only will it feel good, but it can save you a ton of time because you won’t have to throw your go-to sneakers in the wash (and listen to them falling around in the dryer).


These durable head scratchers to keep on your desk

These gentle head scratchers are so easy to use whenever you could use a relaxing scalp massage. The durable metal design will keep its shape no matter how often you use this soothing head scratcher. Plus, they’re small enough to keep on your desk for some easy stress relief, and there are two, so you can keep one at work.


This sleek rechargeable hand warmer that doubles as a power bank

This rechargeable hand warmer is easy to use, and it won’t take up a bunch of space in your bag or closet next to all of your coats, because it’s just 5.4 inches long, so it easily fits in a pocket. The sleek design has a simple little button on top to easily adjust the heat to three different levels. If you decide to use this while out hiking, it can double as a handy power bank for your phone.


These easy-to-use patches that eliminate unwanted zits overnight

These little transparent patches go right on top of whatever pimple is annoying you to protect your skin, extract pus, and take care of all of the redness. After wearing the hydrocolloid formula for a few hours (so overnight), they’ll turn white to let you know when that painful spot is all better.


These highly-rated headrest pillows with an adorable animal design

The main purpose of these mini headrest pillows is to make your car seats comfier and support your neck, but they’ll also add an adorable touch to your car. They’re covered in super soft fabric and a sweet animal-themed design (think: tiger, pink bunny, or corgi). They also come with a stretchy strap, so you can simply slide these neck pillows over the headrest.


This durable back scratcher that’s easy to store

This unique back scratcher is covered in 16 durable bristles on each side that almost make it look like a cactus. These bristles will keep their shape no matter how often you use this relaxing and massaging back scratcher. It’s also topped off with an extendable arm that can reach up to 24.5 inches, but it collapses for compact storage.


A wrist-strengthening tool with comfy padding

This wrist strengthening tool is small enough to stick in your workout bag, so it’s ready to go between yoga class, weights at the gym, or whenever you have a spare minute. The durable carbon steel is surprisingly lightweight, and it’s even finished off with a bunch of comfy padding for your wrist.